A League of Nobleman with Boran Jing and Song Wei Long suddenly begins airing

A League of Nobleman is adapted from the novel written by Da Feng Gua Guo, starring Boran Jing and Song Wei Long. It is an ancient detective novel, many calling it similar to Sherlock. One of our leads is Zhang Ping (Song Wei Long), a poor scholar who becomes a successful candidate in the imperial examination and later designated as a country magistrate. Due to his sharp observational skills, he solves many murder cases and eventually appoints a prime minister. During his journey to the capital to take the imperial exam, he meets our other male lead, an elegant Minister of Rites (Boran Jing) and saves his life. From then on, two people with different backgrounds join hands and go through many life-and-death situations together.

Began airing 1/30~

P.S: It is NOT a BL drama. The author tagged the novel as non-romance. Also, the drama screenwriter changed a lot of stuff so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Old stills.

Song Wei Long, you beautiful jail bait!!


Episode 1 with English Subs.

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    Watched the first 3 1/2 eps then skipped watched through ep 4. Decided that the drama’s originally-created plot was not good or interesting enough to continue. This is yet another adaptation that takes from the source novel only character names, some character setups and a bit of plot elements. Zhang Ping’s personality and temperament are fundamentally different. Lan Jue is about 50%. Lan Jue’s friend Wang Yan being the top detective is pushing it. Queen dowager, WTH?! No wonder author publicly severed the relationship between her work and this drama.

    Production company made irrational decisions. First, making a faux BL-adaptation drama. Second, writing an original story when the novel contains at least one story that was deemed worthy to be plagiarized by a scriptwriter for drama “Detective Samoyeds”, which asked scriptwriters to submit stories. When the plagiarism was revealed, the company apologized and took down corresponding episode(s).

    Some people insist that the original novel was BL, just that the romance was very light or that the author intended but had not added the romance. A decade has passed! (Author does have fun entertaining various coupling among her characters while 2nd novel has been a slow going due to author’s writer’s block so I stopped reading a couple years ago.) I didn’t detect any romance, bromance or much of a friendship between two male leads in the first completed novel. No indication that Zhang Ping is affected by them darned hormones. (Leave to shippers who can create shippable stuff out of thin air.) He is definitely 1st male lead working mostly alone. Lan Jue doesn’t appear as much because he is said to be preoccupied with his duties at Ministry of Rites, dealing with court officials and politics, and raising his son.

    As for the amount of any type of romance in the first novel. Zhang Ping’s friend did have a past with a woman which was more of a plot device than a detailed romance. Lan Jue had a bromance in his youth. (Both subplots do tie into the 4-leaf clover(?) story that drama initially advertised with.) Author’s characters from her definitely BL novel set in the same world do appear. I’ve wondered whether she might expand on their romantic entanglements in this series.

    • 4 thoughts on “A League of Nobleman with Boran Jing and Song Wei Long suddenly begins airing

      i watched the first four episodes and couldnt continue due to SWL’s acting.

      first time seeing him so not sure what to make of him. didn’t expect him to be so young!! O_O

      wondering if anyone is continuing and will it get better? i didn’t read the novel so did not know about the changes but that’s routine now too. what can we do.

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        Based on what I read, “suggestive” scenes that shouldn’t be there in the first place were cut. Instead of about 45 min per ep, some eps are 30-something minutes. Some say that plot continuity has been badly affected. Some like this “fast pacing”. Not many say it’s a good detective-mystery-solving drama. Diehard shippers seem to be satisfied with the availability of potential pairings.

        I just read that Priest’s BL novel “Silent Reading” drama adaptation is now scifi-fantasy instead of contemporary detective-crime drama. I’ve never believed any of the novel’s cases as well as the overall arc would be allowed in a Chinese drama. Now, all those insane, inhumane acts are perpetrated by extraterrestrials among us🤪 There are hints that it will air soon. On the other hand, I saw somewhere a couple days ago that Priest’s BL novel “Sha Po Lang” drama adaptation “Feng Huo Liu Jin” recently passed censorship review. If true and if it received license to air, it might be next.

        After the soft ban started, there was talk that BL novels which these dramas were adapted from would be reviewed. Rationale was that a drama’s popularity might lead to more impressionable youths reading the novel that authorities deemed inappropriate for young people. Probability of drama “Immortality” airing would be greatly lowered due to the novel.

  2. 4 thoughts on “A League of Nobleman with Boran Jing and Song Wei Long suddenly begins airing

    I loved this show. Fine, it’s not like the web novel, but for me, it stands on its own merits. But your reviews did make me giggle. So salty!

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