Zhu Yi Long and Liu Shi Shi’s To Dear Myself releases first trailer

Can’t they be happy? Look at them!

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Our Makane Amy has translated the Synopsis: Li Siyu (Liu Shi Shi) has been in love with her boyfriend Chen Yiming (Zhu Yi Long) for many years. Like all the other young individuals living in a big city, she had a bright appearance and a promising future in the workplace. Yet in reality, she was facing double the pressure and confusion from her career and emotions.

Zhang Zhizhi (Kan Qing Zi) and Gu Xiaoling (Chen Mi Qi) are Li Siyu’s best friend and the sisters she wishes she had, but the two have very different outlooks from Li Siyu. Zhang Zhizhi is your very average office worker. Her only goal in life was to protect her family and continue to live in their own small world, however, her husband, Liu Yang (Peng Guan Ying)’s stubbornness and various behaviors would slowly destroy Zhang Zhizhi’s original dream.

The beautiful “Goddess” Gu Xiaoling, on the other hand, would put all of her energy and attention into solving her own marriage affairs, but would instead meet Lei Hao, an unruly “bro.”

In the golden age of life, these hardworking people are faced with immense pressure and difficult choices from both life and work. The company of their friends and family are what push them forward and encourage them to not give up. They may be anxious and confused but never will they be lost, as they’re always full of goodwill to the people around them.

After all the setbacks, they are finally able to awaken completely, learn to obey and listen to their hearts, and treat others with kindness, so as to embrace their dearest selves and eventually grow into their best selves. [DO NOT TAKE OUT WITHOUT PERMISSION]



Yi Long: “I’m afraid of losing you… Please leave with me.”


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