Nick Wang Kai’s Like A Flowing River to premiere in December

Are you ready to follow bespectacled Wang Kai as he rises through the ladder of smarts with Yang Shuo and Dong Zi Jian as his buddies? Like A Flowing River is based on the novel written by A Nai. Nick will play the lead character Song Yun Hui, who has great potentials and smarts but was born into a poor family and hence is discriminated against. During the period of Chinese economic reform in 1978, he took his chance and won a seat in college studying engineering technology. And thus begins the hard-working journey of a man against many difficulties to achieve dreams of his childhood and as such he also opens up new ambiguities in his life.

With 47 episodes, Like A Flowing River premieres on 12/10!

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Wang Kai sings for the drama!

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