Modern drama Light Chaser Rescue with Luo Yun Xi and Wu Qian to air tomorrow

Aww. This is adorable! Light Chaser Rescue (追光者) reunites two actors, Luo Yun Xi and Wu Qian, who played the younger OTP version in My Sunshine (older played by Wallace Chung and Tang Yan) back in 2015. It will be nice to see how their chemistry transition from innocent, young love, to….uh…not so innocent. LOL. Our male lead plays a lawyer who arrives at Xichuan after it was devastated by an earthquake in search of his younger sister. He meets many rescue workers including an old “rival” in our female lead. He’s impressed with her medical skills and her selfless spirit. Along the way, he also meets with many interesting characters, all of them undergoing the same monstrous training by their rescue team leader, becoming closer and stronger, together.

Begins airing 10/14~

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