Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi in costume romance Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart (颜心记) portrays the destined romantic tale of the cold and aloof Prince Jiang Xinbai (played by Luo Yunxi), who suffers from prosopagnosia/face blindness, and the spirited female physician Yan Nanxing (played by Song Yi), who transforms (her appearance) each month. Together, they embark on a journey through love and adventure, uncovering their fated bond in the martial world. The story also follows their strong and solitary characters as they overcome numerous obstacles to uphold justice, offering viewers a glimpse into the true essence of love. While external appearances matter, this drama underscores the importance of a heart-to-heart connection. Love isn’t about possession or conquest; being “captivated by love” isn’t merely focused on superficial attributes. True love transcends appearances, social status, grudges, and other external factors. It perseveres in pursuing justice and willingly assumes a lifelong responsibility for that love, even extending to safeguarding the world. [Per Qiyi]

Airing today 6/21~

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