Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (20)

I shouldn’t have binge-watched some dramas because now I’m stuck in the agonizing wait for subs. Lol. I’m planning on watching the Zombie drama called Kingdom with Joo Ji Hoon and Bae Doo Na as you guys know I’m into horror related projects. hehe! Any recommendations for completed shows/movies/whatever?

Kingdom’s Netflix trailer. Looks so pretty!

This is random. Dog and water. =D

“Oughhh noo I don’t like that”

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    After having no drama interest for many many months, last week I binge watched so many 2018 dramas. I started Legends which I think is honestly pretty (really good for a low expectation web drama…enough that I’m considering listening to the audiobook too) but the update speed is super slow.

    And then bc of AvenueX’s discord, I randomly started that one webdrama. Errr I forgot what it’s called but there’s lots of time traveling, the girl picks up 2 ancient guys from different periods, left her best friend behind etc etc. it was addicting, but I kinda dropped aka haven’t been back to check the newest eps cuz the plot is such a mess I legit thought my playlist was in the wrong order and I missed an ep multiple times.

    Then I went into a mediocre romance webdrama binge aka I finished a 24 eps webdrama player by the guy from SCI (and supporting bear guy from Fighter of Destiny) and the girl (journalist) from Tientsin Mystic. It was super cute and adorable for 10 eps and then ranked but whatever.

    I also am currently watching Well Intended Love (? boss wants to marry me?) and honestly it kind of does live up to the hype! Ppl r saying it’s a tropey typical romance webdrama…that somehow works and is pretty addicting and entertaining. Pretty accurate. Don’t expect like amazing ness but honestly I like it better than Eternal Love and similar dramas.

    Finally I fast-forwarded through all of Tomb of Sand (? Sea?) and it’s freaking awesome?! I did mention in cbox but while the plot def needs so much work, I really do think it’s the best DaoMuBiJi so far (although, the bar is low). To follow the plot and catch the nuances though, you do need to be familiar with the general DMBJ universe, cuz the drama itself is very confusing, and all over the place, i absolutely loved Qin Hao as Wu Xie and also loved all his allies/friends in the nine families ( aka Xie YuChen, Hugo XiuXiu, Hei Xia Zi, Wang PangZi, and especially especially Zhang RiShan). I can see where ppl r coming from when they said the doctor’s really whiny, but honestly I quite like her. She has her flaws which honestly, kudos for making a realistically flawed character. But Yang Rong played her wth so much charisma I found her really likable. Also her chemistry with the dude was phenomenal. I didn’t get his appeal in Old Nine, or in Tientsin Mystic, but now yeah, he’s awesome!

    I love Wu Lei but sorry was not interested in his storyline at all, the middle was really pretty boring (it was so fast paced in the first 15 eps!), and I absolutely hated his 2 friends, esp the rich, super privileged “meek” one.

    Watched and kept up with PanYueMing’s Ghost Blows Candle for the first week, but got sucked into.a drama vortex. Will prob pick it back up soon. Because of Tomb of Sea (?sand) I was convinced to re”read” the series from book 1 all over again. Can I just say I found the guy they chose for the few Zhang QiLin cameos way more awesome that Yang Yang’s version? Please don’t kill me.

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      I love Tomb of the Sea/Sand Sea! It was honestly quite gripping, especially when they were down in the tomb. It did slow down a little when they got back to the real world, but the pacing was ok for me. Yang Rong and Zhang Ming En’s chemistry was fire! Haha. I agree with you on the hype around Zhang Ming En. I didn’t understand it in The Mystic Nine, but he was HOT in his reprisal as Zhang Ri Shan in Sand Sea. Wu Lei was great as the plucky hero who got sucked into this world unwittingly. He eventually matured into an unflappable tomb raider (should they be called that?) who is still green but has plenty of guts.

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        Yes someone who also liked it! I did like Wu Lei’s character as he developed but I REALLY didn’t like his 2 friends, and I thought the second time he went into the tomb was…really trippy in a bad way. Like everything was illogical and kinda boring. I think the first 15 eps in the tomb were dang awesome. And YES Zhang Ming En’s parts were probably on of the few parts that did NOT get skipped, like ever. Also Huo XiuXiu + Xie YuChen + Wang PangZi + Hei XiaZi + co cuz I’m partial to their portrayal, storyline, and biased bc of the novel. I loved Qin Hao as Wu Xie but tbh I did skip his sections towards the end when he was in the snow with Su Ning cuz I didn’t really get their chemistry.

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    I haven’t watched much since the beginning of this year maybe its because of school but I think after taking a break from watching dramas I found some good ones that I need to watch. I just finished binging the first 30eps of Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang’s drama I Will Never Let You Go. I thought that it wasn’t going to be very good, I only started it for the main actors but the plot is pretty cute and I’m still amazed how Ariel Lin can pull off such a cute role at such an age. Vin Zhang finally has a role where he is together with the main character haha lol. I know that there has been criticism that I Will Never Let You Go doesn’t have a solid plot but it’s not that bad.

    Another drama I just finished binging is My ID is Gangnam Beauty. I have to say that the plot isn’t very good but the story is pretty cute and Cha Eunwoo is really good looking. I also thought that the message that the drama expressed was really meaningful. Beauty isn’t everything.

    I have also seen some modern chinese dramas that came out recently that looked pretty good to me. I think the names were Flipped and Well Intended Love. And now because of Vin Zhang I want to watch The King’s Woman which I started before but never had the motivation to finish.

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      AYYYyyy I watched Flipped and Well Intended Love too! I like Well Intended Love and…actually the other one was the nameless one I mentioned above — Flipped was cute and super adorable and addicting for like 10 eps for me and then sort of …idk …died a little after, imo.

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      i’m loving ariel and vin’s drama especially since they have great chemistry! so great to see ariel back in period dramas and she’s great as always. the drama is a fun break from all the serious/sad dramas, and yes, FINALLY vin has a role where his character will have a happy ending (LOL). extra bonus points for the use of original voices in the drama! too bad the drama updates SO SLOWLY, with only a few episodes per week!

      i love vin too and it’s so good to see him as a funnier/lighthearted character. he’s great as the emo bad guy types but it gets a bit too much sometimes if every role is like that… i tried to watch the king’s woman and i think he was good in it, but the script is really bad and i just can’t finish it because of the really bad storyline and gross inaccuracies to history…

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    Stopped at Minglan, episode 28. Now that it has finished airing, might resume watching. I just want Zhuyilong to film one drama where he gets the female lead, lol. He’s filming Daomu currently and I can’t wait!! 😀 His face fits Wuxie and I have huge confidence in his acting skills 😀

    Not a drama but have y’all heard of The Wandering Earth that is showing now? It’s about a time in the future where our Sun is dying and expanding, and will eventually swallow the entire solar system so humans on Earth decide to build ten thousand engine jets to propel Earth out of the solar system and move to a new home which is 2500 Earth years away. They call this project The Wandering Earth and it’s a journey that will last for 100 generations.

    I watched it yesterday and absolutely loved it. The CGI ‘s on par with Hollywood standards and although I had some doubts with just 10,000 engines moving an entire planet – never mind that but it was a wholesome movie where races, religions don’t matter and humans came together to survive and save their home, Earth (‘:

    I saw someone commented that usually in space movies where the planet is no longer habitable, humans usually abandon Earth and do a Exodus or something but in this movie, the Chinese bring the whole damn planet with them, lol.

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      Yessss!!! I’ve watched The Wandering Earth and thoroughly enjoyed it! I must say there are flaws in the plot and the logic, editing and the writing on the human relations could’ve been better (TBH I think the movie doesn’t have much soul, it feels like a machine), but CGI is great, it’s visually beautiful, and the premise is interesting and unusual. In short, despite it’s flaws, it’s very entertaining and I’m actually planning to watch again. I don’t know if I’ll be able to rewatch, since there’s only one theatre in my city showing it, and only one show time per day.

      I’m happy for Qu Chuxiao — I hope the movie will give him more exposure, boy certainly deserves that!

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        Lucky! The one thing I miss about living in LA was being able to see Chinese movies in the theatre on their release date. Now I’d have to take a day trip to another state to see them.

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    For horror related shows I definitely recommend kdrama The Guest! But if you are in the mood for dark story I would recommend Sky Castle!

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    I’ve been marathoning Lanling Wangfei just because I had put it off for two years and decided now it would be a great time to start. The plot is cringey but I’m watching it for the chemistry between Peng Guanying and Zhang Hanyun, and the lovely costumes and hair ornaments. One thing I’ve learned is that I should find a Yuwen Yong who’s willing to jump after me when I fall into the water or off a clip. Lol.

    Also finished Flipped a few weeks ago. It was short at 24 episodes and I did like the fantasy/sci-fi elements about it. I wish the script had elaborated more on their abilities but this is clearly meant to be more of a romance. It was short and sweet though.

    Well Intended Love is like having a 90s/2000s Taiwanese romance novel come alive onscreen. The lines, the plot, the characters. But it’s cute for what it is. And I’m totally digging the storyline with the male lead’s assistant with the female lead’s best friend. They need more screen time.

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      Also, I’m debating whether to read The Legends first or watch the drama. The author wrote one of my fave Cnovels and I know she’s also one of the scriptwriters for the drama.

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        I did hear that the book is good! I’m watching Legends and the update speed is sloooow. BUT I from the first few chapters of the book that I’m listening to, I think it seems pretty true-to-novel, at least in spirit. I think I’ve raved about it in cbox but the ending theme song is freaking phenomenal, I think the wuxia-esque plot is pretty fresh (no need to analyze too deeply) and I love the focus on the demonic-sect. The leads honestly serve pretty well, and I’m VERY surprised by the second female lead’s actress (who shares her body/face with Zhao Yao). ****SPOILER**** (When she is playing ZhaoYao in her body, the small details in body-language, speech, and “micro”expressions ACTUALLY look like she studied BaiLu (?) playing Zhao Yao quite in depth!)****END SPOILER****

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          Good to know! Have you started on the audiobook? I saw the opening theme (I tend to preview dramas by watching the opening of ep 1) and it looks pretty awesome, so I think I’ll start on the novel first.

          Seems like the author really likes to have her characters share bodies lol. She did that for Cang Lan Jue where the female lead shared a body with the male lead who happens to be a demon king.

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        re audiobook: YES I started the audiobook yesterday and I’m already on ch 23, caught up a little past the teasers for next week (ep 15/16 I think?). The drama is a REALLY good adaptation of the novel. The major plot points and even major dialogue is kept, but I mean more that the drama does a REALLY good job of keeping the spirit and vibe of the novel and all the characters do have their small modifications but are incredibly in character in consistent. The drama doesn’t try super hard to be a “hit drama” or “be popular”. Like it genuinely does just present a good story without “trying really hard”, if you know what I mean. I think they’re similar enough, that I’m going to be reading/watching together. Mostly cuz I feel like the update speed is too slow for me. I did watch first, like up until yesterday, so I like that the visual presentation of the novel in the drama is very much engrained in my imagining of the novel as I “read”.

        I didn’t know the author before this, but now i know I like her.

        Also, that ending theme. I can’t get over how utterly badass and incredibly cool Bai Lu looks as Zhao Yao. Paired with the badass ending theme (written by the awesome Chen XueRan no less) makes for amazingness.

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          So fast!
          I ended up watching the series instead of starting the novel as I originally planned. The leads are both new to me so they’re refreshing to watch as I figure out their acting styles.

          It’s a relief to know that the drama is a good adaptation of the book. I understand it’s inevitable to stay wholly faithful to the book sometimes but all I’m asking for is some reasonable changes and not ridiculous “dog blood” stuff that we’ve seen happen with other series. Hoping the rest of the series is stays consistent.

          The music is amazing. It makes me look forward to more of Chen Xueran’s stuff. I mean, Guardian was totally not my cup of tea but that haunting theme song is unforgettable and I would watch the openings of each episode just to listen to it.

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    I started off 2019 super strong – Finally got around to watching Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart and have been obsessed with Lee Joon Ki since. The OST is on repeat. I binged Tomb of Sand Sea but started fast forwarding in the middle…plot got too weak and I absolutely couldn’t stand watching the doctor (Yang Rong). If you treat the first half as a complete drama you will be fine. Then I watched Mystic Nine because I love ZLY but it was pretty boring, the tomb raiding CGI was not as good as TOSS. I tried watching the other Lost Tomb/Dao Mu Bi Ji series out there but could not manage to get to any of the halfway points. I tried watching Oh My Emperor but loved the bad guy way more than both leads, then tried Consort Meng Arrives but couldn’t get invested in the characters or storyline so gave up both after a couple episodes. Have been following Minglan since it started and am up to ep 61 right now – decided I’m going to wait for the rest of the epsiodes to come out before I finish the binge. Not sure what I’m going to do after it ends…it’s really hard for me to find something to watch, especially Chinese dramas because I hate the dubbed voices. I think there’s a new drama with Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook so I’m going to wait for it to finish broadcasting before watching. Please send me suggestions…..

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    Surprisingly I am back to kdramas haha! Currently watching Touch Your Heart by Lee Dong Wook and Yoo Inna! Only 2 episodes out but I am loving it already! The chemistry between them is insane and Yoo Inna’s acting is so good. But I am not putting too much expectations because kdramas nowadays always fail as the episodes progress… oh well.

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    Omg, you definitely should hurry up n watch kingdom n just binge thru it bc it’s only freaking 6 eps. My whole family binged it all in one night although we only wanted to watch the first episode to see how it is n it was just too good to stop. 2 thumbs up from me!

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    I just finished I Hear You (2019) 最动听的事 by Zhao Lu Si (Oh My Emperor) and Wang Yi Lun (previously from SpeXial) and it was really good. 100% recommend! This story has a very nice pacing and is about 2 people who pretend to be a couple for the sake of a reality show. Very beautiful and thoughtfully written. I am also absolutely in love with Zhao Lu Si’s effortless acting also.

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    I am still slowly watching MingLan. I love the feel of this drama and I compare it to drinking tea where I have to slowly sip it so when I am not in the mood, I put it aside but always come back after awhile. I just went and check out Queen DuGu and I just want to watch cut of the main leads lol I don’t care for the story at all…

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      Gave up Queen DuGu after one episode lol I switch gear to I will never let you go and loving it so far!!! I didn’t realize how much I miss Ariel acting until I see her and Vin is so hot lol I can see the chemistry already. I just hope it will be a happy ending…I am always scare of watching drama while it is airing because it may lead to major disappointment…

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    Anyone else watching HAO Lan? Feeling a little lonely here! It’s not the best drama, but still it’s really good imo thanks to the Yanxi OTP. Also, the cinematography, acting and costumes is just oh so beautiful and subtle. Realized that I can watch anything with Nie Yuan, as he’s that good. As for Wu Jingyan for any of you curious cats, don’t compare her character/performance to Yingluo and she delivers.

    Drama is nearing the end, curious about how things will go for Lu Buwei and Hao Lan in the remaining eps. Can’t wait for the saga of grown up Ying Zheng aka. Qin Shi Huang, and of course drama’s take on Lao Ai.

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    I’m watching…nothing. So surprising. Just working on subs for Let’s Shake It. Hopefully by the time I finish, there will be a drama that gets my attention.

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    I have just finished Ming Lan . Now thinking should I start Legends or queen Dugu.

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      Yes! Legends! I’m not a fan of Queen Dugu at all and dropped it past ep 2…somehow I can’t pinpoint why but I really can’t see the characters and I can only see Chen QiaoEn (and btw I love her, so, sad about this drama not doing it for me).

      Legend is freaking awesome. I’ve commented some above with Chasingpolaris above, but it’s a very genuine drama. That’s probably my best description. If you’re familiar with Chinese, I would use the phrase “yong xin” (用心)to describe it. I don’t want to hype it up…like, don’t expect the next best thing ever to exist, like objectively. But tbh in my biased love for it right now, it basically IS the next best thing to ever exist. Totally reminds me of why I used to love XianXia/Wuxia above all else (it’s definitely xianxia but the vibe gives me wuxia JiangHu vibes a little bit).

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    binge watched 16 epi of queen of dugu just for Chen Xiao.. T____T i wish that he will pick another period drama that has much better production, the director for dugu just cannot make it.. he deserves better..

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    I really liked Kingdom , really hope season 2 comes quick. I recently completed Encounter and My Mister , I started watching it from it premiered but I wasn’t in mind to finish it then (it’s a great drama btw, made me so emotional). Just Between Lovers is great too. I’m currently watching : Romance is a Bonus Book, Touch Your Heart and Partners for Justice.

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