Love When The Stars Fall confirms Chen Xing Xu, Li Lan Di, Chen Mu Chi, and He Xuan Lin

Following Ashes of Love, Skate Into Love, producer Liu Ning is calling Love When The Stars Fall his third part of the Honey Trilogy, just because the titles of the three separate novels contain sugar and or honey in it. So yes, it’s three separate novels, all with different stories. Love When The Stars Fall (星落凝成糖) is written by Yi Du Jun Hua and follows dual female leads! They are princesses from the royal family Li. Older sister is deemed as a lucky charm for the family. She’s kind-hearted, beautiful, and is considered hope to the whole country. She’s betrothed to the heavenly first prince. As a favor in return, they are protected by the heavens. Younger sister was born unlucky, deemed as a shame to the family, making her cold-hearted and cruel. She’s betrothed to the demon prince. However, a twist of fate sends the sisters to the wrong families on their wedding day. DUN DUN DUN. Sounds interesting. Even though they advertise it as dual female leads, from reviews, the cunning younger sister and her romance with the Godly Prince is the central piece. I don’t know, if done right, both romances could be very damn cute.

I’m trying to figure out which character they play but having a hard time; Li Lan Di looks like the good sister and Chen Xing Xu looks like the Heavenly Prince, but then they won’t be a couple, unless Li Lan Di is playing the evil sister? Lol.

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Booting Ceremony 9/28:

In his character costume ~

The two couples ~ Not a lot of pics of the other cast atm.


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    I was reading the post and wondering how come the author sounds familiar then I realized it’s the author that tends to write some sad stories lol. For this novel, not sure about it… I remembered avoiding it because there are many chapters 😅 Like Kappy, hoping the romance will be done right as I will watch for the four leads aha

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