The Long Ballad (Chang Ge Xing) with Dilireba, Wu Lei, and Zhao Lu Si suddenly begins airing

The Long Ballad aka Chang Ge Xing aka (長歌行) is adapted from the manhua of the same name written by Xia Da. It follows our heroine, who’s a princess on the run. Her father is Crown Prince Li but after the new Emperor ascended the throne, he ordered his brothers and families put to death. She escapes, fakes her own death, disguises herself as a male and plots her revenge against the new Emperor, becoming a fierce military leader in the process. The manhua is highly rated among fans and has solid rating (9~) on douban. Readers also poured their hearts out for the arts as well.

Reviews are promising, our heroine is described as merciless and highly intelligent. Since she was young, she was trained in martial arts and battle strategies, so she holds her own in a fight. Our male protagonist is no less of a worthy character – he’s the adopted son of Jieli Khan, a leader of his own army, who is known for his ruthlessness and doing things his ways in the beginning. He slowly melts that attitude and begins to realize how his actions could affect those around him after meeting our leading lady. But he doesn’t know SHE is a SHE for a little bit.

Airing today 3/31~

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  1. 4 thoughts on “The Long Ballad (Chang Ge Xing) with Dilireba, Wu Lei, and Zhao Lu Si suddenly begins airing

    I’m still fuming and upset about the casting choices for this drama. T_T

    One my personal favorite generals is not Wu Lei, at all. Face, body, aura. He has none. Maybe when he’s older, but not now…

  2. 4 thoughts on “The Long Ballad (Chang Ge Xing) with Dilireba, Wu Lei, and Zhao Lu Si suddenly begins airing

    Yes. I feel a bit upset about the casting though. Dilireba so pretty. But it just seem different when pairing with wulei. Not masculine enough or not general vibe enough ..dilireba is very cool and handsome general here. But it just feel not right when the male lead less domineering than her.

  3. 4 thoughts on “The Long Ballad (Chang Ge Xing) with Dilireba, Wu Lei, and Zhao Lu Si suddenly begins airing

    Watched 12 episodes and liking it so far. The female lead is not like other dramas where they always promote the female lead as brave strong independent and smart but always ends up being so damn mary sue. She IS really smart and strong. This is by far the best character Dilireba has chosen.
    And I must say also Wu Lei, wow surprised surprised surprised!!!! At first when the trailer was released I felt that him and Dilireba lacked the cp feels, he just looks too young. But now, I am totally getting why he was cast. His acting made me forget his young looks and his chemistry w Dilireba is so on point ahh!!! And when he put on that mask, totally reminds me of Lan Ling Wang, the famous pretty general haha!

    Lastly, Zhao Lu Si, you are the best! Her character is so likeable and her acting is so good! She always has a way to let the audience like the character she is acting as. If other people acted, the audience might give a diff reaction. The way she cries just makes my heart break for her..

    • 4 thoughts on “The Long Ballad (Chang Ge Xing) with Dilireba, Wu Lei, and Zhao Lu Si suddenly begins airing

      I’ve watched up to ep.18 and liking it so far too! I picked up this drama because I was curious about the pairing of Wu Lei and Dilireba. Initially, I thought – Heck! Is there a dearth of actors in that age group? No one else but Wu Lei?! But after watching a few of their scenes, I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy/comfortable they look on screen. I’m not wincing as much as I thought that I would. But still not shipping them either. Perhaps if I’ve never watched Wu Lei as Fei Liu in Nirvana in Fire, I’d have an easier time shipping this pair.
      This is my first time watching Zhao Lu Si and she nails it as the sweet and innocent princess. Usually, I’m annoyed by these characters and want to slap some sense into them, “Stop crying and do something about it!” But Zhao Lu Si is giving a great performance here and I have a good feeling that I’ll be cheering her on when her character grows a spine. Somehow, I’m empathizing and not judging. Good acting!
      And finally, Dilireba is doing an amazing job portraying a strong and smart character. She’s not so strong and smart that she’s invincible and she’s definitely not so goody-goody that she makes a serious case for some eye-rolling. Dilireba’s Chang Ge is down to earth, genuine, and smart, with a side of ass-kicking. Side note – In the manga, does Change Ge ever wear a white dress with red doves? If not, then the costume department is a little deranged. I’m envisioning blood splats.

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