Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 18-23 Recap

Get your tissues handy. We finally get to the Tang Dynasty, but only after a literally gut-wrenching scene. And now there are two Tang Qing Feng’s for Abu to deal with, but she doesn’t know which one is really her’s. We also finally meet Tang Qing Feng’s mom and see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And there are more familiar faces as well.

Join Enid Bee and Linja as we begin Week 04!


Series Information:

Chinese Title: 颤抖吧阿部之朵星风云
Episodes: 26
Genre: romance, comedy, sci fi
Broadcast Source: Mango TV, iQiyi
Airing Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 2 episodes a day
Current Progress: 23/26 (Season 2)

(Note: We are not professional translators so apologies for any mistranslations.)

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Eps 24 & 25 will be October 25th.
Finale episode will be October 26th.

Character List
Our Favourite CoupleAliensEarth Apes
An Yuexi as Abu Cha Cha
A lively alien who disrupted the order of the universe. In order to adapt to life on Earth, she got caught up in many incidents and fell in love with an earth ape, Tang Qing Feng.
 photo shake-2.jpg

Zheng Yecheng as Tang Qing Feng/Yi/Bo Ying
Raised by a general, but secretly the eldest son of the Emperor, Tang Qing Feng is handsome, smart, strong and reliable. He has no interest in ruling the world and only wants to save his people, love his woman and keep everything very, very, very tidy.
 photo shake-1.jpg

Xu Muzhen as Princess Nan Yang(earth ape)/Duo Xing Xing (alien)
Ning Xiaohuahua as Magistrate (Judge of the Space Time Administration)
Xu Jialu as Duo Miao Miao
Wu Peirou as YKTX-008 aka Xiao Ba (a Scavenger robot assassin)
Qiu Bin as Duo Planet Prime Minister
Wu Qijiang as Duo Planet Emperor

New this week:
Wang Yizhong as Ji Le
 photo JiLe.jpg
Wang Long as Space Time Administration Investigator
 photo Investigator.jpg

Wangzi Ming as Tang Yuan Chang (Tang Qing Feng’s grandfather)
Mao Fangyuan as Chu Guo Gong
Lu Feng as Tian Xian/Tang House Steward
Gao Yiqing as Li Shu Zhe
Xu Ke as Li Manor Housekeeper/Steward
Jiang Jian as Eunuch Du
Li Chao as The Emperor
Zhong Ming as General Wang

New this week:
Su Hang as Tang Ji Zhong (Tang Qing Feng’s adopted father)
 photo shake-4.jpg
Huang Baiyu as Emperor Taizong (Tang Qing Feng’s birth father)
 photo EmperorTaizong.jpg
Lausanne Nanzak as Duan Fei, General of the Nanzhao Army
 photo DuanFei.jpg
Bo An as Nanzhao Princess An Yue (Tang Qing Feng’s mom)
 photo AnYue.jpg

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“Do you want to die?”

Tang Qing Feng tries to defend Abu from Xiao Ba, but is knocked against a tree. As Xiao Ba runs after her and jumps up in the air, Abu throws a large brick, but Xiao Ba knocks it out of the way. Abu’s backed up against a tree and ducks down, no place to run and then… She hears quiet and sees Tang Qing Feng standing between her and Xiao Ba and is relieved that he’s saved her yet again. But then realises that he’s been wounded, the sickle, piercing through his body, has stopped just inches from her own head. Tang Qing Feng coughs up a lot of blood as Abu stares in shock. Xiao Ba pulls the sickle out of him and he drops to the ground as Abu starts to cry. She watches him struggle, whispering his name. She tries to help him, but he tells her to hurry and go. Then he dies and Abu stares at her bloody hands and grieves.

 photo eps18_2.jpg

As Abu starts getting angry, her alien powers set her body glowing blue as that mysterious red band appears around her wrist again and then bursts apart. No longer constrained (Enid Bee: But how was she constrained in the first place I want to know…), she is ready to unleash all her powers on Xiao Ba. She rises up, eyes aglow, and when Xiao Ba attempts to strike her, generates a force field around her that stops the sickle. Then she blasts the robot, throws her up in the sky and beats the crap out of her before throwing her onto the ground and damaging her somewhat.

 photo eps18_3.jpg

Suddenly, Tang Qing Feng, who’s not quite dead yet, starts to cough and Abu stops her revenge rampage to go check on him. Propping him up into her arms, she holds on to him. But Xiao Ba is not ready to give up. She leaps into the air holding both curved blades in each hand, but Duo Miao Miao, who has just regained consciousness, sees what is going on and runs in between her and Abu. Xiao Ba ends up striking him in the shoulder and she is stunned, but Duo Miao only smiles at her. The Magistrate, back in his toilet, tries pushing buttons to get Xiao Ba to finish him off, but she fights her programming, not wanting to kill him. The Magistrate gets angry that she would dare be at odds with him. Duo Miao Miao moves closer to her, even as the blade goes deeper into his shoulder, making Xiao Ba cry. He reaches out to touch her face and brush away a tear. Frustrated with the malfunctioning robot, the Magistrate turns on the self-destruct. A red light appears on her chest. She pulls the blade from Duo Miao’s shoulder and drops them both before giving him an unexpected hug as she apologizes. Then she turns back into a ball of nuts and bolts and disappears into the ground. Duo Miao starts frantically looking for her and calling her name.

 photo eps18_4.jpg

Duo Xing Xing wakes up, still holding the energy source in her hand, as the Prime Minister wanders aimlessly and Tian Xian goes to check on Duo Miao. Duo Xing sees Abu holding the wounded Tang Qing Feng. Knowing how much Abu loves him, she offers her the energy source to use to save him. Abu is about to take it, but the Prime Minister then reminds them that they need it to save Planet Duo and their people. Abu tells her to take it back and leave before she changes her mind. When the Prime Minister tries to get Duo Xing to go and save her subjects, she hesitates to go, but realizes she must and they leave to fix Planet Duo.

Abu promises Tang Qing Feng that she will always be with him and holds on to him. (Linja: She mouths the same thing as what was said. I think the dubbed missed the mouth.) Then, as she looks at the blood, she has a thought.

 photo eps18_10.jpg

A beam of pink light shoots through the universe, hitting the shattered Planet Duo. We see the broken parts come back together as the planet is fixed, a big heart shaped crater in the side.

Li Shu Zhe and his steward are surprised when Abu and Tang Qing Feng suddenly appear before them in a flash of blue light. Seeing the wounded Tang Qing Feng, Shu Zhe is concerned and rushes to them, asking what happened. She tells him he needs a blood transfusion, but he doesn’t know what that is so she explains that she needs to put his blood in Tang Qing Feng’s body, as only the blood of a close relative will work. Shu Zhe readily agrees and Abu sends the steward to buy some sea urchin and a chicken (for the needle and tubing).

Back in the woods, Tian Xian is worried about the blood Duo Miao has lost from his wound and wants to take him somewhere it can be checked out, but Duo Miao is unresponsive. She wonders if he’s hungry, telling him she can get him something to eat. When he tells her that he’s not hungry and doesn’t want to eat anything, she asks if he is missing Xiao Ba. When he wonders why, Tian Xian says she did it for him and tells him he can cry and let it all out.

Abu watches Tang Qing Feng as he gets the transfusion from Li Shu Zhe. When he wonders if it’s really working, she tells him not to talk. She sees Tang Qing Feng start to move and calls his name. But as soon as Shu Zhe disconnects the tubing, he starts coughing up blood so Shu Zhe tries to reconnect it back, but Abu stops him as she realises his body is rejecting the blood. She starts pacing the room, frantic to find a way to save him. Then she has an idea.

 photo eps18_5.jpg

Vowing that she will not let Tang Qing Feng die in front of her again, she breaks off one of her antenna, much to Shu Zhe’s shock. She places the broken piece on Tang Qing Feng’s chest and watches it absorb into him and then passes out.

Tian Xian gives Duo Miao some medicine to drink. He asks about Tang Qing Feng’s injuries and Tian Xian tells him that Abu must have taken him somewhere to be treated. Duo Miao wants to go help her, but Tian Xian tells him that he needs to rest first, saying that they don’t know where they went. She says they should stay near the Canyon and wait for them to return while recuperating. She is certain that, after Abu heals Tang Qing Feng, they will come and find them and hopes for a miracle.

Tang Qing Feng, now with all the blood cleaned off of him and his clothes, wakes up to find Abu sitting next to him. She checks to make sure he is okay and asks if he’s feeling any pain. He insists that he’s fine and asks what happened. She tells him about using Shu Zhe’s blood to save him. Tang Qing Feng can tell she’s not doing well and asks how she’s doing, so she hugs him and tells him she is fine and she was only concerned about him. He tells her not to worry and assures her that he won’t die and they will both live well.

Shu Zhe is upset when Abu tells him that they want to leave. When she stumbles, he insists they can’t go and that he needs to get her a doctor. She says a doctor can’t help her, but he insists that they stay and he will find the best one. But she points out that she’s not from Earth and that sooner or later they’ll have to go, while also promising to take good care of Tang Qing Feng. She also asks him to do her a favour and not tell Tang Qing Feng how she used her antenna to save him. He agrees.

Tang Qing Feng and Abu leave the manor with Tang Qing Feng helping the still struggling Abu into the carriage. When Qing Feng thanks Shu Zhe, he tells him that Abu is a good woman and to take good care of her and Qing Feng promises he will. As they leave, the steward asks Shu Zhe why he didn’t tell Qing Feng that Abu becoming weak is the result of her saving him. He says he had promised Abu he wouldn’t tell.

In the carriage, Tang Qing Feng is asking Abu if she’s okay when she suddenly wants the carriage to stop. Getting out of the carriage, they see Duo Miao Miao running to greet them. Before Duo Miao can comment on her sorry state, Abu tells Tang Qing Feng that she needs to talk to him about some matters first. Then she grabs Duo Miao and hurries away before Qing Feng can say anything. Seeing Tian Xian, Qing Feng grabs her and tells her he has some very important business and asks her to help him.

 photo eps18_6.jpg

Duo Miao Miao is upset to hear that Abu gave one of her antenna to Tang Qing Feng, but she insists it’s only an antenna and why is he making a fuss like an earth ape. He reminds her how they are warned not to break off their antenna and how important they are for them. She defends herself saying that after the blood transfusion didn’t work, the only thing she could do was use her antenna to save him so he wouldn’t die. Duo Miao isn’t convinced by this reasoning. He reminds her that their antenna are the reason they live so long and asks if she wants to die.

Tang Qing Feng comes into the room, having heard their conversation. Tian Xian is behind him. When Duo Miao sees her, she explains that Tang Qing Feng wanted to hear what they were saying and then leaves. He runs after her, despite Abu’s pleas for him to stay. Once they are alone, Qing Feng asks Abu why she sacrificed her own antenna to save him. She tells him that the situation was dire and it was the only way she could save him, but it was no big deal. He hugs her tight as Abu tells him it’s really okay and that antenna can grow back.

But Duo Xing Xing’s got to ruin the sweet moment, storming into the room and yelling that they can’t grow back and asking Abu if she’s crazy. Abu, annoyed, asks her sister, “Didn’t you go back to save Planet Duo?” and wonders why she’s returned. Duo Xing confirms that the Planet Duo criss is over and that she’s already registered to be the new ruler. Abu asks why she doesn’t go back and Duo Xing says she’s come to save them. Abu is confused, insisting they don’t need to be saved. Duo Xing explains that, inspired by Abu’s sacrifice of not taking the energy source and instead saving the people of Planet Duo, she saved one-tenth of the energy from the source to save her. But while it will restore her health and she’ll regain her antenna, she will no longer have her super powers, hence can only summon broken bricks. Then Duo Xing sets off a beam of light – the last bit of energy to save Abu.

Duo Miao Miao has returned to the spot where he last saw Xiao Ba. The vines no longer are animated, just laying still on the ground or wrapped around trees. He remembers Xiao Ba hugging him before she disappeared.

 photo eps18_7.jpg

Qing Feng and a now healed Abu are staring lovingly into each other’s eyes as Duo Xing watches them, annoyed. “I said I have to go now. Can’t you spare me a glance?” They turn and look at her and Abu says bye and then they go back to staring at each other. Duo Xing tries again, handing Abu an energy stone she took from the crown as a thank you for saving Planet Duo. Abu takes it and goes back to look at Qing Feng.

Duo Xing tries once again. “This time I really need to go. Is no one seeing me out?” Telling her sister that she’s always welcome if she ever wants to return to Planet Duo, she then calls Qing Feng “brother-in-law” and winks at him. Taking the hint, he agrees to walk out with her. He tells Abu to stay and rest, then they leave.

 photo eps18_8.jpg

In the woods, Qing Feng asks Duo Xing what it is she wants to discuss, while a jealous Abu, certain something is up, watches them from up in a tree. Duo Xing asks Qing Feng about his relationship in the matter of Yi. Qing Feng is surprised and asks if she knows Yi. Seeing Qing Feng pointing at Duo Xing, Abu mutters that he better take his hand back and takes it as a certain sign that he’s interested in her sister. Duo Xing denies knowing Yi and has only seen him a few times in the palace. He comes off as weird. Qing Feng comments on how Yi is very protective of Abu. Duo Xing agrees that Yi seems to want to protect her sister, but she’s afraid that means he will not stop trying to get rid of Qing Feng. Abu, still watching them, wonders what Qing Feng’s facial expressions mean since she can’t hear what they are saying. She starts making up her own conversation where she thinks Duo Xing is asking Qing Feng if he loves her or Abu with Qing Feng saying he loves her, but not Abu. Misinterpreting every action between Duo Xing and Qing Feng, Abu gets angry thinking Qing Feng had clearly told her before he loved her.

Duo Xing calls him brother-in-law and takes Qing Feng’s hand, telling him to be careful. He takes a hold of her hand and tells her he will and not to worry. Abu sees them holding hands and mutters that she better give her those hands back. As she is muttering about the perceived affair, Duo Miao Miao suddenly pipes in, having joined her up in the tree at some point without her realising it. He asks why is she eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation, but she doesn’t care and asks why he’s outside. He says he came for a stroll out of boredom and starts to say something about his mom and then decides not to. Instead, he reminds her she’s always saying she loves Qing Feng, but her behavior now doesn’t reflect it. Annoyed, she threatens him with a brick.

Duo Xing asks Qing Feng if he already knew and if her sister knows about it. When he shakes his head, Duo Xing Xing starts to laugh and jump up and down, realising that he hasn’t told Abu about Yi and happy to finally have proof that he doesn’t really love Abu. Abu, in the meantime, is getting sadder and sadder. When Qing Feng asks why she says that, she asks him why he won’t tell Abu about Yi since he loves her. He says that he has his reasons and she wouldn’t understand. Duo Xing Xing is still not convinced so he tells her that he is doing it to protect Abu and keep her out of danger.

 photo eps18_9.jpg

Duo Xing Xing starts to cry, touched by what Tang Qing Feng says and says that he is a good man and she feels assured to leave her sister in his hands. and then asks for him to hold out his hand. Hesitantly, he holds his hand out and she gives him a phone so they can stay in contact and she can update him on Yi. Seeing Qing Feng whispering to Duo Xing to keep this a secret from Abu, Abu gets even sadder and even Duo Miao seems to take it as a bad sign. Duo Xing agrees to keep it a secret and then gives him a royal slap, wishing he’d quickly marry Abu, and then leaves, with Duo Miao shocked at him being given such royal treatment. After Duo Xing is gone, Qing Feng realises he doesn’t know how to use the phone.

Duo Miao Miao now is also convinced that something is going on. He declares that he won’t tolerate this and then tells Abu she should go ask him to make things clear and pushes her out of the tree. But it turns out the branch they were on was just a few feet from the ground. Hearing Abu’s yell as she falls over, Qing Feng sees them and runs over to check on her.

Bonus behind the scenes footage:

“I don’t know you.”

Abu, certain that Tang Qing Feng is now interested in her sister, is extra attentive and serves him some of her braised pork. She also tells him that if he is disloyal to her and eats it, blood will come out of his orifices. She sees his hand shaking as he picks up a piece, thinking he’s scared that he’s been caught, but he eats the entire bowl. Then he tells her to get some rest and that he’s going out for a bit, but she is still suspicious.

 photo eps19_1.jpg

Duo Xing Xing is doing her tentacles and make up as she makes a call to Tang Qing Feng. She tells him that she’s found the thing he wanted and tells him where to find it so that he can locate Xiao Ba who will now be in a sphere form. He goes to the woods back where he was almost killed and finds a box with an item that seems like an alien metal detector that he uses to find Xiao Ba as he talks to the Princess. Duo Xing Xing doesn’t understand why he’s looking for Xiao Ba when she had tried to kill them, but Qing Feng is certain the robot will be helpful. Finally, he locates it.

 photo eps19_2.jpg

Returning back to their lodgings, Abu sees Tang Qing Feng and wants to check out lanterns, but he tells her that he’s tired and he’s going to bed early, and so should she. She is suspicious so she peaks in his window and sees him doing something under his blanket and suspects the worst. She storms into his room, asking him what he’s doing, but he doesn’t respond. She wields a brick and demands to know if the person under the blanket is Tang Qing Feng. He responds that it’s him and she quickly dives under the blanket to see what he’s doing and pulls out the ball of nuts and bolts that is Xiao Ba’s current form. She asks what it is, but then realises it’s the Scavenger and freaks out that it’s going to kill them. When Qing Feng tells her that he found it and brought it back, she asks if he’s gone crazy and that it will only kill them. She tries to smash the ball with a brick, but Qing Feng says no. Thinking Qing Feng means he will do it instead, she nods at him to go ahead and use his chest but he just shakes his head.

Abu stands guard over the ball with her brick at the ready while she, Qing Feng, Duo Miao and Tian Xian discuss the robot. Abu wants to vote over the robot’s fate, but Qing Feng manages to trick her into voting that it can stay.

Abu then tries to throw the ball off a balcony, but Qing Feng stops her again and then Duo Miao, takes the ball away so he can fix Xiao Ba, promising to make sure that she won’t be able to attack anyone. In his room, he talks to her and then fixes her as Tian Xian guards the door to keep Abu from interfering. Tian Xian tells Abu that Xiao Ba is a good girl, and that she was just afraid earlier in the woods. Abu doesn’t fall for it, saying if she kills Qing Feng again, she’s not going to have anymore antennas with which to save him. Tian Xian mentions she hasn’t seen Duo Miao this happy in a while, so Abu decides to let it go.

 photo eps19_3.jpg

Finally, Xiao Ba is back in her robot body and Duo Miao is happy to see her wake up. He asks her to forgive him, but then thinks she won’t remember him considering how damaged she was, let alone answer him. Xiao Ba tells him she doesn’t blame him and Duao Miao is happy. Just as he’s about to hug her, suddenly, a brick flies into the room and knocks her out. Duo Miao Miao asks Abu if she’s gone insane. Abu innocently says she was just testing Xiao Ba to see if she had any attacking power left.

Duo Miao takes Xiao Ba to the market, with Abu keeping a wary eye on the robot and Tang Qing Feng following. Duo Miao looks at a tray of sunflower seeds. Xiao Ba says she is not programmed to digest seeds and Abu calls him stupid for thinking robots can eat seeds. An annoyed Duo Miao Miao picks up the tray, tells Qing Feng to pay for them and leaves with Xiao Ba. Abu watches them go and tells Qing Feng she suspects there’s a conspiracy surrounding Xiao Ba. Qing Feng tells Abu that Duo Miao hasn’t completely fixed Xiao Ba and whatever discussion she wants to have can wait until after Xiao Ba is finally fixed. Abu yells they’ll all be killed before Xiao Ba even gets completely fixed. Qing Feng tells Abu to think positively. Afterall, Xiao Ba was able to control herself at the end. Annoyed with Qing Feng, she grabs her own tray of sunflower seeds and tells him to pay for them.

Back at their lodgings, Xiao Ba is shelling the seeds for Duo Miao Miao to eat while he stares at her. He’s impressed by her speed. He leaves the room to get some more, but once he’s gone, Xiao Ba turns serious. She activates a button on her wrist and contacts the Magistrate. She claims that her appearing to betray him was just due to a malfunction, but that’s been fixed. Abu is hidden in the cabinet, listening to everything she says, her suspicions confirmed. The Magistrate isn’t completely convinced Xiao Ba is telling the truth so she tells him that she will prove herself. Abu worries that means she’s going to kill Tang Qing Feng. Suddenly, Xiao Ba opens the cabinet doors and Abu asks what she’s going to do.

Standing outside Duo Miao Miao’s room, Tian Xian wonders why she hears Abu in there. Inside, Xiao Ba tells the Magistrate she will kill Abu to prove herself. Abu isn’t afraid, thinking Xiao Ba has lost her attacking power and smacks her in the face with a brick, but she fails to take out Xiao Ba, who grabs her by the throat and pulls her out of the cabinet. Abu can’t believe Xiao Ba can still attack. Xiao Ba starts to strangle her as the Magistrate cheers her on and says that as long as she kills Abu, he will believe Xiao Ba.

 photo eps19_6.jpg

Tian Xian peeks in the room and sees Xiao Ba strangling Abu and goes to find Tang Qing Feng. When Abu asks how she still can have the power to attack, she says it’s all thanks to Abu’s partner, Duo Miao. In a flashback, we see that Duo Miao Miao had decided to increase Xiao Ba’s attacking index so that she can protect herself in case Abu tries to dismantle her. Abu is angry Duo Miao is getting her killed and passes out. Xiao Ba’s software confirms for the Magistrate that Abu is dead and he is ecstatic.

In the caves where the Pool of Life is, the Magistrate appears and meets with Xiao Ba who has brought Abu’s body for him to see. Xiao Ba wants to make a report to headquarters that the first sequence of the mission is completed, but the Magistrate tells her she doesn’t need to. Xiao Ba insists on following interstellar regulations and the Magistrate lets her report. Just as Xiao Ba asks the Magistrate to confirm her report, he blasts her away as he no longer needs her and wants to keep this secret from headquarters.

As the Magistrate tells Abu’s body that only the dead can keep secrets, he hears a familiar voice. He starts calling out Yi’s name and sees Yi’s shadow on one of the cave walls. He’s angry that he went back on his word and hurt Abu. The Magistrate tries to blame Xiao Ba, but Dark TQF knows he was the one who commanded it. The shadow disappears and The Magistrate looks around for him. Suddenly, he appears, startling him. Dark TQF accuses him of killing Abu, but he denies it, saying that he’s the one who killed Abu the minute he decided to be with her. No matter how he travels through space and time, he won’t be able to save her as it’s fate and the law of the universe. Dark TQF says he knows a way. The Magistrate mocks him, saying when he was Tang Qing Feng, he didn’t have a way and now as an interstellar fugitive, he has no way to save Abu either.

 photo eps19_5.jpg

The Magistrate turns and suddenly is punched in the face by Duo Miao. Dark TQF removes his mask and we see that it’s actually Tang Qing Feng disguised as him. In a flashback, it’s revealed that they had planned this all along with Xiao Ba who suspected the Magistrate was acting illegally. They put together a plan to catch him in the act, but didn’t tell Abu. Xiao Ba hadn’t actually strangled Abu, but knocked her out with a shot instead and faked the results of the scan to verify her death. Xiao Ba also appears as it turns out she disappeared herself to make it look as if she had been disintegrated. The Magistrate accuses her of colluding with a fugitive and threatens to wipe out all her data, but she, instead, shows a recording of him admitting to acting on his own accord as proof to give to headquarters. Furious, he disappears to find Yi.

Qing Feng checks on Abu, who is still passed out, and chastises himself for always getting Abu in danger when he’s always saying he’ll protect her.

 photo eps19_7.jpg

Qing Feng leaves Abu in Duo Miao and Tian Xian’s care and runs after the Magistrate and finds him talking to Dark TQF, who is holding a ball of nuts and bolts. Angry that Abu is dead instead of Qing Feng, he attacks him, a sword materializing in his hand. Qing Feng gets his sword and they battle.

Duo Miao Miao tells Tian Xian to keep this all a secret from Abu before injecting Abu with the antidote that brings her back to life and she wonders where she is. But Tian Xian spills the beans and Abu runs off to find Qing Feng. Duo Miao remembers Xiao Ba has disappeared as well and takes after Abu.

Abu runs in to the room where Tang Qing Feng and Dark TQF are fighting, with Duo Miao and Tian Xian following. She calls out Tang Qing Feng’s name, surprising Dark TQF and, as their swords collide, there is a flash of bright light.

Tang Qing Feng wakes up in the woods. He doesn’t see Abu, but he does see Dark TQF and demands to know where Abu is. Dark TQF just laughs that Abu is not with him and she’s better off and safe without him. He also reminds Qing Feng that Abu will be in danger if she is with him. He throws down his sword towards Qing Feng and tells him to end the tie himself. Tang Qing Feng also reminds Dark TQF that if he isn’t in this world, Abu will still be in danger and there will be no one to protect her. Dark TQF, remembering hearing these words before, realises that the time he had Abu, it was really Tang Qing Feng in her body and Qing Feng confirms it. Tang Qing Feng asks for his help in protecting Abu as he realises he can’t do it all himself. He also asks him to tell him how to control the Eye of the Universe. At first Dark TQF is not convinced it will work because he failed all those times before, but Qing Feng reminds him that this time they would be working together. Dark TQF says there is one possible way to save Abu but it’ll be very difficult. Qing Feng says no matter how difficult, they can do it.

 photo eps19_8.jpg

A group of women are beating up guards when one of the women is stopped by a fan. The owner of the fan, with “handsome” written across it, is Tang Ji Zhong, who tells the woman to follow him and he’ll shower her with riches. She punches him in the face and he likes her feisty personality. She refuses and he puffs up, asking if she knows who he is. She questions what he does, what his manor looks likes and agrees to marry him. He is, suddenly, knocked down, nose bleeding, and demands who attacked him. His guards pick up his attacker, an unconscious Abu. After seeing how easily he was knocked down, the woman rejects him again. His Steward, a very familiar looking man, helps him up as he looks at a book, lamenting that what is written inside is not correct. (Linja: My bet is the book is on how to pick up chicks, lol.) The Steward knocks it out of his hand and takes him back home.

Abu wakes up tied to a post as Ji Zhong is with his men, chastising something for giving him a bad reputation as being weak. Abu escapes her bonds and smacks him with a brick. When he orders his men to get her, she brings out a huge brick and they immediately kneel before her. A servant comes in and tells Ji Zhong that his Godfather has returned. Ji Zhong is in shock and passes out as a confused Abu watches.

Then Ji Zhong’s Godfather enters and the servants and Ji Zhong are all in a tizzy. Ji Zhong asks Abu to save him. When Abu realises that the man kowtowing before her is Tang Ji Zhong, she is in shock and we get Abu’s quick past evaluation that Tang Ji Zhong is a grumpy and stubborn old man, but he raised a great son.

 photo eps19_9.jpg

When his Godfather arrives, Ji Zhong is reading a well known love poem from The Book of Songs out loud, with the book upside down, and asking Abu about it. Ji Zhong rises to greet the man who asks who the woman is. Ji Zhong introduces her as a talented student from Fuwu Academy. Abu turns around to greet him and is surprised to see that he looks just like Tang Qing Feng except with facial hair. Certain this is her Tang Qing Feng, she runs up to him, calling his name, excited that he was dropped here too, but he dodges her. Abu asks when did he grow his beard or is it fake, and he keeps dodging her, telling her, as a female, she shouldn’t be this frivolous, and waving his big sleeves in the air until she falls over, while a terrified Ji Zhong goes back to reading his poem.

Abu wakes up and is bundled up like a burrito in bed, cursing Tang Qing Feng and asking him what he’s up to. Ji Zhong’s Godfather, who is standing nearby, tells her she was being inappropriate so he froze her body via acupuncture. If she’s not comfortable, he can have her sent out of the house, but she yells, didn’t Qing Feng say wherever he is, she will be there, too. The Godfather calls someone to throw Abu out of the room and Abu screams who would dare. Ji Zhong shows up and does it, asking if his Godfather had called for him.

Abu has lunch with Ji Zhong. (Enid Bee: I love that her hairpin and earrings are tiny bricks.) She asks where did he find a Godfather since his parents are dead. He’s shocked she knows and Abu plays it off that he’s famous around town and she heard about him. Ji Zhong tells her his Godfather is a martial arts experts so he acknowledges him as godfather to learn from him. When she hears that Ji Zhong’s godfather goes by Tang Qing Feng’s formal name, Bo Ying, she is certain he is really Tang Qing Feng. She’s angry he would lie to her and thinks it’s too much the way he’s behaving. Ji Zhong agrees that he’s too much and only Abu understands his pain. She hears that he had been really strict with Ji Zhong. Abu surmises it’s because, unlike the older Ji Zhong she knew before, this younger one is kind of useless and that Qing Feng must be teaching him to make him a better father. Ji Zhong is amazed at Abu’s wisdom and wants to be sworn brothers, but she rejects him.

Abu then tells Ji Zhong that she is actually his godmother. Ji Zhong wonders when the two got together and Abu spins a story, and that due to circumstances, they were separated. Ji Zhong would rather believe they are enemies as his godfather has never hit women before. Abu assures him it’s because his godfather has lost his memory. Ji Zhong pleads with Abu to take her husband away. He’s been tortured enough the last three months. Abu is surprised to hear that Qing Feng got here three months ago. Bo Ying arrives and Ji Zhong immediately kneels before him as Abu watches him warily. Bo Ying orders Ji Zhong to accompany him into the palace. She runs after him again, still calling him Tang Qing Feng, as he wards her off.

 photo eps19_10.jpg

Out on the street, Bo Ying insists that he doesn’t know her and that he doesn’t like her, but she refuses to leave. She tries to hit him with a brick to help him get his memory back, but he grabs it from her and knocks her over, telling her not to make him mad. Ji Zhong comes running out, wondering why he would hit a woman. Abu gets back up, mad that he actually hit her and he knocks her down again, drops the brick on her and leaves as she yells after him.

“Who I am isn’t important.”

Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty (aka Tang Qing Feng’s future biological father) greets Tang Ji Zhong and Bo Ying, then sends his servants away. Once the servants are gone, the Emperor becomes much more casual and runs down to high five his friend, Ji Zhong, but then they realise Bo Ying is still there, so Ji Zhong and Bo Ying kneel instead to formally greet him. The Emperor has them rise and tells Ji Zhong that the Princess of Nanzhao is coming to visit and wants him to meet her on the way. Ji Zhong teases that his friend wants to take another concubine and this makes Bo Ying slap Ji Zhong for trying to interfere with royal business.

 photo eps20_1.jpg

When the Empress arrives to bring the Emperor some soup, he isn’t really eager to see her, and quickly gulps down the soup to get rid of her. Ji Zhong comments to Bo Ying that she’s rather ugly, while Bo Ying says that the appearance is not what matters. Then Bo Ying proposes to the Emperor that he get Ji Zhong a wife and the Emperor agrees. Ji Zhong disagrees, but his Godfather forces him to bow in acceptance.

 photo eps20_3.jpg

Later at Tang House, Ji Zhong insists that he not be given an ugly wife, but Bo Ying won’t allow him to choose and confines him to the manor. After Bo Ying leaves, Ji Zhong decides to runaway. While sneaking out, he ends up running into Abu as he hides from the guards. She is still certain Bo Ying is Tang Qing Feng and asks Ji Zhong to help her, wanting to beat Bo Ying into confession. Ji Zhong wholeheartedly agrees and shows her the way, hoping she can get him to leave soon.

Bo Ying sneezes, like you do when people are talking about you behind your back, and Abu enters his room, throwing a brick at him. It shatters on his chest and he brushes it off like it’s nothing. She takes that as a sign that he is Tang Qing Feng. Bo Ying questions why Abu keeps getting herself entangled with him. She gives him three choices. He’s either acting like he doesn’t know her, pretending like he doesn’t know her or he’s truly and honestly pretending that he doesn’t know her (LOL). Bo Ying says if that is the only choices she’s giving him, he’s not going to be polite to her anymore. She offers him some of her braised pork as another test and he walks over to her. Just as she thinks she’s finally proven it, Bo Ying calls out that there’s an assassin. Ji Zhong appears and throws Abu out of the room. Bo Ying tells him that he’s confined to the property even longer now.

A sobbing Ji Zhong is cleaning the walkways, vowing that if he ever has a son, he’s calling him Tang Qing Feng and give him Bo Ying as his formal name and will make him learn all arts, and have him train hard to strengthen his chest so that he’ll know who is boss. He hears someone call to him and turns, yelling, but then realises it’s Bo Ying and kneels, crying again. Ji Zhong tries to explain himself, that he respects his godfather but Bo Ying is just appalled at his behavior. Bo Ying tells him to get changed so they can go meet the Princess. Then Bo Ying, with a flap of his big sleeves, leaves, taking his usual giant strides.

In the woods, Bo Ying and Ji Zhong are leading a team to meet the Princess. Abu also is in the woods. It’s revealed that the evening before, Ji Zhong found Abu and told her that he’s certain Bo Ying is her Tang Qing Feng since, compared to the way his godfather tortures him, his godfather is actually holding back with Abu, which means he cares for her, and they came up with a plan to help him gain his memory. Their plan is for the hero to save the damsel in distress. In the woods, a group of bandits lay in wait, hired by Ji Zhong. They were told the plan is for them to kidnap a damsel in distress and they assume it must be a beautiful woman. They get ready to attack a carriage passing by.

A carriage from Nanzhao is riding through the woods with a small group of guards. The bandits appear. It turns out that Duo Miao Miao and Xiao Ba are part of the retinue traveling with the Princess. The man protecting the Princess steps forward and punches one of the bandits and then easily fights off the rest. Abu, walking through the woods, suddenly stops when she hears a body land near her. She wonders what the noise is, and why the show is starting already without her. She runs off towards the source of the fighting.

 photo eps20_2.jpg

Having defeated the bandits, the man sheaths his sword, but then realises that the Princess has disappeared. Duo Miao and Xiao Ba have no idea where she is and are sent to look for her when they run into Abu. It’s a happy reunion until she sees Xiao Ba and Duo Miao has to keep her from throwing her tiny brick hairpin at her. He tells her the Princess is missing and brings her along to help search.

The man who was protecting the Princess is calling out to her and glides through the woods as Duo Miao, Abu and Xiao Ba follow. Duo Miao explains, again, that they were all acting for the Magistrate and couldn’t tell her so that it would be more believable. It turns out that it’s been two years since Duo Miao and Xiao Ba arrived in this time. Duo Miao hasn’t found his mother and they’ve been working for the Nanzhao royal family. Abu is shocked it’s been two years and Duo Miao has Xiao Ba give Abu the exact days and minutes they’ve been here. Abu notices Xiao Ba speaking differently. Xiao Ba explains Duo Miao has been continuously repairing her system and has been taking good care of her. Abu looks at Duo Miao and teases him. They get distracted and don’t see the Princess laying in the bushes.

Back out on the road, they discuss the reason why, even though everyone was zapped away together, they all arrived in this dynasty at different times. Abu misses Tang Qing Feng while Duo Miao misses his mother. Duo Miao is not sure how to face Qing Feng if they do find him, since they’ve kinda lost his mother. Abu suddenly realises that the missing Princess is (or rather is destined to be) Tang Qing Feng’s mom and her mother-in-law.

The Princess’ guard, having not found her, decides he needs to kill himself for his failure but Xiao Ba takes his sword away. When he mentions his name is Duan Fei, Abu remembers who he is. She asks him about Ji Le and he is surprised that she knows him and even knows Ji Le. When he asks who she is, Abu says that who she is isn’t important, just that she knows who he is and knows everything. Then, we get Abu’s thoughts and overview of Duan Fei who she says should treasure his present days because in a few days, he’ll be so thankful for them, and how he failed in protecting the Princess. But, in the very end, he actually saved Qing Feng because if not for him, Tang Qing Feng would not have attained the Eye of the Universe, so really, his life was not a failure. Duan Fei asks if it’s really true that she knows everything. Abu says, “Of course.” She even knows he abandoned Ji Le before making this journey. Duan Fei looks as if he’s about to attack Abu but, instead, kneels,and asks for her help.

 photo eps20_4.jpg

Bo Ying and Ji Zhong come to welcome the Princess and her retinue. Duo Miao, who is leading the horses, thinks to himself how much Bo Ying looks like Tang Qing Feng. Duan Fei says the Princess doesn’t want to show herself yet and wants them to hurry into the palace. Bo Ying suddenly appears by the carriage, but Duan Fei stops him before he can look inside and shows him a piece of paper that proves the Princess is inside.

 photo eps20_5.jpg

Bo Ying tells Ji Zhong they should go, but as they return to their horses, Ji Zhong suddenly pretends to feel unwell and tells his Godfather to go ahead and he’ll catch up after resting a bit. Bo Ying warns Ji Zhong he better not be up to no good and leaves, leading the carriage to the palace. After they’ve gone, Ji Zhong looks around the woods for Abu and runs into Princess An Yue. At first, he thinks maybe she’s the hired bandit and thinks she’s too weak to do the job. We know right away she is Qing Feng’s mother as Ji Zhong’s messed up hair triggers her OCD and she punches him in the gut to get him to lean over so she can fix it. But he thinks she’s crazy and runs away.

In the royal court, the Emperor is introduced to the Nanzhao Princess who is actually Xiao Ba in the Princess’ clothes. Duo Miao and Abu act as her servants. In a flashback, we see that Duan Fei had asked Abu for help to regain peace between the two countries. Abu agrees to help search for the Princess, but Duan Fei has other ideas. He wants Abu to pretend to be the Princess and, once he finds the Princess, they’ll immediately swap roles. Duo Miao reminds them impersonating a princess is a death sentence. Duan Fei just wants to avert any disaster for his country first and will give them his undying thanks, and brings his sheath to his neck, forgetting Xiao Ba still has his sword. Abu realises if she doesn’t help and something happens to the Princess and her country, Qing Feng may not be born. Abu is tired of pretending to be a princess and suggests Xiao Ba as a stand in for the missing Princess instead, until they can find her. Once dressed up as An Yue, Duo Miao and Abu tried to teach Xiao Ba what she needed to know.

 photo eps20_6.jpg

In the palace, Duo Miao eyes Bo Ying and questions Abu if that really isn’t Qing Feng. Abu isn’t sure and she’s trying to prove it, but Bo Ying keeps evading her. The Emperor proposes a toast to the Princess, but Xiao Ba can’t drink so Abu spills the drink on her dress and asks the Emperor if she can take the Princess to be changed. Before they can leave, Bo Ying stops them. He doubts the Princess’ identity and has heard that the Princess can dance and wants her to dance for the Emperor as proof of who she is. Abu makes up excuses and the Emperor is about to let them go, when Bo Ying insists they be investigated. Finally, Abu says that she’ll dance, instead, and Duo Miao pulls Xiao Ba away from her quickly. Undeterred, Abu starts doing a little egyptian style dance. Xiao Ba, memorizing it, joins with her in doing the dance as well, while Duo Miao does his best to hold back laughter and everyone applauds. The Emperor, noting that the Princess only has one maid, orders another one from the palace to be given to her. Abu and Duo Miao don’t want a stranger in the mix, but before they can stop her, Xiao Ba agrees.

 photo eps20_8.jpg

Back at Tang House, Ji Zhong watches in amazement as Princess An Yue downs a serving of food and thinks she’s rather pretty. She starts scanning the room, straightening up the place as he watches in amazement and he thinks about asking her to stay. Rather than tell her the truth, that he wants her to be his housekeeper, he says he’s concerned for her because she’s lost her memory and the world outside is a dangerous place.

Duo Miao downs a drink and says that was a close call, certain that Tang Qing Feng would not target them like this, so they must not be the same person. Suddenly, the new maid knocks on the door and it turns out to be Tian Xian. Duo Miao and Tian Xian are happy to be reunited, but Xiao Ba is jealous and pulls him away. The two women start fighting over him, yanking him back and forth between them. Tian Xian thinks Abu is pretending to be the Princess, but when she shakes her head and points to Xiao Ba, Tian Xian faints.

“He looks like you, but he’s nothing like you.”

 photo eps21_1.jpg

Abu, Duo Miao, Tian Xian and Xiao Ba eat together as Tian Xian catches them up on what happened to her. She said that Bo Ying arrived and had been invaluable to the Emperor as he seemed to be able to predict a lot of things for him that helped him out. This makes everyone doubt Bo Ying’s identity even more. As she’s talking, Tian Xian puts food in Duo Miao’s bowl which Xiao Ba then puts into Abu’s bowl. Tian Xian notices and asks her why and she says it’s because she feels the foods she’s giving him are bad for him. Then Tian Xian worries that Duo Miao is too thin and that Xiao Ba was not feeding him enough.

 photo eps21_2.jpg

The Magistrate is in the toilet once again as apparently he doesn’t want to do business anywhere else (or they wanted to save on the cost of building sets). He’s trying to locate Tang Qing Feng and Yi, but he can’t.

 photo eps21_3.jpg

Duo Miao is worried about Xiao Ba and his mom fetching a pail of water. Abu says he has nothing to worry about as no one can harm them, but Duo Miao is actually worried they’ll end up in a fight. Tian Xian and Xiao Ba return, with Tian Xian scolding her. Tian Xian complains that whenever she fills the bucket with water, Xiao Ba tips them out, arguing the temperature is not suitable for Duo Miao to take a bath. When Duo Miao tries to defend her, his mom gets mad at him. Just then the Emperor is announced and enters the room to see the Princess, telling her that he intends to set the marriage date as soon as possible. Xiao Ba responds by grabbing Duo Miao and saying that she wants to be married to him. Then Bo Ying appears and the Emperor asks what he is doing there and Bo Ying tells him he will take care of everything, so the Emperor leaves. Abu tries to hit Bo Ying, but once again, he takes her brick and leaves the room. She follows him, asking who he is and he tells her it’s none of her concern. Abu asks why he keeps making trouble for them. Bo Ying gives them advice to stay in the room if they want to survive. He gives her back her brick and leaves.

Abu returns to the room and Duo Miao asks how it went. Abu says things are fine now, but she can’t guarantee what’ll happen later. She explains, if they wait here, Duan Fei will hopefully find the real princess and they can swap. They think this method feels familiar and realise it was something Qing Feng had suggested before, delaying the time. They decide that even though Princess An Yue has decided to marry, they haven’t specified a date and will decide the date instead. They ask Tian Xian to relay the message. When she tries to leave, she finds the exit blocked by guards. Abu still wonders if Bo Ying is Tang Qing Feng or not.

 photo eps21_4.jpg

She finds him falling asleep on a patio and tries to hit him with a brick, but misses. The guards see her and surround her, thinking she’s an assassin, but he sends them away. Abu thinks by saving her, it means he is Tang Qing Feng, but he insists he just didn’t want her blood messing up the garden. She mentions that Bo Ying gave Princess Nan Yang flowers and even bought a painting for her. This makes Bo Ying choke on his tea, but he gathers himself and says he doesn’t know who Nan Yang is. Abu says she also wants a flower. Bo Ying asks if he gives her a flower, will she leave? Abu says yes. He hands her a cup of flower tea and asks her for payment in return. She hands him a tiny brick, telling him she only has that. He takes it and leaves, doing a little chant [Linja: he’s imitating the gonging music you hear as he exits in style] as he leaves with Abu yelling in frustration.

The real Princess An Yue has tidied up Tang House and is very satisfied. The Steward arrives to inform him that the Emperor wants him to enter the palace regarding marriage and he decides he must go and have a talk with his buddy. They leave the Princess alone. Bored and not sure what to do, she decides to follow Ji Zhong to the palace.

 photo eps21_5.jpg

Ji Zhong and the Emperor argue about Ji Zhong’s marriage to Princess An Yue. Ji Zhong doesn’t want to marry and asks the Emperor to withdraw his decree. Even though he’s the Emperor, he looks up to Ji Zhong as a big brother, but as an Emperor, he can’t go back on his word, especially since it was a topic brought up by Bo Ying. Ji Zhong agrees that makes it a little difficult, but he doesn’t care. He just doesn’t want to get married. The Emperor tells him Bo Ying had reminded him that an Emperor’s word is law. Ji Zhong is unrelenting and thinks he can only resort to unconventional means. He locks the Emperor in an arm bar and demands he agree with him. Bo Ying shows up and breaks up the fight.

Princess An Yue is wandering around the palace grounds and hears Abu talking to herself about Tang Qing Feng. Tian Xian, Duo Miao and Xiao Ba find her and tell her that Ji Zhong attacked the Emperor and has been arrested. It’s a crime worthy of death. Shocked, Abu tosses her brick aside which knocks out the Princess as she’s wandering around. Tian Xian explains Bo Ying is forcing Ji Zhong to marry someone he doesn’t like. Ji Zhong tried to talk it out with the Emperor, but it didn’t end up well. They wonder why Bo Ying would have Ji Zhong arrested. They wonder if Bo Ying is trying to kill Ji Zhong. If Ji Zhong is killed, history could possibly change. Abu storms off to see the Emperor with her friends following. In the bushes, Princess An Yue wakes up with her memory back and wondering where she is. Remembering what she heard about the Emperor trying to kill Ji Zhong, she goes to find him.

 photo eps21_6.jpg

In court, the Emperor asks Xiao Ba why she is asking for leniency for Ji Zhong. She says that while Abu appears to be her maid, but they both, for a long time, have felt more like sisters and that she hopes the Emperor will be lenient. Abu, Duo Miao and Tian Xian hang their head hearing Xiao Ba give a random answer unrelated to the Emperor’s question. The Emperor looks behind them and asks, “And who is that?” as the real Princess An Yue arrives. She introduces herself to everyone’s surprise as Abu realises this is her real mother-in-law. When the Emperor asks who the others are, she tells him they are her servants. The Emperor is still angry about being lied to and calls the guards to have them killed. But the Princess says that, while she was injured and lost her memory, her servants did what was best for both countries to avoid war and ask for his forgiveness. She had heard Ji Zhong offended the Emperor and asks for leniency on her behalf, as Ji Zhong had given her shelter and looked after her. The Emperor assures her Ji Zhong is only locked up for a few days to be taught a lesson and will be released after.

The Emperor agrees to let her people go, having already talked to Bo Ying who has agreed to punish Ji Zhong at home. Duo Miao asks his mother where she heard that the Emperor was going to kill Ji Zhong and she tries to dodge blame for the misunderstanding. The Emperor asks An Yue if she would like to cancel the marriage and An Yue just smiles.

Back in their regular clothes, Duo Miao and Xiao Ba leave with Tian Xian. Ji Zhong talks to Princess An Yue, telling her if she wants to follow him, he will take good care of her. She says there is no love between them. Instead, she tells him that she’s very glad she met him and that he’s her first friend. Because the Emperor agreed to let everyone go, she will remain in the palace to work on retaining peace for her country. She gives him another punch so she can fix his hair and then he leaves.

Back at Tang House, Tian Xian and Duo Miao are eating. Bo Ying asks what they are doing there and the steward tells him that Abu said they are good friends of Ji Zhong’s who are trying to cheer him up. Tian Xian starts to choke on some food and the Steward runs over to check on her. Duo Miao is a little disturbed seeing the guy rubbing his mother’s back and her telling him he’s a good person and being kind of flirty with him.

A tired Bo Ying is trying to read when the door opens and Abu backs into the room. She turns and her hair is in disarray, intentionally done to provoke Tang Qing Feng’s OCD. Bo Ying’s hand shakes as Abu taunts him, but he just checks out her hair and does nothing. So she messes it more, determined to prove he is Tang Qing Feng. Bo Ying struggles again and finally can’t help but fix her hair, though he says nothing.

 photo eps21_8.jpg

Just as she’s about to paint her face with an ink brush, she hears someone calling her from outside. Recognising Tang Qing Feng’s voice, she runs outside and sees him standing there. Happy, she runs to him and hugs him as he is relieved to finally have found her. Bo Ying sees them together and he locks eyes with Tang Qing Feng. But that Tang Qing Feng is really Dark TQF and Bo Ying is really Abu’s Tang Qing Feng. Bo Ying is surprised to see Dark TQF who smirks back at him. Fake Tang Qing Feng asks Abu who Bo Ying is so she introduces Bo Ying as someone who looks like him, but is nothing like him and even shares the same formal name. Ji Zhong appears, reciting his poem once again as Abu tells Fake TQF who he is. Ji Zhong sees Tang Qing Feng and Bo Ying, amazed to see that the person Abu was talking about looks just like Bo Ying and how Abu tried to take advantage by pretending to be his godmother. Fake TQF starts to cough and Abu gets worried, but he says he’s fine. When she insists on taking him home, he tells her that for dinner he will make her some braised pork. They leave as Bo Ying can only watch and Ji Zhong goes back to his poem.

As Abu and Fake TQF are walking, she asks him where he’s been all this time. He tells her that for several months after that explosion he had been in the western region, but had been certain he’d find her at Tang House and came to find her. He promises that no matter what happens, he will find her. Abu then asks him who the person was he was fighting that day before the explosion. He just tells her that they are the same, which confuses her. So he explains that they both said that no matter who wants to hurt her, they would both die to protect her. Abu is indignant that she doesn’t need anyone but Tang Qing Feng to protect her. Fake TQF looks a little hurt at her words. Abu gestures for a hug, but Fake TQF is reluctant. She suddenly senses something is different about him, but then waves it off as nothing and they continue on.

The real Tang Qing Feng is looking at the tiny brick Abu gave him. In a flashback, we see that Dark TQF told him that to activate the Eye of the Universe, he’d need to hit it with another powerful force, though the process in dangerous. “If Abu knows, will she let you do it?” Tang Qing Feng, however, is willing to take the risk and Dark TQF promises he will be there to save her.

 photo eps21_9.jpg

That night, the real Tang Qing Feng is wandering around the Palace in black, looking for the Eye of the Universe in the Princess’ room, and overhears some maids gossiping. One maid heard from one of the Empress’ maids that in the middle of the night, there always is a glowing flame that appears in the palace. The imperial guards have been sent to look for it, but so far no one has been able to find even a shadow of it. When the other maid comments, “It really is her?” the first maid wonders who she is talking about. She says that she heard that Princess An Yue is really a demon. Even the dance she performed looked unnatural. Hearing a noise, the other maid tells her to shush. Tang Qing Feng leaves the room. Since Dark TQF clearly told him that the Eye would be with the Princess, he wonders why it’s not in her room.

At Tang House, the Steward is talking to the gang as they are sat down for dinner about how they have been good friends to Ji Zhong. Abu asks where Bo Ying is and the Steward says that he had some business. When she asks about Ji Zhong, he says that he has been staying in his room, working hard. Duo Miao is surprised that being broken-hearted can motivate one to work harder. Fake TQF arrives with a giant bucket of braised pork for Abu and she devours the entire thing. Then we get a music montage of them being all cute and sweet with each other as the servants avert their eyes at all the PDA and even Duo Miao is tired of it.

“Why do you want to kill the Princess?”

The Steward comes in and tells Duo Miao that his mother and Xiao Ba have both fallen in the water and he should go help them. Duo Miao rushes off and Abu is about to go help as well, but then changes her mind, knowing she can’t help when it comes to wars between female earth apes. When Fake TQF touches her nose, her little heart pounds as always.

 photo eps22_2.jpg

Outside, Duo Miao finds Xiao Ba and Tian Xian trying to bring the “who would you save, your mother or your wife” hypothetical question to life. But Duo Miao is a little annoyed to see the two of them calling for help while sitting in fountains that are barely two feet deep. He just stands and looks at them, and asks them what they are doing. Suddenly, Xiao Ba starts beeping. Concerned that the water has damaged the robot, Duo Miao runs over to get her out of the fountain. But it turns out she was faking it. As she celebrates being the winner, Tian Xian sadly gets out of the fountain as the Steward shakes his head at Duo Miao. Tian Xian weeps as she wonders why Duo Miao save Xiao Ba and not her, when she’s done so much for him. The Steward hands her a handkerchief, telling her that she needs to dry off so she doesn’t get sick.

Abu and Fake TQF see a happy Xiao Ba and a sad Duo Miao. When Abu starts asking Fake TQF who he’d save, he immediately points at her. Duo Miao is mad that he’s always being forced to choose between Xiao Ba and his mother. Their competition earlier has messed things up for him. As he leaves, Bo Ying enters. He’s about to confront Fake TQF, when the Steward arrives and whispers something to him. He leaves and Abu asks the Steward what is wrong. When she hears that the court is trying to pressure the Emperor to kill Princess An Yue because there is a rumour that she is a monster, she wants to head out to help her, but Bo Ying returns and tries to stop her. When she brings out a brick, he grabs it and uses it to knock out the coughing Fake TQF. Abu looks surprised and meekly says they’ll stay put. Bo Ying huffs, wave his big sleeves, and leaves.

Ji Zhong is reading his poem with cotton stuck in his ears. As he is reading, he gets to the line about females, he starts to ramble off and make up poems about women. Thinking he heard a lady call his name, he takes the cotton out and looks around the room. He thinks maybe he’s hearing things from studying too hard. He reprimands himself for getting distracted and is determined to study harder so that his godfather won’t scold him. Then he puts the cotton back in his ears and goes back to his poem. He gets distracted again and wonders where his beautiful woman is.

Abu puts Fake TQF to bed. Xiao Ba gives Abu the all clear and says he just needs to rest. Duo Miao says there’s no one outside and they should hurry on, but Abu tells Duo Miao to let Fake TQF rest a bit more. He calls Fake TQF weak and opens the door to see Tian Xian. When he tries to go out, she pushes him back in the room and closes the door. She tells him it would be too dangerous for him there and he should listen to her. Duo Miao says if his mother is always keeping him to her side, he’ll never grow up. He’s about to say that one day he’d eventually leave, when Tian Xian cuts in and says she knows one day, he’ll be an adult and eventually leave, but if she can protect him before that time comes, she will do anything to make it happen. She shares that she had a child but at age 3, he was hit by a carriage and died. Xiao Ba adds that if Tian Xian doesn’t want harm to come to Duo Miao, she should let him strengthen himself. Abu chimes in that if Duo Miao is always being protected, he’ll turn into a domesticated pet. Duo Miao pleads with his mother as well and, when she doesn’t respond, he opens the door to find Ji Zhong is standing out there instead. Duo Miao pushes past him, followed by Xiao Ba. Ji Zhong tells Abu that the Princess is in trouble and she leaves with him.

 photo eps22_3.jpg

In the Royal Court, the Emperor is telling the princess that there are rumours that she is a bewitching demon and that he’s being asked to kill her to quell the unrest. Princess An Yue is willing to die, but asks the Emperor allow her people to live. Duan Fei glides onto the room and scares the crap out of the Emperor. Duan Fei sees the Princess and tells her he’s glad she’s made it into the palace. He’d been looking for her and heard the Emperor wanted to kill her but didn’t think he’d really do it. He is about to draw his sword, when Bo Ying arrives and stops him. Bo Ying questions the Emperor about killing the Princess and he replies he’s being pressured. Bo Ying tells him not to be swayed by unfounded rumours. The Emperor turns to the Princess and asks why does she not defend herself when people spread those rumours about her. An Yue replies that if he really had the intention to kill her, nothing she says can change his mind, but if he believes her, she wouldn’t have to make excuses. Her life is in his hand. Abu appears and knocks the Emperor off his feet with a brick and asks why he wants to kill the Princess. He tells everyone that he never intended to kill her. Since An Yue trusts him, he’ll make sure not to disappoint her.

 photo eps22_4.jpg

Then Ji Le appears, certain that An Yue has something going on with Duan Fei, and zaps Ji Zhong when he tries to protect An Yue. (Enid Bee: Alien girls are super jealous.) When the palace guards arrive, Duan Fei takes out the guards, but Abu then takes him out and Bo Ying takes out Ji Le. Duan Fei and Ji Le, now tied up, have a lovers quarrel, as Abu explains to the Emperor about the relationship between Duan Fei and Ji Le, and Ji Le’s misunderstanding about Duan Fei’s relationship with An Yue. Before escorting the Princess to the palace, Duan Fei failed to inform Ji Le, which caused her to misunderstand his actions. Ji Le wonders how Abu knows so much about her and Duan Fei says Abu is a higher being and knows everything. Ji Le doesn’t care. She’s not here for Duan Fei. She’s here to take back her clan’s holy item from An Yue. Abu immediately thinks it’s the Eye. An Yue doesn’t know what she’s talking about and Ji Le says she saw with her own eyes that Duan Fei handed it to her. Duan Fei says she’s misunderstood him and he’s never let the holy item leave his side. An Yue agrees. Ji Le then asks why he gave it to An Yue. Duan Fei explains, that day, he had to empty his bowels and asked the Princess to hold onto it for awhile incase he actually lost it while doing his business. Things kind of get cleared up and Ji Le just wants the holy item back so she can leave. The Emperor lets the two lovers go and Ji Le leaves the palace with Duan Fei following. Abu and Fake TQF follow them as Bo Ying checks on Ji Zhong and the Emperor takes An Yue’s hand and promises to treat her well. (Enid Bee: And we know how that worked out…)

In the palace gardens, Abu thinks she’s resolved things for Duan Fei and wishes she could see what Qing Feng is like when he was young. Fake TQF just hopes they have a good ending and Abu promises as long as they are together, they will. Fake TQF steps forward to kiss Abu, but Abu steps aside just as Bo Ying appears and says he needs to talk to him. As they walk off, Abu is puzzled why she stepped aside and avoided the kiss. She follows them and wonders why Fake TQF is smiling more brightly towards Bo Ying than he does with her.

 photo eps22_5.jpg

The real Tang Qing Feng wants to know why Fake TQF is going back on what they both promised. Fake TQF had volunteered to find the original stone while Qing Feng will wait for Abu to show up. But now Fake TQF suddenly shows up pretending to be Qing Feng to get close to Abu. Fake TQF says he never promised to stay away from Abu. He says it’s not up to Qing Feng whether he gets acquainted with Abu or not before finding the stone and that he stopped Abu from finding out he is Qing Feng. Qing Feng says he knows what he is doing. Fake TQF urges him to look for the stone from Ji Le, instead of sticking around and getting jealous. Qing Feng emphasises he knows what he’s doing and will get the Eye, but warns Fake TQF not to get close to Abu. Even if Fake TQF is his future self, he doesn’t care, as Abu only belongs to him. Qing Feng leaves and stops to look at Abu who pretends she wasn’t trying to eavesdrop. He kicks one of his legs out and transforms into Bo Ying, strutting off as Fake TQF smiles at Abu.

Duo Miao is looking for his mom and finds the Steward who says she is not there, but that she left him a message. In a flashback, we see Tian Xian struggle to write a note and the Steward realises she can’t write so he promises to relay a message for her. The Steward starts to recite the message. “Duo Miao. I had thought protecting you was the best way I could show my love for you. But I didn’t realise, that because I was afraid to lose you, my love became a burden to you. I know you haven’t been happy recently. When you spoke those words to me that day, I realised I was wrong. Even if you are my child, I shouldn’t use the excuse of love to cage you and your feelings, and interfere with your life. Duo Miao, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. I won’t be like that again and I’ll let you go to choose the life you want to live. I’ll watch you from a tiny distance away and wish you all the best. The highest form of love I can give you is to let you go.”

 photo eps22_6.jpg

It sounds like Tian Xian has left but then, she suddenly appears, and it turns out that she hadn’t left Tang House. Duo Miao is relieved to see her, but then sees her holding hands with the Steward and gets really upset when he finds out that his mother is going to live with him. Tian Xian throws Duo Miao’s words back at him, saying that if he loves her, he’ll let her go live her life, too. The couple walk off together as Duo Miao calls out after them and throws up at the idea of this mother together with the Steward. (Enid Bee: So does this mean that the maid and steward from Season 1 were a couple and not twins? Or did they have twins? Linja: They had twins! But it’s still so weird though, because this couple already look like twins. It’s almost incestuous!)

 photo eps22_7.jpg

In the woods, Duan Fei is looking at the Eye and asking Ji Le about it. He hands it back to her, but then Ji Le hears someone. They turn to see Bo Ying and in a flashback, we see that Ji Le had also appeared in the palace that night looking for the Eye. She asks him why he was after the Eye and he says that he is linked to the Eye and wants to borrow it and will return it once he is done, but Ji Le refuses. Bo Ying leaves, but then they realise that instead of the Eye, Ji Le is now holding a pinecone. She gets angry, blaming Duan Fei for the loss and telling him that she doesn’t want to see him again until he finds the Eye.

On his ship, in the toilet once again, and eating his lunch this time, the Magistrate is happy when sensors locates the Eye of the Universe.

In the woods, the real Tang Qing Feng is hitting the Eye against his chest to try to activate it, but he isn’t able to open it. Then he tries biting it and jumping on it, but still nothing. Just as he thinks of a way to activate it, Abu arrives, knocks him down with a brick and takes the Eye. He gets back up and finally tells her that he’s Tang Qing Feng and asks for it back, but she doesn’t believe him.

“Are you Tang Qing Feng?”

 photo eps23_1.jpg

Abu hits Bo Ying and takes the Eye from him. When he tells her that he is Tang Qing Feng and asks for the Eye back, she doesn’t believe him. He takes off his mustache and beard and tells her that he’s really Tang Qing Feng, but she still won’t give him the Eye. Fake TQF shows up and says he’s Tang Qing Feng. Abu is stunned and Fake TQF takes her hand and tries to get her to leave with him. Qing Feng grabs her other hand and tells her that Fake TQF is really Yi and that he is her Tang Qing Feng. After asking them each if they are Tang Qing Feng she declares “Then I also must be Tang Qing Feng.” Qing Feng asks him why he’s doing this and Yi finally lets down his mask, and says it’s been a long time since he’s felt what it’s like to be near Abu and feel her closeness. Yi says Qing Feng wouldn’t understand and that he doesn’t treasure his moments with Abu. Yi suggests Qing Feng take the Eye and go about his grand business and he’ll keep Abu company. Tang Qing Feng says no matter what happens, he will not abandon Abu and Abu realises that he is her Tang Qing Feng and goes over to him. Then she asks Yi who he is. He says he’s also Tang Qing Feng, but from the future. Yi suddenly realises maybe all that time traveling wasn’t to save Abu, but it was to save Qing Feng and himself. Yi then decides to let go of her and let Tang Qing Feng do what he needs to do and he will do what he needs to do. Then Yi disappears. When Qing Feng reaches out for Abu, she pushes his hand away.

The Magistrate is putting his mustache and wig back on as the computer tells him there’s been an illegal time jump and the culprit must be arrested. The Magistrate tells the culprit to run as fast as he can because he’ll be catching him.

 photo eps23_2.jpg

Back at Tang House, Duo Miao is caught up with the news that Yi is the future Tang Qing Feng. Abu is angry and asks if Qing Feng is hiding anything else. He says no and Abu orders that he be tied up. Duo Miao asks what she intends to do and she says she wants to throw him into the river. Duo Miao sighs and starts to say something when Xiao Ba immediately says she’ll find a rope, so Duo Miao stops her, explaining they are just having a lover’s quarrel. Qing Feng admits it’s his bad for mistreating her and says she can yell at him and hit him. Abu asks him to hand over the Eye, which he does reluctantly. She is still angry and cannot believe he would lie to her and steal from Ji Le and use underhanded tactics just to obtain the Eye. She wants to destroy it, but Qing Feng stops her. When Duo Miao also tells her not to, Abu hits him in the head with her brick. She hands the Eye to Duo Miao to return to Ji Le, but the Magistrate appears and grabs it, gleeful to finally have the Eye. Abu laughs and says that what he has is a fake and that the brick she has in her hand is the real Eye. Everyone, realising it’s a trick, plays along and surrounds Abu to protect her. As they run away, the Magistrate, still not convinced, threatens to crush the Eye to call their bluff. Abu is sure the Eye cannot be destroyed and continues to run away. But when the Magistrate shatters the Eye, they freak out. The Magistrate is shocked to learn that it is the Eye, but before it is activate, it is breakable like any other stone.

Ji Le shows up, angry that her tribe’s holy item has been broken, and is about to kill the Magistrate, but he locks her in cuffs. Abu tells Qing Feng to run while Xiao Ba and Duo Miao get between Ji Le and the Magistrate to try and protect her. The Magistrate tries to intimidate Duo Miao, but instead he takes a few steps back and kicks the Magistrate in the face and then they run off with Ji Le as he recovers. The Magistrate then calls the Space Time Administration to tell him that he has found Yi and his friends.

Everyone is running through the woods when Duan Fei appears. Ji Le asks to be let go, still wanting to kill the Magistrate, but she is weak. As an all knowing high being, Abu promises Ji Le the holy item will be restored and make its way home. Duan Fei grabs a hold of Ji Le while Abu and Tang Qing Feng get him to take her home. Duo Miao asks Abu how she plans to restore the Eye but she has no idea. She only said that to get Ji Le to go home. Abu says they’ll rendezvous with them later and she runs off in one direction with Qing Feng. Xiao Ba tells Duo Miao that she senses his mother is in danger so they go to find her.

Tian Xian discovers everyone was taken by a mysterious person and the Steward tries to assure her he’ll find them. The Magistrate suddenly appears and tells them he knows the gang will come back here as long as Tian Xian is around.

 photo eps23_4.jpg

Duo Miao and Xiao Ba find the Steward knocked out on the ground. He tells them Tian Xian was captured. Duo Miao yells that he will kill him when the Magistrate appears, with Tian Xian being held by Scavenger robots, and damages Xiao Ba, who’s lost her attacking ability, when she charges at him. The Magistrate cannot believe, as a Captain from Planet Duo, Duo Miao Miao would fall for a Scavenger and acknowledge a lowly and ugly earth ape as mother. Annoyed, Tian Xian shrugs free from the robots and starts a dissing battle with the Magistrate, upsetting him when it’s clear he’s losing. The Magistrate restrains Tian Xian with his electric current and demands Duo Miao tell him where Abu and Qing Feng are or he’ll kill Tian Xian. Duo Miao offers to be a hostage instead. Finally freed, it seems Tian Xian has lost her hearing as she runs to her son. He tells his mother he loves her and then shoves her into the Steward’s arms so that he can keep her from chasing after him, but Tian Xian can’t hear a word, and is upset her son is leaving her. Xiao Ba also gets taken captive.

By the river, the Magistrate is choking Duo Miao while Xiao Ba demands he let go. The Magistrate demands he reveal where Abu and Tang Qing Feng are, but Duo Miao is willing to die rather than betray them. Suddenly more Scavengers appear and tell the Magistrate they have located the couple.

 photo eps23_5.jpg

Abu and Tang Qing Feng are still running through the woods. They stop, thinking it’s safe and then Abu unloads some bricks on him, still mad about him deceiving her. The Magistrate appears with his prisoners and the couple give themselves up.

Back at the Pool of Life, Dark TQF hears a report that Abu has been captured and promises to get back at the Magistrate.

 photo eps23_6.jpg

Abu and Tang Qing Feng are in a jail cell together. Qing Feng tells her not to be angry at him, and he won’t leave her again. Abu says he better keep his word as she still hasn’t let off all her steam yet. The Magistrate appears, laughing, and tells them they will have a tragic ending, but if they hand over the Eye, he’ll let them go. Abu tells Qing Feng not to worry for as long as the Ey is in him, the Magistrate won’t kill him. The Magistrate agrees he can’t kill Qing Feng, but he can kill Abu. Qing Feng tells the Magistrate he better not harm Abu and the Magistrate warns them if the Space Time Administration gets there and investigates, they will be exiled for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years so that they will never have an opportunity to see each other again. Abu believes the investigation will be fair, so the loser hasn’t yet been decided. The Magistrate asks if they think he is stupid and says he knows what he’s doing. Once they are exiled, Abu will be lonely and he’ll send people to harass her. Tang Qing Feng gets angry and grabs on to the bars of the cell, but gets zapped. Then he and Abu start talking, ignoring the Magistrate completely. Qing Feng assures Abu he’ll get them out. Frustrated, the Magistrate leaves. Once the Magistrate is gone, Qing Feng comforts Abu and says they still have a secret weapon.

Xiao Ba and Duo Miao, now in cat form, are in another cell. He tries to get through the bars, but gets stuck so Xiao Ba kicks him to push him through. (Enid Bee: So he could get his head through the bars which is bigger than his body, but his body got stuck?)) He runs off and comes back, now in human form, and with the keys to the cell. When he tries to get Xiao Ba to leave with him, she refuses because she wants to hand over the recorded evidence to the authorities.

 photo eps23_7.jpg

Outside, they pretend to be houseplants to watch The Magistrate. But The Magistrate sees through their disguise and binds them to trees, threatening to kill them. A group of aliens from Planet Duo appear, one of whom is an investigator. Xiao Ba starts checking her systems so she can show him the video of the Magistrate, but the Magistrate begins choking Duo Miao to stop her. Though Duo Miao tells her not to stop, she does, not wanting to see him tortured. But the investigator isn’t interested in talking to them as he only wants to interview Abu and Tang Qing Feng.

 photo eps23_8.jpg

Xiao Ba, now chained to a chair, demands to be let go, but the Magistrate wants the recording. Xiao Ba refuses, saying that Duo Miao and the rest of them are her friends and she wants to help them, so the Magistrate zaps her so that he can reformat her drives and destroy the recording.

The alien investigator is questioning Abu and Qing Feng each, asking about Yi and accusing them of disrupting time and space, but they refuse to plead guilty and insist that it was the Magistrate who had committed the crimes. The investigator doesn’t believe either of them and tells them to plead guilty. So Tang Qing Feng decides to plead guilty to save Abu.

Afterwards, Abu and Qing Feng are back in the same cell. Abu is frustrated Qing Feng pleaded guilty, but Qing Feng doesn’t want the investigators to know Yi is his future self. Suddenly, Duo Miao appears with the keys to free them and tells them Xiao Ba is still being held, and Tang Qing Feng realises that the Magistrate is trying to destroy the evidence, so they decided to save Xiao Ba.

The Magistrate is still torturing Xiao Ba. He produces a scepter and uses it to start blasting her with more energy.

Linja: I still don’t like Tian Xian’s story arc and wish they hadn’t included it. Aw, Yi didn’t turn out so bad after all. He’s just longing too much for Abu and that makes him act out sometimes. But seriously, how would a girl feel to be faced with their current love and future love? They are both, essentially, her beloved. I like the idea that the journey through space and time isn’t necessary to save Abu but to save Qing Feng from falling into that state where he became Yi. I am missing Duo Xing Xing and hope to see her again soon as next week wraps up with the last 3 episodes!

Enid Bee: Yeah, the whole Tian Xian story just seemed to be a vehicle to get Duo Miao Miao together with Xiao Ba, but I think it could have been done without her. I get that maybe they wanted to bring that character back, but honestly would have rather they had kept the original Duo Miao and maybe had him interacting with Ruyi’s ancestors before finally being reunited with her at the end. I really liked that couple. New Duo Miao and Xiao Ba are cute, but given that they barely used his cat form, couldn’t he just have been a new character altogether?

On the flip side, I love Yi’s story. I get now that his alien powers come from Abu’s antenna, but was sort of bummed there couldn’t have been a tie in to Zero. But I’m confused about why Tang Qing Feng went looking for the Eye if it’s already inside him. Is it that they have to keep the past Eye safe so he gets it in the future? I’m sure I’m missing something here. In the meantime, I’m excited, but nervous for the finale. I’m mostly hoping that our main couple will both be alive by the end of it this time.

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