Nominations for the Magnolia Awards 2019 revealed: Your Picks?

I cannot even pick as I haven’t even finished The Story of Ming Lan.

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It’s nice to see Li Ying nominated again. =)

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I like that they have the Best Adapted Screenplay category, especially nowadays with every drama being adapted from novels. The list is, however, very small.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Nominations for the Magnolia Awards 2019 revealed: Your Picks?

    Lol. I can’t pick as well since I ONLY finished MingLan lmao

  2. 3 thoughts on “Nominations for the Magnolia Awards 2019 revealed: Your Picks?

    I was stuck at episode 6 or 7 in Ming Lan, but now I’m hooked with All is Well! Ni Dahong is a genius. He’s one of those rare actors who are very productive (he’s like EVERYWHERE), yet in all he always gives layered and nuance performance. In most dramas I’ve seen him in, he’s usually a strong character, although villainous. And here he’s a stubborn, weak but a very complicated character (not necessarily likeable). I’m rooting for him — hope he’ll snatch the Best Actor award! Also, he’s in at least 3 of the Best Drama contenders, right? (Rise of the Phoenixes, Zhengyang Gate, and of course All is Well).

    I haven’t seen the Little Women Under Zhengyang Gate, but I’ve seen praises for Jiang Wenli’s performance. Yao Chen is a joy to watch, but somehow I think Jiang Wenli will get the award.

    Of the variety shows, I’m rooting for Super Vocals, heheheh…

    And of course, YAYYYY for Zhao Liying’s second nomination! Say what you want to say about her, it’s SOMETHING to be a highly commercially successful actress, who also happens to get industry recognition for acting.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Nominations for the Magnolia Awards 2019 revealed: Your Picks?

    I have a feeling All is Well and Like a Flowing River will pick up some awards. They both are really good dramas that display the acting chops of their actors. While Story of Ming Lan was great I don’t see it winning anything compared to its competitors. The company producing these three dramas 正午阳光 is doing really well.

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