Romance by the sea between Ni Ke Xin and Chen He Yi in Summer Again

Summer Again (薄荷之夏) is an youth romance that just dropped yesterday 7/10.

Based on Qiyi‘s description, the story follows “Tong Xi, a ballet dancer, is forced to return from the big city to her hometown due to her mother’s job transfer. She wants to hide her tough girl character by transferring to another school, but is seen through by her childhood friend, Lin Nan Yi, who knows her roots and can’t get along with her. Tong Xi is acting while Li Nan Yi is trying to blow her cover. From frequent misunderstandings to mutual help, the couples gradually develop a tacit understanding and reliance on each other in their daily life with a group of small-town students. However, Tong Xi learns that Lin Nan Yi is the comic god she has admired for a long time. When the confusion in the process of finding the dreams hits the young and ignorant girl’s feelings, this destined fate will lead off a sweet and joyful growing-up-in-the-campus story. And there are many more separations and reunions belonging to them…”

The female lead looks quite adorable. Cute nose!

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  1. One thought on “Romance by the sea between Ni Ke Xin and Chen He Yi in Summer Again

    this drama is surprisingly good!

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