Maiden Holmes with Chen Yao and Zhang Ling He confirms broadcast in August

Are we leaving some dramas for September? Lol.

Upcoming ancient detective drama Maiden Holmes (少女大人) stars Chen Yao and Zhang Ling He. Our hero is Prince of Qi who was ambushed during a crucial battle and lost all his men. Held accountable for the loss, he was later discharged from his title and travels under a different name with the aim to find out what happened. He stays at a small town and forms a detective squad with our female lead (a rising constable on a mission to overturn a case for her family) and two others, solving crimes and eventually getting involved with the royal schemes.

Chen Yao has two dramas out at the same time where she’s cross-dressing in both; one modern, one ancient!

Airing 8/27!

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  1. One thought on “Maiden Holmes with Chen Yao and Zhang Ling He confirms broadcast in August

    First impressions of the first two episodes:

    Chen Yao in another cross dressing role! I can overlook that since it makes sense for her to dress up as a man for her line of work as a detective. Plus, it seems like she’s trying to hide her identity for some reason. Anyway, I like her character so far. It’s not the typical bubbly/spunky female lead as she’s mature and reserved. Plus she is very smart. I hope she doesn’t lose any of these traits once she falls in love because that’s what happens these days.

    This is the male lead’s first drama (according to MyDramaList) and even viewers on douban are wondering where he’s from. Because he’s so green, I have low expectations of his acting. Surprisingly though, he’s not bad.

    The other two leads that make up the crime solving quartet are also pretty green and it shows. Again, low expectations.

    The pace is pretty fast and I hope this keeps up since it’s 32 episodes. Please don’t be another drama where everything could have been resolved by 20 but the writers insist on dragging it to 32.

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