First Impression: The Crowned Clown Episodes 1 – 8 “Yeo Jin Goo vs Yeo Jin Goo.”

Hope everyone had a great new year! My parents decided to spend New Year in California, far, far away from their kids and home. It was really quiet without my mom’s laughter. So I decided to watch a Korean drama…. The Crowned Clown with Yeo Jin Goo playing a crazy King who is paranoid of his enemies and so he finds a clown who looks exactly like himself and places him on the throne. Who would have thought Yeo Jin Goo will one day steals his own thunder. Lol. What a powerhouse actor he is and I sat there marathoning the first half of the series, shocked at the ending of episode 8!

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The cop out ending to episode 6! In my heart, I knew the King wouldn’t see the Clown with his queen on the street but I held my breath in anyway because I was evil and actually wanted the maniac to chase after the innocent couple. Lol.

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Poor Eunuch Jo worrying about Ha Sun (the clown) when the King beats the hell out of the poor Kid. Remember the first time he met Ha Sun and gave him the stink eye for touching his shoulder? XD

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Love this shot and it really foreshadows the ending to the King’s tyranny. They no longer see eye-to-eye and in the same direction….

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Poor Secretary Lee, he looks devastated when Officer Jang says Ha Sun is dead. He has come to care for the kid.

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It’s crazy how Yeo Jin Goo has chemistry with everyone he acts with. Even the upright Officer Jang is moved by Ha Sun’s sincerity. By episode 16, I fully believe Yeo Jin Goo can spark fire and a full conversation with his royal robe. Bromance is everywhere in this drama which is why I’m hooked. The men are all layered and they perform exceedingly well. His romance with the Queen doesn’t affect me as much, mainly because she isn’t given much to do. She’s cute though and my favorite part with the Queen is when she uses her leg to stop the skirt of her servant, preventing the silly girl from throwing away the King’s hazelnut.

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The moment Secretary Lee decides to end the King’s life. Such a well-executed scene, full of symbolism.

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Eunuch Jo cyring tears of Joy when Ha Sun returns to the palace. Writer, please, please, do not touch a hair on Eunuch Jo, or I will raise hell for real. Ya hear me?!

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Ha Sun: “I want to be the real King.” Balls of steel! But he really needs to mark Secretary Lee’s words, that being on the throne will require bloodshed/sacrifices and a black heart…

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I forgot his character’s name but he cracks me up with his facial expressions!! Especially the evil grin he gave when Shin’s son was being whooped! xD

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The King eating his birthday meal and sealing his fate with his own words… “Birthdays….some are born, while some die.”

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Taking a walk at his favorite beach.

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Secretary Lee toasting the King….

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And he stops when the King adds, “It would be nice if you were my father.” My, my, my.

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The King realizes he’s poisoned by the only person he trusts….

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That sarcastic-gritting-of-the-teeth smile.

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King: “Why! Why did you give up on me!”

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I was shocked when it’s revealed that Secretary Lee was responsible for poisoning the younger brother… on the King’s command. Juxtaposing the two scenes at the same time. Powerful reveal. Lee is scary and very, very dangerous.

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King: “I’m scared. I am so scared.”

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“In the afterlife, who am I won’t matter anymore.” The poor child knows power and status were the only things he has going for him.

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Secretary Lee giving his last bow as the King takes his last breath and all we hear is the crashing of waves. Brilliantly filmed and scored. I read that the director is a female and I am so freakin proud!

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I didn’t think the King would die so soon! It’s a big loss because I enjoyed seeing the seething and explosive King Yeo Jin Goo and would have loved to see him continue the dual roles for a little while. As the King, his make-up and speaking tone are completely different from the carefree clown, Ha Sun. But as with Korean dramas, live-shooting taxes the actors a lot and I wouldn’t want Yeo Jin Goo to start looking scrawny with red eyes like many actors out there.

If you ask me who is the one with true power, it is Secretary Lee! Really, who is his back up? Does he even own a house? I feel like his room is right next door to the King’s. Lol. He can be easily attacked on the streets so I wonder how he survives this long with so many enemies at his tail. Him killing the King to me is an act of mercy. I wanted the King redeemed slowly until the last episode but as I watch him spiral down the dark hole, I don’t think it’s possible anymore, especially in that day and age when not much was known about mental illnesses and addiction, much less treat it. Lee tried to help the King but his efforts didn’t succeed. Even on his birthday, the King talks about killing everyone when he comes back to court.

Lee is not an innocent man and watching him killing the royal brothers really cement his character’s ideals; the end justifies the means, the road to hell is paved with blood-stained good intentions. His character is very intriguing because he can be a villain or a hero, depending on your perspective. If one day his and Ha Sun’s goals clash, I wonder what he will do…. *gulp gulp*

For now, someone please hide Ha Sun’s sister, I fear for her life!

  1. 3 thoughts on “First Impression: The Crowned Clown Episodes 1 – 8 “Yeo Jin Goo vs Yeo Jin Goo.”

    Awwww, beautiful write up. Good that u caught up with all the 8 episodes. Yeah, YJG in a saguek, never miss it.
    We don’t know what Lee is going to do next. I feel the power is more with him now that the real king is no more. He is more villainous than that evil minister chi Soo. Hope for a great ending. 😍

  2. 3 thoughts on “First Impression: The Crowned Clown Episodes 1 – 8 “Yeo Jin Goo vs Yeo Jin Goo.”

    Yes! This is my Current kdrama crack, it’s just too awesome! I have always loved this actor but he totally exceeded my expectations here, he’s just too good! Ending of episode 8 was indeed really shocking, I have no idea where we are heading storywise!

  3. 3 thoughts on “First Impression: The Crowned Clown Episodes 1 – 8 “Yeo Jin Goo vs Yeo Jin Goo.”

    Wait, this is live-shooting? If so, that’s crazy! The actors are doing a phenomenal job! I assumed it was all prefilmed with a lot of post production.

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