My Best Friend’s Story starring Liu Shi Shi and Ni Ni Begins Filming

My Best Friend’s Story (流金岁月) officially announced casting in Chen Dao Ming, Dong Zi Jian, Liu Shi Shi, Ni Ni, Tian Yu, Tony Yang and Yang Le. Based on a novel by Yi Shu, the screenplay is written by Qin Wen and directed by Shen Yan (The Rise of Phoenixes). The director and scriptwriter last collaborated for the drama The First Half of My Life, which was also based on a novel by the same author. This is Ni Ni’s second time working with the director. Filming began 4/28.

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Synopsis: It follows the story of two best friends Zhu Suo Suo (Ni Ni) and Jiang Nan Sun (Liu Shi Shi) from the 1990s in Shanghai. Zhu Suo Suo and Jiang Nan Sun have different family backgrounds, and contrasting personalities, however, both were equally beautiful and intelligent. In their youths, Suo Suo’s family background suffered, and if it weren’t for Nan Sun’s family standing up and helping her, the two girls wouldn’t have formed such a deep and close friendship.

After she entered society, Zhu Suo Suo’s workplace became full of ups and downs, as she utilizes her wisdom and outstanding conditions to develop her position. Jiang Nan Sun, on the other hand, would continue to pursue an education, begin dating, thus increasing her intelligence. Later on, the Jiang family would fall into distress. Zhu Suo Suo would help Nansun move on from school, by providing her with accommodation and work. Jiang Nan Sun would gradually become a remarkable white-collared lady through her knowledge and hard work.

Zhu Suo Suo’s marriage appeared to be beautiful and serene, however, her husband’s family refuses to acknowledge the wedding and their relationship. With a sudden red light in the newlywed’s lives, Jiang Nan Sun steps in to help take care of the children and cook for the time being, until Zhu Suo Suo is able to gain the courage to move on from this predicament. With the uncertainty of life and the ruthlessness of time, the two experience all the tastes of life, as they support each other and share their hardships. They not only manage to live life in the most colorful manner but through the process, they emerge as mature women, capable of their own golden years. [Credit to maknae Amy for translating the synopsis.]

Alisonn: The thing that jumps out of me the most about this show is the dual leads in Liu Shi Shi and Ni Ni.  If you remember, they walked the red carpet together for 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in November, where they were dubbed the black and white swans. The small interactions on the red carpet, with their victory poses and helping each other with their dresses was already making me squeal. There’s also the added bonus of watching two female friends support each other through life, rather than fighting over a man or back stabbing each other.  At least I really hope it doesn’t go down that route. I’m excited for this show. although it’s a genre that doesn’t normally pique my interest.

Kappy: Agreed with Alison! It’s so nice to see two female friends in a drama where they don’t rip each other apart (they can grow apart and then find each other again too). Dramas focus so much on bromance these days that they forget the strong and sometimes unbreakable bonds of sisterhood from the moments we giggle as little girls, to getting those monthly visits, to getting our hearts broken, to getting our worlds flipped upside down with growing freakin human being in our bodies, to becoming mothers. A lot of critical points that should be shown, embraced, and celebrated.

And here are pictures of their Golden Rooster appearance. Love the juxtaposed colors in their gowns. Suits them perfectly. And Ni Ni sweeping and fixing Shi Shi’s gown? A girl after my own heart!

Ni Ni adores Shi Shi.

Sorry Darren Wang, you had to tilt your head to air. xD

LOL. He just really wanted to be included. Cracks me up!!

  1. 3 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Story starring Liu Shi Shi and Ni Ni Begins Filming

    cant believe NI NI is back to the small screen!! i feel back how they called her old in the last drama. she looks amazing and ha acting skill!!

    and yes to all the female best friends story!!! finally!

  2. 3 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Story starring Liu Shi Shi and Ni Ni Begins Filming

    Yes! I am all for sisterhood!

  3. 3 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Story starring Liu Shi Shi and Ni Ni Begins Filming

    YESSS to the cast (Liu Shi Shi and Ni Ni) and the storyline!

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