Cdramas Airing This Week: New Vanity Fair, Road Home, Who Is He, Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It

More dramas to watch!

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=======> ♦ I Belonged to Your World (他跨越山海而来) with Qi Yan Di, Liu Yi Tong, and Wu Di Fei began airing on 3/10.

Qiyi describes the plot: Qi Yue comes from a well-off family and has no ambition at all. She spends her time doing absolutely nothing. One day, her 25-year-old son, Qi Shuo, comes from the future and tells Qi Yue that she will have a bad marriage and a miserable life due to her “death-defying ability.” To avoid this regret from happening, Qi Shuo travels back to help her rewrite her fate. When Qi Yue learns that her “future husband” is Lu Xiao, the school’s straight-A student, she is forced to make an effort to improve herself in the face of the difference. Qi Shuo develops a “transformation plan,” and under the supervision of her own son and her own effort, Qi Yue is admitted to the same university as Lu Xiao. There, she goes head on with Lu Xiao. Qi Shuo takes the initiative to enter Lu Xiao’s inner circle and becomes a helper to his mother. With cheekiness and gimmicks, she finally captures the heart of Lu Xiao

=======> ♦ Dear Liar (婚事) with Fan Zhi Xin and Qu Meng Ru began airing on 3/11. A Marriage full of lies.

=======> ♦ Mini drama Qing Shi Xiao Kuang Yi (倾世小狂医) with Wu Jun Yu, Chen Xin Yu, and Gan Wang Xing began airing 3/11.

=======> ♦ New Vanity Fair (春日暖阳) with Huang Zi Tao, Wu Gang, and Sun Yi to air 3/13.

=======> ♦ Mini drama Five Kings of Thieves (五行世家) with Darren Wang, Ren Min, and Zhao Hua Wei to air 3/13. Was postponed shortly after premiere announcement. Lol. Check out the trailers for now ~

=======> ♦ Adapted from the novel by Mo Bao Fei Bao, Road Home (归路) with Tan Song Yun and Boran Jing to air 3/14. Miss Tan here is on the road to romance all the cool guys out there and she manages to sizzle the chemistry no matter what. 😀

Qiyi describes the story: It tells the story of investment director Gui Xiao who reunites with bomb tech police officer Lu Yan Chen after ten years. The two of them hit it off and find their way back to loyalty and faith. The two are each other’s first loves, but after graduating from college, Lu Yan Chen went to another country to become a special forces police officer, and at the same time, their family went though a change, so their love ended without a hitch. Ten years later, the two of them reunite and find that they can’t repress their longing for each other and get close to each other again. But the news that Lu Yan Chen’s parents had arranged a marriage for him detracts the couple, and Lu Yan Chen made a decisive choice, understanding that he had only Gui Xiao in his heart from the beginning. After the wedding, Lu Yan Chen was injured during a mission and fell into a coma. The pregnant Xiao Gui rushed to Lu Yan Chen’s side and gave birth to her daughter in the frontier city that Lu Yan Chen had been guarding for ten years. The family of three is reunited safely and lives a happy life.

=======> ♦ Crime drama Who Is He (他是谁) with Zhang Yi, Chen Yu Si, Ding Yong Dai, and Yu Hao Ming to air 3/14.

=======> ♦ Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It (理科生坠入情网) with Wu Jia Yi, Liu Yi Chang, Yao Yi Qi to air 3/15. It is a drama adaptation of a Japanese romantic comedy manga series by Alifred Yamamoto which was also adapted by Japan in 2018 with Asakawa Nana and Nishime Shun. There’s also an anime and live-action film.

Premise of original from Wiki: Saitama University researchers Shinya Yukimura and Ayame Himuro use data science to analyze the world’s systems. But when Ayame confesses to Shinya that she might be in love with him, they both agree that they need to approach the issue with scientific experiments including measuring their heart rates under various situations. Their quirky coworkers in their research group also join in on the fun.

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    Two more dramas this week…

    Royal Rumours (花琉璃轶闻) with Jeremy Tsui and Meng Zi Yi, airing 3/15.

    Echo (回响) with Song Jia, Wang Yang, and Bao Bei Er, airing 3/16.

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