Modern Dramas to Air: Nothing But You, Fighting Girl, Gold Panning

January is starting to fill up!

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=======> ♦ Nothing But You (眼里余光都是你) with Wang He Run and Luo Zheng began airing 1/10.

Per Qiyi: Adapted from the novel “He Came Against the Light” by best-selling author Zuo Tong, this tells the story of Jiang Lili, the “loser” who was forced to pretend to be her twin sister because of an accident. After experiencing the extreme contrast between the life of a top notch producer, which is her sister sister, and herself, she strives to be come a better version of herself and eventually found love.

=======> ♦ Fighting Girl (加油呀茉莉) with Wang Bo Wen and Li Mi Er to began airing 1/12~

Kukan describes the drama: Story of a young girl named Mo Li, who faces obstacles such as the withdrawal of her fashion partner, Cao Yao Yin and breaking up with her boyfriend, Pei Jing on her journey of chasing dreams and finding her true self-worth. Then, she befriends a rich dessert shop owner, Gao Ziyi who always give her, his support, encouragement and love. Under the guidance of Japanese designer Miyazaki, her talents in fashion managed to shine even brighter in the international competition.

=======> ♦ Gold Panning (淘金) with Liao Fan and Chen Fei Yu has a new airdate after being postponed in December. To air 1/18. Based on a novel by Lai Er.

Per Qiyi: In 1986, 20-year-old Chen Baojin came to the Altai region to find his brother who was missing in the gold rush. He was tangled between life and death in the complicated environment and was also trapped between many forces. At the same time, strange things happened one after another. After layers of uncovering, the clues all point to the mysterious place with huge treasures and no survivors—Sister Sea. He struggled with people and nature, and finally discovered the mysterious “Well No. 7“ in the Sister Sea, and found the truth about the disappearance of his brother. He then realizes bravery and kindness are the greatest treasures of mankind.

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