Airing today 12/9: I Am The Years You Are The Stars, If Voice has Memory, Qing Qing Wo Xin (My Heart)

At this alarming rate of drama-dropping, would we have any left for 2022? 😛

For a more complete list of airing cdramas of 2021, please visit my annual schedule.

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=======> ♦ Qing Qing Wo Xin or My Heart Or My Love (卿卿我心) with Cheng Xiao and Gu Jia Cheng.

Qiyi’s Synopsis: It tells the love story between Lu Qingqing, a girl with no spiritual powers but full of vitality and the Tsundere prince Nangong Yixin.Set in a fictional world where everyone has spiritual powers, Lu Qingqing (Cheng Xiao) tries hard to improve her cultivation, but no matter what she does, she is still relegated as a loser. Until one day, she finds a way to increase her powers. Prince Nangong Yixin (Jason Koo) is an arrogant playboy on the outside who is actually wise and warm-hearted on the inside.


=======> ♦ I Am The Years You Are The Stars (我是岁月你是星辰) with Liu Hai Kuan and Chen Yi Han. From WeTV: Jin Xiaoyu, a young girl suffering from a strange disease. The fate of her and Jiang Baiju, a mysterious designer, was changed by a bizarre car accident.


=======> ♦ If Voice has Memory (如果声音有记忆) with Wei Zhe Ming and Pan Mei Ye. A drama about the voice actors and actresses. ^_^

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