Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (26)

So I finished Return of the Cuckoo and finally let go of the resentment I had held on for so long. I no longer feel bad for Julian’s character and I no longer resent Steven’s character. Took me almost two decades to see the rights in one character and the wrongs in others. What is the theme of this drama? To me, the big takeaway is that everyone will somehow in some ways pay for the consequences of their actions. Then I went on to watch Perish In the Name of Love and oh my…the love story is such a boring dud. Lol.

I need to move forward in my drama watching! What are you guys watching?


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    Slowly watching Ever Night 2 and Forward Forever. Time off between annoying characters and dumb plotlines is the only way I can keep going.

    Ever Night 2. Reading a little bit of the novel (~ 1%) and watching some of season 1 (~ 9 eps) haven’t cause me any comprehension issue. I figured even if Mao Ni, the author, did try hard to create something that required brain power, drama would have dumbed it down anyway. Managed to explain some stuff to an online friend who never read the novel and didn’t want to deal with 60 eps of season 1.

    Forward Forever created an original 1st female lead out of stock cliches, promoted a secondary character as if he were a 1st lead but actually had less than 1/2 of the screen time, and sidelined one of the original 1st male leads (while changing him into a woman). Drama’s main arc is interesting. FL’s thinly developed character is its main weakness. Most of her screen time feels like filler. The source manhua is not long, has been forsaken by its creator, and thus, unfinished. Not surprised that the drama absolutely must have fillers to get to 50 eps. I would probably have watched it with great zeal if Youku player had a “skip all (actor/actress) scenes” function.

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      If such a button/function exists, that streaming platform would be very popular. 😛

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    Currently watching The Cursed, kdrama
    A really great drama so far about procedures, shamans and evil spirits…. two eps a week though. Bummer!!!

    Together: the series, a Thai bl drama
    So fluffy cute!!!!! I think the two main leads are cute, heuuuuu!!!EspeciallyTine !!

    Dr Cutie, cdrama
    I actually watched this cuz there was nothing interesting to watch at the time but since i know the main girl from Take my brother away i decided to just watched it anyway and then ended up watching it through cuz of the main guy cuz he’s the real cutie of the show… cuz the plot itself was pretty generic.

    And lastly I recently just finished watching Sleepless Society : Insomnia, a Thai drama
    Pretty much spent the weekend binged watching this drama…

    The flu, kmovie
    Watched this cuz of current events….

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      Basically everyone has agreed that Huang Jun Jie, is the main draw of Dr. Cutie! I wanted to try the drama but Aryael’s description of the female lead gave me high blood pressure already. 😀

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        I cannot begin to explain why I watched this drama. I plead temporary insanity. I reluctantly watched most of the episodes, and waited every week for new episodes to drop. The female lead made me cringe every moment on acreen. The combination of actress and character was bland. The male lead was handsome, but bland. It had a nice little ending, despite all the blandness.

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    Been in a drama slump since finishing season 1 of Joy of Life. My whole family enjoyed that show so much. My father even sat down to watch it when he’s normally bustling around the house. Hmmm, since the season ended, nothing has really caught my attention. I need something slightly humorous and lighthearted, so I think I might catch up on the latest episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine. 🙂

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    Finished Joy of Life and Royal Nirvana a while ago with my mom, who enjoyed both tremendously! Since my mom started Royal Nirvana in the middle part, she’s planning to watch the earlier episodes LOL. Our current watch together is Rise of the Phoenixes, and it’s obvious she’s loving it as well :).

    I’m myself down the rabbit hole a bit of Someday Or One Day. I found the first 4 episodes slow, and I had to rewatch 3 & 4 to get it, but afterward I couldn’t stop clicking “next”. Wu Bai’s “Last Dance” plays on repeat, and it gives me feels all the time. I love the 1998-era trio — and while I’m fully on board of Huang Yu Xuan – Wang Quan Sheng’s ship, somehow I still prefer Chen Yun Ru with Mo Jun Jie. Come join me in this journey, Kap! It’s only 13 episodes in total, LOL.

    I might check Wuxin 3 when it comes out.

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      Ooo a taiwanese drama! I haven’t seen one in ages! Added to my watch list!

      My mom is watching this mainland drama with absolutely no visual (shallow me, I know!). I don’t know any actors or actresses in it. Lol. It looks very tacky too!

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    Very late to the party but I’m finally watching The Untamed. Didn’t like the first eps when I tried watching it last yr. But decided to give it another try after listening to the OST recently.

    Glad I did because it’s been a great watch so far. While I see flaws in the acting and action scenes, the well-written story, characters and chemistry between the cast, make up for it all. Lots of memorable scenes & characters, and some absolutely broke my heart 🙁

    Still got a a third of the drama left, but I think it will be my 2nd fav drama of 2019 (1st is still Joy of Life hehe).

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      Wait! I’m in the same-ish boat! I didn’t watch Untamed until December/January bc when it came out in the summer I couldn’t get into the first few eps. But once you push past (or just get in the right mood I guess), I found it very VERY good. I’m…less of a fan of the novel myself, so I actually liked the drama adaptation MORE. Which is very very rare. It smoothed out a lot of my gripes with the novel.

      And then I’m currently finishing up/rewatching part (I’d watched the first 10 eps in December and then started from ep 27 ish recently and finished, so now I’ve gone back to watch the thing in whole and have caught up to ep 27 and will continue rewatching lmao) Joy of Life. and this is my ABSOLUTE FAV in the recent years. I’m SO in love. My friends have not heard me stop talking about this recently. The plot/script is SO SO SO well done. The acting more than lives up to the quality script. And the ensemble cast is just amazing.

      So yeah, basically I’m late to the game on both dramas. But then after I won’t have anything to watch (except One Day or Someday which is def on my list).

      Actually I forgot, I’m also watching Itaewon Class with friends and I LOVE it. I’m in the minority where I love Soo-ah much more than the main girl (aka I’m def on the wrong ship). I find her so much more complex, flawed but still lovable and so relatable. She’s what I think is ultimately the flawed, imperfect, but ultimately achievable good-guy. The main guy is also a character I love, but he makes being “the good guy” come so easy. He doesn’t struggle through the same difficult moral decisions as other ppl do. But soo-ah does and she shows it, and… anyways. I can get into a whole conversation about why I love her character, but that’s neither here nor there.

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        Yeah I think being in the right mood for it really helped. Loved how they handled WWX & LZ’s relationship given the broadcasting restrictions – without queer-baiting or downplaying their love (and thankfully not going thru with the BG storyline scenes that they had filmed). All the characters are fleshed out and how they act aligns with their personalities & values rather than because the plot says they have to. Would be great to watch a spin-off of the two leads going on excursions with all the kids lol (and Wen Ning!).

        Ahhh Joy of Life!! It manages to be enjoyable, entertaining, and emotional. Pretty close to Nirvana in Fire in my heart except I haven’t rewatched it yet. My only gripes with the drama was the overload of Fan Xian & Wan’Er’s romance at the start, but understand that there really wasn’t much else that could’ve been done to build their relationship and am hoping to see some major development for Wan’Er in S2. Agree, the plot, pacing, dialogue, acting, was all A+. Also, after seeing a fan-made modern spinoff trailer, I really want to see the whole cast together in another drama. But first we need season 2-3!

        I watched the first 2 eps of Itaewon Class when it premiered. Am waiting for it to finish first so I don’t have to wait haha. Good to hear that you’re loving it!

        Taking a mini-break from dramas until crime thriller The Controllers 掌中之物 airs this month. It’s been described as having a male lead you wanna root against (same as Goodbye My Princess) and an anti-Stockholm syndrome female lead.

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      Untamed and Joy of Life are on my list as well. Both are top two for a lot of fans in 2019. =)

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        When I read that you haven’t watched NIF, I thought “Wow. By the time you get around to watching it, Hu Ge would have gotten married and have kids.” lol.

        tbh though, I can’t even catch up watching the drama trailers, but I did manage to watch a few 2019 Cdramas. I’m about to finish Untamed. I thought you may like Joy of Life. I’m still in the middle of it. JoL doesn’t have supporting actors with dubious skills.

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          Is it me VS Hu Ge’s marriage now?! LOL. I want him to win. I really do!

          You did better than me, catching a few Cdramas. But yes, The Untamed and Joy of Life, on my list. 😉

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      Same here. I still haven’t watched The Untamed and Joy of Life. I want to start but I really should finish Love and Destiny, Royal Nirvana and Hotel Del Luna. Too many dramas but not enough time!

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    Thank you for your takeaway on Return of the Cuckoo. To this day, I still feel so much heartache for both Julian and Charmaine. Julian had to sacrifice so much. Some folks might feel enraged by Julian’s decision because he robbed her the chance to make her own decisions, but to a good majority of people, I think we see his actions as noble. It’s not very often that we see people who will sacrifice their own happiness for others’ happiness.

    An opportunity cost awaits us for everything we do, but as long as we think it’s worth it…then there’s nothing to regret.

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      I have to say, it took me two decades to see the bad in Julian’s character. He was always perfect to me. I resented Steven’s character for a long time and never liked him. Now, with a more mature eyes, I can no longer side with Julian’s choices. xD

      I was itching to write a review, but not sure if I have the time.

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    I just finished Someday or one day – tw drama and on my 3rd watch. It’s so good. The core of the series is a love story but they also talk about a few social topics without being preachy. There’s suspense, time travel and murder mystery all wrap up in this love story. There’s literally no filler episodes, great acting, great chemistry, well-written storyline and no annoying characters. I do have to admit that the first episodes felt very melodrama on first my watch but they’re bittersweet on subsequent viewing. I just want to spread the words on this great series. You won’t regret giving it a try.

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      I just start my first rewatch, haha! (And I very rarely do, no matter how much I like a drama). Totally agree, such a well-written and intricate story, greatly supported by tight editing and superb acting (esp by Alice Ke — and this is my first time watching her). My experience was exactly like you, the first 2 to 3 episodes felt slow, but afterwards I couldn’t stop. Characters are well developed as well, including the secondary ones. It totally deserves its 9.2 Douban rating!

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        Other than the well-written and intricate story, I think the development of the characters and the layers that we get see them that really make it so hard to forget. Too bad so many people are not giving this series a try.

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    Watching and enjoying Eternal Love of Dream

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    I’ve been watching just bits of Eternal Love of Dream. The beginning felt like a retelling of what happened to the characters in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms so just been watching bits from when she’s in the dream and then the ending. Honestly don’t feel like I’m missing much.

    I liked Joy of Life and watched the first six, but then just stopped. Nothing to do with the show, just for some reason never went back to watch the rest. I’m sure I will at some point.

    Oddly I’m totally sucked into Well-Intended Love 2. I had forgotten that I’d watched the first season until I saw the trailer and recognized them. So I binged the 14 episodes available and then rewatched Season 1 on Netflix. It’s interesting how they redid the story and I’m wondering if there is going to be a twist at some point to explain Season 1 versus Season 2.

    But I’m killing time while I impatiently wait for Jiu Liu Overlord to finally be released.

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