Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 24-26 Recap [COMPLETE]

As October comes to a close, so does Season 2 of Let’s Shake It. Hope you guys enjoyed these recaps and that it helped you to follow along with the show while you wait for subs. Let us know what you thought of the series and the finale. Do you want to see a third season or was this a good end to the story? Are you following Zheng Yecheng and An Yuexi in their new series (An Oriental Odyssey and Granting You a Dreamlike Life)?

For one last time, join Enid Bee and Linja as we post the final recaps for Let’s Shake It: Trouble on Planet Duo.


Series Information:

Chinese Title: 颤抖吧阿部之朵星风云
Episodes: 26
Genre: romance, comedy, sci fi
Broadcast Source: Mango TV, iQiyi
Airing Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 2 episodes a day
Current Progress: 26/26 (Season 2)

(Note: We are not professional translators so apologies for any mistranslations.)

Character List
Our Favourite CoupleAliensEarth Apes
An Yuexi as Abu Cha Cha
A lively alien who disrupted the order of the universe. In order to adapt to life on Earth, she got caught up in many incidents and fell in love with an earth ape, Tang Qing Feng.
 photo shake-2.jpg

Zheng Yecheng as Tang Qing Feng/Yi/Bo Ying
Raised by a general, but secretly the eldest son of the Emperor, Tang Qing Feng is handsome, smart, strong and reliable. He has no interest in ruling the world and only wants to save his people, love his woman and keep everything very, very, very tidy.
 photo shake-1.jpg

Xu Muzhen as Princess Nan Yang(earth ape)/Duo Xing Xing (alien)
Ning Xiaohuahua as Magistrate (Judge of the Space Time Administration)
Xu Jialu as Duo Miao Miao
Wu Peirou as YKTX-008 aka Xiao Ba (a Scavenger robot assassin)
Qiu Bin as Duo Planet Prime Minister
Wu Qijiang as Duo Planet Emperor
Wang Yizhong as Ji Le
Wang Long as Space Time Administration Investigator

Wangzi Ming as Tang Yuan Chang (Tang Qing Feng’s grandfather)
Mao Fangyuan as Chu Guo Gong
Lu Feng as Tian Xian/Tang House Steward
Gao Yiqing as Li Shu Zhe
Xu Ke as Li Manor Housekeeper/Steward
Jiang Jian as Eunuch Du
Li Chao as The Emperor
Zhong Ming as General Wang
Su Hang as Tang Ji Zhong (Tang Qing Feng’s adopted father)
Huang Baiyu as Emperor Taizong (Tang Qing Feng’s birth father)
Lausanne Nanzak as Duan Fei, General of the Nanzhao Army
Bo An as Nanzhao Princess An Yue (Tang Qing Feng’s mom)

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“I will try my very best to ensure that he’ll become a happy future Tang Qing Feng with no worries.”

 photo eps24_1.jpg

The Magistrate is formatting Xiao Ba, telling her that resistance is futile, but she continues to fight against it and he realises that he underestimated her. He retrieves a large scepter, telling her that he had spent many years researching how to make this energy absorbing device and now he finally gets to put it to use by testing it on her. As he uses the device on her, the formatting process speeds up, but suddenly, the screen goes red, a triangle with Duo Miao’s silhouette starts flashing on the screen and the Magistrate realises she has developed her own consciousness which can’t be erased. But then he informs her that the last time they ran away from him, he had installed a program in the prison and that no one can enter that room without his authorization and that her Duo Miao Miao won’t be able to help her escape. When she tells him, “I believe in my Master”, he is surprised to hear she calls him Master. Realising that she will do whatever Duo Miao says, the Magistrate tells her that he knows now how to handle him knowing that she will do whatever she can to protect him. He vows to catch Duo Miao and then see what she decides to do.

Qing Feng, Abu and Duo Miao find the cell where Xiao Ba was being held, but she is no longer there so they try to figure out how else to locate her. Abu, realising that they can’t keep standing there, gets them to get a move on.

The Investigator’s team gets a message that Abu and Tang Qing Feng have escaped. The Magistrate appears, reminding them that they had openly resisted their investigation and were showing contempt for the law. The indignant Lead Investigator insists that they can’t let them get away and demands they go capture them. The Magistrate advises them that Tang Qing Feng has the power of the Eye of the Universe in his body while Abu has a lot of tricks up her sleeve and warns them to be careful and not be soft-hearted. A female investigator comments that he seems to look down on them while the Lead Investigator tells his team that if they try to resist, to kill them.

 photo eps24_2.jpg

As they are starting to leave, a hologram of the Director of the Space Time Administration appears and tells them to wait. As they bow in acknowledgement, he says that there is something strange going on in this matter and he suspects that there is some other ulterior motive behind it all. Duo Xing Xing is going to meet with him to discuss the pair so he tells them to capture them alive. The Magistrate insists that the two are extremely evil and that it would be dangerous to let them go, but the Director insists he’ll take responsibility for them. Once the investigation team leaves, the Director asks the Magistrate about his relationship with Yi, but he insists that he doesn’t have one. When the Director mentions that they saw a recent space jump, the Magistrate suggests that there must be a spy in their midst and vows to find them. Once the Director’s hologram disappears, the Magistrate pushes a secret button under the table that opens a secret portal and he leaves.

The investigators are walking down a hallway when they see a brick land on the floor ahead of them. They head towards it, while Abu and Qing Feng, peak around a corner behind them and then run in the opposite direction. The investigators see an empty hall, but then turn around in time to see the couple running away and chase after them. Behind them, the brick tosser, Duo Miao Miao, appears, commenting on how the investigators these days are such losers. Hoping that Abu and Qing Feng stay safe, he goes off to look for Xiao Ba.

The Magistrate is back with Xiao Ba, asking why she puts up with this torture. He demands, once again, that she hand over the recording she has of him and he can free her from being a Scavenger. He tells her then she can be with the guy she likes. But Xiao Ba doesn’t trust him and says only the Space Time Administration has the authorization to do that. The Magistrate says he’ll take care of it, but she still refuses and won’t give up the evidence despite his promises to let her go.

Dark TQF/Yi suddenly appears, laughing that the Magistrate is having trouble with a robot. The Magistrate is surprised that Yi has found them, which makes Yi wonder if he’s afraid of him, but the Magistrate claims that he thought something had happened to him after his fight with Tang Qing Feng as he’d looked for him many times. Yi asks the Magistrate if he knows why he returned and then answers for him that it was because he kidnapped Abu. The Magistrate insists it’s just a part of his plan and he won’t harm Abu. However, Yi knows better. Yi asks about Xiao Ba and what he’s up to with her and Xiao Ba tells him how the Magistrate is trying to erase the evidence she has of his bad deeds. Yi suggests that the Magistrate send her to Qing Chu Kong Jian (“the space in which to get rid of things”) and have the Scavengers kill her. The Magistrate likes the idea and tells Xiao Ba that if she doesn’t give him the evidence, he’ll send her there. But Xiao Ba isn’t scared by his threats so he zaps her there. The Magistrate laughs, patting Yi on the shoulder. Yi tells him that if he runs away again, he’ll be able to find him as he pats him in return. But the Magistrate still continues to act like Yi’s best buddy, insisting that the cause of their troubles is Tang Qing Feng. Yi reminds him again that he can’t harm Abu and then disappears.

With Yi gone, the Magistrate lies down and talks to his control panel, “Mirror, Mirror, Magic Mirror. Who’s the smartest of us all?” As he laughs and answers, “It’s you, it’s you, Magistrate”, Duo Miao, who was looking for Xiao Ba, suddenly kicks him in the head. The Magistrate wakes up to find that he’s been tied down and Duo Miao is playing with his controls. He shows the Magistrate that he’s restored the evidence he destroyed and will send it to the authorities and that he’ll get sent to Qing Chu Kong Jian, but the Magistrate says he won’t send it if he wants to save Xiao Ba. Duo Miao demands to know where she is, so the Magistrate tries to make a trade, Xiao Ba for the control panel, but he doesn’t trust him and is certain he can find her on his own. But then, the investigators appear and shoot the control panel from his hand, destroying the evidence. They tell Duo Miao he’s going to prison and Duo Miao again tries to tell them that it was the Magistrate who was colluding with a fugitive and that they are incompetent. Offended, the Investigator refuses to believe him and tries to shoot him, but Duo Miao hides behind the Magistrate who tries to get them to calm down. Keeping the Magistrate between him and the investigators, Duo Miao leaves the room, shoving the Magistrate into the investigators as he leaves.

Duo Miao runs down the hall and stops to catch his breath, wondering where did the plan go wrong, as they were supposed to be chasing Abu and Tang Qing Feng. As the investigators catch up, he runs again.

The Magistrate picks up the shattered pieces of the control panel. With it destroyed and Xiao Ba about to be killed by Scavengers, he wonders how Abu and friends will reverse the situation.

 photo eps24_3.jpg

Abu and Tang Qing Feng are on the run when they stop to rest. Qing Feng is pretty sure they have stopped chasing after them. Suddenly, Duo Xing Xing appears, annoyed with them both, dropping a round object she was holding. Duo Xing blames Abu for ruining their plans while Abu thinks being Queen has gotten to Duo Xing’s head. She pretends to attack her sister while also trying to get Tang Qing Feng to hold her back. He is happy to have her go ahead, but she doesn’t. Duo Xing calls her sister arrogant and explains that she had used her position as Queen along with her good looks to get a meeting with the Director of the Space Time Administration to guarantee Abu and Qing Feng are not criminals, but their prison break ruined her plans. Duo Xing asks if Abu is trying to ruin her reputation. When Abu suddenly realises that her sister knows some things that she shouldn’t know, she responds that she and Qing Feng had been keeping in touch, Abu gets upset while Qing Feng tries to get Duo Xing to stop talking. Qing Feng explains that in the last dynasty, he had asked her to help and see if she can talk to the upper management in the Space Time Administration. Abu is still suspicious of them so Duo Xing gives a big speech about how, now that she’s the ruler of Planet Duo, all she cares about is taking care of the planet and the universe. When Qing Feng commends her for being a wise ruler, she gets all excited until Abu gets her to calm down. Duo Xing tells them to hide somewhere for now and, once she’s found evidence, they can return to Planet Duo, but Qing Feng says it’ll be hard with so many chasing them. Duo Xing Xing then picks up the object she’d dropped earlier. It’s a device to shield their signal from the authorities.

In a flashback, the team of investigators are looking outside for the criminals. The lead Investigator is annoyed they have lost them, not sure how that is possible. He has a sudden thought that they may have used reverse psychology on him and have run in the other direction instead. His minions praise him. As the investigators go back inside, Duo Xing Xing comes out from behind the tree, commenting on how stupid the investigators are.

Back in present time, we see Abu realise that they’d left Duo Miao Miao behind and she tries to go get him. Duo Xing scolds her, telling her that she’ll just get herself killed, but Qing Feng pushes her aside. As he looks at Abu, he tells Duo Xing that they appreciate her help, but they have to go do this. Then he and Abu go hand in hand to save Duo Miao.

 photo eps24_4.jpg

Duo Miao is still in the prison, running from the investigators. Abu and Qing Feng get back inside to find him, looking in windows and trying to avoid the investigators. But they are seen and have to run while the Magistrate watches it all on a monitor, happy to see that they have returned and saying that he has a surprise in store for them. Finally, the Lead Investigator traps the three. Unfortunately for him, he gets himself locked inside the same cell with them. As the three threaten him, he tells the other investigators to step back. They demand the cell be opened and the Lead Investigator calls out the order. There is no response and he thinks the others have left due to his orders. Instead, the Magistrate has locked all exits and set a self destruct for the building before leaving. The Investigator starts to cry, wondering who activated the self destruct program. Duo Miao yells at him for not having a way to open the cell himself. The Investigator says he doesn’t have the authority and Duo Miao takes his control panel, trying to figure out a way to free them, but he isn’t able to open it. The Investigator says it’s useless. They only have three minutes left. Only headquarters can stop the self destruct program. Duo Miao can’t connect to headquarters and the Investigator gets even more upset, calling for his mommy, saying he’s going to die a hero and then threatens them until Abu knocks him out with a brick. Duo Miao feels guilty that because of him, they are going to die. He also is sad he won’t see Xiao Ba again.

Outside, the Magistrate gleefully awaits the destruction of the prison. He counts down, but then is surprised when nothing happens. He’s even more surprised when he finds the team of investigators pointing their weapons at him and the Lead Investigator ordering his arrest. Angry, the Magistrate disappears.

Duo Miao finds Xiao Ba in the conference room and runs over to hug her. He is about to kiss her when Abu ruins the moment as she asks Xiao Ba if she’s the one who saved them. When she asks her how she saved them, she tells them that “he helped me”. Suddenly, Yi appears, still coughing. Duo Miao thanks him for saving Xiao Ba while Abu is confused about what Yi has to do with all this. Duo Miao explains that Yi had seen the Magistrate go into the secret room and, after his talk with him, had found Duo Miao, told him where Xiao Ba was and promised to go save her while also showing Duo Miao how to get into the secret room.

 photo eps24_5.jpg

In flashback, we see that Yi then went to Qing Chu Kong Jian (Enid Bee: I say this in my sleep now.) and saved Xiao Ba from the Scavengers, bringing her back to the prison. She turned in her report to the Space Time Administration and got them to turn off the self destruct and issue an arrest warrant for the Magistrate.

Qing Feng thanks Yi for helping them, but Yi tells him that he knows why he did it. He asks Qing Feng for a favor in return and asks to go for a walk with Abu. Abu looks at Yi and says, shouldn’t he be asking her that. Yi then asks Abu if she agrees. Abu looks at Qing Feng and he gives permission, saying that he’ll be waiting here for them. They leave, with Yi ditching the hood and the mask as he goes. Duo Miao is surprised Qing Feng doesn’t want to keep an eye on them, but he is deep in thought.

 photo eps24_6.jpg

Outside Abu, finally, officially meets Yi. She knows he’s a future version of Tang Qing Feng, but that he’s also not quite like him. Yi says it’s because he’s changed. He says he thought he was coming back to protect her, but ended up giving her more trouble and suffering. Abu says he’s suffered a lot just for her, as well and Yi says it was all worth it. He’s been very happy spending this short duration of time with her. Abu smiles and thanks him for being so good to her. He proposes she come with him to the future and perhaps she can avoid tragedy, but she wants to stay with Tang Qing Feng. He reminds her that he’s also Tang Qing Feng and it doesn’t matter which one she chooses. She disagrees and says she chooses the present Tang Qing Feng. If she chooses future Tang Qing Feng, the present Tang Qing Feng will lose her, which in turn, means the future Tang Qing Feng will lose her, too. She adds, “Don’t worry. Tang Qing Feng will be happy being with me. I will try my very best to ensure that he’ll become a happy future Tang Qing Feng with no worries. So, Future Tang Qing Feng, I hope that you become happy in the future, waiting for the future me.” He smiles and agrees. He walks away to make a little prayer and says that even if Abu had chosen him, he wouldn’t have allowed it. Abu wonders what prayer he made. He tells her, when she meets him in the future, he will let her know. Abu wonders how long that’ll be, and he says, it may be a long time, but it may also not be that long. He turns around and gives Abu one last smirk and disappears.

“Xiao Ba is going to crash if you keep going on like that.”

 photo eps25_1.jpg

Abu finds Tang Qing Feng after she talks to Yi, but he seems distracted. She wonders what is wrong and asks if he’s happy she’s back. He says yes, but really doesn’t seem happy. She reminds him that he was the one who let her go talk to Yi and when his response confuses her, she turns to leave. Qing Feng grabs a hold of her and when she turns her head, he kisses her.

The Magistrate is at the Pool of Life, wondering how his perfect plan could have failed, when Yi appears. The Magistrate wants Yi to take him away from Earth and join the Space Pirates and maybe they could attack Earth, but Yi refuses. Instead, he wants to take the Magistrate back to the Space Time Administration and wait for Abu. So the Magistrate attacks him with his scepter, throwing him into a wall and wounding him. When Yi tries to reappear behind him, the Magistrate pulls out a remote and shocks him and Yi is unable to move, falling back against the rock wall of the pool. Then he reveals that he had put a tracking device on Yi back when he’d patted him on the shoulder and knew Yi had betrayed him.

 photo eps25_2.jpg

Duo Miao and Xiao Ba lead the investigators in the woods at night to find the Magistrate as he grabs Yi by the face and reveals he will remove the Eye from Yi so he can no longer revolt against him. He uses the scepter to get it out of Yi’s body.

Abu and Tang Qing Feng sit by a campfire under a tree and talk. Abu thinks it’ll be nice to have two Tang Qing Fengs around as it’ll mean twice as many braised pork. She thinks about having four TQFs, each would do different things for her, but Qing Feng says she can only choose one. Abu teases that he’s jealous of himself and he admits he is, so she can only choose him. As Yi struggles back to the pool and it’s clear that he’s dying, Abu suddenly starts feeling sad. Yi thinks back on the time he spent with Abu (and not Abu) as well as the final fight between them and the Scavengers when he originally lost her and fought off the rest of the Scavengers. (Enid Bee: Hey, isn’t that Yuwen Yue’s sword from “Princess Agents”?) As Yi begins to disintegrate, Qing Feng asks Abu why she is crying, but she didn’t even realise she was, thinking she drank too much water. She and Qing Feng cuddle under the moon while Duo Miao and the rest of the group find the Pool of Life and the remnants of Yi floating in the air as the bubbles with his memories burst.

Back at the prison, Duo Miao tells Abu and Tang Qing Feng what happened to Yi and an upset Tang Qing Feng runs off with Abu calling after him. Qing Feng vows to finish what Yi started. Knowing that the Magistrate now has the Eye of the Universe, he has to stop him before he does anything evil. Abu doesn’t want him to go, but he insists that he has to. When she asks him if he knows where the find the Magistrate or how to activate the Eye, he realises he’s not well prepared. She tells him that they first need to figure out where he is. Then she hugs him and reminds him that wherever he goes, she’ll be there and that she will support him. He hugs her back and agrees not to leave her behind and that they live or die together.

Duo Miao tells the Lead Investigator that he’s certain the Magistrate killed Yi and wonders why they aren’t going after him, but they are scared to try to arrest him now that he has the Eye of the Universe since they are no match for him. He assures Duo Miao that headquarters are discussing a countermeasure and they’ll not let him get away.

 photo eps25_3.jpg

On the Space Time Administration ship, the upper management are discussing the Magistrate and the Director asks them to call for someone to bring him to them. Suddenly, a door opens and Magistrate comes in and starts blasting away the members of management. After telling off the Director for being so conservative and not using the powers he has to take over the world, he finishes taking out the rest of them, and takes over control of the Space Time Administration. He sends an order for all Scavengers to be sent to kill Abu and her friends. He sends out a message throughout the universe for all to either join him or be destroyed.

The Scavengers appear at the prison, killing off everyone in their path. They arrive at the room where Qing Feng, Duo Miao and the rest of the gang are working with the Lead Investigator. When he sees them, he yells the Scavenger’s weakness (or rather their Achilles heel – ha ha) was in their ankles, and runs toward them. Abu throws a brick that makes him trip just before he can get struck by one of the robots, as Qing Feng kicks the robots’ feet which stops them attacking. Abu and friends suspect headquarters has fallen into the Magistrate’s hands. With the Eye in his possession, he’ll be able to take over any planet he wants. The Lead Investigator doesn’t see how they’ll survive if they go against him. Qing Feng says fate can never be changed if fear stops them. When the Lead Investigator asks Abu if she’s afraid to die, she says she is, but she’s more afraid that Tang Qing Feng will die. Duo Miao is ready to go with Abu and says the Lead Investigator can stay behind and be criticized and Abu adds, he won’t be able to survive on his own if the Magistrate shows up. Lead Investigator changes his tune and says it’s his responsibility to capture bad guys.

Tang Qing Feng suddenly gets a phone call from Duo Xing Xing. But it turns out that the Magistrate has her and they can only hear her yelling and him laughing and aren’t able to get her to tell them her location.

Outside, Duo Miao stretches and breaths in fresh air, but Xiao Ba is sad. Duo Miao worries at first that she is damaged, but she asks if she had behaved like those Scavengers who killed in cold blood in the past. Duo Miao insists that she is not the same as them because she can make her own decisions. Xiao Ba thinks if she had not met him, she would have continued being a killing machine. Duo Miao disagrees and says the ones doing the killing are the ones giving out the orders to kill. She says even so, evil instructions means she can end up harming good people. Duo Miao reminds her the she had resisted the Magistrate order to hand over evidence, so it proves she can resist evil instructions. When she asks Duo Miao to command her to be good, he tells her that he’s not going to give her orders anymore and that she can live according to her own wishes. He tells her not to call him Master anymore. She thinks this means he doesn’t want her anymore, but he clarifies that he means that he wants her to call him by his name. When she does, he calls her cute and gets all excited as the Lead Investigator sighs in annoyance that no matter how cute it is, they will all be done for soon. When Duo Miao asks him what he means by that, he tells them that the Magistrate has used the Scavengers to attack most of the planets and that they have not been able to contact anyone to help them. Duo Miao is shocked to hear that no help is coming, but then is happy when Xiao Ba announces that she will protect him. Duo Miao is certain that Abu and Qing Feng will get Duo Xing Xing to come help.

 photo eps25_4.jpg

But Duo Xing Xing is tied to a tree in Qing Chu Kong Jian and is having a fit, demanding to be let go, as the Magistrate just laughs at her. When she can’t get him to free her, she spits in his face. They start calling one another crazy. He tells her that Abu and her friends will certainly come rescue her, but that when they do, he has a plan. He gets his scepter and blasts her with it and she disappears. Once she’s gone, he gets a report from the Scavengers.

Abu is agitated that the Magistrate has her sister and she wants to find him. The Lead Investigator reports that signals to the Scavengers have been coming from Qing Chu Kong Jian, and Qing Feng now understands why they haven’t been able to locate the Magistrate. Abu wants to know how to get to Qing Chu Kong Jian. Investigator tells them headquarters created a slim space to contain prisoners and prevent them from escaping, but apart from a few higher ups, no one knows where the entrance is. Abu is mad knowing where the Magistrate is, but not being able to capture him. Xiao Ba suggests that she can help find the entrance. Since the Magistrate is giving orders to the Scavenger from Qing Chu Kong Jian, she can access their programming and reverse engineer the instructions to find the entrance. The Investigator likes the idea, but Duo Miao is worried she will get hurt since her system is different from the Scavengers. Xiao Ba tells him not to worry and that she’ll be fine, but Duo Miao is upset and says that he’s her Master and orders her not to do it. When she reminds him of what he said earlier, he pretends to not remember. Qing Feng reminds Duo Miao that there are more important things at stake and that they need to stop the Magistrate and tells Xiao Ba that her plan is a good one. Duo Miao, still angry, tells Qing Feng that Xiao Ba “is mine, not yours”. Abu then pipes in and asks if he’s thought about what Xiao Ba wants. The annoyed Investigator also pipes in that he likes the plan, but then shuts up when Duo Miao glares at him. Qing Feng sternly tells Duo Miao Miao he is alway talking about peace of the universe, but when push comes to shove, he’s just all words. Speechless and outnumbered, Duo Miao storms out of the room, knocking over a chair as he goes, with Abu chasing after him.

Outside, Abu tries to get Duo Miao to not be so angry, but he thinks she’s being a hypocrite since in the past she’s done things to keep Tang Qing Feng from getting hurt and he’s just trying to do the same thing. Abu insists that it’s not the same, but he insists that it is. Abu realises he’s fallen in love with Xiao Ba.

Inside, Qing Feng helps Xiao Ba get ready. Xiao Ba is linked to the Scavenger robots and Duo Miao Miao hears her yelling. He runs in to try to stop it, but Qing Feng won’t let him in the room. The Magistrate discovers that Xiao Ba has linked to the system to find him. He decides to take advantage and sends a command for her to kill Abu and the rest of the group. Duo Miao tries to get Qing Feng to stop Xiao Ba, certain that she won’t be able to hold out, but Qing Feng refuses, telling Duo Miao that he needs to believe in Xiao Ba, and then locking him and Abu out of the room. Duo Miao yells that Xiao Ba might just be a robot to him, but she’s the person he loves. Xiao Ba struggles against the commands as Duo Miao finally manages to get in the room, punching Qing Feng and then runs to Xiao Ba just as she’s located the Magistrate on Qing Chu Kong Jian. Duo Miao unties her from the chair and hugs her, apologizing to her. When she calls him Master, he gets upset and says has she forgotten he’s not her master. He kisses her until Abu pushes him away, worried that if he keeps it up, Xiao Ba will crash again. The Magistrate sees that Xiao Ba has located him and decides that he will take care of them.

 photo eps25_5.jpg

Abu, Qing Feng, Duo Miao and Xiao Ba appear in Qing Chu Kong Jian in the sandy area. Xiao Ba immediately recognizes that this isn’t the first realm where the entrance should be. Tang Qing Feng remembers this area from his last trip here and tells them that they are in the third realm, the most dangerous one. Suddenly, they hear the Magistrate laughing and turn to see him appear up in the air from a different realm. He tells them that he is in the first realm, waiting for them, and challenges them to get him. Duo Miao is worried, but Abu is certain they will find him. Suddenly, Scavengers appear to attack them and the couples go in opposite directions, but end up getting surrounded anyway and get ready to fight.

“Abu, at long last we are back home.”

 photo eps26_2.jpg

Xiao Ba and Duo Miao are trapped in Qing Chu Kong Jian and surrounded by Scavenger robots sent to kill them. They start fighting them off and look very kick ass, but more keep coming and soon Duo Miao is not doing well and is injured. Xiao Ba sees this and generates a force field to keep them both safe, though it has a limited amount of time. As the Scavengers beat on it, trying to get in, Xiao Ba realises what she has to do. She exits the force field, much to Duo Miao’s surprise, and goes to distract the robots and keep Duo Miao safe. He sees her being attacked and throws himself against the force field, but is unable to escape. As the force field’s power runs out, somehow Xiao Ba has managed to get rid of most of the Scavengers and presses her hand against the dome opposite where Duo Miao has put his own hand. (Enid Bee: Duo Miao just can’t get a break. He sacrifices his last human life for one girl and now his second girl sacrifices herself to save his not so furry butt.) As the dome begins to disintegrate, Xiao Ba steps back and (after a bunch of flashbacks) Duo Miao watches her self destruct, taking out the rest of the robots. (Enid Bee: So I guess she killed every single Scavenger in the universe? Linja: Right? Or maybe that was really the last few sent to kill them.)

Abu and Tang Qing Feng appear in the dark forest, the second realm of Qing Chu Kong Jian, and don’t see anyone else around. Qing Feng is certain the Magistrate separated them and brought them here. Abu wonders where Duo Miao and Xiao Ba are and starts running through the woods, calling out to Duo Miao while Duo Miao continues watching the little bits of Xiao Ba float up into the sky.

Qing Feng leads Abu through the woods cautiously. Duo Xing Xing, now with glowing blue eyes, arrives. Abu thinks she’s escaped from the Magistrate until her sister attacks her. Qing Feng pulls her out of the way just in time and realises that Duo Xing is being controlled. The Magistrate is in the first realm watching what is happening and uses his scepter to bring Qing Feng to him.

 photo eps26_3.jpg

As Abu steps towards Duo Xing Xing, Qing Feng suddenly disappears and reappears in the first realm and sees the Magistrate. “Long time, no see”, he says. Tang Qing Feng tries to attack him, but the Magistrate is able to use his Eye-powered scepter to stop him and knock Qing Feng down. The Magistrate admits that, at first, he thought that because the Eye was in Tang Qing Feng’s body, he overestimated him and did not expect him to be so weak. Tang Qing Feng doesn’t feel that he is weak and is ready to keep fighting, but the Magistrate tells him, “I’ve destroyed the original Eye, I’ve taken the Eye from the future. History and future are messed up and you may not exist in the next few minutes.” Qing Feng is determined every second he does exist, he will stop the Magistrate. The Magistrate tells Qing Feng, “Today I’m going to kill you.” Despite this, Qing Feng still attacks and the Magistrate continues to deflect his blows and knock him back with his scepter, telling Qing Feng that he created the scepter to empower the Eye’s energy and yet Qing Feng can’t even control the one inside him. He brags how, when he kills Qing Feng, then he will have two Eyes of the Universe at his disposal. Qing Feng still won’t give up fighting, but soon he is literally under the Magistrate’s foot. The Magistrate yells at Qing Feng that he is always overestimating himself, but Qing Feng is still determined not to let the Magistrate have his way. The Magistrate uses the scepter to lift Qing Feng into the air, but is not ready to kill him yet. He tells him he has discovered that only when Qing Feng’s body is attacked, then will the Eye will activate and generate energy to protect him. So he will slowly torture Qing Feng to draw out the Eye’s power. Qing Feng is unrelenting, but the Magistrate has all day. However, he doesn’t think Abu will last that long. Qing Feng realises Abu is alone with a controlled Duo Xing Xing. In the reflective surface of the realm, they can see what is going on with Abu in the woods and Qing Feng calls out to her.

Abu is distracted, trying to figure out where Qing Feng went to, and doesn’t notice her sister pull out a pink lightsaber until she turns. Duo Xing backs her up into a tree and then impales her with her lightsaber as Qing Feng watches in horror and screams. The Magistrate asks him how he feels watching his beloved die and not be able to do anything. Then tells him that if he gives up the Eye, he’ll release Qing Feng to go and save Abu. Qing Feng continues to struggle, not willing to give in which annoys the Magistrate who reminds him that he can’t control the Eye and should just give it to him.

Abu, seeing that she’s been stabbed, reminds her sister that she’s not a Scavenger and she has to fight back against the Magistrate’s mind control. It doesn’t work though and Abu dies.

The Magistrate uses the scepter to try and pull the Eye out of Tang Qing Feng as he comments about how alike he and Yi are in that Abu was so important to them both. Qing Feng, seeing Abu going limp, screams and finally activates the Eye and breaks free from the Magistrate. He runs to the reflection to see what is going on with Abu and gets upset seeing her dead and starts pounding on the ground, not watching the Magistrate coming up behind him. Tears fall from Tang Qing Feng as the Magistrate uses the scepter like a golf putter and knocks him across the realm. Now that the Eye is energized, he is ready to take it.

 photo eps26_45.jpg

Ghost Abu appears, wondering if she’s still hanging on to her life. She then sees the ghost of her father who comments on her predicament, saying she’s actually hanging off a tree. (Enid Bee: Aw, gotta love the puns.) Abu looks over and says, “I can see you. Does that mean I have no hope?” She demands he get her down immediately. He gently tells Abu that she’s just like her mother who doesn’t listen to advice well so he suggests she keeps hanging there first while he tries to explain something. He says that as father and the past King of Planet Duo, how can he not show up when his daughters are in trouble? Abu thinks he’s lying but he reminds her about that energy stone that Duo Xing had given her and she pulls it out. He starts going on about how his spiritual energy will always be there to protect her and her sister and Abu yells that the glimmer from the stone is doing nothing, and he is lying to her.

Abu suddenly snaps back into her body, while at the same time, Duo Xing is forced back and pulls her weapon from her sister’s body and drops it. (Linja: I think that stone can reverse time?) Duo Xing comes to and Abu regains consciousness, but is still somewhat injured. Duo Xing apologises and is ready to take Abu home, but she is not ready to go yet. Speaking to both his daughters, the former Planet Duo Emperor tells them a last goodbye and that he loves them before he disappears. Abu says she’ll trust her father this time and looks at the stone.

Tang Qing Feng has no energy left to fight back as the Magistrate puts the scepter on his head, once again, asking for the Eye. Qing Feng still won’t give it up which annoys the Magistrate who then offers to take him to see that Abu truly is dead. But when he pulls the view in to the second realm up, he is upset to see that Abu is very much alive.

Abu starts to take off, but Duo Xing stops her, asking her where she is going. When she says that she is going to save Tang Qing Feng, Duo Xing tells her that he most certainly is with the Magistrate and can’t be saved, but Abu is not willing to give up. Abu looks at the stone and tells it to bring her to him, but then Qing Feng falls into the second realm, followed by the Magistrate, and her sister tells her there’s no need to use the stone now. Abu rushes over to him. The Magistrate tries to use his scepter on Abu, but Qing Feng quickly gets up and generates an energy field around Abu and Duo Xing, so the Magistrate focuses his attack on Qing Feng, using his scepter to absorb all his energy. Abu uses the energy stone to help Tang Qing Feng as he struggles against the attack. Tang Qing Feng tells Abu to run away, not wanting her to be in danger, but she refuses to leave him. The Magistrate mocks them for showing off the power of their love, but then comments how after he’s sucked Qing Feng dry, he’ll go and find himself a wife.

 photo eps26_5.jpg

Duo Xing then joins in, gathering the energy from Planet Duo to help Qing Feng as well. The Magistrate then tries to attack Duo Xing, so Abu turns the energy stone on him, weakening Qing Feng’s defense. As the Magistrate rises high up, the Eye in Qing Feng’s chest comes out and is absorbed into the Magistrate’s body. At first he thinks he’s won, saying he’ll become the King of the Universe and love will be a step closer for him. (Enid Bee: Wait, so he did this to get a woman? So confused. Really wish they had fleshed out his intentions a bit more.) But, unlike Tang Qing Feng, his body cannot withstand the energy of both Eyes and he suddenly finds his body cracking and ultimately shattering. Where he was there are now two Eyes, a light one and a dark one.

 photo eps26_6.jpg

While checking on Qing Feng, Abu sees the Eyes and says Yi died without the Eye. She gets up to get them so that Qing Feng won’t die as well, but Qing Feng stops her while her sister warns her not to get them as she won’t be able to handle the power of both. Abu brushes Qing Feng’s hand away. She jumps up to grab both Eyes and struggles as she holds on to them. Qing Feng then jumps up to help her. As Abu kicks off from a tree, he catches her in midair and holds on to her as a bright light appears (along with a lot of flashbacks). Then there is an explosion.

One Year Later… Ji Le and Duan Fei are sitting together in the woods when Duan Fei gets hit by something that falls from the sky. Ji Le, at first, thinks they are being attacked, but when Duan Fei gets up, she sees that he was hit with her tribe’s holy item, the Eye. When Ji Le tries to get it back, Duan Fei won’t give it over so she offers up a trade and gives him a very familiar magatama in exchange for it. But instead of taking it from her, he wants her to put it on him. (Enid Bee: Aw, they are so cute when they flirt. But how did Ji Le later end up being taller than him?) As she puts it on him, he promises to never lose it.

We also get a brief glimpse of Li Shu Zhe practicing his sword fighting with Tang Yuan Chang in the previous dynasty.

Duo Xing Xing is looking up at the sky with the now restored Prime Minister as she wonders about Abu and Tang Qing Feng. The Prime Minister tells her that they repaired all the timelines, but couldn’t find any sign of them. When he wonders if they may be dead, Duo Xing insists that they are not and says her own Planet Duo powers tell her that they are probably in another timeline or dimension living happily ever after. She points to the sky and waves. She tells the Prime Minister to wave (Linja: to Abu and Qing Feng in case they are watching, I guess) as well.

And then, we see a familiar kitty playing with a ball very happily.

Abu and Tang Qing Feng walk down a street hand in hand. Tang Qing Feng tells her they are home and we see that in front of them is the familiar Tang House and they are back in the same timeline where they met. A carriage pulls up to the house and Da Bao, Tang Qing Feng’s servant, appears with his new wife, Xiang’er, Abu’s maid, looking busty as ever. Xiao Zhi He (aka Thirteen, Qing Feng’s disciple/friend) sees the new couple arrive as he’s walking down the street. He goes up to say hello, though his eyes are a little distracted, until Da Bao pokes him. The Qi twins are arguing as they stand in front of the house. Words turn to blows just as Senior General Tang and Lady Tang are leaving the house, and the General ends up with a broom and a staff slapped up the backside of his head. The twins quickly toss their weapons away as Lady Tang and the servants hurry to check on their master, but he’s fine.

 photo eps26_7.jpg

The carriage rolls away from the house and the entire crowd finally see Tang Qing Feng and Abu standing across the street. Everyone is so excited to see them and come running over to them. When Abu tries to cover up Tang Qing Feng’s view of her maid’s cleavage, he calls to Da Bao and Thirteen to give him a hand, and they carry Abu away as Xiang’er follows. His parents run down to greet him while Abu eyes the Qi twins and everyone jumps around excitedly before they all go back into the house.

From around a corner, a familiar dark figure watches them. It’s Yi, no longer dead, looking a little sad at first, but then he smiles as a little tear forms in his eye.

The End

 photo eps26_8.jpg

Enid Bee: I liked Abu, Tang Qing Feng and Yi’s stories though they made so little use of Qing Feng’s grandfather that it seemed almost pointless for him to be there and there was not much use of his birth parents. Duo Xing Xing was funny, but also seemed to be thrown in more as a plot device than to provide anything really important to the story. I mean you can take her out of the story and it still works just as well. (Duo Miao would have fixed Xiao Ba. You’d skip that whole Planet Duo broke storyline that just had no point. The Magistrate could have been more well developed as to what exactly his deal was.)

I do like how they tied everything together with what happened in Season 1 to kind of bring it full circle. But why did we never get to see that big fight with Abu, Tang Qing Feng and the Scavengers? They seemed to build it up so much and we got all those flashbacks and they even had still of it on Weibo, but then nothing came of it. It made the final shot confusing as it would seem that if that fight didn’t happen, then Yi shouldn’t exist anymore. (Or I’m just being terribly picky about the logic.) I’m still happy Yi was alive in the end, though sad that he’s alone.

Compared to the first season, this one did not make me laugh quite as much, though it could be that the humour this time around was more in the dialogue than visually like it was last time so I may have been missing some jokes. But I did like some of the quirky supporting characters – the Prime Minister with the salted fish, the younger Senior General Tang and, of course, the master of food dish presentation, Chu Guo Gong.

Either way, I’m so ready to start translating this series! 🙂

Linja: I really enjoyed season 2 but, like Enid, felt there were a few things lacking. Duo Miao and Tian Xian’s story arc was boring, or it just went on for too long. I like Xiao Ba but I wasn’t invested in her and Duo Miao’s love story as I was with Duo Miao and Ru Yi’s from season 1. It felt more like friendship and him falling in love with her at the end came out of nowhere. Xiao Ba loved him but I couldn’t see that Duo Miao loved her. I actually love Duo Xing Xing. Yes, she’s a plot device and definitely a comic relief! Yeah, the humour is in the dialogue which is why I love Duo Xing as she’s hilarious and a bit nuts. I also loved LOVED the love-triangle between Abu, Yi and Qing Feng. Well, technically, not a love-triangle, but you get what I mean. SLS was strong. Has that ever happened? SLS but they are essentially the same person?

As for the big fight with Abu, Qing Feng and the Scavengers that ended Abu’s life and turned Qing Feng dark. I think it was there, but it didn’t happen because history or something changed the future. This is my take. When they entered Qing Chu Kong Jian in the last episode, it dawned on me the big fight may happen at this moment. But then, events changed. I noted Qing Feng and Abu were wearing the same clothes as in Yi’s memories of that last battle. I think events changed because of Xiao Ba and Duo Xing’s involvement, especially with the presence of the energy stone from Planet Duo’s crown.

I am very happy with how they wrapped up the ending and it was great to see the cast of season 1 cameo at the end.

I discovered something today. The actress playing Duo Xing Xing is the same actress who played Alien Abu in Episode 1, Season 1! I never knew! (Enid Bee: Oh wow!! I didn’t know that either. So cool!)
 photo abu1.jpg
 photo duoxingxing.jpg

Favourite Moments
Enid Bee: Abu’s fight with the two soldiers from the palace transitioning to Tang Qing Feng’s fight with Xiao Ba. I liked it going from silly to seriously kick ass. And, besides our leads, any Xiao Ba or Duo Miao fight scenes were good, especially the finale.

I loved Yi’s scenes, include his kiss with Abu (but not really Abu).

And of course I have to list Chu Guo Gong… “This…is lamb. And this… is fish…” So silly, but I love it and if I ever meet that actor, I’d want to take him to dinner just to hear him introduce the menu to me just like that.

Linja: A few favourites. Yi’s hot kiss scene was memorable but also felt weird. I liked most of Duo Xing Xing and Abu’s bickering scenes, her bickering scenes with others, Duo Xing’s tantrum scenes, and generally most of Duo Xing’s scenes.

The fights scenes were epic too, especially the last episode. If I could choose only one, my favourite would have to be when Abu and Qing Feng swapped bodies.

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 24-26 Recap [COMPLETE]

    I liked season 2, but definitely liked season 1 even more. I actually wouldn’t mind a season 3 at all cuz I kind of want to see future-Tang Qing Feng (Yi) and more of his uber angsty experiences and maybe them getting together after all.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 24-26 Recap [COMPLETE]

    I liked season 2 but loved the first one. The second season is not as laugh-out-loud funny but gears a bit more dramatic and heart wrenching. The scene when TQF was stabbed instead of Abu got me. Duo Miao and Abu’s relationship was better portrayed in the first one as well. I really wished Yi had more scenes with Abu and that she could have helped him with his angst because although he had changed he is still her TQF deep down. So yes a third season would be nice

  3. 5 thoughts on “Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 24-26 Recap [COMPLETE]

    Thanks for recapping this series!

    Season 1 was definitely a lot more hilarious in terms of puns and jokes, but season 2 had its own charm to it. I’ve grown to really like all of the main supporting characters. Too bad they didn’t give enough screen time to Duo Miaomiao and Xiao Ba. Their storyline was underdeveloped imo. At least in season 1 DMM and Xiao Ruyi had some development.

    Kudos to Zheng Yecheng, by the way, for playing TQF and Yi. I really enjoyed his performances here and really wouldn’t mind a season 3. The main pair is just too cute, which is really hindering me from watching Oriental Odyssey because it’s way too soon to be looking at him with Wu Qian lol. Need some time to jump off the Zheng Yecheng/An YueXi ship…or maybe not jump at all. =P

  4. 5 thoughts on “Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 24-26 Recap [COMPLETE]

    Thank you for the post. So nice to read everyone’s comments.

    I haven’t had a chance to start this drama yet. Plus I made the mistake of starting Floating Like a Dream. Now I feel obligated to try to finish FLAD before I start this drama although I don’t like FLAD much. (FLAD could use a stronger director, scriptwriter and a few other things.) I’m also in the middle of Bai Yu’s Suddenly This Summer (and 2 others). STS is a decent drama though the plot is not entirely my cup of tea. STS is a much better production than FLAD.

    I hope I’ll enjoy watching this drama. Very encouraging to read the positive final impressions.

  5. 5 thoughts on “Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 24-26 Recap [COMPLETE]

    Please sub the season 2 of Let’s Shake It.

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