Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (22)

What am I watching…. the horrendous news that have been plaguing the entertainment world? Korea, China, then Hong Kong. Who needs to watch dramas, the real life ones gut you right in the stomach, especially the Andy-Jacqueline scandal (!!). When one person worked so hard to get to stay by another person’s side and then went astray years later, how would their partner feel? I saw Sammi’s response and can’t help but think she and Kenneth Ma are some classy people. Both of them have every right to say what the hell they want, but they chose the higher road instead. Even if they were pressured to respond right away, they protected their partner.

One could use a romcom right about now.

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    I just finished watching “Love Me If You Dare”. I know, I’m super late. Lol. I really enjoyed it cause I’m totally a Walllace and Sandra fan. I shipped them so much I’m excited that they’ve reunited for another project. The storyline was also really interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat. Although the last episode could have been better and didn’t need the plot twist of the ‘what could have happened’. I feel really drama-deprived after watching that. There’s not a lot of interesting dramas out right now. I’ll probably give Liu Shi Shi’s “If I Can Love You So” and Shawn Dou’s “From Survivor To Healer” a try.

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    Watching Put Your Head On My Shoulder and Detective L right now. I’m actually really liking both so far. Heh. I’ve dropped so many dramas earlier this year so I’m happy that these 2 are keeping my interest.

    Shoulder — is super super cute and light and fluffy. There isn’t really much plot expectation; it’s very clear that it’s really just focused on the romance. The girl is obvious the kind and caring type, but at the same time, she’s very reasonable and not whiny at all. She has her emotions like disappointment, jealousy, anger, but she’s such a healthy human. She doesn’t suffer in silence, she vents the emotion, but also totally doesn’t put her expectations or blame on anyone else. My fav is the fact that originally ***SPOILER (she has a crush on the second lead guy from high school — more than a crush — but when she gets disappointed time and time again from his avoidance of the situation and thoughtlessness, she acknowledges her feelings, makes them clear to him no matter his cowardice, but also doesn’t whine or complain or ask for pity. She even laughs a little at herself that she shouldn’t expect things from him because they’re not even on the same “plane” and tells herself it’s time to let go. She treats her emotions so healthily, rationally.)***SPOILER

    She’s cute and fluffy and a little silly at times, but she does have her own brain and personality, and such unexpected nuggets of wisdom too. The guy is less immediately lovable, but he immediately grows on you. He’s awkward and the “rational science guy”, but he’s not aloof or cold either. He’s incredibly thoughtful and notices a lot of little details and takes care of people, whether it’s his roommate or the girl he just met. He’s a little childish sometimes but also isn’t like, immature. They have great chemistry and honestly Xing Fei’s a really natural actress (at least here; haven’t seen nor am I interested in her previous dramas tbh sorry).

    Detective L — the cases aren’t brilliant, tbh, but no obvious plot holes or logic leaps (I mean there are some but they don’t really affect the quality of the cases much). Luo Fei is incredibly quirky and a little cocky, very charismatic, but also not mean at all or overly rude. He knows when to back off, which is nice. The girl is inexperienced but not brainless or incompetent. She’s kinda impulsive, but she also understands reason and will seriously listen to people who critique her even if at first she’s a little offended. She doesn’t easily get defensive and learns really fast. I like her. Idk…I like Detective L and it makes me wanna keep watching. It’s a really good watch and definitely good quality no matter its budget…they put in effective effort on the set/costume/direction/post-production/everything(except the opening theme it seems, rip). It’s really good and honestly so much better than a lot of watches basically in the last few years, esp in this genre. The pacing is also fast 🙂

    That said, all glowing reviews for both these dramas, but I also don’t wanna get people’s expectations unreasonably up. They’re not like, the next biggest obsession but definitely pretty good.

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      +1 on Shoulder. I ran out of episodes so I looked up A Love So Beautiful and marathoned it while waiting. I def like Shoulder’s leads more and feel that at least because they start out as college students, their emotional maturity is much better than the OTP from ALSB who started out as high schoolers. I love love love the height difference in both lol

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    Agree that entertainment circle is sk n hk are a hot mess.

    Just finished My youth and was suprised with how much i like its natural pace. Double the treat that Put your head on my shoulder turns out better than its predecessor. I love a cool headed female who isnt whiny, melodramatic and the acting isnt over the top.

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    What’s been happening in Korea is just sickening. Hope justice is served.

    If i were Sammi or Kenneth i would have ended the relationship right away regardless of how long the relationship was or if there are kids, but yes respect for them for choosing the higher road. Hope all will be well for everyone affected.

    So many dramas released lately but i haven’t been really watching anything.

    I’ve just mainly been watching Xiao Qing’s parts in The Legend of the White Snake. Damn cute and such a joy to watch. Love her relationship with the four demons, so hope nothing bad happens to them.

    And like many I am on the ship that won’t sail far, it’s just at most a comrade ship haha. But I don’t mind whatever their relation is, just enjoying the interactions. Even though it shows that Xiao Qing has a loveline with Zhang Yu Tang and it’s impossible between XQ and Fa Hai, many are still supporting XQ and FH. It also doesn’t help that people are drawn into shipping them because of Xiao Yan (XQ) and Pei Zitian’s (FH) interactions on weibo, them teasing fans about XQ and FH’s relationship when asked about it, then they meet up and give fans these
    Seriously what do you guys want?? Why look so good?? Lol even the actress who played Xu Xian’s sister commented that XQ & FH match. But seriously these two are giving great fanservice.

    Since I’ve always known of XQ and FH and didn’t watch the 92 version so didn’t know ZYT existed, there’s a biasness. We’ll see how it goes in the next couple of eps since that’s when their love story really starts, but I think I’ll be feeling more for XQ than the relationship itself.

    If there was a loveline between XQ and FH like people hope for the drama probably would be taken down or took a longer time to broadcast or scenes get cut haha. They filmed a scene of FH drinking wine but in the end it was cut out because he’s a monk.

    Watched some parts of ep 2 and 4 of In Youth and really like the friendship between zheng yunlong, huang mengying, liu ruilin and dai si’s characters, but don’t think I’ll watch the whole drama.

    Interested in checking out Detective L and 你好对方辩友 (the debating seems interesting and don’t think i’ve seen a drama about a debating team). 民国少年侦探社 Young Blood Agency looks like another investigation drama, will also check out. It feels like i’m seeing quite a few republican era investigation dramas being filmed lately.

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    Watching Love Journey with Chen Xiao and Jing Tian right now. Very fresh and interesting story for a Chinese modern drama.

    Also struggling to watch The Legend of the White Snake since I like Ju Jingyi and Xiao Yan. The plot isn’t bad or anything but its not very interesting either.

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    Recently finished HSDS ’19 and jumped right into My Poseidon. As I mentioned in the chat box, it’s cheesy and tacky but I’m drawn to it for some strange reason. The acting could be improved but I’m really liking the interactions between the two leads. On the other hand, I don’t really care for Johnny Zhang’s and Sui Yumeng’s characters or their romance tbh. The makeup they have for Sui Yumeng makes her look a decade older, but I guess it’s too show how mature her character is supposed to be compared to Eleanor Lee’s. Still, watching these two is like watching paint dry.

    Also started Detective L and I’m liking it so far. I have low expectations for Chinese detective series because I haven’t come across one that could rival Western ones in terms of acting and writing, but this one is quite entertaining and short.

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    The only Chinese drama I’m watchign right now is the one with Chen Xiao and Jing Tian. I’m still at the beginning so not know if I’ll drop it anytime. Not watching other Chinese dramas going on air right now. Nothing has hooked me into it enough to handle 30+episodes.
    There are few Korean dramas which are very addictive and interesting right now, they all have flaws some big some small but they’re not enough to make me drop them yet. Recommendations: He Is Psychometric, Doctor Prisoner, Confession, Haechi and Beautiful World. I’m following some others through twitter.

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    I’m watching completely silly and un-redeemingly sweet shows like MengFei Comes Across, I’m a Pet at Dali Temple, and Princess at Large. All lightweight and cotton-candy sweet – but a few have some surprisingly well done dialogue! These made up for the very sad and twisted Korean dramas that I just finished – The Great Seducer was hard to watch.

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      I just started Mengfei Comes across, on epi 15 and I’m loving it. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a parody of all the palace dramas lol? There’s not much romance yet but the 2 leads are cute together. Best part is the 4 concubines friendship. So refreshing.

      Just finished binge watching Moonshine & Valentine. Victoria and Johnny aren’t very good actors but man Johnny is so handsome. Best part of this drama is the 3some relationship between the leads’ best friends. Ending kinda sucked.

      Which brings me to this, why can’t C-dramas ever have a decent ending??? I’m not talking about happy vs sad endings, just something that is well written and makes sense. 8 out of 10 dramas, the ending sucks and ends up ruining my overall enjoyment of the series.

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    Variety – Ace vs Ace: Why haven’t i been watching it sooner? It’s hilarious and you get all the feels from the nostalgia. So good to see actors and actresses from old time favourite dramas reunited on screen. Shen Teng and Jia Ling are great and Ada Choi cracks me up with her accent and reactions

    Then ended up watching Shen Teng clips. That last adlib omg
    And here he meets an unexpected hahaha

    Youtube – just been watching chinese culture, language related stuff like 杰里德Jared, kevin in shanghai…
    This 10 part series of ‘foreigners living in china for 10 days vs 10 years is great’ haha (other eps in the description)

    I like what he said about plane rides vs these overnight train rides. How even though you’re siting close to someone on plane, you’re not close in terms of interaction.. whereas on the train as seen from his trip people are interacting and visiting eachother like neighbours. Rode on these overnight trains before and even though it was hard for me to sleep and taking a plane would be faster, the company definitely made up for it..

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    I’m currently in a BL Thai drama craze right now ever since i started Love By Chance.. I finished 2 Moons after which was kinda meh, then I finished SOTUS which was DAMN FREAKING GOOD. I can’t even with how good SOTUS is!

    The plot and acting is A+!! I started episode 1 thinking, oh boy one of the lead is a scumbag, then when I went on watching, I realised I was so wrong. Not just because of the romance but the friendship amongst the boys is so touching too!
    Finished the whole series in a day 🙁 Now I am searching for more to watch.. Anyone has good recommendations..

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    Just finished Nice to meet you on viki – saw it in 3-4 days when it was subbed completely, skip some scenes with second leads. Great chemistry etween the leads and OST is a plus.
    **spoiler**happy ending** don;t get bummed down from the beginning- see their journey

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    I’m watching the Gods … because Deng Lun is too cute to ignore… Bracing myself for the Foxy romance with Dakin!! Also watching the variety show The great escape!!Love the Low key bromance with Deng Lun and Wei Daxun!! As well as the bullying from everyone!!

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    I am watching Detective L and From Survivor to Healer. Detective L seems polished and stylish, while From Survivor to Healer has the infantile flashbacks and flashbacking and singing, and some dull characters.

    Shawn Dou and Miao Miao are a very good drama couple. Peng Guan Ying is super handsome but his Chen Yifan is handsome only when his mouth is shut. The music is very good, but I hear a random new age ambient “underwater” piece that sounds like recycled T&E Storm of Prophecy.

    Bai Yu and Una Dou’s characters are like Sherlock/Inspector Lord Lynley and Watson/Barbara Havers.

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