Upcoming Cdramas to Air: Liar’s Love, Double Love, First Love, Eight Hours, Forensic JD, and more

Damn, that’s a lot of love in the title…. I guess it’s December so lots of love and happiness to spread around. ^_^

Just catching up on some dramas I didn’t talk about from last week!

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=======> ♦ From Repair to Pair (月里青山淡如画) with Li Geng Xi, Zhang Chao, and Zhou Jun Wei began airing 12/8.

=======> ♦ Eight Hours (拜托了!8小时) with Tong Meng Shi, Xiao Yan, and Ren Yan Kai began airing on 12/8.

From Qiyi: This drama is about a talented, sweet, and cool love story between Ye Tian, a high-IQ genius and god of futuristic technology, and Bai Wei, a famous lady in the AR fighting world, who turns from “lifelong enemy” to “lifelong love”.

=======> ♦ Liar’s Love (危险爱人) with Hong Yao, Zhao Yuan Yuan, and Liu Chang began airing on 12/9.

=======> ♦ Double Love (墨白) with Zhang Xue Ying, Bi Wen Jun, Dylan Kuo, and Dai Si began airing on 12/10.

From Qiyi: Mo Bai/Double Love is a modern romance drama directed by Wang Yan (Beginning of the Great Revival), starring Zhang Xueying (Einstein and Einstein), Bi Wenjun (Sweet Teeth), Guo Pinchao (Ever Night), with a special appearance from Dai Si (Eternal Love). The drama is adapted from the original novel “Master, your wife is AFK again” by the author Da Ju Mao, which tells the story of Lu Wanwan, a rookie in the acting industry and a game player, and Han Jingmo, a strong actor and a game master, who fall in love with each other online and offline and achieve a double success in love and career. In the game, Lu Wanwan (played by Zhang Xueying) due to a slip of fingers, accidentally knocked away the server number one “Mo Bai Zhi Jian.” The two become connected because of this and began an interesting game journey. In reality, Lu Wanwan has always admired Han Jingmo’s (played by Bi Wenjun) works, but was put down by him in public. In a fit of rage, they turned against each other, and started a battle. The two of them move from the game to reality, reaping the benefits of love while also realizing their dream of acting. The drama will be aired online on iQIYI international site.

=======> ♦ The Letter from the Cloud (云中谁寄锦书来) with Xie Bin Bin and Wu Jia Yi began airing on 12/11.

=======> ♦ First Love (初次爱你) with Tian Xi Wei and Wang Xing Yue began airing on 12/12.

=======> ♦ Forensic JD (女法醫JD) with Charlene Choi, Joseph Chang, and Gillian Chung began airing on 12/12. Twins reunion onscreen?

From Tencent: The drama unfolds the stories of the female medical examiner, JD Song Anyan, using the clues she got from the “Cause of Death Decoding Institute” and helping the police to solve the mysterious cases. At the same time, she’s trying to find out what happened to her late father’s case together with the mysterious girl, Lin Xiaomei, and passionate officer, Liu Zhinming. As JD Song Anyan is having HSP, her brain is highly sensitive to receive all the information every day. Even though it’s unbearable, she has been able to solve the cases with the huge storage of information in her brain.

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