Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 12-17 Recap

We’re at the halfway mark now: Abu gets a sister, Tang Qing Feng gets a kiss…from himself, Xiao Ba gets a heart, Duo Miao Miao gets to babysit his mom and we get to wonder, “The series is half way over. When do we finally get to jump to the Tang Dynasty?”

Join Enid Bee and Linja as we begin Week 03!


Series Information:

Chinese Title: 颤抖吧阿部之朵星风云
Episodes: 26
Genre: romance, comedy, sci fi
Broadcast Source: Mango TV, iQiyi
Airing Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 2 episodes a day
Current Progress: 17/26 (Season 2)

(Note: We are not professional translators so apologies for any mistranslations.)

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Character List
Our Favourite CoupleAliensEarth Apes
An Yuexi as Abu Cha Cha
A lively alien who disrupted the order of the universe. In order to adapt to life on Earth, she got caught up in many incidents and fell in love with an earth ape, Tang Qing Feng.
 photo shake-2.jpg

Zheng Yecheng as Tang Qing Feng/Yi
Raised by a general, but secretly the eldest son of the Emperor, Tang Qing Feng is handsome, smart, strong and reliable. He has no interest in ruling the world and only wants to save his people, love his woman and keep everything very, very, very tidy.
 photo shake-1.jpg

Xu Muzhen as Princess Nan Yang(earth ape)/Duo Xing Xing (alien)
Ning Xiaohuahua as Magistrate (Judge of the Space Time Administration)
Xu Jialu as Duo Miao Miao
Wu Peirou as YKTX-008 aka Xiao Ba (a Scavenger robot assassin)

New this week:
Qiu Bin as Duo Planet Prime Minister
 photo prime_minister.jpg

Wu Qijiang as Duo Planet Emperor
 photo duoplanetemperor.jpg

*Baidu finally updated the cast list so I went back and added in some missing names to the character list.

Wangzi Ming as Tang Yuan Chang
Mao Fangyuan as Chu Guo Gong
Lu Feng as Tian Xian
Gao Yiqing as Li Shu Zhe
Xu Ke as Li Manor Housekeeper*
Jiang Jian as Eunuch Du*
Li Chao as The Emperor*
Zhong Ming as General Wang*

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“If she says she’s the Princess of Planet Duo, then Princess Nan Yang is…”

Tang Qing Feng is driving a rented carriage with Duo Miao by his side and the ladies inside. He stops the carriage as a white pigeon proceeds to crash into it, carrying a message saying the Emperor wants Li Shu Zhe to enter the palace even if he has to drag him there. Abu worries it means Li Shu Zhe is in trouble, but Qing Feng is not concerned knowing his foster father has it all under control. Abu suggests they write him back letting him know that the seal is now in their hands and for him to stall for time. Duo Miao finds them a pen.

 photo eps12_1.jpg

Tang Qing Feng writes up a message to send to Li Shu Zhe, but finds that Tian Xian has killed and cooked the pigeon for their dinner. When Duo Miao points out that they needed that bird, she gets mad at him for calling her mother. Duo Miao and Abu have to restrain an upset Qing Feng.

Sitting down to eat, Qing Feng hands Abu a bowl of the pigeon soup and tells her that if she likes it, besides this pigeon, Big Whitey, he has two others called Medium Whitey and Jian Gang. Duo Miao wonders why he didn’t name the last one “Small Whitey” and Qing Feng tells him he talks too much. Then Duo Miao realises Tian Xian is missing. They look around and don’t see her, but Qing Feng realises they should probably check the seal. They open the box and, sure enough, it’s gone and there’s just a note from Tian Xian saying she’s gone back to Fuyu Island to find her son. They immediately take off after her.

That evening, they check into an inn and Tang Qing Feng makes braised pork. At the same time Princess Nan Yang is flying through the sky and complains about her crappy body being so weak before she suddenly falls and crashes through the ceiling. Qing Feng thinks it’s Princess Nan Yang at first, but then realises she isn’t the real princess after noticing her personality has changed and he’s being called an earth ape. She notices Qing Feng looking at her strangely and gets mad at him, but when she tries to take a step forward, like many a Duo Planet native, she is not used to the gravity and ends up falling to her knees. Qing Feng asks who she is and she introduces herself as Duo Xing Xing, a princess and heir to the throne of Planet Duo. Surprised to find another alien from Planet Duo here, he asks what she is doing here and draws his sword when she is not cooperative. She pushes the sword away and then demands to see Abu which surprises him. Duo Xing Xing smells the braised pork and tries to have a bite, but Qing Feng stops her, saying that he didn’t make it for her. When she threatens to call someone if he won’t give her some of the pork, he says she has no one to call so she yells out Abu’s name.

All of a sudden, he is standing in a room full of people with Abu and Duo Miao Miao in front of him and Duo Xing Xing sitting on the floor. Feeling he’s in trouble, Qing Feng explains to Abu that this is not Princess Nan Yang and tells how she fell through the ceiling while he was making braised pork for Abu and ended up staying the night, while Duo Miao makes doubtful noises. Abu doesn’t say anything while Duo Xing Xing makes thing worse by saying she wouldn’t have believed him if she herself hadn’t fallen from the sky. He tells Abu that the woman is a Planet Duo princess who says she knows Abu. Duo Miao and Abu look at her and ask if she really is a Princess of Planet Duo, which insults her. Abu says how dare a mere alien from Planet Duo reside in Princess Nan Yang’s body and claim to be a princess of Planet Duo. Then she tells Qing Feng that they should leave and they walk out, leaving Duo Xing Xing behind, still struggling to figure out how to walk. She falls over and the crowd applauds.

 photo eps12_2.jpg

Outside, Duo Xing Xing hops after them, cursing angrily and falling on the stairs. Abu tells Duo Xing Xing if she starts telling others she’s a princess, she’ll get taken away immediately. Duo Xing Xing dares her to and so Abu does. Duo Xing Xing is immediately surrounded. She meekly says someone looking as bear-like as her can’t be the princess and they all agree with her and leave. After they leave, Duo Xing Xing gets angry at being treated like this and Abu asks her if she regrets residing in Princess Nan Yang’s body. Abu and Duo Xing Xing bicker back and forth when Duo Xing Xing falls over again. Abu comments that Earth is dangerous and it’s amazing she lasted 3 days. She continues to doubt Duo Xing’s story until Duo Xing finally shows her a royal blue mark on her arm, a mark that she is royalty from Planet Duo and similar to the blue marks Abu and Duo Miao have on their foreheads.

Abu, now convinced, tries to change the topic and tells Qing Feng they should go eat, but he (like many of us) wants to know what happened to Princess Nan Yang. Duo Xing and Abu both kick him over before he can finish his question. (Linja: You know, if Duo Xing Xing is in Princess Nan Yang’s body, it can only mean the Princess is dead! Wow, she got killed off screen. I’m guessing the Emperor had her killed for aiding in the escape of Abu and Qing Feng.) Then she asks Abu if she knows why she calls her “older sister”. Abu asks why and Duo Xing tells her that it’s because she is the daughter of her father’s concubine and she is the eldest princess. Abu and Duo Miao are both surprised, with Abu saying that they need to go somewhere else to talk about it.

Hiding under potted plants, they discuss Abu’s family, with Duo Miao calling her Princess Abu. Duo Xing tells them as soon as she found out she had an older sister, she left to find her. Duo Miao wonders if Abu will go back to Planet Duo, but she wants to help Tang Qing Feng take care of his matter first. Duo Xing Xing offers to help, but Abu won’t agree at first and then she says she can come along. But first, she needs to learn how to walk.

Using a piece of braised pork, Abu tries to teach her sister how to walk, with the townspeople applauding every time Duo Xing Xing falls over, much to her frustration. When she gets upset, Abu reminds her that if she won’t go back to Planet Duo and if she wants to help, she has to learn. Qing Feng comes with a bowl of pork for Abu and takes over training duties so she can eat. The Princess is annoyed, but quickly falls in line only to fall over on to Qing Feng and get knocked out by his solid chest.

Back in the carriage, they are riding along until another pigeon crashes into them. The message contains bad news from Li Shu Zhe so they hurry to retrieve the seal.

 photo eps12_3.jpg

Arriving at the island, Abu and Qing Feng start looking for Tian Xian. She is commanding an audience of the people of the island, sharing gossip and using the seal like a gavel.

Abu, Qing Feng, Duo Miao and Duo Xing Xing are eating at a restaurant and Duo Xing Xing is bossing around the staff. The waiter hears them mention Tian Xian and he tells them where she is.

Tian Xian is telling the islanders more stories and mentions dancing girls which leads them to start dancing. Duo Xing Xing is dancing along with the rest of the islanders as Abu, Qing Feng and Duo Miao watch Tian Xian from the back of the crowd. Abu sees the seal and tells Duo Miao, who vows that he won’t let his mother run away this time. He takes a step forward, but Qing Feng tells him to wait for the people to leave.

As the crowd disperses, Tian Xian sees them. “You found me,” she says, laughing and clapping. Abu grabs the seal while Duo Miao tries to get his mother’s attention away from it, but she argues with him. He is sad, but Qing Feng promises to take her back to Li Shu Zhe’s house and find a cure for her. Tian Xian disappears again, leaving another note. Qing Feng reassures Duo Miao that they’ll find her on their route to Li Shu Zhe’s house.

Abu and Qing Feng are walking hand in hand through the woods with Duo Miao. (Enid Bee: I’m guessing they’ve left Fuyu Island.) Duo Xing Xing, who is farther behind, suddenly stops and squats down. She’s cranky and tired of walking. Suddenly, Qing Feng calls out to warn Abu and stands in front of her, sword drawn. YKTX-008 has reappeared. But before she can attack, Duo Miao steps in between her and Qing Feng. He realises that the assassin robot has been damaged. Duo Xing Xing confirms what he says, saying that the robot’s self-repair system has been activated. Qing Feng wants to hurry and destroy it before it repairs itself, but Abu warns him that if it’s destroyed, the Space Time Administration will just send a new one. Duo Miao says they can let it follow them as long as they know it isn’t a threat, but Qing Feng doesn’t want to put Abu in harm’s way. Abu assures him that they can just reprogram it, but Duo Xing Xing points out that, of all of them, only she has the skills needed, as she has a dual doctorate in Technology and Information Systems, and that she can reprogram the robot to obey them in just a few minutes. But when Abu tells her to fix it, she refuses unless Abu agrees to give her Qing Feng temporarily until she inherits the throne as a way to ensure that Abu won’t take it from her. Instead, Abu gives Qing Feng a nod and he beats Duo Xing Xing up.

Now heavily bandaged, Duo Xing Xing reprograms the robot as Duo Miao Miao eagerly watches and Qing Feng gives Abu a back massage. When she finishes, she tells Abu and asks her if, going forward, she can start talking to her nicely and stop beating her up and Abu says okay.

 photo eps12_4.jpg

Duo Miao Miao is watching the robot with interest when she wakes up. Upon seeing him, she calls him “Master” which surprises him. When he asks what’s going on, Duo Xing Xing tells him that the first person she sees is whom she will consider to be her master and that she will protect him. YKTX-008 introduces herself, but Duo Miao decides to call her Xiao Ba instead since it sounds better.

The group continues their walk through the woods with Duo Xing Xing hobbling behind, the only person not part of a couple. Upset, she throws down her crutch and demands a carriage. Qing Feng points out that there is no one else around and where are they going to find a carriage and she’ll just have to deal with it. But when Abu quietly remarks that it would be nice to have a carriage, Qing Feng immediately rushes to find one as Duo Miao tries to calm down the angry Princess.

The group finds a deserted house where the furniture is covered in dust and cobwebs. The Princess doesn’t like it so Duo Miao has Xiao Ba help him clean up the place as Abu makes fun of her. When Abu starts to go outside, Qing Feng insists on clearing the straw from the step in front of her. Then he goes to fix up the beat up carriage sitting in the courtyard as Abu watches.

Duo Miao, trying to keep the Princess happy, serves her some soup. But she is still cranky about Qing Feng doing all this stuff for her sister and is jealous, refusing to eat the soup. She pouts instead.

Duo Miao points to Tang Qing Feng fixing the carriage and tells Xiao Ba that this is love, but then realises that she won’t understand and, instead, takes her with him to go shopping for food. Duo Xing Xing insists on going with them, but when Abu agrees, she turns around and decides not to go. Duo Miao leaves the seal with Abu as she asks him to bring back braised pork. Qing Feng warns Duo Miao to keep a low profile while out in public.

 photo eps12_5.jpg

In town, Duo Miao finds a stand where masks are being sold. He asks Xiao Ba which one she likes. She tries out a scary looking one, but Duo Miao puts it back and tries out a more colorful one. Xiao Ba at first thinks he’s someone else, but then he tells her to look at his eyes to see that it’s him so she starts looking very closely at his eyes, even when he takes the mask off. He finds a pretty mask for her and realises she’s not smiling. He tries to get her to imitate some of the masks, but the result is not what he was hoping for so he buys her the pretty mask, not seeing the actual smile that appears on her face.

Tang Qing Feng has finished fixing the carriage and stands back to check out his handy work. Then Duo Miao arrives and at the sound of his voice, the carriage breaks. Giving up, Qing Feng calls to Abu that it’s time to eat.

As everyone sits down to eat, Duo Xing Xing watches with jealousy as Qing Feng feeds Abu and Duo Miao tries to feed Xiao Ba. The robot is not a fan of braised pork so she decides to feed him instead, to get him to stop trying to feed her. When the Princess looks down to see no braised pork for her, only vegetables and noodles, she has a fit, but no one is paying attention to her.

 photo eps12_6.jpg

Tang Qing Feng puts Abu to bed, promising to watch over her. Watching this, Duo Miao tells Xiao Ba that tonight they will sleep there. She agrees and walks over to the wall to go to sleep against it. Duo Xing Xing comes in with a bowl of water for Abu to drink. She’s way too friendly so obviously she is up to no good. Abu drinks it, but then when she asks why Duo Xing Xing brought it for her to drink, the Princess gets indignant that her sister would question her. She threatens to leave them and when Duo Miao shows her the door, they see Tian Xian run past. Abu and Qing Feng going running after her.

In the woods at night, they don’t see any sign of Tian Xian, but suddenly, Abu starts to feel ill and falls over.

“Didn’t you say I was Duo Planet’s Eldest Princess? Of course I have to go back.”

Tang Qing Feng and Abu are in the woods at night, looking for Tian Xian, when Abu, suddenly, feels pain in her head and falls over.

Duo Xing Xing is playing with Xiao Ba’s mask, waiting with glee for Abu to realise what was in the water and for Tang Qing Feng to see Abu’s true form and be disgusted. Then she can steal him from Abu and, once she’s Queen, she’ll kick him to the kerb.

 photo eps13_1.jpg

Abu feels fine, but Qing Feng is surprised to see her blue forehead and antenna back. Finally, he puts her hands on top of her head and she discovers that her antenna are back. She is ecstatic, but Qing Feng is stunned. Seeing that he doesn’t seem pleased, Abu runs away.

Qing Feng rushes to the house and walks up angrily to Duo Xing. Duo Miao thinks Qing Feng is going to harm her and stops him. Qing Feng tells Duo Miao that Abu disappeared and Duo Miao rushes off with Xiao Ba to find Abu and see what is wrong. Qing Feng knows what Duo Xing did and demands the antidote from her. The Princess tries to play dumb about what has happened, but he’s not buying it. When she still won’t cooperate, he wraps her up like a burrito so she can’t move. She finally admits she was worried Abu would abandon her, so she made her drink some special water that reveals her true form that will only last ten days. She then asks Tang Qing Feng if he still thinks Abu is pretty. When he asks what she means, she asks him if he thinks she or Abu is attractive. Abu then appears, also demanding that he answer the question. He is surprised to see her appear and when he doesn’t answer, Abu gets upset. When Duo Xing Xing tries to say something, Abu tells her to shut up, so she walks out of the room to let them talk alone.

Qing Feng, finding this all amusing, sits down on the bed. Abu is angry he’s not taking her question seriously and demands again that he answer it. He asks, “Aren’t you Abu Cha Cha who’s been with me through thick and thin?” She answers, “Of course! I’m Abu Cha Cha from Planet Duo!” Qing Feng continues, “Then what’s the problem? ” Abu is annoyed and says the problem is that she now has grown antennas which look nothing like a humans and se starts getting mad at him, but he grabs her wrist and whirls her around on to the bed. Leaning over very close to her, he makes Abu’s heart pound when he says that he will always love her no matter what. Outside, listening in are Duo Xing Xing, Duo Miao and Xiao Ba who checks out the look on Duo Miao’s face.

The next day Xiao Ba drives the carriage as Abu and Qing Feng make lovey dovey eyes at each other and Duo Xing Xing watches, still fully swaddled. When Xiao Ba stops the carriage, Duo Xing Xing goes flying out, landing flat on her face. They see a straw man standing on the road. Abu and Qing Feng approach it when Tian Xian jumps out behind them. Surprised, Abu swings around and hits her with a brick. Duo Miao is upset to see his mother knocked out and looks at Abu who then hands the brick to Qing Feng, along with any potential blame, who then hits it on his chest and lets it drop to the ground.

 photo eps13_2.jpg

Duo Miao checks on his mother and is happy to see her wake up, but she doesn’t recognize him. However, she is interested in the masks he has and takes them. Xiao Ba, thinking she is attacking Duo Miao, grabs her by the throat until Duo Miao makes her let go. Tian Xian cries and Xiao Ba feels bad.

At another inn, the group sit for a meal. The Princess is happy to get food, but then finds the rest of the group have moved to another table. When she hears there is only one room available, laughing she goes and grabs it first, but no one pays attention to her. In her room, the Princess is drinking when Dark TQF arrives. It turns out he helped her get Princess Nan Yang’s body. He warns her that if she hurts Abu, he won’t be polite. She is annoyed that so many people are looking out for Abu, but she promises not to harm her. He leaves, but then she starts scoffing at the idea of him trying to tell her what to do, he reappears, surprising her. He looks at her and she apologises, saying she was just joking and repeats her promise not to harm Abu. Hearing him cough, she wonders how he’ll be able to take Abu away from Qing Feng who’s all healthy and strong. She says if he agrees to work with her, she’ll break the couple apart and urges him to go home, promising to send updates. When she mentions Tang Qing Feng, he mutters another threat to him and disappears. Not certain if he’s really gone, Duo Xing Xing says Abu’s name a couple times to see if he’ll reappear, but he doesn’t.

In the morning, one of the staff from the inn tries to wake up Duo Xing Xing to pay for the room. When he finally startles her awake, she smacks him across the face. He tells her that her friends have left and she needs to pay for the room. When he calls for help, she knocks him out and yells, angry that Abu has left her behind.

In the woods, Abu is having breakfast with the rest of the group. Qing Feng mentions that without Duo Xing Xing, things will be a little easier for them. When Duo Miao points out that she is a princess, Abu reminds him that she also made her drink tainted water. She says the Princess is a big girl and she’s learned how to walk so she’ll be fine.

They see a bunch of people suddenly running past their campfire. Duo Miao and Xiao Ba stop one man to find out what the problem is. He tells them that a princess has been surrounded by soldiers. Duo Miao looks at the group and sees Qing Feng fussing over Abu. Rather than tell them what he heard, he looks at Xiao Ba, but there’s nothing to fuss about, so he checks on his mother. As he compliments his mom for looking pretty, Xiao Ba is a little sad.

 photo eps13_3.jpg

Duo Xing Xing is in the woods, surrounded by some soldiers. They think she is Princess Nan Yang and warn her that many people want to see her punished. She tells them that she is not Princess Nan Yang, but rather a Planet Duo princess and warns them that she’ll call her dad to blow up Earth. They warn her not to make things hard for herself since her father, the Emperor, has already passed away. She spits back, “No, your father’s passed away, your whole family’s passed away. Crazy people”. She tries to calm herself down and turns away, but ends up getting a fist to the face. Stunned at first, she starts to cry that it hurts and then yells how dare they hit her, and dares them to hit her again. So her face runs into another fist. Sobbing, she walks away and then squats down, crying how even her own parents have never hit her and they actually hit her. She yells they may as well beat her to death and the soldiers agree, drawing swords and coming at her.

The soldiers move to grab her, but then Tang Qing Feng appears and stops them. Just as Duo Xing Xing is going on about how handsome he is, Abu appears, asks if she’s seen enough and tries to take her away, but she keeps staring at handsome Qing Feng as he fights the soldiers. When Duo Xing sees him headed her away, she calls out and falls to the ground, feigning great pain. Fake sobbing, she grabs on to Qing Feng’s leg just as he walks up to Abu, hoping to get his pity. Abu, annoyed, tries to hit her sister with a brick, but Qing Feng stops her and says he’ll take care of it.

But before he can do anything, more soldiers appear to get the Princess. Duo Xing Xing gets up and tries to lean on Qing Feng, but he steps away, trying to protect Abu. Tian Xian appears, with Duo Miao and Xiao Ba following her. She attacks the soldiers as the rest of the group watches. With the soldiers all knocked out cold, she runs off to play with something else. When the Princess comments the soldiers are not very resilient, Abu points out that if Qing Feng hadn’t rescued her, she’d already be done for. Duo Xing Xing is annoyed at Abu acting all haughty and dares her to tell Qing Feng to kiss her, so Abu tells him to kiss her.

Tang Qing Feng puts away his sword to kiss Abu, but everyone is staring and he sees Tian Xian making kissy faces and everyone else watching them and starts to feel awkward. Duo Xing Xing is amused. Tang Qing Feng steps back, much to Abu’s dismay, saying that there’s too many people around. Duo Miao tries to calm Abu down, reminding her that they need to get to Li Shu Zhe’s house and get a doctor for his mom.

Back at Li Shu Zhe’s manor, Tian Xian is playing with the candles as Duo Miao and Xiao Ba watch her. Tang Qing Feng gives Li Shu Zhe the seal. Abu has covered up her antenna with her hair and covered up her blue face with Xiao Ba’s mask. Li Shu Zhe praises Qing Feng. He also thinks Duo Xing Xing is Princess Nan Yang, but Abu corrects him and says she’s a distant relative that just happens to look like Princess Nan Yang. Duo Xing Xing gets all offended when she thinks Shu Zhe is checking her out and starts scolding him when Qing Feng punches her in the face for disrespecting his foster father. As she starts crying, conversation turns to what to do about Tian Xian. Shu Zhe has his servant put the seal away and send for a doctor. Duo Miao reminds Tian Xian that they are going to find her son and she runs outside to look for him.

Shu Zhe comments on Abu’s new look, but when she can’t think of an excuse for it, Qing Feng comes up with one, saying there’s a rash on her face and she’s conscious of her looks, while Duo Xing Xing scoffs at her sister.

Later Duo Xing Xing brings Abu something else to drink. She asks Abu if she and Tang Qing Feng are going to stay on Earth and is surprised when Abu says that she wants to bring Qing Feng back to Planet Duo. Seeing her surprise, Abu says, “Didn’t you say I was Duo Planet’s Eldest Princess? Of course I have to go back.” When Duo Xing Xing tries to talk her out of it, Abu thinks it’s because Qing Feng didn’t kiss her back when she asked him to. Duo Xing Xing goes with it, trying to convince Abu that Tang Qing Feng doesn’t really love her and whispers to her a way to find out for sure how he feels.

Duo Miao Miao is walking his mother back to her room. Xiao Ba tries to help, but his mother is scared of her, so Duo Miao tells her to leave. As they walk away, the sad robot says that she wants to help her master.

 photo eps13_4.jpg

As Duo Miao watches over his sleeping mother, Qing Feng leads the doctor in to see her. After the doctor checks on her, he tells them she must have accidentally eaten laxatives to be having diarrhea. The doctor asks to be shown the back door and they ask why. He says things have been chaotic in town, especially for doctors who have said they’ve been attacked. He’s only taken this job on because they paid him very well. Qing Feng wonders who would put laxatives in food and drinks in the manor and Duo Miao is sure he knows who the culprit is.

We see Duo Xing Xing is mixing laxatives in with the wine when Abu comes in, startling her. Abu is ready to move forward with their plan at Li Shu Zhe’s banquet to prove that Tang Qing Feng really loves her. Duo Xing tell Abu that if Qing Feng really loves her, he won’t be afraid to hug her in public. She tries to get Abu to eat something before hand, but Abu is starting to be suspicious of her intentions. Duo Xing Xing insists nothing is going on and serves her some of the tainted wine.

 photo eps13_5.jpg

Cut to the banquet where we see Abu reveal her actual look to everyone in attendance. People shriek in fear as Tang Qing Feng yells at her for causing trouble. Duo Xing Xing smirks as Abu gets upset. Shu Zhe calls for the guards just as Abu suddenly feels the effects of the laxative and doubles over in pain. Guards run up and beat her as Duo Xing Xing looks on with a smile. She starts to laugh, but then, it’s revealed that it’s just Duo Xing Xing’s imagination. She is eating vegetables as Abu watches her laughing. Suddenly, Duo Xing Xing realises that the laxatives are in the vegetables as well and runs for the bathroom as Abu wonders what is going on.

 photo eps13_6.jpg

Tang Qing Feng and Duo Miao Miao are watching from Tian Xian’s room. It turns out they found the laxatives in Duo Xing Xing’s room and put them in the vegetables. Duo Miao is amused about giving the Princess diarrhea, but Qing Feng is worried about Abu. Someone walks past them and Duo Miao chases after them. It’s Xiao Ba and she’s pouring something down Tian Xian’s throat. Duo Miao stops her and asks what is it. Xiao says it’s laxatives. Duo Miao gets upset with her for not knowing what she was doing, but she tells him that she wanted to help him. He just gets angrier with her and throws the bowl to the ground. When Tang Qing Feng tries to stop Duo Miao from attacking her, insisting it’s just a misunderstanding, she, instead, shoves Qing Feng aside to protect Duo Miao. Duo gets mad she dares to hit Qing Feng and shoves her back, telling her to hit him. Her blade appears in her hand and Duo Miao takes this as affirmation that she is up to no good and tells her to leave and then goes back to check on his mother.

It’s revealed that Xiao Ba, obsessed with wanting to help her master, realised that she needed to learn medicine. She went to an apothecary and misinterprets the doctor’s remedy and thinks laxatives can cure Tian Xian. As she’s worrying, she begins to short circuit while she processes all her memories of Duo Miao. Her self-repair system starts to kick in.

At the banquet, Duo Miao Miao is mournful as Tian Xian is gleefully grabbing food from Shu Zhe’s table to eat. Qing Feng apologizes, but Shu Zhe considers her part of the family and isn’t offended. Qing Feng then asks where Abu and Duo Xing Xing are. A servant says that Duo Xing Xing isn’t feeling well, but before he can say anything about Abu, someone strikes a drum and dancing girls come out. The girls are all wearing masks and veils and they dance for the guests, but Qing Feng doesn’t take notice of them. When they finish dancing, everyone is applauding until one of them takes off her mask and veil. It’s Abu and now everyone can see her antenna and blue forehead.

 photo eps13_7.jpg

Shu Zhe and the guests start to shriek at the sight of her and people run away. Qing Feng suddenly realises something is going on and looks up to see Abu on stage. Shu Zhe calls for the guards to grab the monster, but Tang Qing Feng gets to her first and holds on to her and she smiles happily. He tells Shu Zhe that she’s not a monster and that she’s his Abu. When Abu asks Qing Feng if he still likes her, he kisses her in response.

“How many times have I hoped to see you before me.”

 photo eps14_1.jpg

Shu Zhe calls for his guards to arrest the monster, but Tang Qing Feng gets to Abu first and holds on to her as she smiles happily. He tells Shu Zhe that she’s not a monster and that she’s his Abu. When Abu asks Qing Feng if he still likes her, he kisses her in response. The kiss makes her antenna and blue forehead disappear. He’s about to kiss her again when, suddenly, Xiao Ba crash lands in front of them.

Xiao Ba starts scanning the people who remain as Shu Zhe runs inside to safety. Her instructions to eliminate Abu have now been restored. Duo Miao tries to get his mother to leave. Xiao Ba’s scan moves to Abu whom she recognizes as her target. She squats down and then jumps up high. Duo Xing Xing appears from the bathroom just in time to see Xiao Ba’s descent back to the stage as she dives down on to the couple. Her impact is like an explosion, knocking over people and things. Duo Xing Xing is thrown up in the air from the impact. Duo Miao calls out for Abu as Shu Zhe comes out to look for Qing Feng. Instead, they see only Xiao Ba. Guards surround her as she scans all of them. Tian Xian, seeing that Xiao Ba is looking for Duo Miao, grabs him and covers him with her own body so that the robot can’t see him. Not finding him, Xiao Ba leaves as everyone else wonders where Tang Qing Feng and Abu went to.

Duo Miao wonders how his mother knew to cover him and thinks she is finally healed, but then she starts walking off again, calling out for her son, eventually taking a hold of Shu Zhe whom she is certain is her boy. As Shu Zhe sends his guards to find Tang Qing Feng and Abu, Duo Miao Miao starts thinking Xiao Ba was acting like a Scavenger. When Shu Zhe wonders if Xiao Ba is a demon, Duo Miao insists she isn’t and then decides to go find Abu. Shu Zhe is surprised that he is certain that she is alive, and Duo Miao says, “Of course she is since Xiao Ba is still in pursuit of them.” Shu Zhe doesn’t want Duo Miao to go alone, but when he asks who will go with him, no one wants to volunteer because they are too scared. Tian Xian suggests that Shu Zhe should go, but he can’t and insists that one of his people should go instead, but they all run away, so Duo Miao decides to go alone, though Tian Xian wants to go as well.

 photo eps14_2.jpg

In the woods, Duo Miao is running to get away from his mother, but, of course, Tian Xian finds him. She scolds him for trying to go off having fun without her when he tries to get her to go back. Then she starts whining that she wants to go with him. Duo Miao tells her that if she goes with him, then he’ll have to worry about keeping her safe. She tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about protecting her and again he thinks she finally is okay, but then she gets distracted by a butterfly and starts to run off. Duo Miao catches her and asks if she wants to help find Abu. Realising that her sense of hearing is working really well, he has her concentrate on figuring out which direction Abu went. She sends him off in one direction, but as he starts running, she says in that direction she can hear birds singing. She sends him in another direction, but then says there are a lot of fish that way. A frustrated Duo Miao doesn’t know how to find either of his friends.

Tang Qing Feng wakes up in bed in a strange place. An old woman comes to give him medicine and calling him “Miss”. She tells him that they found him in the woods last night. He starts talking to the old woman, but in Abu’s voice, asking if she’s seen a woman who is short, pale and pretty. She brings him a mirror saying that he’s described himself and that is when he discovers that he is in Abu’s body. Certain that it’s all a dream, Tang Qing Feng decides to go back to sleep, but the sound of men outside draws his attention.

(Abu) Tang Qing Feng goes outside and sees a group of very buff men all eager to get the attention of their new guest. He tries to reach for his sword, but because he is in Abu’s body, he can only summon bricks. One of the men starts showing some needlework he did for her. Then another man pushes through to show off his own needlework (Enid Bee: What have I seen that guy in? He’s really familiar.) Then a little boy pushes through, also wanting to get her attention by offering her a sucker. As the rest of the men clamour for attention, Tang Qing Feng is trying to figure out the appropriate way to respond.

 photo eps14_3.jpg

The old woman calms the men down, telling them not to all talk at once and that their guest is still recovering. (Abu) Tang Qing Feng thanks the men for their kindness and tries to leave, but they won’t let her. The old woman tells her that she can’t go, asking for her name and telling her that first she has to pick one of the men of the village to marry since they saved her, according to their village’s tradition. The old woman guarantees she’ll give birth to a couple of children in two years time and all the men start throwing numbers of how many children she’ll bear with them.

 photo eps14_4.jpg

In the meantime, Abu wakes up next to Duo Xing Xing. She wakes her up, demanding to know where Tang Qing Feng is. Duo Xing Xing starts yelling at Tang Qing Feng to let go of her. When Abu tries to reach for one of her bricks, she realises they are gone and that she is now in Tang Qing Feng’s body. Upset she asks Duo Xing Xing what she’s done to her. But Duo Xing Xing just smacks him and a fight begins.

(Qing Feng) Abu thinks about what happened with Xiao Ba and how that affected them as a freshly bandaged Duo Xing Xing pouts. Duo Xing Xing yells at him to stop looking at her so he looks away. When he tries to leave, Duo Xing Xing grabs him, insisting that because he climbed onto her bed, he now has to go back to Planet Duo with her and marry her. Abu again tries to get a brick, but there still are none. Then she remembers the sword and reaches for it. That’s enough to get Duo Xing Xing to let go, but after a few steps, Abu finds that her sister has used electric handcuffs and now (Qing Feng) Abu isn’t able to go more than a few steps from Duo Xing Xing. When (Qing Feng) Abu tries to pull away, Duo Xing Xing pulls him back and ends up knocking herself out on his chest.

Thinking that now she can get away, Abu tries again, but it only makes her sister wake up, telling him that even if he kills her, the handcuffs will never go away, so Abu knocks her out again. Then, Abu remembers that Tang Qing Feng keeps assorted weapons and tools in his robes and starts searching through them. (Yup, that candle is still there. And there’s even a feather tickler in a call back to episode 2 of the first season.) Duo Xing Xing starts waking up again just as Abu pulls out the mask that Qing Feng had picked up. As they start to argue, Abu finally realises what she has in her hand. As Duo Xing Xing demands that they go to Planet Duo now, (Qing Feng) Abu tosses aside the mask and stops her, asking her what she thinks is going to happen then. When Duo Xing Xing is confused, he says that as long as Abu remains alive, she will go to Planet Duo to rescue him and in turn take the throne from her. The Princess is almost convinced, but then realises once a Scavenger has a target, they never stop pursuing them, and so Abu will definitely end up dead. (Qing Feng) Abu taunts her that she’s too weak to catch Abu herself. Duo Xing calls (Qing Feng) a lunatic and starts dragging him out of the room with her.

(Enid Bee: Kudos to An Yue Xi and Zheng Ye Cheng for picking up each other’s moves, gestures and expressions so well. They did such a great job, but trying to write this stuff out is an interesting challenge.)

 photo eps14_5.jpg

Tian Xian is anxiously waiting for their food down in the restaurant, while Duo Miao Miao tries to get her to calm down. They finally get the attention of the waiter and order a bunch of dishes. Duo Xing Xing comes down the stairs, dragging (Qing Feng) Abu with her. Abu sees Duo Miao Miao and wants to get his attention, but Duo Xing won’t let him, telling him that if they are with them, they will become a target of the Scavenger robot. Instead, they sneak out as the waiter is delivering the food.

Tian Xian eagerly eats. When Duo Miao Miao starts to feed her some of the fish, taking out the bone first, it briefly reminds her of when she used to do that for him and then she freaks out, insisting that all the food is hers. He tries to help her eat, but she is just worried he is trying to take her food, so he just watches her eat.

Duo Xing Xing is window shopping with (Qing Feng) Abu in tow, who stops, wondering if she should get Duo Miao and Tian Xian to help her find Tang Qing Feng, but then decides she’s better off looking for him herself. When Duo Xing Xing wonders what is going on, (Qing Feng) Abu takes her hand and tries to be all sweet, which makes the Princess nauseous. She asks what he wants to do with her and he says they should go find Abu.

 photo eps14_65.jpg

(Abu) Qing Feng is being shown around the village. Every man she passes flexes their muscles to show off as she looks away. Suddenly, Xiao Ba crashes down. The men of the village all run to protect their guest, but Xiao Ba easily moves past them. Before she can attack (Abu) Qing Feng, Dark TQF appears and hits her back hard enough to turn her into a sphere of bolts and screws. But he is still not fully healed and struggles with the pain. He warns (Abu) that the Scavenger robot will be back again, and that he may not be able to save her next time so she should leave straight away. (Abu) Qing Feng agrees as he does not want to involved the innocent. Just as (Abu) Qing Feng bids farewell, they both disappear from the village in a puff of black smoke.

 photo eps14_8.jpg

They reappear at the Pool of Life where Dark TQF doubles over in pain and begins to cough. (Abu) Qing Feng looks around the place and asks where they are. Dark TQF assures her that the robot can not find them and that he will protect her. Tang Qing Feng wonders who this person is and why he keeps protecting Abu. (Abu) Qing Feng asks him how does he know about Scavengers so well, and Dark TQF wonders if she’s really asking if he sent it after her. Dark TQF says he’s been chased by them before and that he’s the only person to ever survive an attack by the Scavengers and realises that she doesn’t believe him. (Abu) asks who he is and why they want to kill him, but Dark TQF just laughs. When (Abu) Qing Feng gets stern, Dark TQF comments that it’s been a long time since he saw her and that she’s gotten smarter. But (Abu) Qing Feng still has more questions. Dark TQF stumbles over to touch her face, but falls over when she avoids him. Mumbling about how he needs to get into the pool so he can heal, he promises to tell her more afterwards.

 photo eps14_7.jpg

As (Abu) Tang Qing Feng looks around the room, he sees the spheres and touches one. Immediately, he sees images of himself and Abu fighting a swarm of Scavenger Assassins. Suddenly, he finds himself in a dark, bleak landscape, covered in blood. He hears Abu’s voice, but only sees her dead body. Then, her spirit appears telling him to live on even without her. When he touches her, she disappears, telling him she’s just an illusion and he can’t take her with him. But then, her spirit appears over and over telling him this is an illusion, not to forget her and not to forget who he is. He yells until she stops speaking. Running to find her, he returns back to the Pool of Life.

 photo eps14_9.jpg

Dark TQF, now out of the Pool and out of his mask and hood, knows that (Abu) Qing Feng saw what was in the sphere, but Tang Qing Feng is still trying to process what he saw. Turning to demand answers, he is surprised to see himself faced with himself. Dark TQF says everything he’s done is to tell (Abu) she must leave Tang Qing Feng. Still confused and not believing what he is seeing, Tang Qing Feng again demands to know who Dark TQF is and why he saw Abu die in that image. Dark TQF asks if she didn’t see it all in the sphere. He talks about how so many times he had hoped he could again see Abu in real life, instead of just in those images. Those images are his most painful memories that only belong to him and belonging to Tang Qing Feng. Dark TQF tells her, regardless of how space and time may change, he will always love her. Finally, he confirms that he is future Tang Qing Feng and immediately apologizes for showing her the brutal truth. He only just wants her to leave Tang Qing Feng so that he can protect her. When (Abu) Qing Feng asks him who he is doing it for, he says for her, telling her that she and Tang Qing Feng together are doomed to die.

“- If Tang Qing Feng dies, then you…
-I also will die.”

 photo eps15_1.jpg

Tang Qing Feng, stuck in Abu’s body, is talking to his future self. Dark TQF apologizes for showing her the brutal truth. He only just wants her to leave Tang Qing Feng so that he can protect her. When (Abu) Qing Feng asks him who he is doing it for, he says for her, telling (Abu) that she and Tang Qing Feng together are doomed to die hundreds of times. Dark TQF has clearly gone a bit nutty and yells he had enough. He couldn’t kill himself (Linja: Probably due to the Eye in him.), so he’s decided he can only change history. If this part of history is erased, Tang Qing Feng will not exist, Abu would not have met him and will have a much longer life. (Abu) Tang Qing Feng doesn’t understand why that should be the case. Dark TQF explains, “In a parallel time and space, I’ve tried many times to prevent anything from harming you, but in the end, another batch of painful memories is added on. This is my last resort. The last hope that you can live on.” (Abu) Qing Feng asks Dark TQF that if Tang Qing Feng doesn’t exist… and trails off. Dark TQF replies that he also will no longer exist, but that isn’t important as long as she’s alive. It is his responsibility and also all he can give her.

Suddenly, bracelets appear on (Abu) Tang Qing Feng and the Magistrate appears to arrest her. It turns out that the attack on their spaceship was done with dummy shells and that the Magistrate is the one who has been bossing Dark TQF around and trying to get him to help find the Eye of the Universe. Dark TQF is angry that the Magistrate has take (Abu) hostage and warns he better not touch a single hair on her.

Elsewhere, Duo Xing Xing tells (Qing Feng) Abu that she wants to eat an orange and so he shoots one into her mouth. She spits it out, angry, and demands she wants a pear, and again, one is chucked into her mouth. Finally, Duo Xing Xing gives up eating. When (Qing Feng) Abu asks where they are going, Duo Xing Xing reminds him that he’s her husband now and that he’ll do what she wants. Duo Xing doesn’t want Abu’s name mentioned again and if (Qing Feng) Abu behaves, he can have whatever he wants. (Qing Feng) Abu rejects her and Duo Xing gets mad. Duo Xing tells him she went shopping on a different star. When those inhabitants tried to sell fakes to her, she taught them a lesson. When asked if she gave them a poor star rating, she yells she shot a missile their way and blew up half their planet. Her father got angry at her and she’s still angry at him. Abu pretends to be impressed by her.

 photo eps15_2.jpg

Duo Xing Xing sees a glowing ball in the night sky that she thinks is a pretty star, but it comes closer and suddenly, they find themselves standing in a bright beam of pink light. Three aliens from Planet Duo appear with blue hair, goggles and face masks. One of them immediately smacks Duo Xing Xing. Just as she recovers, another one of the aliens smacks her. She reassures (Qing Feng) Abu that there’s nothing to be afraid of and that this is just Planet Duo’s highest form of greeting and only those of royalty are worthy to receive it.

Duo Xing Xing then introduces the Prime Minister of Planet Duo and his Left and Right Ministers. They say they are short on time for introductions but immediately break into a rap introducing themselves. They, then, inform her Planet Duo has exploded and her father is dead. Duo Xing Xing thinks they are crazy and doesn’t believe their story so she beats them up, screaming they would lie to her just to take her back. They bring out a piece of paper, and she can’t believe they even prepared props to go along with their story. She screams, “Are you filming a movie?” and proceeds to beat them up again. When (Qing Feng) Abu suggests that they may be telling the truth, which aggravates her more, she calls her dad, but ends up hearing just music (Linja: dramatic music that is often played during older period dramas when Emperors pass away) and realises they were telling the truth and faints in disbelief as the ministers fuss over her.

 photo eps15_3.jpg

The Magistrate pulls out one of (Abu) Qing Feng’s hairs, taunting Dark TQF by harming a hair on her head and then another one. When he steps forward, the Magistrate holds a sword up to his chest, making him stop. But Dark TQF is undeterred and wants to protect Abu so the Magistrate lets (Abu) go and takes a few steps back. When the Magistrate tells her that he and Dark TQF had planned all the events that had taken place on Earth since their crash, (Abu) Qing Feng asks Dark TQF if this is true. The Magistrate answers, saying that for Abu, Yi would do anything and wonders why Yi hasn’t told her the whole truth. As the Magistrate starts sharing more information, Dark TQF tries to get him to shut up and that their business is none of his concern.

 photo eps15_4.jpg

When (Abu) Qing Feng demands to know more, Dark TQF, instead, grabs her and starts kissing her. (Abu) Qing Feng tries to push away, but Dark TQF pulls her back and kisses her until she passes out. (Enid Bee: Wow, Dark TQF as a kisser seems a lot more passionate that Tang Qing Feng. I’m really bummed though that storyline wise, he’s not kissing Abu. Would have been interesting to see her reaction. Then again, they hardly ever let the girls kiss anyone outside of their leading man. Linja: I agree. The kiss was hot, but my mind is telling me it’s not Abu, even though he is kissing An Xue Yi, LOL. Excited to see the BTS for this scene! Enid Bee: And added…) The Magistrate is impressed by his skills. Dark TQF tells the Magistrate the show is over and they need to talk.

(Qing Feng) Abu is carrying her sister as the ministers follow them. The ministers, not used to the gravity on earth, are stumbling around and struggling. Abu gets annoyed that all they do is whine and haven’t offered to help. They said they are giving (Qing Feng) a chance to be close to the princess and he should be grateful. (Qing Feng) Abu gets mad and pulls down his sword. They ask him to speak nicely and continue to follow him but still have trouble walking straight. Abu, seeing them in such a sorry mess, sighs and puts the sword away.

Dark TQF is watching the sleeping (Abu) Qing Feng and the Magistrate doesn’t understand why he is wasting time just watching her when he wants to talk to come up with solutions. Dark TQF reminds him that if Abu is not saved, he will not gain anything. The Magistrate also reminds him that he has spent a lot of effort to hide him. He won’t stop him from saving Abu. They’ve even gone against Scavengers to travel through time, but he isn’t the only member of the Space Time Administration. He tells Dark TQF he’s become infamous and warns him that the authorities have found his location, and that he needs to leave this time period or even he cannot help him. Dark TQF wants the Magistrate to take care of the Scavenger assassins or he won’t get anything. The Magistrate is frustrated by this, but finally he agrees to do it and leaves as Dark TQF once again promises to protect Abu.

 photo eps15_6.jpg

At an inn, (Qing Feng) Abu asks for a room and then carries her sister upstairs, followed by the ministers in the traditional Planet Duo houseplant disguise. Once up to the room, (Qing Feng) Abu demands to know how Planet Duo blew up. They reveal that when someone becomes Emperor of Planet Duo, their life is tied to the life of the planet. Because he died so unexpectedly, it affected the planet and they wanted to come to Earth to find the Eldest Princess to help them. Fortunately, they were able to save some of the people and pull out what looks like a pink water bottle which holds the surviving residents of Planet Duo.

They push a button on top of the pink capsule and a recorded image of the deceased Emperor appears. Abu sees him and thinks that she must have gotten her good looks from her mother. (Qing Feng) Abu is about to press a button on the capsule, asking what it does, when the ministers stop him. It turns out they now want to use Earth as their new home. But when (Qing Feng) Abu tells them to take off their masks, they start choking on the air and realise that it’s not safe for their people. When one minister suggests they take over the bodies of earth apes, Abu warns that earth apes are mortal and that they should first find the Eldest Princess (Abu) and then they can figure out how to save everyone. The ministers agree with the plan and want to thank Duo Xing Xing’s husband with a friendly smack on the face, but (Qing Feng) Abu declines the honor. When the ministers wonder how they’ll be able to tell who the Eldest Princess is, (Qing Feng) Abu gives them a sketch of her and they immediately go off in search of her. With them gone, Abu decides that they should go back to Li Shu Zhe’s manor and see if Tang Qing Feng shows up there as Duo Xing Xing dreams that her father is still alive.

 photo eps15_5.jpg

Dark TQF is still watching (Abu) Qing Feng when she wakes up. Distancing herself from him,she insists that Tang Qing Feng will protect Abu and won’t let her get hurt. But Dark TQF just laughs in amusement and asks if she thinks that Tang Qing Feng’s Eye of the Universe will protect them if he cannot activate it. (Abu) Qing Feng tells Dark TQF that if he wants Abu protected, he can just teach Qing Feng how to control the Eye and not resort to this. (Abu) Qing Feng also asks if he can guarantee that if Qing Feng doesn’t exist, Abu will never be in danger. If Abu is in danger, who will protect her? Dark TQF just keeps repeating that only if Tang Qing Feng is dead… (Abu) Qing Feng says, if he wants to run away, then he should run further away and never show up in front of them again, then suddenly passes out again and Dark TQF catches her, still certain that only by killing Tang Qing Feng can he save Abu.

Duo Miao Miao and Tian Xian are still in the woods trying to find Abu. Duo Miao Miao stops to tell his mother that he is very and extremely certain this time that they are definitely lost. He cries in frustration and his mother asks what is “lost” and it is fun. As he hugs a tree and pleads for someone to help them, a floating ball of bolts and nuts hovers overhead, listening in and scanning Duo Miao’s face, asking itself whether it should attack, while Tian Xian wanders off.

Duo Miao comes upon the village where (Qing Feng) Abu was first found and sees his mother already there. She tells him she’s afraid and he asks what she’s afraid of, when, suddenly, he finds that they are surrounded by a group of very strong men. Promising to protect her, he drops to his knees and starts to tell a soppy story about himself and his poor mother. The men wonder if perhaps they are monsters, too, and reckon they are in cahoots with the female they rescued earlier. Hearing them mention a pretty girl, Duo Miao Miao at first thinks they are talking about Xiao Ba, but they run and hide at the mention of her name.

Seeing that the men are all afraid, Duo Miao gets some of his confidence back. They mention that Xiao Ba tried to kill another girl and realises that they are talking about Abu. Then he sees the Magistrate standing outside the entrance to the village. The Magistrate cannot believe someone would dare to order him around and once he’s dealt with the Scavenger and finished his deal, he’s gonna teach him a lesson. It turns out he’s facing off with a little boy from the village. When he takes candy from the boy, Duo Miao appears and kicks him in the head. He knew it was him from a distance and scolds him for taking candy away from the boy as he takes it from the Magistrate and starts sucking on it. The Magistrate insists that he has the wrong person. Duo Miao tells the Magistrate that his mother may mistake him, but he knows who he is. The Magistrate still insists he isn’t a magistrate, but just a fan who likes to dress like him. He tries to leave, but Duo Miao stops him and asks why he is here on Earth and who he’s working with that he sent the Scavengers. Suddenly, the Magistrate puts bracelets on Duo Miao and tries to kill him, but Tian Xian comes just in time and knocks him out with a broom before carrying Duo Miao to safety. Then the little boy returns with the men of the village to punish him, but with his curly wig, they think he’s a lady and take him back to the village.

Duo Miao Miao has Tian Xian put him down as he wants to throw up due to motion sickness. He suddenly realises that she actually has been cured of her illness and has been pretending to still be brain damaged. She confesses that she liked Duo Miao taking care of her and didn’t want him to dislike her, so she kept pretending. Duo Miao Miao apologizes for being a bad son, but as he hugs her, the bracelets activate and he is thrown back and bound to a tree. The Magistrate appears to finish him off as Tian Xian tries to protect him with her body. When the Magistrate threatens to finish them both off, Tian Xian calls out, “Wait!” He says he won’t wait, but it turns out Tian Xian wasn’t talking to him, but rather to Xiao Ba, who appeared behind him and now has her sickle at his throat.

 photo eps15_8.jpg

Duo Miao is surprised to see Xiao Ba, as is the Magistrate. But as she comes around to face him, the Magistrate starts reprogramming her to go after Duo Miao instead. As he does so, Duo Miao calls out to Xiao Ba and tells her that he knows she was working with them before and that he won’t let her hurt his mom. She tries to tell him that she’s not trying to hurt his mom, but gets reprogrammed before she can finish. Turning from the now laughing Magistrate, she scans Duo Miao and approaches him, but then turns and attacks the Magistrate instead. Surprised by this turn of events, he disappears and Duo Miao Miao finds that the bracelets have also deactivated. When he asks Xiao Ba why she saved them, she doesn’t know why. Because she disobeyed a command, Xiao Ba has to go into sleep mode and turns back into a ball of nuts and bolts which falls to the ground and then sinks into the earth before Duo Miao can get to her.

“I can tell you’re keeping something from me.”

 photo eps16_1.jpg

The wounded Magistrate appears outside the cave of the Pool of Life. Dark TQF is amused that such an insignificant Scavenger could do this to him, but the Magistrate insists it’s because it was recently damaged. Dark TQF wonders then why he has come looking for him. The Magistrate warns him that the Space Time Administration has found him and insists that he’s helping him and reminding him of their agreement. Knowing that he will be easily found in any big city, Dark TQF decides it’s time to move to another time period.

(Enid Bee: OK, Zheng Ye Cheng’s wig is starting to bug me. I’ve been trying to overlook it so far this season as usually I’m not one to nitpick about costumes or or sets – those plastic vines, soap bubble snowstorms, etc… -, but seriously, no one’s hairline is that far in front of their ears!! End of rant.)

 photo eps16_2.jpg

Outside a building (Enid Bee: What is that blue emblem? Looks so familiar…) the three Planet Duo Ministers, bundled up so that people can only see their goggles, are showing the drawing of Abu to a little kid and asking him if he’s seen their Eldest Princess. The kid yells that there are monsters and they are immediately surrounded by townsfolk who beat them up.

Tian Xian and Duo Miao have walked back to town. Duo Miao is sad about Xiao Ba and his mother is trying to console him and tells him that Xiao Ba is a good person. He pretends to be okay and that Xiao Ba doesn’t really mean anything to him since she’s a robot. (Enid Bee: Sure she doesn’t…) Some guards from Shu Zhe’s manor find Duo Miao and tell him that Tang Qing Feng has been looking for him. As he runs inside, Tian Xian asks one of the guards for the latest gossip.

The Planet Duo Ministers are hiding behind colourful parasols, lingering at a cart. The salesman tells them to buy something or leave. They show him the sketch of Abu, but he sees their blue hair, goggles and masks and, once again, the Ministers are being chased by a crowd of people. Tian Xian eagerly joins in the chase.

Duo Xing Xing is sleeping while (Qing Feng) Abu is still locked to her with those electric handcuffs. Duo Miao Miao enters and (Qing Feng) Abu is happy to see he is back. But Duo Miao is not sure what to think so he leaves the room, then comes back again and starts yelling, recognizing that Abu is in Qing Feng’s body. When (Qing Feng) Abu tells him that she has some important issue to discuss, Duo Miao knows Planet Duo has exploded. (Enid Bee: Probably showed him via telepathy.) He is distraught to know that he’s lost all that accumulated in 950 years as well as losing family members. When Abu tries to figure out how to get the cuffs removed, Duo Miao is easily able to resolve the issue by twisting the Princess’ ear.

Abu is ready to go save the day, but Duo Miao wants a drink. He is still rather shaken by the news. As he tries to drink, Abu tells him about the ministers who arrived and how they want to take over Earth. When Abu has to remind a distracted Duo Miao again about what happened to Planet Duo, they wake up the Princess briefly and almost knock over the capsule holding the rest of the Planet Duo residents. Abu sees the meter on the capsule is at 15% and they don’t have much time. Duo Miao worries about how they will find the real Tang Qing Feng. Certain that the Princess will agree to taking over the Earth, they need to figure out a way to stop it. Then Abu realises that the Princess will know of another option.

The Princess, now tied up with rope, is yelling for them to let her go and for being so disrespectful to her. Duo Miao tells her not to be angry, but then (Qing Feng) Abu starts talking about how to save their people and that they need to find Tang Qing Feng while the Princess listens in, very confused.

The Ministers have been beaten up and lay like lettuce.. with lettuce. Tian Xian has been gossiping with the local ladies when she hears someone call her name and suddenly (Abu) Tang Qing Feng is dropped in her arms. Dark TQF watches from a distance to make sure his Abu is safely delivered. Tian Xian starts calling out that Abu has returned.

 photo eps16_3.jpg

Having locked the Princess in the wardrobe, (Qing Feng) Abu and Duo Miao run to get him. Tian Xian tells them how he found her and (Qing Feng) Abu carries her back to the room. As he and Duo Miao wait for her to wake up, they start their conversation from way back in Episode 1 on the spaceship about finding a Tang Qing Feng from an alternate universe to take his place if needed. And, as before, this wakes up (Abu) Tang Qing Feng who does not want to be replaced. Abu is happy to see Tang Qing Feng is awake as is Tang Qing Feng who immediately hugs her while Abu is surprised by how comfortable it still is to hold him even though they are in each other’s bodies. When Tang Qing Feng takes a step back, Abu thinks it’s because he’s worried. She assures him that when they swap bodies back, he won’t feel a thing. But when Tang Qing Feng asks if they know how to swap back, Abu says they don’t, but are certain they will figure it out.

To try to swap their bodies back, they decide that if they are in danger, that will make them swap back, so they get a group of servants – girls versus guys – to run at them. But, of course, Tang Qing Feng won’t willingly let Abu get hurt and they quickly move out of the way and the plan fails.

 photo eps16_4.jpg

Duo Miao Miao decides to come up with another plan. And this time he decides they all need a drink. Soon enough the three of them are drunk. Duo Miao Miao then ties the two of them up outside and plans the ultimate way to scare them. He unveils Shu Zhe and Tian Xian all made up in bad makeup and has them run at the two, threatening to kiss them. This is enough to scare Abu and Qing Feng back into their own bodies.

Duo Xing Xing is now fully tied up with rope and lays on her bed, yelling at Abu, Qing Feng and Duo Miao that she’s going to kill them. Abu and Duo Miao are ready to torture her, but Tang Qing Feng stops them. But when the Princess goes on about taking over the Earth as the new Planet Duo, he locks her up in the cabinet with a sign saying “No one is in here”, saying that if she’s going to talk nonsense, then she’ll be locked up there until she gives them information. Abu and Duo Miao are impressed.

As they eat, they discuss the plan. Tang Qing Feng is worried about Abu’s safety. Just then the Ministers fall into the room, struggling to breathe. Abu and Duo Miao run and hide in the cabinet with the Princess, leaving Tang Qing Feng to talk to them. They tell him that they still have not found the Eldest Princess. He tries to get them to take a break, but they insist that they must find her. Just then Duo Miao and Abu make their grand entrance from the cabinet and the Ministers are finally introduced to their Eldest Princess as Duo Xing Xing is left in the cabinet. Tang Qing Feng is surprised to find out Abu is a Princess.

 photo eps16_5.jpg

The Ministers give Duo Miao the traditional slap in the face, but Abu declines the honor. She tells them that they can not invade Earth and vows to find a way to save their people another way. They show Abu a hologram of her late father which reveals that he had found an alternate source of energy on Earth that could be used to make a new planet for them. When Duo Miao interrupts, Abu knocks him out and then tells the Ministers that she likes this plan. She also has them go find bodies to inhabit as they can’t survive on Earth in their current form.

Abu and Qing Feng are having lunch at a food stall. Abu actually feeds him this time instead of her usual habit of eating the entire bowl herself. She mentions how Duo Miao told her about a figure in black and he gets distracted, thinking about the vision he saw of Abu dying and all the things Dark TQF told him. He tells Abu that he should go help Duo Miao Miao and he leaves. But Abu chases after him, wanting to know what’s wrong. She shows him the mask that she found when she was him and asks about it. She knows it’s from that man in black, but when she demands that she return it to that person, Qing Feng is relieved that she hasn’t figured out anything else and takes it back, agreeing to return it.

 photo eps16_6.jpg

Back at Li Shu Zhe’s manor, they are thanking him for all his help and saying goodbye to him. Then he notices they have a new friend, a jittery, awkward man holding a pair of salted fish. He asks who this person is. Abu says that he is her cousin who just arrived the other day and they are returning home with him. As everyone else leaves, Duo Miao stops Abu’s “cousin” who asks where he found the body. It turns out the Ministers found the body of a man killed by salted fish. The Prime Minister took over the man’s body and his Left and Right Ministers are in the fish. The Prime Minister asks where the Second Princess is and Duo Miao tells him she is in a safe place.

In the meantime, Duo Xing Xing finally falls out of the cabinet and spits out her gag, determined to get back at her sister.

Walking through Wang Zhe Canyon, as they look for the source of energy to help make a new Planet Duo, Abu senses something is up with Qing Feng and starts making beeping noises as she scans him. (Enid Bee: Anyone else laugh at the sudden high beep?) When he asks what she’s doing, she says she’s scanning him because she can tell he’s keeping something from her. When he tries to deny it, she beeps faster, not believing him.

Tian Xian is fussing over Duo Miao Miao as usual, worried that it’s too hot for him. The Prime Minister talks to his salted fish, trying to locate the energy source they are seeking. Duo Miao and Tian Xian appear and grab a hold of the fish when they hear that they are suggesting that they just make their home on Earth instead. They threaten to make them into soup. The Prime Minister quickly runs away, or at least tries to, but doesn’t get very far. (Enid Bee: Like the fish on the bottom of his socks.) Tian Xian and Duo Miao continue on their way, leaving him behind.

Abu is enjoying the woods as Qing Feng watches her wandering about, making sure she doesn’t get too far away. As Tian Xian and Duo Miao watch the couple, the salted fish suddenly sense the energy source and the Prime Minister goes running past them. Abu chases after with Qing Feng in tow.

 photo eps16_7.jpg

As the Prime Minister wanders around, he finds a tree wrapped in vines and then sees that the salted fish are suddenly wrapped in vines. Then he realises he is wrapped up in vines as well and calls out for help. Abu hears them and runs through a glowing archway into another part of the woods with Qing Feng, Tian Xian and Duo Miao following. They see the Prime Minister playing jump rope with an animated vine, seemingly having fun. Duo Miao and Tian Xian join them, but suddenly all three are tied up to trees with vines, each in the middle of their own happy dream. Abu and Qing Feng realise they are in a strange part of the woods when the vines become animated and start chasing after them. They are able to dodge them, but when Qing Feng grabs one, it cuts up his hand. To protect Abu, he stands in front of her and gets whipped by the vines as their friends are being strangled. Suddenly Abu realises how to fight off the vines. Bringing out a brick, she tells Qing Feng to strike her.

“Remember, I’m the only one who can get you the Eye of the Universe.”

 photo eps17_1.jpg

Surrounded by animated vines that are attacking them, Abu pulls out a brick and tells Qing Feng to strike her. He obeys and as his blade hits her brick, a spark ignites some leaves and Abu is able to make a torch that scares off the vines and allow them to free their friends. They find a giant ball of vines. (Enid Bee: And is it just me or did they miss editing out some of the green screen on that ball?) Abu tries to light the ball on fire, but nothing happens. When Abu yells at the ball to go away, their friends think she is yelling at them so they turn and leave.

 photo eps17_2.jpg

Dark TQF gets a video call from the Magistrate who is using the toilet as a personal phone booth. (Enid Bee: Man, that would be awkward if you suddenly stood up.) When Dark TQF says he wants to go take care of Abu, the Magistrate tells him no, warning him that the Space Time Adminstration will certainly catch him. But Dark TQF isn’t going to help him if Abu is still in danger. The Magistrate promises to get the kill order for Abu removed as Dark TQF tells him, “Remember, I’m the only one who can get you the Eye of the Universe.”

Outside the toilet, another alien is about to knock when he hears the Magistrate talking and thinks he’s having an especially hard time in the potty when he hears him commanding, “Don’t you try to threaten me!”

 photo eps17_3.jpg

Dark TQF warns the Magistrate again that he knows what will happen if Abu dies. The frustrated Magistrate takes off his wig. As the alien outside, desperate to pee, asks if the Magistrate is going to be in there much longer, he hears him yelling, “I hate it when other people threaten me!” and is scared. When the Magistrate finally comes out, he hurriedly goes in.

Abu and friends are outside the portal, talking about the vines. They believe they are powered from the mysterious energy source they are looking for. Abu suggests setting the woods on fire, but the salted fish say that will scare the energy source. The fish drag the Prime Minister off into the woods. Duo Miao is about to follow him, but Tian Xian suggest he wait first to see what else Abu and Qing Feng think up. Tang Qing Feng is still remembering the visions he saw which make Abu start beeping again. He has an idea and gets up, but tells Abu to stay.

The Magistrate is back in the toilet again. (Enid Bee: Guess he doesn’t have his own room for making calls. And why does the toilet have a horse head? Alien toilets are weird…) He makes another video call, this time to activate Xiao Ba. Despite his promise to Dark TQF, he activates the kill order for Abu. Xiao Ba is restored from sleep mode and goes looking for Abu.

The Prime Minister is following the salted fish around. He gets in a fight with one of them and tosses it in the woods, but it lands in Duo Xing Xing’s hair. She slaps him with it, angry that he’s given the capsule to Abu and been helping her. She tells him to keep an eye on Abu so that once she gets the energy source, the Princess can steal it from her and then wipe them out. He runs off as Duo Xing Xing vows revenge on Abu. She grabs a large log and starts calling out Abu’s name, but as she waits, Abu doesn’t arrive.

Abu is running through the woods, trying to find Tang Qing Feng, when Duo Miao warns that the power in the capsule has almost run out and their people are in danger. The Prime Minister arrives as well and sees a column of black smoke. They see Xiao Ba appear and Duo Miao Miao, happy to see her, tries to run to her, but is stopped. She starts scanning the group until she finds her target, Abu.

The Magistrate hears that Xiao Ba has found Abu and tells her to attack, so she brings out her sickle as Duo Miao calls out her name. Tang Qing Feng stops her strike as the rest of the group races back through the portal to the animated vines. They don’t see the sleeping Princess as they run past, but their yelling wakes her up. As she sees Abu, she picks up the log, getting ready to attack, but Tang Qing Feng blows past her, making her dizzy. As she spins around, she ends up smacking Xiao Ba in the head and short circuiting her again. Duo Xing Xing, dropping the log, apologizes to Xiao Ba and then runs after Abu.

The Magistrate, his mustache now falling off, is frustrated to see the Scavenger robot has failed yet again. Once again the alien waiting for his turn in the toilet hears his frustration and gives him some encouragement, still misunderstanding what is wrong.

Abu is having a happy dream of braised pork. She and her friends are all tied up to trees by the vines. Fortunately Qing Feng was not been caught and is able to cut her free and then they make another torch to scare off the vines. Duo Xing Xing appears, yelling at Abu, not seeing the vines until she gets caught and has a happy dream that Planet Duo is all hers. Reluctantly Abu sets her free as well and her sister starts yelling at her, but then Xiao Ba appears again. As everyone backs up, only Duo Miao is happy to see Xiao Ba, standing in front of her to keep her from hurting Abu. Xiao Ba refuses to hurt him and freezes, but Tian Xian is scared for him.

 photo eps17_4.jpg

Abu tries to throw a brick at the robot, but she ducks. Abu then notices the vines heading towards one certain tree. She runs for it, but Duo Xing Xing, seeing her goal, runs past her to beat her to it, tripping on a vine. She gets up again, about to hide behind the tree, but falls into it instead via a magical portal. The Prime Minister runs into the tree as well. Abu calls out to Tang Qing Feng who turns in time to see her run into the tree. He and Tian Xian drag Duo Miao into the tree as he watches Xiao Ba getting wrapped up in vines. He continues to call out her name as he’s dragged away. Xiao Ba gets free of the vines and waits for everyone to come out of the tree.

Cue more of the Magistrate yelling at Xiao Ba for her failure while the alien outside thinks he’s still having intestinal issues.

 photo eps17_5.jpg

The gang appears in a dark area on a platform. In the dark, Tang Qing Feng grabs the Prime Minister, thinking he’s Abu, and Abu grabs Duo Xing Xing, thinking she’s Qing Feng. Then Abu and Duo Xing Xing’s father appears and the lights come on. Duo Xing Xing thinks he faked his death and smacks him, but it turns out it’s just a remnant of his soul. He sees his daughters holding hands and starts to cry, happy to see them together and apparently caring for one another. He’s disappointed to realise they don’t like each other.

 photo eps17_6.jpg

The Emperor shows them the energy source and Duo Xing Xing laughs, certain now Planet Duo will be hers. But when she goes to grab it, it zaps her and she falls down. Everyone else squats down to avoid getting zapped as well. Duo Xing Xing tries again, but is zapped again as everyone gets lower to the ground. Duo Xing Xing starts crying in frustration and tries one last time, but fails again. Abu demands to know what’s up and tries to hit the Emperor with a brick, but once she sticks her hand up in the air, she is also zapped.

It turns out the Emperor had set up this energy source so that it could only be accessed if the two sisters truly loved each other since his hope was they would be a happy family, but the sisters are too bitter. The Emperor suggests that if they can pretend to care for each other, maybe that will work.

 photo eps17_8.jpg

The platform becomes a stage and the sisters are given scripts to follow as the rest of the group act as judges. Abu and Duo Xing Xing read the words, but are not convincing. They try again, but still it’s bad. Even with tears, no one is buying it. Finally the Emperor goes up to talk to them how to pretend to like each other, but Duo Xing Xing has had it. She throws down the script and starts yelling at him about how he was not a loving father to her, even when her mother died, and how she never knew she had a sister until recently and how is she supposed to like her when she doesn’t even know her. Abu then knocks out the Emperor and takes a hold of Duo Xing Xing’s hand in solidarity. Together they go get the energy source.

When Duo Xing Xing calls Abu “sister”, Abu thinks that now they should be able to leave, but can’t find the way out. The Emperor is pleased to see his daughters are now loving sisters, but they are still mad at him and beat him up. In the course of beating him up, they are finally able to get themselves and their friends back into the woods where they find Xiao Ba waiting.

 photo eps17_9.jpg

Duo Xing Xing tells off Xiao Ba for trying to hurt her sister, daring her to try something. Of course the robot is able to blow her and the Prime Minister back. Qing Feng and Abu get ready for a fight, but Duo Miao once again runs up to face her, hopeful she will recognize him and reminding her that she needs to protect her master. The robot struggles with her coding.

The Magistrate, sleeping on the toilet, wakes up to see this confrontation. But then Dark TQF calls and he has to close the link with Xiao Ba. Dark TQF knows Abu is in danger and asks the Magistrate if he wants the Eye of the Universe or not. The Magistrate insists that he is working on it while at the same time activating the kill switch. Xiao Ba’s eyes go blue and she knocks back Duo Miao and his mom as well as Tang Qing Feng. She chases after Abu who tries throwing another brick, but misses. Backed up against the tree, she appears to be doomed.

 photo eps17_10.jpg

Linja: Wow, and the plot thickens. Future Tang Qing Feng really is much hotter and I wonder if that comes with age and experience (suffering pain). I agree with Enid about getting tired of Duo Miao and Tian Xian’s storyline. Much rather see Xiao Ba and Duo Miao’s story flesh out more. Applauds to Abu and Qing Feng’s body swap performance. Absolutely entertaining!

Enid Bee: I’m looking forward to seeing the gang finally change time periods. But I’m very curious about who Dark TQF really is as I wonder if it’s really Zero, but that due to some incident, he got Tang Qing Feng’s memories and thinks he is him. Would explain the alien powers he has, but also his ability to fight like Qing Feng. And could the Magistrate be the one behind the Planet Duo Emperor’s sudden death?

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