Trailers Updates: Wai Tan Zhong Sheng, Time Teaches Me To Love, Visible Lie, About Is Love,

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!

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=======> ♦ Our little Sang Sang aka actress Song Yi Ren has a modern drama called Time Teaches Me To Love (时光教会我爱你) with actor Jerry Yan Yu Hao to air on 12/10.

=======> ♦ Visible Lie (罪案心理小组X) with Zhang Chao and Mi Lu to air on 11/22.

=======> ♦ Behind-the-Scene video of Dilraba and Vengo Gao's Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book (三生三世枕上书).

=======> ♦ New Trailer for Yan Shi Fan (艳势番之新青年) with Jackson Yi and Huang Zi Tao.

=======> ♦ Behind-The-Scene video for Ren Jia Lun and Janine Chang's drama Never Say Goodbye (不说再见). It's to celebrate the wrap of filming, 115 days. 🙂 *UPDATE: BTS video got deleted so replacing it with a clip of filming. Sigh!

=======> ♦ Youth drama About Is Love (大约是爱) with Yan Xi and Xu Xiao Nuo to air on 12/3.

=======> ♦ Republican drama Wai Tan Zhong Sheng (外滩的钟声) with Yu Hao Ming and Wu Jin Yan as leads is scheduled to air 12/10. It focuses on the time period of the Cultural Revolution. I'm happy to see Yu Hao Ming leading! He's currently playing the trusted secretary in Our Glamorous Time. 😉 On the other hand, there's no stopping Wu Jin Yan from filming non-stop. Lol.

  1. 3 thoughts on “Trailers Updates: Wai Tan Zhong Sheng, Time Teaches Me To Love, Visible Lie, About Is Love,

    …meh…not particularly excited about any of these.
    I like Pillow Book as a source novel (kinda), but…
    1. I’ve come to realize that romance-only dramas can easily go wrong for me if the acting is at best mediocre
    2. I’ve lost faith in Dilraba’s acting ability since her brilliance in Diamond Lover (which thinking back, was also at least 40% the character’s awesomeness).
    3. I’ve lost faith in YangMi’s company’s ability to produce captivating productions.
    4. The more I look at it, the more I question Vengao’s role as DHDJ, who is in my memory of the source novel NOT a complete emotionless expressionless wooden block…harsh but seriously…
    -> also, I do think Dilraba as FengJiu has her own charming quality, esp since I liked her in Ten Miles, BUT also if they’re trying to make Pillow Book and basically an entire drama around the 2 of them, FengJiu needs to be more than just cute and adorable… I’m not generally hardcore about following source novels to the T with plot or anything, but when the personalities of the main character are reduced to a very 2D representation…I’m skeptical to say the least.

    I like Song Yi Ren, but still very much not wanting to dive back into a modern romance cdrama…I’ve reached a certain personal limit of watching idol stuff if the plot/acting/something at least isn’t above average… (Also, I can kinda see her chemistry in there cuz she cute, but she also looks like a child.)

    Every since YanXi also vaguely interested in Wu Jin Yan and like her…but also, I’ll admit she’s not really a good actress…she just had a very likable character so to speak.

    I’ve recently watched a commentary on cent, where it’s true…a lot of newbies that get shot to stardom from one big drama don’t necessarily have too much experience of skills. But bc of sudden popularity, they’re always leading now, whether the production is good or bad… whereas it’d prob be better career-wise, in the long run, for them to hone their skills a little more playing various supporting roles and dramas they’d actually like and learn from. Just bc now ppl know you, doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly relegated to I-only-play-lead-roles. This is a very general opinion, not directed specifically only to Wu Jin Yan or anything, but it seems like a pretty common trend. Esp with the slightly older generation of “idol” stars like YangMi, LSS, TangYan and stuff. It seems skill is even more important now too cuz it seems like aside from the really obsessive fans, the general c-ent audience is starting to get tired of crappy dramas, and crappy acting (putting it out there, idol dramas don’t necessarily have to equal bad…it’s just been turned into an undeniable correlation these days). With reality shows like I Am an Actor, and the sound/voice acting one (聲臨其境) it definitely shows that the general populace is losing patience…even YangMi and LSS are kind of trying to switch to more serious works. Esp with the rising popularity of younger peeps who actually have skill and potential like Zhang Zi Feng and Chen Wen Qi (and Li Lan Di…not personally a fan, but she does have rapidly improving skill and ppl like her)…and like Liu Hao Ran, Peng Yu Chang, Hu Xian Xu…etc.

    Times are changing lol…except I just hope scripts and directing improve too…

    • 3 thoughts on “Trailers Updates: Wai Tan Zhong Sheng, Time Teaches Me To Love, Visible Lie, About Is Love,

      Hello, Julianne. I really like your analysis & thanks for sharing it. The comments you made are certainly not something that are common & that’s why I appreciate the candor. 🙂

    • 3 thoughts on “Trailers Updates: Wai Tan Zhong Sheng, Time Teaches Me To Love, Visible Lie, About Is Love,

      just want to say I agree with comment form Riley Elizabeth. It’s always interesting to read your comments and thoughts

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