First stills for Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2019 with Tony Yang, Bai Shu, and Zhang Tian Yang

A little behind but I finally laid eyes on the first set of stills for the new adaptation of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. I’m so jaded now. Looking at new adaptations of Jin Yong’s novels nowadays, I can’t help but sneeze out a laughter. I’m happy for some of the actors you know, being able to breathe life into some iconic characters, but at the same time, there’s a feeling of miscast as well. I know, too early to say.

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Tony Yang as Qiao Feng. I’m happy for Tony but it’s hard to top Felix Wong’s unforgettable performance in TVB version. My heart is still ripped apart because of his ending. Good thing is Tony works out and looks rightfully rugged for the part. Here’s to hoping for his performance!

 photo dgsd 1.jpg

Bai Shu as Duan Yu. Not much to say but he looks more like a player in the shot below. XD

 photo dgsd 13.jpg

Zhang Tian Yang as Xu Zhu.

 photo dgsd 14.jpg

Janice Man as Wang Yu Yan. Quite lovely.

 photo dgsd 2.jpg

Su Qing as A Zhu.

 photo dgsd 15.jpg

He Hong Shan as A Zi. Oh….this character. Have never hated any character as much as her. LOL.

 photo dgsd 10.jpg

 photo dgsd 12.jpg

 photo dgsd 9.jpg

 photo dgsd 11.jpg

Booting ceremony.

 photo dgsd 4.jpg

 photo dgsd 5.jpg

 photo dgsd 6.jpg

 photo dgsd 3.jpg

 photo dgsd 7.jpg

 photo dgsd 8.jpg

 photo dgsd 16.jpg

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  1. 2 thoughts on “First stills for Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2019 with Tony Yang, Bai Shu, and Zhang Tian Yang

    As much as I love Tony, I dunno…. I can’t see him as Xiao Feng? I consider DGSD Jin Yong’s best work & I agree with you Kap, Felix’s version in 1986 still reigns, but Hu Jun was great and very fitting too. Let’s see how Tony will take it.

    The girls don’t do anything for me yet. Still think Jia Qing gave the best portrayal for A Zhu, and Chen Hao for A Zi.

  2. 2 thoughts on “First stills for Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2019 with Tony Yang, Bai Shu, and Zhang Tian Yang

    Without a doubt, hands down….the top 2 best DGSD series adaptation are the 1997 TVB Felix Wong and the 2003 version with Hu Jun as Qiao Feng. The character of Qiao Feng requires someone who has the sort of rough manly look with the aura of a good-old fashion hero. Qiao Feng embodies all the characteristics of a wuxia hero:- manly/ a true man, just, honorable, chivalrous, brave, loyal, virtuous, benevolent and righteous; which is why if you get the casting for the character of Qiao Feng right, you’d have gotten half of the drama right!

    In Qiao Feng, Jing Yong portrayed his ideal of a true wuxia hero. In Duan Yu, Jing Yong portrayed a flirtatious, street-smart but loyal hero born into privilege and inherited his skills from various masters. In Xu Zhu, Jing Yong portrayed the “accidental hero” – one who started out unfortunate but went on to accidentally inherit high level kungfu skills and unwillingly placed into a position of power and authority. You will find that since DGSD, all of the heroes in other wuxia novels will embody the characteristics of either one or two of these men. So, in DGSD, Jing Yong set the template of what a wuxia hero should look like and how they should behave; thus solidifying good old virtues such as loyalty, chilvary etc etc in what is considered in the Chinese culture as exemplary male characters.

    In all three men, Jing Yong portrayed what a true wuxia brotherhood looked like, despite their diverse backgrounds and the challenges they met with. This is the reason why DGSD is Jing Yong’s best work ever! Perfect character development and perfect stories coming together to form one big story. I live to read and watch the parts where all three men come together and how they interacted like best buddies ever! Most people felt sad that QF sacrificed himself in the end but that act is so consistent to his 100% good guy hero character that it would actually be odd if he didn’t do what he did. On the contrary, the sadness I felt was more that the three brothers could not spend their days together longer! Yes, it was the brotherhood…. that friendship between these good men that touched me the most! You don’t often get such solid ’till death do us part’ loyal friendships in the modern times anymore. That said, I look forward to this new adaptation of DGSD. Hopefully, they stay true to the novel ‘coz honestly speaking, the novel’s already a perfect work on its own!

    Lastly, a parallel to our modern world based on these 3 men:- some people worked hard and made their way to the top based on their own efforts; some people are smart and born into privilege and made their way to the top; some people got lucky and met the right people at the right time and got to the top….. regardless how you got to the top, through hard work, through inheritance or through the help of others; as long as you stay true to all the good qualities that define a good person and never waver, you are a hero! 🙂

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