[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

Fei has come to an end. This is a quick and dirty summary of the last three episodes for those interested! Sorry if there are mistakes, I wrote it after a long shift with crossed eyes. XD Depending on time, I might write a separate post for my thoughts on the series as a whole (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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Episode 49 Summary:

Let’s catch up with the last episode. Our Scooby gang successfully enters the Treasure Cave in Big Medicine Valley, not too careful about their surroundings because the Demons follow them immediately after. The gang is separated with Fei and Yun in one group, Li Sheng, Chu Chu, Li Yan, Yang Jin, and our doctor in the other.

While A Fei practices the Kung Fu Manual she finds, Xie Yun sits close by, shivering from the cold. On the other side of the cave, Li Sheng’s group lands in q room where the treasure is kept, with Demons led by Shen Tian Shu hot on their heels. What separates them from the Demons is just a thick wall. Impatient with his underlings’ uselessness, Evil Shen pounds the cave down with his steel hand. Lol.

Inside, Li Sheng makes a deal with Evil Shen. He will help him open the treasure if he promises them three things. 1) Don’t kill them. 2) Give them the antidote manual 3) I will tell you after. XD

Evil Shen agrees but of course he flips on them like a switch! He wants the Weapon Manual and the Antidote manual. He pretends to let them go but when he turns around, he commands, “Kill every single one of them!”

Fight ensues.

On the other side, Fei wakes up from her dream-like sequence and they follow the noises to the fight. She gets a hold of half the manuals but decides to cut them in half when Evil Shen won’t let go and the cave is about to collapse.

In the commotion, he captures Xie Yun and leads them out. Ah Fei and the Scooby Gang exit a different entrance. She finds Xie Yun that night, all nicely locked in Evil Shen’s shabby hut and hands him the other half of the manual. Xie Yun looks surprised, the manual contains a method in creating the best weapons in the world out of steel – sharp and unbreakable. Evil Shen wants to arm his cult with such weapons, making them invincible. Xie Yun can’t let that happen.

So instead of escaping, the two lovers sit quietly in the locked room, with A Fei staring intently at Xie Yun while Xie Yun tries his best to memorize the manual. She leaves him, knowing he will be safe for the night.

Fei returns the next morning and burns her half of the manual in front of Evil Shen. She tells him that the only person who knows the content is now Xie Yun. They make a deal, Xie Yun and the Antidote Manual and they can show him how to make the weapons.

Sick and pale, Xie Yun spends a chunk of time with two other blacksmiths to create some swords. They make Evil Shen spit out the other half of the Antidote Manual before telling him the last ingredient. Evil Shen hands over his half.

The last ingredient? Human blood. Xie Yun begins to cut his finger but A Fei stops him and cuts hers instead. Still being sweet, these two. X)

Evil Shen tests his new sword and purposely strikes at Fei, their swords clashed and hers break, yet again. Dang girl. This should be called, Legends of the Broken Swords now. Lol.

They escape just to find out Evil Shen has sneakily erased some words from the manual! Of course, the bastard! Our doctor promises to try his best while Xie Yun tells A Fei that even if he dies, he wants to die in a lush place like the 48 tribes.

That night, A Fei sits outside, deep in thought, when the doctor comes to find her. He tells her that he has concocted two antidotes but the poison is too strong to test on animals.

Fei: “What about a person?…Let me try.” A FEI!! This girl really has no fear.

Our doctor hesitates but I don’t think there’s a person that could convince this girl otherwise.

Doctor: “Zhou Fei, trading one life for another, is it worth it?”

“Of course. Don’t let anyone know about this.”

Episode 50 Summary:

Back home at 48 tribes. Still looking pale and sickly, Xie Yun takes A Fei to a clothing store. He has a tailored dress made for her and it’s a show stopper for sure. RED CHILI. Lol.

While she’s changing, he pours some powder into her tea. RUH ROH?

And we get our barbie moment for Ah Fei as she steps out in her red robe and the camera slows down, allowing Xie Yun to savor the moment. She wonders why he’s so quiet today and he merely states he’s stunned by her beauty.

He takes her hand and asks her to live well in the future no matter what happens. She promises and begins to wobble from the effect and he catches her. She stares up at him weakly. Turns out Yunnie is aware that she wants to try the antidote for him. He can’t let her take that risk.

“One day when I’m no longer here, you have to live well. Do you know that?”

We have a quick flashback when Yun investigates Doc and our naive Doc lets the secret slip like it’s butter. Lol. Ultimately, Yun wants to be the one to decide his death. Gotta respect that. He will take one of the two concoctions.

He carries his red-robed beauty home to 48 tribes. Yun tells his sleeping beauty that in his next life, he just wants to be a weed in the marshes, surrounding and protecting 48 tribes, looking at her.

Dude, no! You have to be human for my OTP to be complete. Lol.

He tells her he has no regrets in this life having met her. *randomly drinks one potion*

Yun crawls into bed beside Fei. Gosh, that is so cruel and beautiful. She either wakes up to you alive or dead. He cradles her small face in his big massive hand and whispers, “A Fei.”

He inches closer to her. Why is this scene more intimate than the freakin kiss!

In a dream-like event, A Fei is her usual self, slashing and killing demons. Yun leans against a rock.

“A Fei, we bid goodbye today, twenty years later, I will still find you.”

A Fei drops the sword and collapses, lamenting about her life.

Some time has passed. Fei wakes up to find Yun *still* by her side. Her hand reaches up to see if he’s still breathing. She holds his hand in hers and stays quiet. The weather outside goes from sunny to stormy real quick.

When his fingers twitch, Fei decides to try the method she found in the cave earlier and begins to give her energy into Yun, pleading for him to open his eyes so she can look at him. “Please look at me!”

He doesn’t wake up. Distressed, Fei continues to talk, naming all the places where he promised to take her.

“But we haven’t done any of those things! Please wake up!” She desperately calls out to him with tears streaming down her face.

A tear escapes Yun’s eye. His hands slip from hers and he falls over. Fei also passes out from exhaustion.

Next morning, Fei wakes up to find she’s alone in bed (not very nice there, gentleman!). She looks frantic at first but then her face lights up and she runs outside.

Our turtle is ALIVE! He sits prettily on a tree with a change of outfit too. I knew he couldn’t resist ordering himself something pretty. =P

“It’s been 20 years since we have seen each other, yet you haven’t aged at all. Which ocean are you from, weed spirit?”

He plays his flute while flower petals fall around them. Shortly after, he descends from the tree branch like a smooth turtle and pulls her in for a hug. He thanks her and Fei tells him to return the favor, “In this life, the next, and the next, use your body to pay the debt.”

He leans in to whisper, “I will listen to you from now on, wifey.”



And they kiss. It’s another chaste kiss, not the kind my adult eyes want to see. LOL.


Wait, this isn’t the END?

Yang Jin and Li Yan bid goodbye to our Doc. He wants to return to Big Medicine Valley to help people with his skills.

Unfortunately, the Demons have intruded the valley again and captured its people. Evil Shen wants to meet up with General Wen to talk about the treasures. Uh Oh. General Wen is the guy who came and took Fei’s father away in the beginning. I don’t think that’s a sound decision for a general to make, especially when he knows he can’t win Evil Shen…

Evil Shen suggests they work together with An Ping army but of course General Wen says hell no!

They fight.

General Wen goes down. Sigh. Now the elite An Ping army is like Xie Yun describes, a snake without its head. Fei and the Scooby Gang are back to saving the world. Li Sheng and Chu Chu will take care of Yu Wen Zhi. Please note: He is mentioned in words later on to have been executed for treason.

Evil Shen learns that Xie Yun wasn’t honest about the ingredients to make the weapons because they are rendered useless in a short period. He kills one of the blacksmiths, forcing the other blacksmith to shake out of fear, saying that he might know what went wrong in the making.

5th Evil, who is devoted to the dead Lian Chan, discovers that Evil Shen did indeed leave his sworn sister to die. He cuts down the other blacksmith and rewrites the ingredients.

Episode 51 FINALE Summary:

Evil Shen has his next target: our harmless, good-for-nothing 3rd Prince, Chen Zi Chen. Hostage time! He wants to help Yu Wen Zhi end the Chen Family Line aka usurping the throne.

Zhou Fei, Xie Yun, Doc, and Yang Jin lead 48 tribes people to the entrance of Demons Manor! These youths know it’s the last episode so they are gonna attack head on. XD

Of course, what Fei and Yun find inside is Zi Chen handcuffed with 5th Evil guarding him. Yun tells Fei to go ahead and fight Evil Shen, he can handle 5th Evil. HA.

Fei meets Evil Shen and they trash talk for a little bit before they fight. Hehe. Girl, this is the final fight, I need it to be epic! Or at least decent ok?

Yun’s fight with 5th Evil is pretty good since he mostly does leg work and it looks nice when he kicks and spins and his bottom spreads out like an umbrella. Lol. 5th Evil’s weapon is defected because Evil Shen instructed his people to change all their weapons to the bad ones. Evil fighting Evil.

Evil Shen manages to slice Fei twice and knocks her against the big bell once but the ending is this:

Li Yan asks for permission to go with Yang Jin to visit places. Li Sheng reluctantly agrees. 🙂

Chu Chu won’t leave 48 tribes but she can’t choose between Li Sheng and A Fei, leaving Li Sheng a grump. Ha.

A Year Later.

Our love birds at Peng Lai. Flirting Away.

When they return to 48 tribes, Xie Yun teaches the kids to read and learn poetry, while Fei teaches the kids swordsmanship. Lol.

Final Scene:

Xie Yun: “How am I that lucky. In these troubled times to have met you out of a thousand people.”

A Fei in voice over: “If I could meet myself from the past, I would like to tell her ‘There will be a day where you cross this peaceful Xi Mo river, leaving behind this paradise surrounded by trees and hills, and come to a place where the darkened skies stretch on and on. You will see with your own eyes how the unreachable mountains fall and the vast ocean dries into land. You have to remember, your fate sits on the tip of the sword, and the tip always faces forward.’

Finally, I am on the right ship. 😀

  1. 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

    Kappy you finished!!!! Big claps 😘 At least they got the ending right. Well besides Legend of the broken swords…I read a comment somewhere that suggested the title ,”How to kill Shen Tian Shu?”

    • 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

      I think they made STS less scary by having him battled and lost in previous fights. I wanted more blood. LOL.

      YES! I can’t believe I did it! After PA and Minglan, I didn’t think I could finish + on the right ship. hahaha 😎

    • 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

      That means Xie Yun got cured ??

  2. 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

    Thank you Kappy! Your recap of the last 3 episodes was very well informative and well done! I read a couple before yours and yours is the best! I love A’fei and XY relationship, they are so adorable!!!! I’m so happy I didn’t give up on this drama in the beginning when it was slow paced. They’re my favorite c-drama couple! Most important thank goodness they gave us a happy ending!

  3. 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

    awww!! you saw my request for this spoiler thread. thankies kap!! and congratulations for finally finishing a li ying’s drama!! lols

    without nothing else to hold on for, i needed a happy ending for my OTP!!

    that hug on the bed is so freaking beautiful, yi bo’s looks so hopeless and li ying does what she does best – looking beautiful while sleeping (lesson learned from Chusen? 😛 )

    for once the fight scenes didn’t disappoint but i wanted more, longer. is the fight this simple in the novel??

    li sheng and chu chu had the easiest job in the last part, they just had to deliver the letter to the official and that’s it? *facepalm*

    i feel lost now that i have nothing else to watch …. gonna have to wait for yi bo’s new drama, his is more likely to air soon…. the one with chen xiao… my man in a sexy cop unifrom. ^_^

    yes! i have become wang yi bo’s fan!! though i still can’t get into the untamed for some strange reason. lols

    • 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

      Frea, try gank your heart, the story itself it set in a gaming team industry. I love how the story depicts the brotherhood of Ji xiangkong (Yibo’s role) with his team mates and seniors. Think Jianghu but in a modern world.. that’s how I’ve been describing GYH to my friends LOLOLOLOL.
      And the relationships once the Leads clear their misunderstanding is GOLD, full of trust and support.

      • 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

        Hello, I’ve been trying to find Gank Your Heart with English subs without any luck. Please tell me where I can watch it. Thanks heaps.

  4. 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

    I binge watch the whole 51 episodes and even had time to rewatch over again. I totally love the storyline the way firendship, trust and love developed. It was kind of gradual not those love at first sight type. The romance was subtle and I just love wuxia fighting. The CGI could have been better but I think when you are fimling second half after Covid, there’s probably not much choice. Overall, I am pleased and despite the age difference, which I do not see here, I think that both leads performed really well. I even love the side characters Li Sheng, Li Yan, Chu Chu, Yang Jin and the Poisoner. I also love the characters who played the other sub characters too like General Wen, ZF parents etc…. Now I am waiting impatiently for Who’s the murderer and Xing Fu. I wonder if Li Ying is signing up for new dramas this year? Anyone knows? Kappy?

    • 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

      She’s still filming Xing Fu, might take a little while for it to finish. But haven’t heard of much news on new drama yet.

  5. 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it! LY did well per usual. YB did ok as her partner. Now it’s the wait for her next drama…

    • 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

      Yes, I was kind of “lets see how this goes” after seeing all those negative comments at the beginning. I am glad I persevered. They did paired up well and in costume, WYB did look great. I think it will probably be problematic if it was a modern sitcom as his true age will show. Having said that ZLY pairing with Jin Han in Our Glamourous Time was great. She is lucky to be graced with youthful baby face. I am excited to see her next projects……..

  6. 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

    why is xie yun rejected to marry zhua fie 6th time ?

    • 14 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Legend of Fei Episode 49 – 51 FINALE Recap (SPOILERS ALERT)

      I dont know why that comment is in the drama since we were never shown his proposals, Kinda weird? Not sure if the book is different/same.

      Or maybe the parents want their daughter to grow up first?

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