Friday Photoshoots: Liu Hao Ran, Tong Li Ya, Deng Lun, Wu Lei and More

If I announced each time I was back at the beginning of these posts, they’d probably all start with it. So from now on lets just promise to pretend I didn’t miss any weeks.  But nevertheless, another week has ended so here are some pretty photos to brighten up the start of your weekend~.

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Darren ChenDeng LunLiu Hao RanMeng Jia and Wang Fei FeiQin HaoTong Li YaWu LeiXu Zheng Xi (Jeremy Jones Xu/Tsui)Yu Meng Long (Alan Yu)Zhu Yi Long


Why does this photoshoot seem like it was focusing on his leg hairs? Is this his way of telling us he has grown up?

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