Chinese adaptation of Hikaru no Go with Hu Xian Xu and Zhang Chao

Hikaru no Go (棋魂) is an upcoming modern Cdrama adapted from a Japanese manga series based on the board game Go and written by Yumi Hotta. There’s also an anime version that aired in 2001 -2003. The original story per Wiki: While exploring his grandfather’s shed, Hikaru Shindo stumbles across a Go board haunted by the spirit of Fujiwara-no-Sai, a Go player from the Heian era. Sai wishes to play Go again, having not been able to since the late Edo period, when his ghost appeared to Honinbo Shusaku, a top Go player of that period. Sai’s greatest desire is to attain the Kami no Itte (神の一手, “Divine Move”) – a perfect move. Because Hikaru is apparently the only person who can perceive him, Sai inhabits a part of Hikaru’s mind as a separate personality, coexisting, although not always comfortably, with the young boy.

Urged by Sai, Hikaru begins playing Go despite an initial lack of interest in the game. He begins by simply executing the moves Sai dictates to him, but Sai tells him to try to understand each move. In a Go salon, Hikaru twice defeats Akira Toya, a boy his age who plays Go at professional level, by following Sai’s instruction. Akira subsequently begins a quest to discover the source of Hikaru’s strength, an obsession which will come to dominate his life.

Interesting plot! Let’s see where we go with this!

Airing 10/27 ~

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Hu Xian Xu reminds me of a baby Bai Yu. Lol.


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    Trailer seems alright. I did let out a small yelp at the last bit in the second trailer. OMG so nostalgic. I loved the anime to bits. Saw it when I was younger and I think overall, I have watched the anime about 3 times with few years in between and it is still one of the best coming of age anime ever. While the drawing/art may seem outdated now compared to the flashy new anime styled drawings, there is something about Hikaru no Go that can still touch audiences today. You don’t need to know anything about the game Go, the anime will teach you as it moves along the story, and you will be drawn to the game, the intense world of Go and fall in love with the characters. So I really do hope this adaption does well. I am half excited and half worried. I’m excited to see a beloved anime adapted, but also worried it will mess up and I may end up dropping the drama.

    • 3 thoughts on “Chinese adaptation of Hikaru no Go with Hu Xian Xu and Zhang Chao

      Done watching the drama. I love it ttttt. So much. Cry and laugh together with them. I love Al characters

  2. 3 thoughts on “Chinese adaptation of Hikaru no Go with Hu Xian Xu and Zhang Chao

    my fave manga/anime of all time is getting drama adaptation
    that’s so cool 😀
    omg brings back SO MANY memories!
    my childhood!!!

    watched some episodes and so far so good!
    hu xianxu and zhang chao are really good actors (extra points for original voices, and their line delivery is excellent)
    looking forward to more!

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