Friday Photoshoots: Zhao Li Ying, Shawn Dou, Liu Tao, Vic Zhou, Yang Mi

Happy friday!

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Liu Tao and Vic Zhou for Chen Man! Really like this shoot from a month ago.

 photo liutao-1.jpg

 photo liutao-2.jpg

 photo liutao-3.jpg

 photo liutao-4.jpg

 photo liutao-5.jpg

 photo liutao-6.jpg

 photo liutao-7.jpg

 photo liutao-8.jpg

 photo liutao-12.jpg

 photo liutao-11.jpg

 photo liutao-10.jpg

 photo liutao-9.jpg

Zheng Shuang.

 photo shuang-1.jpg

 photo shuang-2.jpg

 photo shuang-3.jpg

 photo shuang-4.jpg

 photo shuang-5.jpg

 photo shuang-6.jpg

 photo shuang-7.jpg

 photo shuang-8.jpg

 photo shuang-9.jpg

Yang Mi looking really good here.

 photo yangmi-1.jpg

 photo yangmi-2.jpg

 photo yangmi-6.jpg

 photo yangmi-5.jpg

 photo yangmi-4.jpg

 photo yangmi-3.jpg

 photo yangmi-7.jpg

 photo yangmi-8.jpg

 photo yangmi-9.jpg

Shawn Dou! A boring shoot but I miss Mr. Sunshine!!

 photo shawm-1.jpg

 photo shawm-3.jpg

 photo shawm-4.jpg

 photo shawm-2.jpg

 photo shawm-5.jpg

 photo shawm-6.jpg

 photo shawm-7.jpg

 photo shawm-8.jpg

 photo shawm-9.jpg

Li Ying rarely gets a good shoot. This one is done by Chen Man….. I’m not sure how I feel about the Wuxia theme here. It is different than her other boring ones for sure.

 photo lying-11.jpg

 photo lying-10.jpg

 photo lying-12.jpg

 photo lying-9.jpg

 photo lying-13.jpg

 photo lying-14.jpg

 photo lying-15.jpg

 photo lying-8.jpg

 photo lying-5.jpg

 photo lying-6.jpg

 photo lying-7.jpg

 photo lying-4.jpg

 photo lying-3.jpg

 photo lying-2.jpg

 photo lying-1.jpg

What do you think?