Unrest in Shanghai keeps Chen Xing Xu, Zhang Jing Yi, and Lin Yan Jun on their toes in Fall In Love

After being postponed in August, Fall in Love (一见倾心) is slated to air 11/9!

It’s a republican series and the story begins in 1926 when our heroine (Zhang Jing Yi) returns to her homeland in China with her mother’s ashes. Her parents split when she was young and now she musters up the courage to return to his residence with the goal of trying to find out what happened in the past that led to their split and the loss of lives (her siblings). She meets two powerful men on opposite end of the unrest in Shanghai: our male lead (Chen Xing Xu), a newly appointed commander of the Shanghai army, and our second male lead (Lin Yan Jun), son of a powerful military general. The three become friends and go through many life and death events together.

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