More Cdramas Airing today: Love In Time, Run For young, Poisoned Love, Miss Gu Who is Silent

I can’t keep up with the number of dramas airing anymore! Here’s four, three of which begin airing today 9/24!

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=======> ♦ Miss Gu Who is Silent (沉默不语的顾小姐) with A Li Ya and Li Zi Feng. This one actually started airing yesterday 9/23! kekek. The story follows a sister who loves her brother and in order to clear his name of a crime, she creates a new name and identity. However, she doesn’t know there’s a master behind the scenes and she’s just a chess piece in his game.


=======> ♦ Love In Time (约定期间爱上你) with Ren Yan Kai and Cheng Xiao Meng. Two people who butted heads in high school meet again as adults and they are forced to enter a marriage contract. This trope lives on furrreeeva.


=======> ♦ Run For Young (风犬少年的天空) with Peng Yu Chang, Zhang Jing Yi, Liang Jing Kang, Zhou Yi Ran, and Zhang You Hao. A drama about the ups and downs of youth. Cdramaland has these stories every month. Lol.


=======> ♦ Poisoned Love (恋爱吧食梦君) with Ma Meng Wei and Ao Rui Peng. She’s a talented dubber who develops sleepwalking disorder after a traumatic experience and he’s a domineering CEO who somehow ends up helping her getting over her trauma. However, she mistakenly thinks it’s his brother who is her savior.


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