Li Yi Feng and Chen Xing Xu begin filming for rocket drama The Glory of Youth

A drama about China’s Army Rocket Force led by Li Yi Feng! Joining him, we have Chen Xing Xu, Xiao Yang, Yu Bo, Wu Gang, and Dong Chun Hui. The story follows him and his three friends hurdling through challenges and missions to become recognized soldiers on the force. Directing is Li Lu of In the Name of People and Spy Hunter and Zhang Han Bing of Chen Xiao’s King of The Land War which aired this past August.

With the trend soldiers like that of Yang Yang, Chen Xiao; I feel like most actors want to lead at least one solider drama in their career and most actresses want to be a badass warrior in their own world/harem. Lol.

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Booting Ceremony 10/7:

 photo glory 3.jpg

 photo glory 10.jpg

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