A Cat ties the red string of fate between Ji Mei Han and Ding Jia Wen in modern drama, My Sweet Heart (Miao Bu Ke Yan)

My Sweet Heart (Miao Bu Ke Yan, 喵不可言) is an upcoming fantasy webdrama that is airing tomorrow 1/7 with Ji Mei Han and Ding Jia Wen. I’m a little quite confused about the plot so here is what I understand from the trailer (there’s a longer trailer that I’m unable to upload): Our female lead is a cat’s fortune teller (so she can talk to cats..?) and is introduced to second-generation heir, our cold male lead, by his own pet cat. They get involved in a 7-day contract and in those days, he regales her with a fantasy romance packed with lies. However, she is able to see through those lies and discover a dark secret…a thousand-year old curse that has plagued his family.



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