Xing Zhao Lin romances An Yue Xi next in Standing In The Time

Can we call Xing Zhao Lin the YA Sniper? Young Actresses Sniper. He’s literally making rounds with all the adorable actresses! Standing In The Time is another modern romance where our leads find themselves led away from their dream jobs and how they conquer what life throws at them and make the best of it. She dreams of becoming a fashion editor but is now under the proofreading department, while he wants to become a writer but is now a model. Our two lost souls meet at the same company and provide comfort and support as they strive forward their dreams.

Airing tomorrow 10/2!

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Xing Zhao Lin romances An Yue Xi next in Standing In The Time

    Finally something to look forward to! This is an adaptation of a Jdrama, Jimi ni Sugoi Koetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko, which in turn is an adaption of a novel. I really liked the drama and novel (when I actually make an attempt to read it in the original language, it shows how much I liked the drama lol)

    One of the highlights of the Jdrama was seeing the female lead’s many outfits (she had tons of interesting combinations!) and I’m glad that the C-version seems to have picked up on that too. Wonder if they’ll have An Yuexi spew out like 100 words a minute like they did with the J-version when she gets fired up lol.

    In the trailer though, the male lead seems more shy than quirky. His Japanese counterpart, Suda Masaki, wasn’t really that shy in the J-version. Xing Zhao Lin looks more like an author than Suda did though.

    • 2 thoughts on “Xing Zhao Lin romances An Yue Xi next in Standing In The Time

      Nice! I didn’t know it was an adaptation. From the trailer, her character does have quite the wardrobe!

      Your comment makes me more interested in the drama now.

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