Well-Intended Love Season 2 with Xu Kai Cheng and Wang Shuang to feature a new storyline?

And here I thought Season 2 with the same cast automatically means the continuation of the season 1! The trailer for Season 2 was released a few days ago and fans were left surprised (and upset) since season 1 ended with our main couple happily married and expecting their first child. I didn’t watch Well-Intended Love S1 so I have no idea what’s going on. From the trailer, our female lead is a famous actress while our hero is still a big CEO; they both attend an event which ends up being scandalous and when she questions his motives, he announces that they are engaged. Thus, a contract marriage begins!

BUT!! Some eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that their CEO is wearing a wedding ring! So does this mean….our heroine has amnesia and he’s wooing her back? Or?

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  1. One thought on “Well-Intended Love Season 2 with Xu Kai Cheng and Wang Shuang to feature a new storyline?

    While I like season 1, I was doubtul to watch a second season, because most of the time it would involve amnesia, some annoying women or men trying to get between the married couple and just plain unnecessary drama just to get a certain amount of episodes.
    I´d rather watch a “reboot” or a different interpretation of the story with the same main characters. On some forums they speculated it to be a different story, after all both are high profile in their respected careers, even more an actress. It would be hard to suddenly “brainwash” the whole country, that they were never married. But…this is dramaland..who knows *lol*.

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