Youth dramas to air: Nice To Meet You with Peng Chu Yue and Han Mu Yi, Please Classmate with Xia Zhi Guang and Dai Lu Wa

Both airing today 4/23.

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=======> ♦ Nice To Meet You (最美不过遇见你) with Peng Chu Yue, Han Mu Yi, and Xu Kai Xin to air on 4/23. Our female lead has a secret that she must do at the new high school but she finds herself entangled with several people and their surging hormones. Will she complete her task? Sounds confusing.

PW to view: meetyou.

=======> ♦ Please Classmate (拜托了班长) with Xia Zhi Guang, Dai Lu Wa, and Yan Xu Jia to air 4/23. When the school decides to mix the classes together to help students develop their intellectual, physical, and artistic sides, two groups of students find themselves at odds with each other.

Trailers and MVs.

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