Female-Centric drama Wild Bloom confirms Zhao Li Ying and Ou Hao

Wild Bloom (野蛮生长) is adapted from the novel written by A Nai (Like A Flowing River, Ode to Joy, etc). It follows the journey of female lead as she throws herself into the steel business full of judgemental men. She began her life under harsh terms, being blamed for the death of her mother while giving birth to her. Hence, her dad named her after a poisonous plant. He neglects her, leaving her to struggle in her childhood, shaping the stubborn and courageous personality in that small frame. As China’s economy begins to flourish in the 90s, she and her good brothers start up a business of scrapping and transporting steel, slowing expanding it with her sharp business mind. She learns how to tackle hurdles and problems with decisiveness, gaining precious lessons about life and love along the way.

Other cast members include Li Guang Jie, Liu Wei, Huang Cheng Cheng, Ren Zhong, Feng Jia Yi, Wang Jin Song, Shi An, and etc. Filming has begun!

If I’m honest, this type of topic is not for me… Lol.

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Just Some Random Pics of Our Leads:

Looking spanking expensive in this gorgeous red dress and golden back!

At certain angle, Ou Hao reminds me of Yang Yang.

  1. 2 thoughts on “Female-Centric drama Wild Bloom confirms Zhao Li Ying and Ou Hao

    I agree this topic isn’t for me, but for her filmography it is a great diversity. She’s getting older now and might want to tackle more serious roles than the the mary-sue like ones before.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Female-Centric drama Wild Bloom confirms Zhao Li Ying and Ou Hao

    aww man, this is the drama that yibo was rumored to star in and the two were fighting about huh? im sad, i like their collaboration even the drama was not good, in LOF.

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