Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 07-11 Recap

Linja saves the day!! My “Let’s Shake It” fansub partner and all around awesome person, Linja, helped me out soooo much with these recaps. Her language skills are much better than mine so please thank her in the comments as I think I would have needed another week to translate some of the dialogue in about half the scenes to understand everything that was going on. Thanks to her, though, you don’t have to wait for me to do that.

And because Photobucket is down, I’ve had to get a bit creative using YouTube and tried to use Flickr to illustrate the recaps so you wouldn’t have to wait any longer. Hopefully without the pictures, you can still enjoy the recaps. (UPDATE: Photobucket is back up!)

In these five episodes we’ve got giant wine glasses, Tang Qing Feng and the Princess get engaged, the assassin robot finally appears, we find out Dark TQF’s name, Abu dies and now Enid has second lead syndrome. Let’s begin the second half of Week 2!


Series Information:

Chinese Title: 颤抖吧阿部之朵星风云
Episodes: 26
Genre: romance, comedy, sci fi
Broadcast Source: Mango TV, iQiyi
Airing Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 2 episodes a day
Current Progress: 11/26 (Season 2)

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Character List
Our Favourite CoupleAliensEarth Apes
An Yuexi as Abu Cha Cha

Zheng Yecheng as Tang Qing Feng/Yi

Xu Muzhen as Princess Nan Yang
Ning Xiaohuahua as Magistrate (Judge of the Space Time Administration)
Xu Jialu as Duo Miao Miao

New this week:
Wu Peirou as YKTX-008/Xiao Ba (a Scavenger robot assassin)

Wangzi Ming as Tang Yuan Chang
Mao Fangyuan as Chu Guo Gong
Lu Feng as Tian Xian
Gao Yiqing as Li Shu Zhe

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“Tang Qing Feng, I’m going to kill you!”

Princess Nan Yang confesses to Tang Qing Feng to his surprise. He tells her he already has Abu. But she feels she can’t let the opportunity pass and says she’ll wait for his response. (Enid Bee:Tell her you’re already married to Abu! Oh wait, they never did the ceremony. I guess they still aren’t? Ooo, I hope there’s a wedding.)

Eunuch Du is certain he knows what is going on with Li Shu Zhe. He finally is able to hide in the toilet, but then, he hears someone being beat up and sees Tian Xian looking back at him from the other side of the screen. He’s ready to go home.

Tang Qing Feng takes Princess Nan Yang back to the house and hands her the painting he had bought for her. Eunuch Du comes out to her, crying as Tian Xian follows. He can’t take it anymore and wants to return to the palace. Abu and Duo Miao have conveniently prepared a carriage to take the Princess and Eunuch Du home. The eunuch eagerly jumps on board, but the Princess doesn’t want to leave because she wants to wait and see how Qing Feng will answer her confession.

 photo eps7_1.jpg

Abu is not happy, at first, to hear about the Princess’ confession but is happy to know Qing Feng rejected her. She suggests a plan to get rid of the chip in Shu Zhe by running a high current through his nervous system hoping to disintegrate it. They take Shu Zhe out to the woods and they electrocute him by having Qing Feng generate a strong wind that turns a turbine that generates a current that zaps Shu Zhe, but the wind generated starts to blow everyone away and Qing Feng has to go save Abu. Shu Zhe passes out from the electrical current. Abu checks on him and confirms the chip is no longer there. He wakes up wondering who they are and Qing Feng knocks him out. Realising he knocked out his idol, he apologizes.

 photo eps7_2.jpg

Eunuch Du is riding back to the palace and upset when suddenly he finds the half cat/half man alien sitting next to him. He shrieks and then the alien goes into his body.

Dark TQF, clearly not completely healed, appears in Li Shu Zhe’s house and gets a notebook from a hidden location before disappearing again.

Princess Nan Yang is putting on makeup when a wind starts to kick up. She finds the notebook suddenly appear on her table and looks at it.

Li Shu Zhe is now back to his old self and kneels in thanks to Tang Qing Feng and his friends for helping him. Qing Feng cannot accept it and kneels. Not to be outdone by the other, they both get lower and lower until they are both flat on the ground. Abu notes they must be family. Shu Zhe decides to acknowledge Qing Feng as his adopted son which makes him very happy. As they talk about what is going on, the Princess barges in. Shu Zhe apologises for showing her such poor hospitality due to his illness but she says Qing Feng has been very hospitable. She reveals the notebook that appeared before her and gives it to Shu Zhe, certain that someone is trying to frame him, and assures him she hasn’t read it. Tang Qing Feng has Abu take the Princess back to her quarters and Duo Miao Miao leaves as well so that Qing Feng and Shu Zhe can speak alone about what is in the notebook. It talks about a rebellion and Shu Zhe worries that his allies may also be in trouble.

 photo eps7_3.jpeg

Abu walks with the Princess, eyeing her suspiciously. She gloats how Qing Feng likes her and not the Princess. But the Princess is not so easily put in her place. She shows Abu the painting that Qing Feng bought for her. Abu doesn’t understand as the Princess explains the meaning of the painting and says if Abu cannot even comprehend the painting, how can she understand everything about Qing Feng. Abu retorts Qing Feng is not an object and if the painting is so great, the Princess can ask it to create a Qing Feng for her. Abu leaves realising perhaps the Princess and Qing Feng are compatible, but she doesn’t care because Qing Feng is hers.

Abu and Tang Qing Feng sit together having dinner along with the Princess and Shu Zhe. Assassins appear and Abu and Qing Feng fight them off. When one attacks the Princess, Qing Feng grabs her and spins her out of the way. Abu, distracted by the sight of him holding the Princess, doesn’t see another assassin headed towards her, but Qing Feng does and kicks her out of the way, knocking her out.

Tang Qing Feng reports to Li Shu Zhe. Shu Zhe thinks the assassins were sent by the Emperor. They talk about sending the Princess back to the palace.

Tang Qing Feng talks to the passed out Abu about his plan to go to the palace and tells her to wait for him.

 photo eps7_4.jpg

The next morning, Tang Qing Feng goes with Princess Nan Yang back to the palace. The Princess is surprised Qing Feng is going with her, and Shu Zhe says it is because Qing Feng is worried and wants to personally escort her back. The Princess is pleased to hear that and they set off. We flash back to moments before when a servant came from the Emperor to Shu Zhe’s house. The servant came after hearing about the assassins to escort the Princess back and requests Shu Zhe come with them until the investigation is done. It is inconvenient for Shu Zhe to leave and so Qing Feng says he’ll go on Shu Zhe’s behalf. The servant says not just anyone can take his place, even if Qing Feng is the adopted son. That is when Qing Feng reveals that he is actually an offspring of the Li household. Checking the blood, this is confirmed (of course). Shu Zhe is in shock, wondering how he didn’t know he had an illegitimate son.

Abu wakes up to find flowers at her bedside from Tang Qing Feng, but more importantly, sees a bucket of braised pork right behind the flowers. Duo Miao and Tian Xian are surprised that Tang Qing Feng has left. They follow Abu who goes to his room and doesn’t find him. Duo Miao doesn’t know how to break the news to her and between his hesitation and Qing Feng’s absence, Abu puts two and two together and screams she’s gonna kill Tang Qing Feng.

Tang Qing Feng watches the Emperor with his concubines. He finally finds an opportunity to introduce himself and is introduced by a servant as the son of Li Shu Zhe. He is trying to explain the assassination attempt on the Princess, but the Emperor is not interested in hearing about it.

 photo eps7_5.jpg

Abu is furious Qing Feng left for the palace without telling her and insists on finding him. Duo Miao Miao tries to reason with her, saying that Qing Feng went to the palace to help Shu Zhe and, because if anything happens to Shu Zhe, Qing Feng would cease to exist. Abu believes there’s another reason and that it’s the doing of the Princess. They have a plan to sneak into the palace when Li Shu Zhe appears and tells them that he sent Qing Feng to see the Emperor. She knocks him out and his guards appear, so she knocks them out with a hail of bricks. But Shu Zhe reawakens and tells them they can’t go because he promised Tang Qing Feng to keep her here and out of danger and will have to kill himself if she leaves.

Tang Qing Feng is being questioned by the Emperor who wants to punish him for not following the court’s customs. (Linja: I think it’s the Emperor’s birthday and the Emperor believes Qing Feng is being disrespectful to him and orders his death.) The Princess appears to plead on Qing Feng’s behalf. The Emperor spares him the death penalty but not from punishment. Tang Qing Feng owes the Emperor three rounds of drink and is ordered to drink from three wine glasses as punishment. Three really, really, really ginormous wine glasses. The Emperor is pleased when he finishes them off, none the worse for wear, and rewards him by having them filled up again for him to drink. After the second one, Qing Feng is starting to struggle, so the Princess drinks the last one for him and then tries to pass out on him, but Qing Feng makes sure he’s holding her up from a good distance. The Emperor decides to make him the Princess’ personal guard. At first, Qing Feng declines, but after the Emperor offers him an eunuch post instead, Qing Feng takes the Emperor’s suggestion.

 photo eps7_6.jpg

“Tang Qing Feng is mine.”

A servant brings the Princess something for her hangover as Qing Feng stands outside, thinking of Abu and hoping she’ll wait for him, while the Princess plots to keep him with her.

 photo eps8_1.jpg

Duo Miao, Abu and Tian Xian try to leave Li Shu Zhe’s house, but he is ready for them and threatens to kill himself, so they go back inside.

The possessed Eunuch Du goes looking for Dark TQF who appears. He tells him about Tang Qing Feng being spared from death. Dark TQF is not worried as he has other ways to get rid of Tang Qing Feng.

The Princess and Qing Feng walk around the Palace. She thanks him for the day before. She tries again to make a move but he tells her that he already has Abu. When she tries to play up that he is the only one she can trust in the palace, he is not so easily played. He cryptically tells her that she shouldn’t have seen what isn’t meant to be seen or say what isn’t meant to be said. She cryptically replies that for him, she won’t say much then.

Shu Zhe is reading when he gets some sudden intestinal discomfort and keeps having to run for the toilet. He sees Abu, Duo Miao and Tian Xian watching him and, as they start to leave, he asks where they are going. This time, he is not able to stop them. But when he tries to cut his own neck, they abandon their plan. The trio try to think of another way to get to the palace.

 photo eps8_2.jpeg

The Emperor is drunk on his throne with his concubines when Dark TQF, pretending to be Tang Qing Feng, appears and threatens him. But then he disappears in a puff of black smoke and everyone panics. The Emperor sends his guards to go arrest Tang Qing Feng.

The Princess is playing music as Qing Feng watches when he senses danger. Guards appear and surround them to arrest Tang Qing Feng, as Dark TQF watches before going back to the Pool of Life. The disembodied voice lectures him for time traveling again. He warns Dark TQF he may die and Qing Feng will still be alive. Dark TQF replies as long as Qing Feng is alive, so will he.

Tang Qing Feng is pleading his innocence, but the Emperor, surrounded by his servants, is not convinced. The Princess pleads for him, but Eunuch Du insists she’s just doing it because she likes him. To stop them, the Princess tells the Emperor that she is Tang Qing Feng’s woman, inferring that they’ve slept together and have been inseparable, so it is impossible for Qing Feng to have attempted an assassination. Tang Qing Feng kneels, insisting that he was never with her and she slaps him for daring to do the deed, but not be man enough to own up to it.

 photo eps8_3.jpg

Shu Zhe calls for his guards, but no one comes. Abu and Duo Miao have buried him in dirt up to his neck to keep him from hurting himself while they run away. Abu asks him what is required to become Emperor and he tells her that it just requires having the jade seal. Before they go, he gives them his token pass to help them.

Servants are decorating the Princess’s room with wedding decorations when Tang Qing Feng enters. He demands to know why the Princess lied. She says in order to protect him, she had no choice, but she didn’t know the Emperor would end up consenting to a marriage between them.

Eunuch Du and the Emperor are talking about Tang Qing Feng and the Princess. Eunuch Du is surprised that the Emperor is letting him marry the princess, but the Emperor knows he’s not the assassin and welcomes adding a new member to the family.

 photo eps8_4.jpg

Tang Qing Feng says he will clear everything up with the Emperor and have the wedding cancelled. The Princess says there is no need. She comments the Emperor has many wives and so can he. She wants to marry him and is even willing to share him with Abu. Even though she’s a princess and Abu is just a commoner, she doesn’t mind if they are equals as wives. Qing Feng replies that he does mind. The Princess asks if he can not even give her a little space in his heart, but Qing Feng says he only has Abu in his heart. The Princess gets upset and wants to know what is the meaning of giving her the painting then. Qing Feng replies if it was the painting that caused a misunderstanding, then he’ll gladly take it back. When she threatens to make it so that he never sees Abu again, he gets angry, vowing that no one could keep him from her. She tries to blackmail him about the contents of the notebook, he is glad to have gotten her to admit it. He reveals that he has the notebook and she thinks he wants to get rid of the evidence, but he just wants to show her what’s written on it. Before leaving, he had Shu Zhe write some new text in it and shows it to the Princess which makes her panic because she is now listed on the roster of names for the rebellion. He gives it to her and leaves. She’s angry and upset that Qing Feng is capable of this type of behaviour.

Abu, Duo Miao and Tian Xian are blocked from entering the palace, even with Li Shu Zhe’s token. They try to think of another way to get inside. Abu first suggest they become servants and maids (suggesting Duo Miao can be a eunuch), but he’s really not willing to part with his manhood. Then Abu thinks of another plan.

 photo eps8_5.jpg

Dressed up as members of the Painted Blackbird National Assembly, they ask to see the Emperor, but the guards wonder what happened to the rest of their assembly. They come up with an elaborate story about how their group of 3000 people became just three due to sandstorms, bandits, diarrhea, and a lack of sunscreen, and they finally gain entrance.

Inside the royal court, they greet the Emperor. Abu says they have brought him their national treasure and hopes the Emperor will like it. They give the Emperor a box with a small seed inside it that Abu had picked up on the roadside. Abu explains that if the seed is planted properly, it’ll yield acres and acres of peach trees that are good for the skin when eaten. Eunuch Du is offended by the gift, but the Emperor likes it.

At dinner that night, there are dancing girls for the new guests as the Emperor drinks with his concubines. Abu and the Emperor toast each other. Abu hears that the Princess is getting married which makes her happy, thinking this will get the Princess away from Tang Qing Feng. But then she sees the Princess and Tang Qing Feng enter in together, she yells out his name, realising that he is marrying the Princess. (Enid Bee: I know it’s a comedy and it’s all going to work out, but my heart seriously ached for Abu in this scene.)

 photo eps8_6.jpg

Eunuch Du wants to know how Abu knows Tang Qing Feng and assumes she’s the assassin. He has guards arrest her while the Princess keeps Qing Feng from saving her. Eunuch Du continues to demands how they know each other and are they in it together to harm the Emperor. Abu regains composure and covers by saying that she knows Tang Qing Feng as the son of Li Shu Zhe. They are well known in her country, which surprises Eunuch Du, and Abu is honored to see him in person. The Princess tells the Emperor it is a blessing that one of their citizens is well known and suggests Abu and friends should stay. The Emperor rules it’s all a misunderstanding and sends the guards away.

“You’re someone else’s husband.”

 photo eps9_1.jpg

Princess Nan Yang grabs a hold of Tang Qing Feng’s arm and warns him that he better give her face or she can’t guarantee the lives of Abu and her friends. Abu says it’ll be her honor to have a friendly challenge against Qing Feng. Qing Feng pulls his arm free and declines as he doesn’t want to harm her. Princess Nan Yang encourages the challenge, but instead of a battle with weapons, Duo Miao suggests a drinking battle instead. After five giant wine glasses, Duo Miao and Tian Xian carry a drunk Abu back to her room. Tang Qing Feng comes running after her, hoping to have Abu rest up in his room, but then the Princess appears, calling him her husband in front of them. Abu and her friends leave and Tang Qing Feng asks why she did that. She warns him that she knows Abu is not really a Princess and, if he wants to keep Abu safe, he better become her husband.

Abu is talking in her sleep about punching Qing Feng when he arrives. Upon hearing his voice, she sits up and starts smashing bricks into his chest in her sleep, repeatedly saying that he’s become someone else’s husband, and he doesn’t stop her, letting the bricks pile up until she passes out. The Princess watches from outside, jealous of Qing Feng’s devotion to Abu no matter how bad she treats him. Somehow, Dark TQF is aware of what’s going on as well. The Princess goes back to her chambers and vows that she will not lose out as only winners in the palace will have everything.

In the morning, Abu is still asleep and Qing Feng is still watching her when Duo Miao Miao arrives to tell him that the Emperor is looking for him. Once he leaves, Abu wakes up to find all the bricks neatly stacked. The Princess arrives and Abu asks what she’s doing here. The Princess says this is her husband’s room and she has every right to be there. She tries to drive a wedge between Abu and Qing Feng, claiming because of how Abu treats him, he won’t want to see her again. Abu points to the stack of bricks as proof otherwise. Princess Nan Yang brings up the fact that he is marrying her, despite claiming he only loves Abu, but Abu knows Qing Feng has his reason so the Princess tells Abu to keep being in denial and leaves.

 photo eps9_2.jpg

Tang Qing Feng listens to an official reporting to the Emperor. The Emperor would like Qing Feng to take care of the matter and also mentions bringing the wedding ceremony forward. Qing Feng strongly disagrees and this upsets the Emperor who thinks Qing Feng doesn’t want to share his burden of looking after his citizens. Qing Feng explains he only means his foster father is not here and it wouldn’t be appropriate. So the Emperor tells Qing Feng to write a letter and request his father to enter the palace. When Qing Feng makes an excuse, the Emperor questions Shu Zhe’s loyalty. To keep Shu Zhe safe, Qing Feng has no choice, but to do as told.

Tang Qing Feng is walking when a brick flies past his head from Abu as Duo Miao tries to calm down the situation. They argue and, in anger, Abu says she wants to fly back to Planet Duo. Qing Feng picks her up and carries her back to her room. Qing Feng assures her all his actions so far were to keep her and everyone safe and he’ll give her details later. Stubbornly, Abu keeps talking back to him. Frustrated, he tells her he had everything sorted and was about to leave the palace when she came, and in order to save her, he’s now in this predicament. Abu is angry he’s blaming her after all she’s gone through to steal the imperial jade so that his household can become royalty. Qing Feng is surprised and Abu storms out. Duo Miao enters the room as Abu is leaving, exclaiming Qing Feng is marrying the Princess. Qing Feng asks Duo Miao for a favour. Because the Emperor has commanded he write a letter home to invite his foster father into the palace for the wedding, he cannot go against it, but he wants Shu Zhe to delay coming to the palace as much as possible. Duo Miao understands the situation. Qing Feng asks Duo Miao to keep this a secret from Abu.

Next minute, Duo Miao, of course, spills the beans and Abu realizes Qing Feng’s hand is forced and he’s stuck in this arrangement the Emperor has made for him. Tian Xian wants to make the journey with Duo Miao, but he refuses, saying it’s better to stay in the palace with good food and comfort. Duo Miao sends an telepathic message to Abu to agree with him and she does. With a large bag of items packed, Duo Miao is ready to go and Tian Xian is fussing over him until he leaves. At the exit gate, the guards stop Duo Miao and he starts talking in a thick, foreign accent, advising that he has been sent to get some peaches because the princess misses them. The guards are about to let him go when Princess Nan Yang appears, insisting that his oversized bag be checked. Duo Miao starts suggesting that the guards just kill him instead, when Tang Qing Feng appears and suggests that they go look at flowers to get her attention off of Duo Miao. She is hesitant, but joins him. With them gone, Duo Miao is able to leave.

Abu wonders if the situation is really that serious, and Tian Xian insists it’s very serious. Abu wants to know what she means, but they are both talking about different things. Abu wonders if Qing Feng is in a serious situation and Tian Xian is just worried about Duo Miao. Abu is worried about Qing Feng and decides to check spy on him.

 photo eps9_4.jpg

Princess Nan Yang wonders what is on Qing Feng’s mind. He replies whatever he says will only provoke her. She says if he doesn’t want to provoke her, he should just obediently obey the Emperor and get married. Qing Feng encourages her to give up on him and they can still remain friends. Angry, Abu throws a brick at the Princess, but Qing Feng catches it and scolds her. He tries to toss it back at her, but she ends up accidentally falling over it. This makes her angrier as she cannot believe he tried to attack her with her own brick. She smacks him upside the head and knocks him out and then leaves. The Princess goes to check on him, but he quickly revives and chases after Abu, much to her dismay.

Abu goes back to her room and Tian Xian closes the doors in Qing Feng’s face. He tries to explain through the door that it was all an accident and wants to check that she didn’t hurt herself. Qing Feng spots an eunuch with a laughing disorder spying on him and pretends to have a falling out with Abu, telling her to stay put and not do anything, so as not to implicate her. The laughing eunuch then later reports back to the Princess about Qing Feng and Abu’s broken relationship. He is rewarded and told to continue watching Qing Feng and to report any changes.

 photo eps9_3.jpg

Tian Xian is talking to the still angry Abu, trying to convince her that although Qing Feng’s words were a bit harsh, he is just worried about her. But Abu translates Qing Feng’s words as him telling her she cannot do anything right. She thinks he doesn’t want her to steal the jade seal and that she only brings him trouble. Abu starts to ramble, but Tian Xian interrupts her, saying stealing the jade seal is a serious crime. Does she even know where it is kept? She’ll get caught and killed. Abu catches onto something and tries to sweet talk Tian Xian by saying that no gossip can escape her ears and has she heard anything? When that doesn’t work, she puts on an act, telling Tian Xian that women should band together in the face of adversary. Tian Xian worries she may not live to hold Duo Miao’s son, so Abu assures her as long as she helps, when Duo Miao returns, she’ll get him married ASAP so he can give Tian Xian plenty of grandchildren. Pleased with the idea, Tian Xian agrees to help.

 photo eps9_5.jpg

Duo Miao Miao is taking a break in the woods when something crashes near him. He sees a Scavenger assassin appear. This is YKTX-008, a female Scavenger assassin robot. She scans him, then brings out a giant sickle and attacks him. He manages to avoid her blows, grab his bag and run into the woods. She follows after, but loses sight of him, not realising he is hiding in a tree above her. After she leaves, Duo Miao worries about Abu’s safety, but knowing that he has to get to Li Shu Zhe, he prays Tang Qing Feng will keep her safe.

Abu asks if Tian Xian has heard any gossip in the palace lately. Maybe talking about the gossip could provide a clue to the whereabouts of the jade seal. Tian Xian suddenly remembers one. While listening, Abu hatches a plan to steal the jade seal, stop Qing Feng from getting married and show him what she’s capable of.

The laughing eunuch is watching Qing Feng in his chambers as he worries whether Abu was able to read between the lines of his harsh words to her earlier.

 photo eps9_7.jpg

That night Abu sneaks out dressed in black. She traces Tian Xian’s steps and instructions and successfully sneaks in as a maid. Abu continues on as Tian Xian recounts the way, when she is suddenly stopped by Eunuch Deng. In danger, Abu turns around and pretends Eunuch Deng has forgotten her, Xiao Bu Bu. The head eunuch doesn’t recognize her and Abu says they are from the same town. She’s brought back his favourite osmanthus cake and will give it to him in a couple of days. Abu manages to convince Eunuch Deng and heads on towards the Laundry Department.

Tian Xian has provided Abu with a map and some instructions. Abu gets shivers down her spine thinking how did Tian Xian manage to uncover so many secrets of the palace in just the half day she’s been here. Tian Xian explains in an overvoice that Abu can disguise herself as a maid from the Laundry Department. She can walk about and pretend to be delivering a basket of laundry to Consort Jiang and head toward the Royal Study Room where the jade seal is kept. But she is stopped by the guard who is wondering what she is doing there so late. After she advises that she was ordered by the head eunuch, she heads up the stairs when Consort Jiang arrives. Abu panics and freezes. The Consort’s personal maid call out Abu for not greeting Her Highness.

“Remember…my name is Yi.”

 photo eps10_2.jpg

Abu tries to enter a restricted part of the palace and says that she was sent there to deliver clothes, but when Consort Jiang arrives, Abu quickly makes up a story. She tells her that she’s here to deliver a special gift by the ambassadors: a type of mud mask (the brick) for a spa treatment. After giving Her Highness a facial, Abu is able to sneak off to find the imperial jade seal where Tian Xian says it will be, but when Abu finds the box and opens it, it’s empty.

Just then the Princess arrives with guards to arrest Abu. (Princess: “I know it’s you.” Abu: “You don’t know it’s me!”) Abu throws the empty box at them, insisting that she didn’t take it, but the Princess doesn’t believe her. Before she can be captured and killed, Abu disappears in a puff of black smoke, much to the Princess’ dismay, so she sends the guards to look for her.

 photo eps10_3.jpg

When Abu reappears on another part of the palace grounds, it is with Dark TQF who had saved her from being caught. She remembers him from Fuyu Island and immediately is ready to fight him. She demands to know why he took the seal while he tries to hide his face from her. It’s revealed that he was the one that stole the jade seal before she got there. As Dark TQF coughs, still not fully healed, he questions if this is how Abu repays those who save her. She quickly lowers her brick. When he tells her not to come back to the palace again, she wonders what he means by that remark, but rather than tell her, he advances towards her until she stops him. He tells her that if he wanted to hurt her, he would have done so earlier. When she scoffs, challenging him to try, he suddenly magically moves right in front of her, surprising her. He reaches out to touch her face and she freezes at first, but then moves away, telling him nevermind and he gets shy again. When she asks why he wants the jade seal, he says that he doesn’t want the seal. “I only want…” Then he tells her to remember that his name is Yi and disappears in a puff of smoke. (Enid Bee: Is it weird that I have second lead syndrome for this guy now?)

Abu starts yelling up to the sky for him to give her the jade seal, but he doesn’t return. Tang Qing Feng, however, hears her yelling about the seal and, knocking out the still laughing eunuch, goes to find her.

Dark TQF/Yi (Enid Bee: I’m used to saying Dark TQF now, I don’t want to call him Yi) appears at the home of Wang Shi Chong (a general during the Sui Dynasty) and plants a chip on him. Then he gives him the imperial jade seal and tells him to use it to draw out Li Shu Zhe.

Abu goes running back to her quarters only to find Tian Xian surrounded by guards and the Princess waiting for her. Not afraid of Princess Nan Yang, Abu quickly swaps places with Tian Xian. Just as Abu is about to be taken away, Tang Qing Feng arrives and takes out all the guards. The Princess is angry and doesn’t believe Abu when she says someone else stole the jade seal. She dares Abu to appear before the Emperor regarding the missing jade seal. Abu is game but wants a moment to get changed.

 photo eps10_4.jpg

They stand before the Emperor where Abu pleads innocent. They debate back and forth and Princess Nan Yang wonders what Abu is doing in the Royal Study Room if not to steal the jade seal. Abu throws it back at her, suggesting she also could have stolen it, since she was present there for no reason either that night. The Princess finally reveals that Abu is not really a princess. So Abu pretends she snuck in because she was enamored of the Emperor and he is flattered. Princess Nan Yang suggests if Abu loves the Emperor so much, she can become his concubine. The Emperor likes that idea, but Abu and Qing Feng are both appalled and make up excuses that with the jade seal missing, it is not appropriate to take a concubine as it could be a bad omen. So the Emperor orders for the jade seal to be found or everyone will be punished. He requests Abu to stay until the jade seal is found and then he will make her his concubine. Abu is aghast.

The next day, Abu is at ease while Tian Xian worries that if the jade seal is found, Abu will be stuck in the palace as a concubine. Abu says not to worry as a dark and mysterious figure whisked it away. Tian Xian notices how much Qing Feng worries and takes care of Abu and tells her to stop being mad at him. Abu claims she’s not mad at him and, speaking of the devil, Qing Feng enters the room. He asks why she tried to steal the jade seal. She says she did it for his sake and wonders why when he does something for her sake, she has to thank him, but when she does something for his sake, all he does is criticize her. When Qing Feng tells her to be reasonable, she says she’ll be reasonable and reminds him that if he dares to marry Princess Nan Yang, she’ll become his mother. (Linja: LOL, don’t think she fully understands the ramifications of that.) At a loss for words, Qing Feng says he’ll take care of matters and she should wait for him. She replies when has she ever waited on her ass and done nothing? She says she will find the jade seal before he does and storms away. Poor Qing Feng, doesn’t know what to do with a stubborn, but cute Abu who just wants to help him.

The Emperor hears that Wang Shi Chong has the jade seal and is angry. He talks to Eunuch Du as he wonders what the General plans to do with it and demands to have his people bring it back. But Eunuch Du advises that if General Wang dared to steal the jade seal, it may mean he has an army prepared and they mustn’t act hastily. The Emperor decides Princess Nan Yang should retrieve the jade seal. If she meets with any mishap while at Wang Shi Chong’s residence, he’ll have an excuse to kill him. After getting rid of Wang Shi Chong, the Emperor plans to get rid of Li Shu Zhe next. Someone listens in from the shadows.

 photo eps10_5.jpg

Duo Miao Miao passes on Tang Qing Feng’s message. Li Shu Zhe must be careful and not get tricked into entering the palace. Shu Zhe is well aware as he has spies in the palace. Duo Miao is miffed he made the journey for nothing if Shu Zhe knows every movement in the palace already due to his spies. Secret messages arrive from Li Shu Zhe’s spies in the Emperor’s palace. He is shocked to find out that Wang Shi Chong now has the imperial jade seal. Duo Miao finds it suspicious the jade seal was just stolen and now it’s in the hands of Wang Shi Chong. Li Shu Zhe suspects there’s more to the story. He arranges for someone to take the jade seal back, but Duo Miao offers to do it instead. Li Shu Zhe appreciates his help and has a couple of his men go with Duo Miao. Duo Miao reminds him the decree from the palace will arrive soon. Shu Zhe nods that he knows what to do.

 photo eps10_6.jpg

An imperial eunuch is traveling in a carriage when a group of men in black attack him and his entourage, leaving them with only their helmets and their underwear. The eunuch and his guards arrive at Li Shu Zhe’s house and sob that the decree was stolen from them. The head servant (the same one who had attacked them earlier) looks sympathetic at the poor and barely dressed sobbing men, when suddenly, he yells there are perverts lurking around! A mob shows up to take the perverts away while bashing them up as the servants wave goodbye to them.

The Princess and Tang Qing Feng are called before the Emperor. The Emperor wants to send Princess Nan Yang to retrieve the imperial seal back. Tang Qing Feng offers to go with the Princess as it could be a dangerous task. The Eunuch Du thinks Qing Feng is using this chance to escape, and tells Qing Feng, Princess Nan Yang can handle it and he should remain in the palace. Princess Nan Yang suggests sending Abu instead. She reasons, that night, witnesses saw Abu being taken away by a mysterious person and now that the jade seal is with Wang Shi Chong, there may be a connection. Tang Qing Feng objects. When Tang Qing Feng points out that Abu is just a fragile girl, the head eunuch thinks a fragile girl will lower Wang Shi Chong’s guard down and thinks the Princess’ suggestion is good. The Emperor is hesitant in sending Abu, but worries about the missing jade seal. Princess Nan Yang tells the Emperor, Abu’s affection for him is so strong, she even risked danger to enter the palace, so she will do her utmost best to retrieve the jade seal to become his concubine as soon as possible. Tang Qing Feng insists on accompanying Abu, but the Emperor tells him to stay with Princess Nan Yang. Qing Feng is surprised to hear the Princess agree that he should go to protect Abu. When Eunuch Du pipes up to ask Tang Qing Feng if he’s just going to turn around and give the seal to Li Shu Zhe, the Emperor stomps on his foot. Princess Nan Yang suggests sending their two top guards to keep an eye on him, but she trusts her husband, so the Emperor agrees to the plan.

Tang Qing Feng has gotten the carriage ready as Tian Xian and Abu eye the Princess with suspicion. Qing Feng also isn’t completely certain of her motives either, but thanks her for helping him get Abu out of the palace. She says she didn’t do it because of him. He thanks her anyways, and Abu pouts that when she helps him, he criticizes her, but when the Princess didn’t do it for his sake, he thanks her. The Princess breaks into a small, amused smile and replies that it means that she is more important to Tang Qing Feng than Abu is. Abu thinks Qing Feng can’t bear to leave Princess Nan Yang so they should head off first. The Princess tells her to wait and calls out two strong men to escort them: Calvary man, Ba Wan and Soldier, Shi Wan. (Linja: LOL at their names. It literally means, “80,000 calvary men” and “100,000 soldiers”. Is it meant to describe their strength?)

 photo eps10_7.jpg

As the men and Qing Feng head to the carriage, Abu and Princess Nan Yang exchange secret smiles. We flash back to Abu telling Princess Nan Yang her father wants her killed. Nan Yang doesn’t believe her and Abu says, it’s up to her. She just happened to overhear the Emperor speak of it and wanted to let her know. Abu turns to leave and Princess Nan Yang adds, if she dies, then no one will steal Qing Feng from her. Why would Abu help her if it’s to her disadvantage? Abu replies, because she doesn’t care much for it. When Nan Yang asks if it is Qing Feng that she doesn’t care much for, Abu replies, no. It is her fighting to take Qing Feng away that Abu doesn’t care much for, because no matter what she does, she won’t win. Abu just can’t overlook that her father would harm his family just to hold onto his throne. Princess Nan Yang, looking sad, says to Abu’s back as Abu leaves, “I’ve treated you so badly, and yet you come and say these words to me. In reality, I’m actually just like my father. In order to get what I want, I started stooping low.” Nan Yang thought Qing Feng was the only person who understood her and wanted to hold tightly onto him which resulted in her committing so many bad deeds. Princess Nan Yang smiles, watching Abu leave, “Abu, I want to try again. I want to see if I can be a good person. A loveable woman, just like you, Abu.” (Linja: So, Princess Nan Yang turned out not to be so bad afterall?!)

“Do you know how it feels to truly love someone?”

 photo eps11_1.jpg

Abu, Tang Qing Feng and Tian Xian are riding in the carriage to General Wang’s manor accompanied by two imperial guards. But Abu has a plan to get rid of the guards as she shows Tian Xian some tiny bricks. She calls for Tang Qing Feng to stop the carriage and then she challenges the two large guards as Tang Qing Feng tries to talk her out of it. (Linja: I love how Qing Feng grabs his sword from thin air above him. He had tucked it away above him in an earlier episode.) It becomes a face off with Abu producing one larger brick after another, but the guards still decide to attack. With a battle cry from all four (a screech from Abu, 2 manly battle cries and Qing Feng’s low tone cannot-be-bothered “ahhhh”), Abu runs towards them, but they suddenly veer off course and run away as Tang Qing Feng watches in surprise. So much for living up to their names!

Suddenly, the Scavenger Assassin, YKTX-008, drops from the sky. The horses are startled and suddenly Tian Xian finds herself riding in a runaway carriage as Abu and Qing Feng chase after her. As the assassin attacks them, Qing Feng draws his sword to fight her off. Abu finds the carriage, but Tian Xian is missing.

Duo Miao Miao arrives with guards from Li Shu Zhe, so Abu gives him a quick update of her face off with the guards and the arrival of the robot assassin. Then she realises that Qing Feng is in danger and runs to find him. In the meantime, Duo Miao finds Tian Xian laying in some bushes.

 photo eps11_2.jpg

Tang Qing Feng is able to dodge the assassin’s blows, but starts to feel some pain in his chest. Still, he finally manages to strike the robot, but it doesn’t damage her at all. Abu arrives and tries to help, but is useless against the robot. Just as it appears that she’s gone for, Tang Qing Feng is able to disappear and reappear in front of her to protect her. The assassin lands a blow to his chest, but the energy from the Eye of the Universe, which is still within him, protects him and, instead, blasts the robot back with his “Leading Man Aura” and causes her to disappear, similar to the way that Dark TQF disappears, in a cloud of black smoke. (Enid Bee: But not for long, I’m sure.) Abu runs to check on Tang Qing Feng who is struggling, but he wonders about Tian Xian.

Duo Miao tries to wake up his mother, but when she wakes up, she starts rambling on about her past and then passes out again as Abu and Qing Feng arrive. Qing Feng thinks Tian Xian may have hit her head as she’s not recognizing anyone. He starts suggesting that they take her back to Li House and find a doctor to cure her, when suddenly he grabs his chest in pain. As Abu checks on him, the purple matrix appears again. Duo Miao warns that it’s feedback from the Eye of the Universe.

Abu cooks fish for Tang Qing Feng as she watches him with concern. She wonders why he risked his health and warns that if he hadn’t had the Eye of the Universe, he’d be dead now. He is happy she is so concerned about him, but she is worried that the force of the Eye of the Universe’s feedback will get stronger and stronger and that he needs to carefully control his powers. She tells him that she hopes she can undertake this mission together with him. He agrees and she hands him some fish. He’s not really eager to eat it and tries to give it to her, but she insists so he takes a bite, makes a face and passes out.

Tang Qing Feng wakes up, tied to a tree with Tian Xian poking at him with a piece of grass as Li Shu Zhe’s guards hang around. He demands to know where he is and where Abu is. The guards finally tell him that she went to General Wang’s manor and ordered them to take him home and to find a doctor for Tian Xian. But of course, Tang Qing Feng is able to escape the ropes, leaving them and his clothing behind in a neat pile, as always.

Many people are arriving at General Wang’s manor to see a number of heroes they have heard are visiting. As Duo Miao watches people entering with invitations and trying to figure out how to get in, Abu arrives dressed in men’s clothing and telling people she is Li Shu Zhe. The guards at the door don’t believe her until she makes a face that everyone thinks looks like him and then they let her in. (Enid Bee: I wish I could have been in the room when they came up with this face and if it was an inside joke at all.)

Inside, Abu tries to chat up different heroes (Enid Bee: I assume from Chinese history or myth), until she sees the box that holds the jade seal sitting unguarded and goes to check it out. But before she can, General Wang appears and stops her. When he asks who she is, she makes the face and he recognizes Li Shu Zhe immediately. Abu asks to see the jade seal, but he won’t let her just yet.

At the banquet, General Wang starts proposing toast after toast, with Abu tossing hers over her shoulder and drowning the man behind her until he passes out drunk. When she thinks the General must be drunk enough, she tries to go for the seal, but he is still spry as ever and stops her. Suddenly, the chip in the General gets triggered and his eyes turn blue, surprising Abu.

 photo eps11_3.jpg

Outside, Duo Miao comes across Dark TQF who is controlling the general. Duo Miao goes to get him, but the dark figure easily evades him and tosses him aside. When Duo Miao asks who he is, Dark TQF recognizes Duo Miao Miao and asks if he also is trying to stop him. Duo Miao doesn’t recognize him and just wants to protect Abu.

Just then, Tang Qinq Feng appears, jumping over the rooftop into the courtyard. He faces off with Dark TQF, demanding again to know what he wants and promising to stop him. When Dark TQF taunts him, Qing Feng vows to kill him, making the dark figure laugh. Dark TQF easily avoids his blows and jumps on to the roof as he knocks Qing Feng over.

 photo eps11_4.jpg

Abu realises that the banquet guests also are possessed and finds herself having to use every size brick she has in her arsenal to defeat them, including tiny bricks in one guy’s eyes. Apparently, even Dark TQF can’t tell the difference between Li Shu Zhe and Abu’s face-pulling.
Tang Qing Feng jumps across the rooftops to get to Dark TQF, but still can not seem to land a blow. Inside, guards arrive to arrest Abu, so she drops a giant brick as a barrier and then uses it to knock them out. General Wang grabs his sword and attacks Abu, who yells out for Tang Qing Feng just as Dark TQF is about to take him out. Hearing her voice, Dark TQF stops and immediately reappears in the room, grabbing the blade and cutting up his own hand to stop it from stabbing her any further. She is surprised to see him again. He pulls the sword out of her chest and knocks the General out. But he’s used up a lot of his energy and falls over in pain as the mysterious voice lectures him for using the Eye of the Universe’s energy, and he disappears.

 photo eps11_5.jpg

The wounded Abu struggles to pick up the box when Tang Qing Feng arrives and sees her. He rushes over to catch her as she collapses, worried about her, but her only concern is that they retrieved the seal. She passes out as Duo Miao Miao arrives to see them both.

Tang Qing Feng runs in the rain, carrying Abu and the box, as Duo Miao Miao follows. Dark TQF is back at the Pool of Life, thinking about his moments with Abu. The mysterious voice asks him what he is doing, but he tells him that it’s none of his concern. When the voice warns him that he could die if he keeps leaving, he responds that he’s not afraid of death. The voice then reminds Dark TQF of what he had promised him, but Dark TQF is not one to be intimidated.

Duo Miao and Qing Feng find shelter and Duo Miao goes to find some herbal medicine. Qing Feng tries to get his powers to activate by pounding on his chest, but it doesn’t work and he gets frustrated. Abu revives and takes his hand, telling him that she will listen to him from now on, and then she passes out again. He tries to wake her up again, but can’t, so he cries, unable to help her.

Hearing a familiar chuckle and a voice telling him to come outside, he goes out in the rain to see Dark TQF. He asks the dark figure what it is that he wants and he says that as long as Abu is with him, she is in danger. Qing Feng starts to blame him for what happened to Abu until the dark figure reminds him that she was already weakened from poisoning herself to save Guo Gong for his sake. And that she was injured this time because she was trying to do something for him. Tang Qing Feng tries to stab him, but Dark TQF easily swipes his sword away and throws it on the ground. Dark TQF tells him that he only wants Abu to be safe. And as long as he exists, Abu will descend into an endless abyss. Dark TQF tells Qing Feng he can only watch and do nothing, while his beloved and his rationality gets further and further away. He then says he will go in and revive her and tells Qing Feng to keep this from Abu, otherwise he’s not even worthy of calling himself a man. Dark TQF takes off his mask and drops it on the ground as he says, “Remember what I said.” He pulls back his hood to reveal his face, but Qing Feng never turns around and doesn’t see what he looks like. He just helplessly pounds his chest in frustration.

 photo eps11_7.jpg

Inside, Dark TQF, now wearing the same outfit as Tang Qing Feng, starts to heal Abu with alien technology and his energy. As he heals Abu, he whispers to her, “Do you know how it feels to truly love someone? It is seeped deep into the bone and marrow, as if I’ve lost my mind. Someone so lovely and yet unattainable, leading to the greatest suffering.” As Abu’s eyes start to flicker open, he begins to glow and slowly disintegrate. Abu regains consciousness just in time to see his face, Tang Qing Feng’s face, disappear. Just then, wet Tang Qing Feng turns to go back inside. Seeing the mask on the ground, he picks it up and puts it in his robe just as Duo Miao Miao returns with a plant. They both hear Abu call out and go inside. Abu checks out Tang Qing Feng to make sure he is okay as she doesn’t know what to make of the vision she saw. Duo Miao asks who healed her. Looking at Tang Qing Feng, she asks if it was the Eye of the Universe that healed her and if he control the power now. She checks to see if the matrix on his body is gone. He stops her and is just glad that she’s alright now.

Tian Xian suddenly appears and Duo Miao Miao asks what she is doing there. When they ask her why she isn’t back with Li Shu Zhe, she just wanders around repeating his name, still brain damaged from the crash. She sees the box with the jade seal and thinks it’s something to eat. Qing Feng watches the three talking, still deep in thought. He suddenly says out loud, “I will do it.” which makes everyone turn and look at him in confusion. He corrects himself, telling them he’ll look for food. Now that they have the jade seal, they should head to Li Shu Zhe’s house. In the meantime, he’ll look for food.

Linja: Are we going to end up falling in love with all the Tang Qing Fengs? This one is already swooning me with his sincere gaze, gentle touch and sweet words! Even his evil chuckle is kinda cute, haha. I am really loving second season so far. It’s not LSI without the weird and bizarre hijinks our crew gets upto.

Enid Bee: Oh, when Dark TQF and Abu finally meet, oohhh, all the second lead syndrome feels. I watched that behind the scenes clip for that one a couple times. But next week…wait until you see the kiss. Tang Qing Feng is not nearly as good of a kisser as Dark TQF. (Makes me laugh because I’m talking about the same actor here.)

But am I the only one kind of tired of the whole Duo Miao Miao and his mom? I loved Madam Qi and Abu as adversaries in the first season, but this whole thing with Tian Xian and Duo Miao is kind of getting old for me. For next week’s episodes, I can kind of see what they are going for, but after Duo Miao Miao and Xiao Ru Yi in season 1, this storyline is a bit disappointing for me. But I love Duo Miao’s fight scenes. Glad to see him being aggressive instead of shrieking and running.

And how dumb do I feel that only just now I finally realised that the actor playing Li Shu Zhe is actually the twin brother of the actor who played Li Fu (from Season 1). I thought they were both the same actor. I knew he had a twin brother, saw them together in another series, knew about the mole that helps tell them apart and I kept thinking he looked a little different, but still didn’t get it until just now. D’oh!

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The Second Princess of Planet Duo appears, looking just like another Princess we know…and she’s Abu’s younger sister.

Abu’s antenna come back.

Tang Qing Feng and Abu swap bodies.

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