Discussion Post: Ever Night Season 1 Finale with Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren

I’m not anywhere near the finale of Season 1 but it’s because I dread finishing Season 1 and won’t be seeing Chen Fei Yu anymore. I like his freshness, I like his sass, and was still holding on to the hope that they won’t change the lead actor. Silly me. In Season 2, Dylan Wang (Meteor Garden) will take over the male lead character. I haven’t seen Meteor Garden 2018 yet so no opinion from me about his acting.

How was the ending guys? Did they leave room for major plots in Season 2?

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You know Dylan doesn’t need the extra mini building on his head, stylist! The man is damn tall! Lol!

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Aww, I want to see this scene.

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    still waiting for the sub but saw the teaser… seems they pulling princess agent’s ending. so guess, S2 will start SS being sick?? .. i just hope they at least stick to the novel and avoid unnecessary romances. Also wanna see SS awakening and development in S2 😀

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    hank you for the post Kap. It provides a space to share my love and a few rants about this drama. Like you, I’ve yet to watch the finale because I’m dreading the time I have to say goodbye to Season 1 and to Arthur.

    The pros:
    – great cast, particularly the main leads and the veterans. Arthur and Ireine’s natural chemistry really shines. They have very relaxed vibes with each other, very believable as closest friends and soulmates. Arthur’s acting lacks nuances, but he does exude that youthful charm and freshness, while still convincing as a deadly fighter. And his eyebrow plays are the best! :))
    – excellent cinematography, outdoor location and breathtaking sceneries!
    – top notch fighting choreography and scenes. Who can forget the fightings at the Old Spring Breeze pavilion and the teahouse?
    – kickass CGIs. I really like the talisman writings
    – minimum fillers
    – terrific OST and songs. I’ve said here before my faves are 永夜 (the female version) and 取你的命 aka The Killing Song hahah. I just discovered that the latter’s lyrics was written by Mao Ni himself!

    It is inevitable that Ever Night will be compared to Tribes & Empires. They are fantasy wuxia, Both contain world building theme and insinuate social commentaries. Both also feature nomadic tribes as the most misunderstood group, being a public enemy because they are different.T&E’s cinematography down to the smallest details and the acting jobs are way above EN, but EN wins in tighter sequences and better editing.

    Now here comes the rants, LOL. And beware – FULL OF SPOILERS lol. The biggest flaw in the drama is the writing and the editing. Yes, I did say Ever Night trumps T&E in the editing dept, but mostly because T& E is infested with flashbacks galore and the writing rather sucked anyway.

    The beginning of the series could’ve been much less confusing for non-book readers like me to figure out who’s who had the script, the direction AND the editing been able to show the audience.

    I’m not sure how it is in the book, but the important side characters (like Fu Zi and the 12 disciples) need a little more flesh out. Aside from Chen Pipi and to some extent 2nd Bro, the others are mostly cardboard characters. I don’t need their personal lives in details, but it would be great to show their importance. We were told that Fu Zi is the strongest person in their world, and his 12 disciples are powerful cultivators. Yet, we never see how their capabilities have been able to guard the Tang Kingdom, keep the balance of power, and maintain world’s relative peace.

    The drama also dedicates too many episodes to the romance that should’ve only been a fling, creating unnecessary shipping wars and taking the time allocation better spent on developing characters and plots. I’ve been reading book readers’ complaints on the weakening of Sang Sang’s character in the drama and how the drama feels like sidelining her in favor of the second lead actresses. I also read comments from some non-book readers in another blog that the drama has a misogynistic tendency, and I can see where they came from. I don’t know how far you are, but if you already reach that part at Sang Sang’s parents’ house, I think you will agree it doesn’t come across well for both Ning Que’s AND Sang Sang’s character. Most importantly, such scene never happens in the novel. It brings forth the question on why the show, helmed by a female director and a female scriptwriter, “victimizes” its female lead and makes it difficult for viewers to root for the male lead. There’s rumor that they had filmed for 75 episodes, but they had to cut it down to 60 episodes, and I wonder if this is one of the reasons how the drama turned out. It did occur to me that they might intend to pave the way for the dramatic change to Sang Sang in the following season(s), but I don’t think it translates well on screen.

    Will I recommend Ever Night, season 1? Yes, definitely. Despite my issues with the writing and editing, the drama still feels majestic and grand to me, it’s entertaining and gripping, comedic moments and product placement (LOL) notwithstanding. Although at the moment I’m not planning to follow the second season, but I hope the production team addresses those issues in the second season.

    Phew, didn’t realize I just wrote a very long essay!

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      Bad writing and editing might not be all of the production team’s fault. Chinese censors changed/tightened the rules on what were allowed to be depicted in TV and web dramas. The rules apply retroactively. For example, Chinese mythology or recognized major religion based content now receive extra scrutiny. Thus, a lot of drama have restructured those into aliens from outer space (e.g. The King of Blaze) or alternate universe (e.g. The Guardian) during post-production. Ever Night drama substituted fictitious “religions” for Buddhism and Taoism.

      Even when a drama was approved and had been airing for some time, when enough “legitimate” complaints were lodged against it, it would be taken down for new inspection, and re-edits assuming the drama wanted to be aired again.

      Weakening of female characters in c-dramas has been one of my biggest complaints: “Why do the writers hate women?”

      In this case though, if I correctly guess the 2nd lead female character you are referring to, I dropped this drama part way through ep 10 because I didn’t want to see her. The actress seems to have a rather powerful backing. Another drama, adapted from a BL novel, cast her in a supporting role. The character in the novel was important but had few scenes and without any love interest (She didn’t like anyone nor did anyone like her romantically.), soon suffering an unjust and terrible death. Drama script took some scenes that should belong to a co-1st male lead and gave them to her. The character became a Mary Sue that was loved/liked by almost all the male characters. Events were changed so she appeared in scenes she never did in the novel. Timelines were changed so male characters who never met in the novel could come to blows over her. In the end, the drama suggested that she would end up with a co-1st male lead. Novel fans found out and caused a huge ruckus on Weibo. Eventually, the novel author’s agency announced if the drama added more scenes for this character, they would revoke the license.

      The actress gives me the impression of someone who would do anything, and I mean “anything”, to make it.

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        I was actually referring to the character Mo Shan Shan. She first appeared on ep 30, and her arc goes up to ep 48. But yeah, the one that you referred has plenty of scenes too. She seems quite popular among the viewers though, as her character is a very capable fighter. I’m quite indifferent to her, and somehow to me she seems like she’s always angry? LOL. Interesting tidbit you have there. I remember reading that she got backlashes but no info on why. So it’s probably something to do with that issue.

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          Her character in the BL novel adapted drama is supposed to be proud and haughty. In a brief video segment of a reality show she participated in, she was obstinate and rude toward the veteran actress who led a group of unknown actors and actresses. Obviously, behaving badly gets more screen time in reality shows. Perhaps this type of character simply suits her acting.

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      @lenje: Very good post. The writing and editing are my major problems with the drama. The directing is very good in some places but disappointing in others like that whole scene at Sang Sang’s house. I am so shocked and disappointed at how the female screenwriter and director added the violence between the male and female lead for no reason.

      I also feel very sad for Song Yi Ren’s Sang Sang who should be the female lead being sidelined in comparison to Crystal Yuan Bing Yan’s character. Personally I think this was due to some pushing by higher ups and agency interference. The wilderness episodes with Mo Shan Shan were too long and kind of screwed up the whole drama in terms of character development, romance and pacing. I guess because Crystal is a more traditional beauty and has more fans and backing they decided to promote her and her character over the actual romance from the book between Ning Que and Sang Sang. Song Yi Ren is a very good actress and I loved her as Sang Sang. She also had excellent chemistry with Arthur Chen Fei Yue and her character deserved better.

      I think the drama is pretty good but in the hands of a better writer, slightly different directorial choices and better editing it could be unforgettable.

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    Hi! I am out from the lurking. Thank you for thr post. I was wondering what is your thought regarding this show.

    I saw the novel before, read 1 book and stop because the translation in my language is not completed yet.

    When I saw the drama, I was blown away. It is so great, the cinematography, the fight scenes, the leads, the supporting casts, the OST. So I have to pick up all the books available and read them ( so far we have 20).

    I love both Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren as Ning Que and Sang Sang so much. I think they fit the characters in the novel perfectly.
    I do not like that the script writer and director add more conflict regarding MSS and also made NQ to be violent toward SS. Becuase in the novel, it is very clear that he will never choose someone else if SS does not agree. She os the true leader pf their household.

    However, the overall chemistry between CFY and SYR made up for that flaw of the script.

    I like the last fight scene but I was hoping for the happy ending and not a cliff hanger.
    I will miss CFY very much. He is already my original NQ . Anyone who will play the same role, will have to work hard to win my affection. ^^
    Since it is not official yet, I was hoping that CFY can continue as NQ. (Silly, I know)

    Overall, I really love the show and thanks to it, I picked up a wonderful novel to read.

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    I really love this series, i usually do not like to watch wuxia fantasy drama because the effect is bad or the ending is mostly same old same old, the male/female lead will sacrifice her life *sigh
    Ever night has lots of plots, but slowly the plots solved one by one. I also really like how all ning xue’s senior brothers and sisters spoil him, their characters are also unique and hilarious.
    chen pipi is adorable with his childish tantrums and pout.
    Fuzi with his wisdom.
    First senior brother with his patience
    The chess senior brothers, the blacksmith senior brothers, the swing senior brother, the librarian senior sister,
    rune master yanse, he is a very good teacher, and i can see that ningxue treat him like father.
    High priest wei guang ming is also a very good teacher, we can see how much he loved sang sang. And i cried a bucket when they died.
    The relationship between ningxue and sangsang is also solid, how they trusted each others. the killing song is also good. Hopefully Arthur could returned in season 2 as ning xue.

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    As good looking as Arthur Chen is, he is NOT a good actor. Dylan Wang is even worse if his performance in Meteor Garden is anything to go by. Was really hoping they’ll cast someone more experienced and talented for the second season.

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      Aesthetics can cover up bad acting..

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      Dylan was great as DMS. People hate on him because overall the drama was cheesy but he was the shining star of the show. He stole the scene in every scene he was in… you guys will see once he takes on the NQ role. IMO, he is loads better than Chen FeiYu. People who hate on Dylan, I honestly believe haven’t watched MG. I watched EN1… and I don’t know how people make CFY to be this amazing NQ. He was great in action scenes but every other scene he falls flat. He was picked up by more veteran actors in every scene that has dialogue. When standing still and mute, he was ok.

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        I beg to differ. I think Arthur Chen has done very well as Ning Que, especially considering that this is his first long drama and he never went to an acting school before. Before this, he only acted in 1 movie as the lead and another 1 as a supporting child actor. He is very natural and likeable, he has chemistry with everyone, his fighting scenes are great, and I especially love his speech in epi 59. He is also the only Ning Que to me.

        I agree with what most people said here about the editing, the flaws in the script, the unnecessary prolonged MSS’s arc, etc2. I just want to add that if I hadnt read the novel, then I would root NQ with MSS or YHY. That is a sign of how the.scriptwriter has added too many unnecessary romance/ flirty scenes between NQ and other girls (please CMIIW, YHY doesnt like him that much in the novel?) . And they spent too much time on supporting characters sometimes, like why should I watch the 3rd Prince being a brat?

        Other than that, it’s good. Just like what other commenters here said.

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          Agree, Arthur’s acting might be green but he’s very natural and charming, and most importantly, he’s got fantastic chemistry with Song Yiren, as well as all other cast. Looking great in action scenes contributes a lot to a fantasy wuxia drama. And judging from most comments in various forums, including Douban and weibo, he’s well accepted.

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