Night Wanderer wrapped up filming with Ni Ni and Deng Lun and released new trailer

Republican Time-Travel drama Night Wanderer (夜旅人) has officially wrapped up filming a few days ago and dropped some new stills and a new trailer! It is adapted from the novel written by Zhao Xi Zhi and follows two individuals: our heroine is from the year 2015 and she’s famous female forensic doctor, returning home from a murder scene and witnessing the corridor lights flicker. On the same night but in 1937, our hero – a lawyer in Shanghai also returns home when the lights go out. The time and space of these two people are connected by a lamp. He’s described as gentle, old-fashioned, and righteous, while she’s described as cool, calm, and courageous. The first time they meet, he’s in no hurry as he helps her to the hospital with a black umbrella. The second time they meet, he has become her tenant, holding a tenant contract from 1937. Lol. Their love transcends time and space, and once it explodes, it’s eternal.

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I don’t know why but I find this pose between lovers very intimate. <3


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