Yang Zi Shan and Peng Guan Ying share Two Conjectures About Marriage

Two Conjectures About Marriage (婚姻的两种猜想) stars Yang Zi Shan and Peng Guan Ying and focuses on two flash marriages, as friction between the couples rise and fracture their rose-tinted glasses.

Youku describes the lengthy plot: “When career woman Shen Ming Bao meets IT guy Yang Zheng, the two quickly get married. But because of their busy lives, they were only able to meet twice a week. When her company suffers a loss in customers, she puts in extra effort at work, which eventually causes a miscarriage. When Yang Zheng knew of it, he made her quit her job, but this causes further misunderstandings between the couple. Shen’s best friend, Xue Ke Xin, a wealthy and beautiful woman gets involved in a lightning marriage with Chen Tong Gang, an actor eight years her junior. However, they eventually divorced as their principles did not match.

Shen Ming Bao gets pregnant again, but Yang Zheng’s career also faces a drastic change. At the same time, Xue Ke Xin’s good friend, Zhang Song Wen, returns to the country to seek business opportunities and finds Yang Zheng to become his business partner. Shen Ming Bao learns that Zhang Song Wen’s company is a funding black hole. She thinks up a plan to vanquish Yang Zheng’s responsibility and prevent the product from being listed on the market.

The four of them has also matured through hardships and crisis. Can they restore their marriage?”

Airing 2/21~ I’d say only 2 conjectures is pretty lucky. Lol.

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