Martial Universe – Season 2: Episodes 41 & 42 Recap

It’s baaaa-aaack! Everyone’s favourite show to read the recaps for instead of watch is here. Based on the Season 1 finale and the trailer for Season 2, I’m hopeful that it will start to get better. (And if you want English subs, Dramafever has them 8 hours after the show airs in China while Viki is taking a while on theirs.)

This week: Lin Dong tries to get another talisman, Lang Tian officially joins the dark side (they have cookies!), Huan Huan takes the next step to becoming the Ice Master and Dao Sect loses some disciples. So let’s begin Season 2 of Martial Universe!


Series Information:

Chinese Title:武动乾坤
Episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Broadcast Source: Dragon TV (Oriental TV), Youku
Airing Schedule: 1 Episode a day, Mon – Fri via Dragon TV (Oriental TV)
Current Progress: 02/20 (Season 2)

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Character List
MainLin FamilyYuan Gate SectTalisman GuildNine Heaven's Tai Qing PalaceDao SectOthersCorrelation Chart
Yang Yang as Lin Dong
 photo lindong_2.jpg
Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
 photo huanhuan_2.jpg
Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu
 photo qingzhu_2.jpg
Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian
 photo langtian_2.jpg

Lin Xiao (Lin Dong’s father)
Lin Qing Tan (Lin Dong’s adopted sister)
Lin Mu (Chief of the Lin Clan)

Mu Qian Qian
Ling Zhen
Yuan Cang

Master Yan
Xuan Su

Shen Qing
Su Rou
Ling Su Su (Ling Qing Zhu’s mother)

Ying Xuan Zi (Sect Leader)
Wu Dao
Zhou Tong
Martial Arts Hall Elder

Little Marten (a.k.a Lin Diao)
Xiao Yan (a.k.a Fire Python Tiger)
Sixth Yimo Prince (aka The Guardian)
Huangfu Jing, Mo Ling’s bodyguard
Mo Ling, Prince of the Great Yan Dynasty
Bo Xuan

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Recap of Season 1Episode 41Episode 42Overall Thoughts
Lin Dong finds an Ancient Devour Talisman which indicates that he is meant to be the successor to the Talisman Ancestor and help defeat evil by gathering eight ancient talismans. He is recruited to join a fight against the Yimo, an evil race of demons who want to take over his world. As he becomes the leader of the Talisman Guild and starts to find more talismans, as well as people to act as the master of each Talisman, allies and enemies are formed and some people have already been killed (his father, his clan leader, some of his masters and more).

Current Talisman/Master count:
Devour Talisman – Lin Dong
Ice Talisman – Huan Huan – Daughter of the leader of the Dao Sect and Lin Dong’s love interest
Thunder Talisman – Lin Diao – A 900 year old Marten Beast who lives in the Devour Talisman.
Space Talisman – Lang Tian – Once Lin Dong’s best friend and his sister’s boyfriend, but hunger for power and prestige, has turned him to the dark side with the help of his sect’s Elder Mu Qian Qian (who is also secretly one of the Yimo in league with the Yimo Emperor)

Talismans still to be found/possible master:
Fire Talisman – Xiao Yan – A Fire Python Tiger beast who befriends Lin Dong after he saves him from captivity, fiercely loyal and protective of his friends and has a bit of a crush on Lin Dong’s sister
Darkness Talisman – Qing Tan – Lin Dong’s adopted sister who belongs to a clan that can control time and controls an ice poison in her body, was very in love with Lang Tian until she found out he was a liar and a cheat
Prehistoric/Chaos – ?
Life-Death – ?

Qing Zhu – Member of the Taiqing Palace sect, Lin Dong’s first crush and his Talisman Envoy sworn to protect and help him in his fight against the Yimo. Her father turned traitor and joined the Yimo. (Or did he?) She also figured out that she liked Lin Dong right when he stopped liking her and fell in love with Huan Huan. (Awkward…)
Master Yan – Former head of the Talisman Guild who recruited Lin Dong and provides advice and guidance. Currently pretending to be dead after Mu Qian Qian tried to kill him. Seemingly ignorant that his disciple Xuan Su is very much in love with him.
Shen Qing: Palace Mistress of Taiqing Palace – She took the spot that was once meant for Qing Zhu’s mother. She is hard on Qing Zhu and very strict, but actually cares about her and the survival of all her disciples very much. (Possible history with Master Yan.)
Ying Xuan Zi – Huan Huan’s father and head of the Dao Sect. He originally wanted to keep his daughter and Lin Dong far apart, feeling that his daughter should give in to her fate as the next Ice Master. But has started to have a change of heart. Eventually allowed Lin Dong to join the Dao Sect after he proved himself during the tests for new disciples.

Yuan Gate Sect – Very arrogant and don’t seem to realise that they have Yimo in their midst. In the past have been less than willing to play nice with others.
Wu Dao – Member of the Dao Sect and has had a crush on Huan Huan for a long time. Secretly has been working with the Yimo in hopes that he’ll be able to take over the Dao Sect and get Huan Huan.
Mu Qian Qian – An Yimo prince who has taken on the form of a sexy lady. She enjoys flirting to get people to do what she wants or finds a way to drive a wedge between them. She also has a crush on her disciple, Lang Tian, though she tries to deny it.

Where we ended at the end of Season 1:
Lin Dong has been accumulating various skills, even sacrificing his own eyes to achieve all four levels of the Great Wilderness martial arts and defeat another Yimo prince. But because of his disability, he’s now hiding from Huan Huan.
Huan Huan doesn’t want to become the Ice Master as it will mean forgetting her love for Lin Dong and she’s certain there must be another way they can defeat the Yimo without her having to give in to her fate. But she needs to cultivate her power so that she will be strong enough to control the Ice Talisman which has already injured her twice.
Qing Zhu wants to find the truth about what happened to her father and help restore his good name and the family honour as well as defeat all the Yimo bastards once and for all.
Lang Tian wants to be the most powerful of all and overcome all the years of people looking down on him and treating him badly. He’s also heartbroken at losing Qing Tan after she found out he was lying to her.
Qing Tan is also heartbroken, but throwing herself into learning all the ways of her newly discovered clan so that she can help her brother.
Xiao Yan wants to find a Tigress of his own and help his friend, Lin Dong, and keep Qing Tan away from “the bad man”, Lang Tian.
Lin Diao wants to finally be freed from the Devour Talisman once and for all now that he has finally been able to attain a human body and won’t be stuck as a Marten for the rest of his already very long life.
The Yimo Emperor wants to take over the world and break the seal on the doorway between this world and his world so that the rest of the Yimo can help take over.

Loving the new opening credit sequence, but it’s still that song… Guess that’s why the Dramafever version didn’t having the opening song at all. Ha ha!

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The episode starts with a 9 minute recap about the Yimo, the Emblem Ancestor and his disciples, the eight Ancestral Talismans and all that happened in Season 1. (Probably a better recap than what I wrote, but I’m not rewriting it. Just go watch it if you really need the refresher. It’s not bad…except for that new song. What is that?! Gawd, I hate the soundtrack for this show. There’s only that one NZBZ song I like and that’s it. Wait, that new couple song is kind of growing on me.)

 photo eps41_2.jpg

It’s the morning after Lin Dong didn’t go to see Huan Huan. Lin Dong is sitting by a river and hears familiar bells. It’s Su Rou from Taiqing Palace. And Qing Zhu, who is hiding behind a tree. They are surprised he can tell, but now that he’s blind, his hearing is acute. (And so is his mask. Ha ha ha…) Su Rou leaves so the two can catch up. Qing Zhu tries not to cry and asks if it hurts, but he assures her he is fine. She asks about Huan Huan, but he doesn’t want to talk about her. Qing Zhu also notices he doesn’t her his Fairy anymore. They finally get down to business. Lin Dong is pretty certain there is a spy in the Dao Sect who helped release the Third Yimo Prince and he fears all the sects have spies. But he’s not certain who in the Dao Sect it could be.

At Yuan Gate, the Yimo Emperor receives a report from a somber Mu Qian Qian that the Third Yimo Prince has been defeated, but he is not concerned since he still has her and the Sixth Yimo Prince (when he’s not trying to kill Abu Cha Cha…oh wait, wrong series). Mu Qian Qian, not even sure where the Fifth Yimo Prince may be, asks if she can just gather more energy to help the Emperor escape his prison so that they all can leave, but the Sixth Prince quips back that she can’t even leave her disciple, Lang Tian. But the Emperor wants to use Lang Tian since he’s the only one who can agitate Lin Dong. Mu Qian Qian has an idea, but it will blow her cover.

Back in her human disguise, she checks on Lang Tian to see how his injuries are doing, but he still has more cultivating to do to get to the Nirvana Stage. She tells him how Lin Dong defeated the Third Yimo Prince and mastered the Dao Sect’s Great Wilderness martial arts and continues to get even stronger. He vows that he will not let her down.

She checks on his injured face, that was scarred when he went to visit Qing Tan, and uses her powers to heal his face. He is surprised, asking how she did that, to which she responds that she would do anything for him. He then promises that he will not disappoint her during the Triple Sect Competition. But as she leaves, he holds his face, clearly not sure what to make of it.

At the Dao Sect, the disciples have gathered to hear Ying Xuan Zi, their sect leader, discuss the Triple Sect Competition. The competition starts in an ancient trove where they will have to decipher riddles to gain the best weapons and become the champion. Lin Dong asks his friend, Mo Ling, the Great Dynasty Prince, what the ancient trove is and he explains that it’s like a maze with lots of treasures hidden inside. Xuan Zi advises that the difficulty will increase this year as now contestants will be able to explore the Burning Sky Tomb for the very first time. Then he reminds them again about the importance of doing their best to work hard and kill the Yimo.

Afterwards Xuan Zi ignores Wu Dao and goes to check on Lin Dong. Mo Ling tells the leader how well Lin Dong’s been doing with his training. Xuan Zi praises Lin Dong for being the first of their sect who was able to kill the Third Yimo Prince and tells him that he has special permission to join the competition. Lin Dong thanks him, but would rather train and asks that he give the slot to someone more deserving. The Sect Leader doesn’t respond to this, but instead cryptically whispers to him not to peak at the map of the ancient trove in the Great Hall as Wu Dao looks on. As Xuan Zi leaves, Lin Dong can only comment quietly that he couldn’t even look at it even if he wanted to.

When the Sect Leader is gone, another disciple, Jiang Hao, calls out Lin Dong for turning down such an honor. But Lin Dong knows he doesn’t need to win the title to kill Yimo. Another disciple tries to talk him into joining by telling him that for the last three years their sect has never won. When Lin Dong points out they are also capable of winning, Wu Dao reminds him that he’d get the chance to see Huan Huan if he competes and is surprised when Lin Dong says that is no longer important to him.

 photo eps41_3.jpg

Mo Ling helps Lin Dong to the Great Hall under the pretext of wanting to take a look at the map himself and Lin Dong wonders why he brought him along since he’s not interested. The Prince looks for the map, certain that the Sect Leader had a reason for bringing it up. The Prince finds it and hands it to Lin Dong who spreads it out on a desk. The map immediately glows under his hand and he can feel it moving as Mo Ling notes that the routes on it are constantly changing. He is surprised that Lin Dong can see it, but Lin Dong tells him that it’s a spirit map that only Talisman Masters can decipher.

Near a large volcano, a group of disciples from Yuan Gate gather in an area that has odd shaped stones and various colourful, glowing weapons strewn all about. This is the Burning Sky Tomb. One of them (I think it’s Yuan Cang) comments that the power in this place isn’t normal and to be careful, but another man (I think it’s that jerk Ling Zhen) tells him not to be so paranoid. As some of the men step forward, a force field appears and flames come out of the ground, injuring several of them. Yuan Cang and Ling Zhen use their powers to help one man who isn’t able to escape on his own. Ling Zhen curses Mu Qian Qian for not being there and making them do the dirty work. Yuan Can tells everyone below Yuan Dan Stage to turn back and everyone else to use their Yuan Pellets to make it through to the tomb. (You know, it would help if they gave us a list of all the stages and their order.)

A group of disciples have dragged Lin Dong over to talk him into joining the competition as Wu Dao stands by, listening to their praise of him. Mo Ling points out that the fires in the ancient trove would be good for his eyes. Then Wu Dao again reminds Lin Dong of how much he wanted to go to Sky Hall and see Huan Huan. But Mo Ling points out that Lin Dong doesn’t care and she’s going to be Ice Master anyway and why are you so eager to get them together anyway? (Because he’s a traitor!!) Lin Dong finally speaks up and says that he feels the Burning Sky Tomb is very dangerous and he’s willing to go which makes everyone happy.

Wu Dao goes to tell the Sect Leader. But first he stops by his room where Mu Qian Qian is waiting, unhappy to hear that Lin Dong has decided to join as Wu Dao was supposed to stop him from doing so. Wu Dao admits he was certain he wouldn’t, but that Lin Dong changed his mind after seeing a map of the ancient trove. Mu Qian Qian reminds him to keep an eye on him and Huan Huan. They don’t want Huan Huan mastering the Ice Master skills and he’ll be in trouble if she does. (Reminder: The Ice Master was who defeated the Yimo Emperor last time and took away his body so he’s pretty sensitive about it.)

 photo eps41_35.jpg

Qing Zhu and the rest of the Taiqing Palace disciples arrive at the tomb and see Lin Dong and the Dao Sect Disciples there. He warns Qing Zhu to be careful and tells her that disciples below Yuan Dan Stage can’t enter and that the Yuan Gate disciples have already been there. Qing Zhu worries about his safety because of his eyes, but he assures her he is fine. He hands her a hairpin he found that he thinks will suit her as proof. She is confused and doesn’t know what to say as he puts it in her hair. Su Rou reminds Lin Dong that Qing Zhu in the past had risked her life for him and deserves more than just a hairpin, making it awkward for everyone. (I will cut you!! He’s got a girlfriend so slow your role and go back to your face masks, lady!!) Qing Zhu offers to be his eyes to help him. He doesn’t respond, but starts to laugh, commenting that, “I can smell him before I even see him.” Lin Diao, our Little Marten beastie, has arrived and Lin Dong calls him out.

Standing in front of the entrance to the tomb, Lin Diao chides him for leaving him out and Lin Dong asks where Xiao Yan is. (Yeah, where is our favourite Tiger?!) Lin Diao sent the Tiger to check for signs of any Yimo at the other sects. When Lin Dong calls him the Thunder Talisman master, Lin Diao can’t resist showing off a lightning bolt. With everyone gathered, they are ready to go inside. Qing Zhu takes Lin Dong’s hand and they walk in.

 photo eps41_4.jpg

The Yuan Gate disciples are looking in amazement at all the treasures, confident that Lin Dong and the rest of the competitors will take forever to get inside. A disciple tries to get a weapon out and can’t manage it. Ling Zhen pushes him aside, recognizing it as a spirit treasure and knowing how to use his Yuan Power to get it out. However when he tries, he ends up failing. He makes excuses and then tries again, but still can’t get it out of the rock as the disciples laugh. Yuan Cang decides to save him from further embarrassment by reminding him that their masters have told them to get the Fierce Sky Halberd.

As they set out to find it, they discover that the Dao Sect and Taiqing Palace disciples have arrived and also are looking to attain the Halberd as well. Ling Zhen suggests they use their martial arts to decide who gets it. Mo Ling, ever the diplomat (Wait, didn’t he just get started, how he is so far up the levels as well? Or do Prince’s just spend all day cultivating?), says that he had hoped to get advice from the Yuan Gate seniors. (Or is he just the distraction while Lin Dong gets it?)

In the meantime, Lin Dong, Qing Zhu and Lin Diao are in another part of the tomb, on a bridge over a lava river, having followed the directions Lin Dong gave based on the spirit map he saw. Lin Diao is confused, thinking he means for them to jump into the lava to get the Halberd. But it turns out Lin Dong is actually there to get the Chaos Talisman which is right under the Halberd. This was the reason why he decided to join the competition. Lin Dong is able to sense where it is and points the way. They walk to the edge of a large hole that leads deep down into the earth where the Halberd is located.

Ling Zhen is attacking Dao Sect disciples as Yuan Cang tries to calm everyone down. But then behind his back, he signals the Yuan Gate disciples to come forward and they start facing off with Dao Sect while Yuan Cang tells Ling Zhen to take advantage of the distraction to get the Halberd.

Lin Diao wisely points out the fact that the Halberd and the Talisman are together can not be a coincidence and that Lin Dong will need to gain one to get the other. Using his powers, he sends a beam of energy down, but a huge swath of demon bats fly out from the hole. Lin Diao tells Lin Dong he’s awakened the soul of the Halberd and to get the Halberd before all the demons wake up. In the meantime, Lang Tian is walking in the desert towards the tomb and Mu Qian Qian follows, turning into her cloud form and rushing ahead.

 photo eps41_5.jpg

The Fierce Sky Halberd flies out of the ground and Lin Dong uses his other halberd to ward it off. The Halberd is flying in a circle around the group, but periodically tries to attack Lin Dong who is able to ward it off. Lin Diao uses his talisman to try and get the Chaos Talisman as Qing Zhu gives Lin Dong the direction the Halberd is going. He manages to catch it, but is dragged towards the the edge of the ledge. Qing Zhu grabs on to him, but can’t keep her grip and Lin Dong is dragged around. Suddenly Lin Dong flies off the ledge and she loses sight of him. Then he reappears again, slowly rising into the air.

Yuan Cang and Ling Zhen run into Mu Qian Qian who tells them to get their disciples out of the tomb. Ling Zhen isn’t having any of it. But when she warns that they will die if they stay, Yuan Cang asks what she means and she tells them that she saw a demon swarm on their way to the tomb. Yuan Cang wants to warn the others, but Ling Zhen thinks it’s everyone for themselves.

Outside, Lin Dong is holding for dear life to the Halberd as he lands in the desert. Qing Zhu is also now out in the desert trying to find him. Suddenly a sword appears at her throat.

The disciples from the sects are looking at the different treasures with one Dao Sect disciple, Tong Chuan, more interested in Su Rou. She asks why he keeps staring at her and he compliments her skin and the mud mask she uses. She thinks he’s interested in her, but it turns out he’s just interested in getting some of that mud mask. (Burn!) The Yuan Gate disciples suddenly grab a hold of their swords and, as if they’ve received a psychic message, immediately start to leave quietly without saying anything to the other sects. Mo Ling runs in warning that the Yuan Gate disciples have all left and they wonder what is going on.

 photo eps41_6.jpg

The Fierce Sky Halberd is lying in the sand near Lin Dong. He awakens and tries to get his bearings. He is able to tell where the Halberd is and gets it, but then hears familiar bells. Qing Zhu walks up with Lang Tian holding a sword to her throat. He wants to trade Qing Zhu for both the Devour and the Chaos Talismans. Lin Dong asks how he knows about the Chaos Talisman and says he doesn’t have it, but Lang Tian knows he can get it. Qing Zhu tells him that her life isn’t worth it.

Mu Qian Qian appears where the Talisman is and finds a passed out Lin Diao (or maybe she knocked him out). She uses her powers to get the Talisman which flies up to her hand easily. She scoffs at the supposed heroes, hoping that they die. She leaves as more demon bats swarm out of the hole. Once she’s gone, Lin Diao wakes up and calls out for Lin Dong. He hears a noise and suddenly turns and runs in terror.

 photo eps41_7.jpg

Lin Dong tells Lang Tian that he won’t give him the Talisman and to just kill him now. Lang Tian retorts that he is nothing and all he has was because of his help. But Lin Dong points out that while he’s been at this a lot longer, he only does it for personal benefit and that he doesn’t care about anyone else. (Aw, crap, here come the flashbacks. At least they weren’t in half the episode like Season 1.) Lang Tian struggles with his own guilty before turning to attack Lin Dong, but Qing Zhu knocks him out of the way and continues to help him dodge the deadly blows. Then she wields her own sword to go after Lang Tian, but he is able to deflect her attack. Suddenly he sees the huge cloud of demon bats over the volcano and disappears, leaving Lin Dong to be dealt with by the swarm. But Lin Dong still has words for him, yelling at him for being a selfish jerk while Lin Dong just wants to protect the people he loves. Qing Zhu holds on to him until he calms down as he thinks about his family.

(Seriously cracking up now about how Dramafever’s version doesn’t play the opening theme song during the credits. Did everyone complain enough that they just don’t include it?)

Lang Tian sees the swarm of demon bats around the volcano and abandons Lin Dong, thinking he’ll be killed by them. But Lin Dong still has words for him, yelling at him for being a selfish jerk while Lin Dong just wants to protect the people he loves. Qing Zhu holds on to him until he calms down as he thinks about his family and how he just is trying to protect everyone. (Oh, boy. You aren’t going to like what happens next…)

 photo eps42_1.jpg

Qing Zhu drags Lin Dong across the desert as Mu Qian Qian and the Yuan Gate disciples watch the swarm from outside the tomb. Yuan Cang, who apparently still has a conscious, is upset that they are leaving the other sects there to die, yet does nothing to help them which almost makes him worse that the others who are just evil assholes in the first place. Ling Zhen teases him that he wants to save Qing Zhu, but Yuan Cang asks Mu Qian Qian why the others weren’t warned. She tells him that though they are allies now, one day they could be enemies. Ling Zhen asks Mu Qian Qian why she didn’t tell Lang Tian about her plan and she says it’s because she has bigger plans for him. Ling Zhen orders the disciples to leave as Mu Qian Qian watches and waits.

Qing Zhu and Lin Dong arrive in time to see wounded disciples exiting the tomb. They help them get out, but can’t get everyone and Lin Dong is helpless to save Jiang Hao, one of the Dao Sect disciples that had talked him into joining the competition. He’s literally blown up and little bits of him rain down on the rest of the group. (That’s what I like about this show. Just so cheerful and uplifting…)

Back at Dao Sect, another disciple wanders around an empty hall, still covered in wounds. He remembers watching Mo Ling in Lin Dong’s arms begging him to kill him to end his suffering and starts to cry.

 photo eps42_15.jpg

Lin Dong is on the snowy mountain top, also remembering the same event. Mo Ling was poisoned by the demons and in agony. He puts a weapon in Lin Dong’s hand and then drives it into his own chest to escape the misery. Lin Dong is still holding the same weapon in his hand. Xuan Zi finds him sitting in the snow and tells him that people must suffer to achieve great things and then leaves. (Well, that makes everything better.) But Lin Dong is remembering the rest of what people said:

– Lin Diao laments that after all that, they didn’t even get the Chaos Talisman.
– Su Rou blames Yuan Gate for setting up a trap for them.
– Someone else saw Lang Tian when they were leaving and wonder if he’s to blame.

 photo eps42_2.jpg

Huan Huan also seems to be witnessing some of these events from her cultivating sphere (not sure what else to call it so that’s what I’m calling it), screams in agony as a scratched up Wu Dao arrives to see her. She reminds him that he was ordered not to visit her anymore, but he asks for her help with Lin Dong one more time. She is concerned about him, but apparently didn’t know everything that had been happening due to her cultivating since she is not supposed to have any distractions so he has to catch her up. (Which, of course, is a distraction to keep her from cultivating per Mu Qian Qian’s orders.) As Wu Dao tells her about Lin Dong’s injuries and how he is refusing to get his eyes treated, Huan Huan appears to feel ill. Her father arrives and steps in to use his energy to help her. Then he scolds Wu Dao for distracting her right when she’s about to achieve the next level in her cultivation. Wu Dao uses Lin Dong as an excuse for visiting her. Huan Huan asks her father if there is any hope for his eyes and he tells her that the flames from the tomb did help them, but that the real issue is within his heart because he has nothing to live for now. He gives her the responsibility of fixing the situation, but she only has three days and then she reaches the Divinity Stage and will become the Ice Master. Wu Dao is surprised to hear this. Huan Huan promises not to let her father down.

Mu Qian Qian is about to knock on Wu Dao’s door when he appears and asks her why only the Yuan Gate disciples were allowed to escape. He didn’t sign up for this, but she excuses it by saying that she has to prioritize her own sect first. She gets all flirty with him again and tries to make him jealous of Lin Dong potentially taking over the sect. But he is certain that the sect and Huan Huan are his and storms off as Mu Qian Qian whispers that he is hers.

In the desert, Lang Tian is still wandering around, wondering where the Chaos Talisman has gone and if Lin Dong has found it. He sees the Fierce Sky Halberd land in front of him and then sees Lin Dong who blames him for all the deaths that occurred. Lang Tian insists he didn’t know about the demon swarm, but Lin Dong doesn’t believe him. When he mentions that Qing Tan asked him not to kill Lang Tian, he feels guilty about the path he’s taken, but still insists that the events at the tomb were not his doing. Lin Dong doesn’t believe him. Lang Tian is tired of him blaming all the bad things in his life on him and just decides to go ahead and accept blame, vowing to keep doing bad things and making him hate him more.

 photo eps42_3.jpg

Lin Dong thrusts the Halberd forward at him, but stops short of actually piercing Lang Tian’s body. He dares Lin Dong to kill him and presses forward until the tip punctures his chest. When he does, a black smoky substance comes out and travels down the Halberd to Lin Dong’s arm and he pulls the weapon back. As Lin Dong declares that Lang Tian has turned himself into an Yimo, Lang Tian remembers when Mu Qian Qian healed him and is surprised. Lin Dong kicks him over and appears to be about to kill him, but at first can’t do it. But when he finally does thrust the weapon forward, Lang Tian has already disappeared. Laying in the sand, Lin Dong is angry that his former friend is now in league with the Yimo.

In a dream, Lang Tian wanders around the woods, declaring that he won’t be used by the Yimo. Lin Dong appears, asking him if he is working with the Yimo. He denies it and vows to kill the Yimo as Lin Dong continues to doubt him. Waking up from the dream, Lang Tian sees the black smoke rising from his body and freaks out. Mu Qian Qian arrives and he grabs her throat, demanding to know what she did to him. She finally reveals her Yimo side and he is shocked. She then informs him that he is carrying the Seventh Yimo Prince and that he needs to listen to her. He can’t believe he’s an Yimo and starts strangling the giggling Mu Qian Qian. When he asks why she did this to him, she tells him that she wanted to be human like him. (I have a feeling the translation was more of she wanted to be human so he would like her.) When he didn’t accept her, she then made him an Yimo. He is yelling at her, angry and not wanting to be an Yimo. He starts breaking things and then rips off his robe, yelling as the power inside of him tries to get out.

Mu Qian Qian tries to talk sense into him, pointing out how badly the other members of Yuan Gate treated him. She tells him that she doesn’t think he wants to kill Yimo, but rather wants others to fear and revere him. He keeps yelling and she grabs on to him, telling him that now, with the Seventh Yimo Prince’s power, he is stronger than Lin Dong. He finally calms down, telling her that she’s right and that his loyalty should only be with himself so that way no one can betray him. He thanks her for making him who he is and hugs her as she reassures him.

Mu Qian Qian reports her good news to the Emperor that she’s convinced Lang Tian to join their side. But the Yimo Emperor warns her that while she thinks she’s controlling him, he’s really controlling her. She refuses to believe it since he is now an Yimo and can’t be human again, but the Emperor warns her that humans can not be trusted. But he still wants to use him and tells her to increase his desires so he can be more easily manipulated and then have him come before the Emperor.

 photo eps42_4.jpg

Lang Tian, still obsessed with accomplishing what he set out to do, refuses to die just yet as he watches the Yimo smoke on his hand.

Lin Dong is still on the snowy mountain top when Wu Dao comes to see him, bringing him food to eat. But Lin Dong says nothing.

Lang Tian meets the Yimo Emperor who zaps him with his powers while Mu Qian Qian objects that he can not handle it. But Lang Tian is able to withstand it and the Emperor laughs as Lang Tian uses his new powers. He kneels and thanks the Emperor and promises to find his physical body. The Emperor tells him that he can use the lake to increase his capabilities so that no mortal will be his match.

Wu Dao returns to his room and calls for Mu Qian Qian who asks him for news. He says that the Sect Leader has given up on Lin Dong and is pushing Huan Huan’s cultivation so she’ll become the Ice Master. Mu Qian Qian warns him that if she does, he will lose her. But they are interrupted by Huan Huan and Mu Qian Qian disappears just before she enters the room. Startled, he asks what she’s doing there. She apologizes to him for being mean to him in the past, even though she knew he cared about her, and tells him that as Ice Master, she won’t bully him anymore. Then she asks him to help her see Lin Dong one more time. He is reluctant, but agrees. Happy, she leaves, yelling out his name one more time.

 photo eps42_5.jpg

Lin Dong is still sitting in the snow when Huan Huan arrives, wearing the robes of a Dao Sect disciple. He thinks she is Wu Dao. She says nothing and just kneels down and brushes the snow off of him. Before she can say anything, he starts talking about Mo Ling and the other disciples who died and how he can’t avenge them and that he let down Xuan Zi. He feels useless.

Huan Huan continues to sit and listen to him until Lin Dong says he wants to be alone. She takes out her magic mirror to look at their reflection once again and smiles. Xuan Zi appears and sees the couple sitting together. He also sees Wu Dao watching them and shakes his head at him with disapproval, but says nothing and leaves. Suddenly Lin Dong realises that it’s Huan Huan sitting next to him. She gets up and runs away as he tries to grab a hold of her and yells for her to stay. Frustrated he flails in the snow.

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Back at Sky Hall, Xuan Zi asks his daughter if she’s prepared. She wants to know if the Emperor is still upset with Lin Dong about his son’s death, but Xuan Zi promises to explain it to him. Then she tells him she is ready and goes into her sphere.

Covered in soap bubble snow, Lin Dong is still calling out to Huan Huan, certain she is still near. But in the sphere, she asks her father if she will forget him as well. He asks if she is mad at him, but she says she has no regrets. Wu Dao goes running down the hall in time to hear Xuan Zi tell her that from now on she will become the Ice Master and Huan Huan will cease to exist. Wu Dao beats up an innocent pedestal in anger and watches as they begin her transformation. Quietly he asks her to wait for him, vowing that she won’t become the Ice Master.

Wu Dao finds Lin Dong who is still yelling for her at the top of the snowy mountain and demanding to see her. Wu Dao tells him that she is in the final stage and that her body will be reformed using ice energy and that she will cease to be Huan Huan. Then he asks Lin Dong if he wants to see her one more time. Wu Dao takes Lin Dong to Sky Hall to see her before it’s too late, but at the entrance they hit an ice barrier.

So far liking this a lot more than last season. It still likes to really dwell on the melodramatic moments, but it seems like they are easing up on the flashbacks a bit. Plus the lack of temper tantrums and whining was a nice change, but we’ll see how it goes next week. Mu Qian Qian and Lang Tian are still the most well-developed characters in this series, but I’m giving the leads a chance to overcome Season 1. I’m also thankful that it’s just one episode a day this season instead of 2. Makes it easier to get these recaps done and posted.
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Mu Qian Qian finally gets what’s coming to her, Xiao Yan returns with a talisman and the ability to fly, but loses it to an even more powerful Lang Tian, and everyone realises Lang Tian is now an Yimo.

And Lin Dong reunites with his sister.

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This is a playlist on YouTube for Season 2. On Season 1 they were adding English subs from Dramafever so they may do that again for this season.

  1. 2 thoughts on “Martial Universe – Season 2: Episodes 41 & 42 Recap

    Thank you from one of those who rather read recaps!

    I caught the first 15 mins of ep1 over a server that was excruciatingly slow. Regretted it. A case of curiosity killing the cat. The starting sequence was so abstract I thought it might be an advert for another show. Such finesse at expression at a tangent.
    But I thought the portion after it recognized itself summarized the key parts of the first 40 eps well…With that and perhaps the last 5 eps and you’re set to latch on easily to Season 2.

    I hope the editing this time is better.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Martial Universe – Season 2: Episodes 41 & 42 Recap

    Thanks Enid for the recaps!!

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