Mediafire Notice

Hiya readers,

I know many of you have found Mediafire links to be unavailable. The reason for this is that all the files I have uploaded have (most likely) been deleted by Mediafire. As of now, I am assuming that I was reported for violation of their Terms and consider the files/links permanently gone. I will be further discussing with Alice on this problem, but unfortunately I do not see Mediafire parts coming back soon.

The result of this problem:
1) No more Mediafire parts as of now, sorry. Nahhh, I’ll start it up again.
2) Drunken To Love You & Heartstrings OST + all ripped music will be reuploaded to different hosting sites.
3) For the next week or so I will be in a scramble ^^”
4) I will not be reuploading previous dramas, but will continue Protect The Boss.
5) Maybe a wider variety of dramas, I will replace Mediafire bandwidth with new dramas!

I’m displeased that they removed ALL links without prior notice, especially the rips. However, please understand and continue to support us here at Alicechensworld ^^


[Announcement] Welcome New Member!!

090/365 Die Danbos und das Feuerwerk / The Danbos and the fireworks
Ah yes…Danbo! Exactly how I’m feeling!
Hello everyone! *dances around in a corner* Why am I so giddy? Photobucket

I’m so excited to announce this news: My virtual world has a new family member! I’m elated because this place is so quiet! You guys don’t talk to me! X) If you are one of those people who pay attention to what’s going on in this blog, you might (psh!) have noticed the lovely mediafire links provided by a kind user JW (wakka)!

Yes, our new blogger buddy is Jeffrey!

Without further ado, here’s his sweet introduction, to be placed in the page “About”.

Hihi! My name is Jeff and my kdrama addiction was a result of kpop. My ultimate bias is Sooyoung from SNSD, but I love many k-idols~ Currently still in high school in Vancouver (west coast of Canada). Things I love but do irregularly include scripting, photoshop, making mochi (@__@;;), swimming and napping. I mostly re-upload dramas to mediafire, but hopefully I will begin posts/recaps/&moar too! Don’t hesitate to talk to me, I will be around to help (:

Be nice and give him a warm welcome! Photobucket