Imperfect Love: Chinese remake of Japanese drama Mother with Zhou Xun and Kara Hui

Holy smokes! This is one hot tamales train! I didn’t watch the original Japanese drama Mother but have heard of numerous praises about it, spawning countless remakes from different countries. The latest one from China is Imperfect Love (不完美的她) with a line of acting powerhouses in Zhou Xun, Kara Hui, and Angie Chiu. The original story follows a substitute teacher in first grade who doesn’t really like kids. A particular little girl clings to the new teacher, awakening her maternal instincts, as she realizes the child is subjected to abuse at home. Taking matters into her own hand, our teacher decides to take the poor girl away and start a new life together.

Have you watched the original or remakes from other countries?

Set to air 3/27.

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The child actress is Chen Sinuo.

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    i watch korea version oh mother and that so good

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