49 Days with A Merman as He Hao Chen turns Cai Fan Xi’s world upside down

49 Days with A Merman (我家浴缸的二三事) is the drama adaptation of Japanese Manga Merman in My Tub (オレん家のフロ事情) by Itokichi. An anime version was made in 2014. The story follows human high schooler who happens upon another boy who he thinks is injured and brings him home. The adorable boy turns out to be a merman and our high schooler lets him chill in his clean bathtub. This premise sounds hilarious! I haven’t been interested in a Taiwanese drama in a long time so this is a refreshing turn.

Airing 2/6~

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Our Human High Schooler, Kent Tsai (Cai Fan Xi).

Our handsome, dimpled merman, Bruce He Hao Chen.

Pii Liu.


Episode 1 Preview.

Episode 2 Preview.

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