New Jin Yong’s Condor adaptation, The Legend of Heroes, drops new trailer

The Legend of Heroes (金庸武侠世界) is a 5-part drama series focusing on the Five Greats (methinks) of the Condor triolgy from Jin Yong’s novels with a total of 60 episodes and directed by 5 directors. It was called New Jin Yong Wuxia Universe for a while until the new trailer dropped last night with a new name.

Happy Lunar New Year! 🧧🧧🧧

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Zhou Yi Wei as Huang Yao Shi.

Gao Wei Guang as Ouyang Feng.

Ming Dao as Hong Qigong.

Meng Zi Yi as Mei Chao Feng. She has previously played Mu Nian Ci in the 2017’s Condor adaptation.

Chen Dou Ling as Feng Heng. Yes, she has successfully cloned herself 10x to be in 10+ dramas per year. Lol. She was stuck in Hengdian for a while during Covid and picked up a few cameos/roles.

Peter Ho as Duan Zhi Xing.

Ci Sha as Guo Jing, and Bao Shang En as Huang Rong.

He Yu as Chen Xuan Feng.

Luo Qiu Yun as Dan Min.

Ha Ni Ke Zi as Yi Huo.


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