Martial Universe: Episodes 31-40 Recap [COMPLETE]

Enid Bee: I know IMOmusings is done with this series and I’m ready to start recapping a new show, so I’m taking over screenshot and formatting duties for this final post to give her a much needed break and to get these done for all our faithful readers. (Hi, Hohliu!)

So for one last time, we get another Yimo, a few more new characters, a lot of self-sacrificing, a runaway bride, some sad break-ups and someone finally goes to the dark side. Let’s begin the final two weeks of Season 1!


Series Information:

Chinese Title:武动乾坤
Episodes: 60
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Broadcast Source: Dragon TV (Oriental TV), Youku
Airing Schedule: 2 Episodes a day, Tues – Thurs via Dragon TV (Oriental TV)
Current Progress: 40/40 (Season 1)
(Season 2 will have 20 Episodes for a total of 60)

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Character List
MainLin FamilyLei FamilyYuan GateYan Cheng SectNine Heaven's Tai Qing PalaceDao SectMagic Puppet SectOthersCorrelation Chart
Yang Yang as Lin Dong
 photo Lin Dong.jpg
Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
 photo Ying Huanhuan.jpg
Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu
 photo Ling Qingzhu.jpg
Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian
 photo Lin Langtian.jpg

Lin Xiao (Lin Dong’s father)
Lin Qing Tan (Lin Dong’s adopted sister)
Lin Mu (Chief of the Lin Clan)

Lei Li (Second Young Master)
Attendant Lei Fu (Lei Li’s Attendant)
Lei Zhong (Eldest Young Master)

Mu Qian Qian
Ling Zhen

Master Yan
Xuan Su

Shen Qing
Su Rou
Ling Su Su (Ling Qing Zhu’s mother)

Ying Xuan Zi (Sect Leader) 
Wu Dao

New this week:
Zhou Tong
 photo zhou_tong.png
Martial Arts Hall Elder
 photo elder.png

Master Teng
Teng Lei

Little Marten (a.k.a Lin Diao)
Xiao Yan (a.k.a Fire Python Tiger)

New this week:
Sixth Yimo Prince
 photo sixth_prince.png
Huangfu Jing
 photo huangfu.png
Mo Ling, Prince of the Great Yan Dynasty
 photo mo_ling.png
Bo Xuan
 photo bo_xuan.png

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Lang Tian goes to check on Qing Tan in the secret room and finds that she’s awake. When Lang Tian says he’s going to send her back to her brother, she refuses, only wanting to stay with him. Revealing that she heard everything he told her when she was asleep, she asks to continue training with him so she can help him. He tries to protest, but she shuts him up with a kiss. And then the magic happens… (No, really, it’s all pretty colors and smoke and dual cultivation.)
 photo ep31_1.png

Huan Huan is pretending to be asleep so she can watch Lin Dong reading. Xiao Yan tries to get him to eat something since he’s been up all night, but he wants to wait until Huan Huan wakes up first. Xiao Yan reveals the bet he and Lin Diao have regarding which girl he likes more and asks if he likes Huan Huan. Huan Huan is surprised to hear him say he’d marry her if she never wakes up since she was wounded because of him. Of course Lin Dong figures out she’s awake and decides to play a trick on her by ordering Xiao Yan to undress her so he can tend to her wounds. This gets her to finally get up, but of course they go back to fighting again and Huan Huan storming out.

In the woods, Huan Huan is whining again about Lin Dong not liking her when she hears him call for her and she hides. As he looks for her, Xiao Yan tells Lin Dong that Lin Diao said Huan Huan has a secret. Suddenly realising he hasn’t seen Lin Diao in a while, Lin Dong wonders where he could be. When Xiao Yan suggests he might have gone in search of the Thunder Talisman, Lin Dong decides to go search for him and stops looking for the annoyed Huan Huan as Mu Qian Qian watches.

Qing Zhu is trying to defend her actions at Yuan Gate to the Palace Mistress who warns her to focus on her job and not to poke her nose in other matters. Su Rou reminds Qing Zhu of where their sect stands in relation to Yuan Gate as well as their preference to not be too distant nor too close to anyone to protect themselves. So she goes to talk to Master Yan who is more understanding of her side, though he reminds her again that the path to the answer she seeks is not a direct path and that the truth will be revealed when the time is right.

Xuan Su arrives to tell him about the third Talisman map Lin Dong found, but that Lin Dong hasn’t been heard from in a while. He sends Qing Zhu to go find him as Xuan Su fusses over Master Yan. But he is more curious about the Thunder Talisman. When he hears it’s on Demon Cloud Summit, he realises that he can’t let Qing Zhu go there and panics.

Lin Diao is out of breath from climbing Demon Cloud Summit and rests to eat more pellets. It’s revealed that he has until his 1000 year birthday to turn into a human or be a beast permanently and the 900 year old marten is desperate for the talisman. Finding it’s location, he wanders around some ruins when he hears an odd noise. He finds an altar with fresh fruit on it and starts to eat as he asks the deity to help him. He immediately sees a glowing on the rocky altar, but when he goes to get it, the rock turns into a man. Lin Diao transforms into his marten form, but is caught by the man who reveals that the glowing rock was a fake and he plans to eat Lin Diao.

The man says he is the Guardian of the Mountain Deity Temple and isn’t interested in anything Lin Diao has to say, even when he mentions the Devour Talisman and Fu Zu’s successor. When Xiao Yan arrives, the Guardian is even more excited by the prospect of more food and knocks out the Marten.

Lin Dong stops to ask Huan Huan why she keeps following him, but as usually she insists she’s only there for the Yimo. When he tries to give her some water from a lake, he gets shocked by electricity and wonders if the Talisman is there. Huan Huan sees a village and, as clouds gather, Lin Dong surmises that Lin Diao has found the Talisman.

Qing Zhu is in the village, also getting shocked by some well water and wondering why. In the village, the leader stands before a pillar as his people kneel before it. The guy is doing…something..I can’t really tell, can you? Qing Zhu tries to help him as he’s getting zapped by the clouds. The leader asks who she is and thanks her for helping dissipate the thundercloud. When she asks about the Thunder Talisman, he recognizes her bag and asks if she’s with the Talisman Guild. When she advises she is the Talisman Envoy, he reveals that they have been guarding the talisman and waiting for them.

Xiao Yan is fussing over Lin Diao who is no longer tied to a spit. The Guardian lies and says he tried to save him because he’s dying. When the hungry Guardian leaves to get more wood, Lin Diao reveals he was pretending to be asleep and warns Xiao Yan that he thinks the Guardian is an Yimo who is trying to eat him. When they try to escape, the Guardian catches them and easily knocks them down before turning into a giant…peach…ball of flesh? (Sorry, some of the things here I just don’t know how to explain well in words.)
 photo ep31_2.png

When the village leader gives Qing Zhu some water, he wonders if she knows Qing Zhi and then asks if she’s his daughter, claiming to be a friend of his. He then hands her a box that he says has the Talisman, but instead it’s a ruse and he attacks her, knocking her out. Turns out he hates her father and wants revenge.

Lin Dong and Huan Huan arrive just as the villagers decide to offer Qing Zhu to the Thunder Talisman. They jump in and save her while taking the clan chief captive. When they get the box with the Talisman and find it is empty, Lin Dong demands to know where it is, but the clan chief disappears and then reappears in front of them. It’s revealed that he and the villagers are all spiritual remnants of the Thunder Clan which died out years ago. They demand Qing Zhu be turned over as her father was the one who killed the clan with the help of the Yimo, even after they saved his life.

As the spiritual remnants turn into balls of energy and go into the clouds, Lin Dong uses his power to defend against their attack and they run into the woods, trying to dodge their lightning as they send the full force on Qing Zhu, who gets trapped in an energy field. Huan Huan helps Lin Dong take out the cloud to save Qing Zhu. But Qing Zhu is feeling responsible for her father’s crimes until Lin Dong calms her down, while Huan Huan goes back to being whiny and jealous. But then she notices something in the lake and all three realise it’s the Thunder Talisman.
 photo ep31_3.png

Lin Dong, Qing Zhu and Huan Huan swim to the bottom of the lake and suddenly are under the water where they find a bunch of statues in a circle. It turns out the statues are real people, the lake is an enchantment and the circle is a trap. Lin Dong realises that the Talisman is hidden in one of the bodies, but first they need to break the enchantment by cutting the shackles that bind them. Qing Zhu, remembering that in her pouch is a bit of her father’s yuan energy to use in an emergency, tosses it out and causes the enchantment to break. She apologizes to the villagers on behalf of her father as their remaining energy reveals the talisman, which Lin Dong takes.
 photo ep32_1.png

Xiao Yan and Lin Diao are tied up and wondering where Lin Dong is. Mu Qian Qian arrives and covers the beasts with a cloth as she talks to the Guardian so they can’t see her. The Guardian recognizes her as a fellow Yimo. He is upset to hear that someone has gotten the Thunder Talisman, but happy when he realises that the beasts he caught are friends of his. Mu Qian Qian tells him to keep the beasts alive and that she’ll send Lin Dong his way to deal with.

Qing Zhu is feeling sorry for herself still as Lin Dong tries to reassure her and Huan Huan sleeps. And the love triangle continues… (Who cares? Let’s get back to the beasties…) Lin Dong sees Qing Zhu holding something in her hand and realises that it’s another deciphered spiritual map, this time to the Demon Domain. Lin Dong notices that Taiqing Palace is on the map, but is blurry as if someone rubbed on it repeatedly. He surmises that the map was probably her father’s and that his defection to the Yimo side may not be all it seemed. As they start to believe that her father also prepared that emergency yuan energy early for this very occasion, Qing Zhu starts to rethink her opinion of her father.

Lin Dong is trying to break the seal on the Talisman when he gets hit by some purple Yimo energy and, as usual, runs out without waking up anyone else. Xiao Yan and Lin Diao hear him. Xiao Yan tries to get him to run away to keep him safe, but Lin Diao wants him to come save them. Instead Lin Dong ends up running into the big Yimo flesh ball which burps at him. Mu Qian Qian watches as the Guardian transforms into human form and easily knocks the Halberd out of Lin Dong’s hands. He demands the Thunder Talisman in exchange for the Marten, but Lin Dong insists he would rather he eat the creature. Bringing Lin Diao out, he starts burning the creature in front of Lin Dong until he finally agrees to the trade. But as Lin Dong tosses it, Lin Diao jumps up and grabs it instead and Mu Qian Qian walks off, annoyed.
 photo ep32_2.png

The Guardian blasts Lin Diao, but the Talisman reacts, causing a giant thundercloud to form and pulls Lin Diao up into the air. As he gets zapped with lightening, his claws disappear and he finally is human. He uses his new lightning powers to try to zap the Yimo for trying to eat him and then passes out, falling to the ground.

Lin Dong chides Lin Diao for not getting the Yimo and worries how many more may be coming, while Lin Diao is happy to finally have human form. But when he tries to run off with the Thunder Talisman, Lin Dong is able to capture him as Lin Diao argues that he’s the successor to the Thunder Talisman. Lin Dong forgives him and unbinds him. Of course they’ve forgotten about Xiao Yan who is still tied up and knocked out. (Lin Dong is a bad friend.)

Huan Huan and Qing Zhu find the two of them and Huan Huan teases him for having a new brother, while Lin Diao tries to get all flirty with Qing Zhu. But then Huan Huan and Lin Dong start bickering again. And really none of this conversation matters except when they finally realise they left Xiao Yan behind and then see Xuan Su with some of the Talisman Guild members coming to take them back.

Mu Qian Qian and the Guardian (aka the Sixth Yimo Prince) visit the Yimo Emperor. They fight over whose fault it is for losing the Thunder Talisman and then the Sixth Prince reveals that he knows where the Ice Talisman is located.

Back in Lin Dong’s hometown, the village chief has been told that the Prince wants to meet Lin Dong. He is shocked at Lin Dong getting so much fame and tells a village elder that he knows they need great warriors to help secure their new higher status. He decides to try to get Lin Dong to help the clan.
 photo ep32_3.png

Back at Qiwu Tower, Lin Diao is telling the story of the Yimo he fought, with help from Huan Huan and a lot of exaggeration of his part, while Xiao Yan insists on telling the real story. Lin Dong asks why Master Yan called them back to the Tower, worried that something is wrong. Back to his annoying self (guess I was wrong about him finally toning down on the goofiness), Lin Dong teases Master Yan when he says he was worried about him. But then asks him what he knows of Qing Zhu’s father. He doesn’t believe Master Yan when he says he doesn’t know, but Master Yan tells him he needs to find the answer himself.

Huan Huan and Lin Dong are talking about Qing Zhu’s father, but then he teases her about her father having it worse having such a wild daughter. And they’re flirt-fighting again. Argh…

An elder from the Lin Clan shows up at Qiwu Tower to see Lin Dong, congratulating him on his new role, but Lin Dong is guarded. The elder makes excuses for what the Clan Chief did before, but Lin Dong just laughs and wonders why he is there. He tells him that the Prince of the Great Yan Dynasty wants to meet him, but Lin Dong cant resist pointing out that they cast him out for being a troublemaker and wonders why they want him to represent the clan now and what they want in exchange. The man asks him to think about and reminds him he may need the clan’s support in the future. After the man leaves, Master Yan also tells him to reconsider rather than dwelling on the past.
 photo ep33_1.png

Lin Dong goes to the roof, frustrated, and finds Qing Zhu already up there. He comments that he’s surprised that she has been more emotional than before and confides that he also has some issues. When she asks about the Lin Clan’s invite, he says that he is no longer part of that clan. Unlike the others, she understands how he feels, given how Taiqing Palace have treated her and her mother, but reminds him that she didn’t let them look down on her. Lin Dong decides to go ahead and meet the Prince on behalf of the clan. Lin Dong also promises to train hard so that he can protect her and others. Of course Huan Huan, as usual, is spying on them and comes out, all indignant that he wouldn’t want to try to protect her as well. She’s happy to hear that he wants to join a super sect and tries to talk him into joining hers, but he still isn’t interested, preferring to join Taiqing Palace, which makes her mad again.

Qing Tan and Lang Tian are doing it again…cultivating I mean… when they get caught by Ling Zhen who berates him for using the secret chamber with some random girl. When Lang Tian says Mu Qian Qian allowed it, Ling Zhen comments that he doesn’t think he is really that important to Mu Qian Qian since she didn’t take him with her to hunt Yimos or ask about him when she returned. When he tries to attack Lang Tian, however, he is surprised to discover that Lang Tian’s martial skills rank has increased and he gets thrown into a wall. Lang Tian tells him off and kicks him out of the chamber.

Qing Tan is worried about him, but he reassures her, though she is concerned as she saw darker glimpses in him that scared her. But proud of his accomplishments, they celebrate by…yeah, I’m pretty sure they actually did it this time.

The Sixth Prince tells Mu Qian Qian that he won’t support her if her plan fails, but she’s never heard him speak up for her so she’s not terribly concerned, knowing that he’s only out for himself. Suddenly they hear Lang Tian and as he enters the room, the Sixth Prince attacks her and runs off. Lang Tian runs after him, but the Yimo disappears, so he tends to Elder Mu.

Lin Dong, Huan Huan and Lin Diao are walking through the woods on the way to Wanxiang City, with Xiao Yan further on ahead scouting a path. When Lin Dong stops to rest, still not very enthusiastic about this trip, Huan Huan suggest they skip the visit and go to one of the super sects instead. Lin Dong decides to go on ahead to check out the the city before they enter, not wanting to just walk in.

In the meantime Qing Zhu is walking by herself in the woods when she sees one of the little forest demons and remembers the first time she met Lin Dong. Suddenly now she’s got the hots for him.

Mu Qian Qian is doing her best fake sick act and tells Lang Tian that she was about to seal the Sixth Prince Yimo in the talisman when he appeared and distracted her, letting him escape. He assures her that they’ll find another chance. She warns him that the Talisman Guild are not strong enough to overcome the Yimo and keep them sealed in the Talismans. She tells him that they should instead get all the Talismans so that they can open the seal to let out the Yimo Emperor and defeat them once and for all. (And how does that defeat them? Is she implying that they will kill the Emperor? Why isn’t Lang Tian asking her this stuff?)
 photo ep33_2.png

Mu Qian Qian reveals that she knows that the Ice Talisman is in the Clan Storage of the Great Yan Dynasty, but that the Prince wants Lin Dong to have it. Persuading Lang Tian that Lin Dong is not strong enough to handle it, she persuades Lang Tian to go get it so that Lin Dong won’t end up attaining a higher status than him. He promises to help gather the talismans, but he wants to do it without her intervention and she agrees.

Lin Dong finds Qing Zhu in the woods, surprised to see her. She tells him that she’s decided to focus fully on being his envoy and staying by his side. He’s a bit startled that she’s saying what he’d always hoped she would and confused as to why he’s not as happy about it as he thought he woud be. He wonders who it is that he really wants when the pond suddenly freezes over. When he wonders why it froze, Qing Zhu tells him to ignore it. He confesses he’s more used to her being mean to him, but then hopes that she can be happy and free from worry.

Huan Huan, who has heard their discussion, is all upset, certain she has lost him now. She’s certain Qing Zhu will confess to him any minute. As she walks away, the pond unfreezes. Suddenly she sees Qing Tan and follows after her as suddenly there is a lot of fog in the woods. She starts to get lightheaded and then hears a voice and sees…herself, but as the Ice Master. She still is not ready to face her destiny, but suddenly gets knocked out by Qing Tan and Lang Tian.

Qing Tan asks why they had to do that and Lang Tian says that they want to protect her brother from getting the Talisman so that the Yimo won’t go after him. (Oh, please let there be a moment where she realises Lang Tian is an asshole and tells him off and then freezes his testicles off.)

As Lin Dong is tending to the campfire, a woman leading a group of soldiers asks if he is Lin Dong from Qingyang Town. She is Huangfu Jing, the personal bodyguard of the Prince and she has come to fetch him. When he asks why the Prince wants to see him, she will only say that the Prince will tell him in person, but he can’t bring his Envoy with him.

Sixth Prince Yimo enters a cave and tries to break through a sealed door, but guards appear.

The Prince is sparring with his soldiers as the Lin Clan Chief watches and praises him. The weapon the Prince is using, the Moyun Blade, is a spiritual gift from the Chief. Seeing Lin Dong, the Prince tells him that he found a spiritual treasure, the Ice Talisman, but hasn’t been able to obtain it and wants Lin Dong’s help. Lin Dong agrees to help.

Lin Dong rushes to wake up the crew and tells them about the Ice Talisman. Then he realises that Huan Huan is missing. Xiao Yan warns that someone is coming and they see Huangfu and the soldiers return. She tells him that an Yimo attacked the Clan Storage and that the Prince asked him to return but he doesn’t want to leave without Huan Huan, much to the guard’s annoyance. Qing Zhu offers to go find her, but Lin Dong still won’t go, so Qing Zhu offers to go in his place and get the Yimo. Huangfu gives Lin Dong a Nirvana Demon Flame Lock in case he runs into trouble. Lin Dong tells Lin Diao and Xiao Yan to go with Qing Zhu to help her and promises to join up with them later.
 photo ep33_3.png

Lin Dong wanders the woods looking for Huan Huan and ends up in the foggy part where she disappeared. He comes across a seal that Lang Tian left behind on a tree.

The Prince is surprised to see Qing Zhu and not Lin Dong. But before she can explain why he is not there, Lang Tian arrives to help, telling the Prince he is the one most suited to help. Qing Zhu wonders why he is there, but he questions why she is there instead. Lin Diao sends Xiao Yan to find Lin Dong as Lang Tian insists they proceed without Lin Dong.

Lin Dong is trying to find Huan Huan, but having no luck. He remembers he has powers and starts using them to find her and finally sees her laying under a tree. Awake and happy to be found, she is giggling as they go to join the others. He reveals that he used his yuan pellet to find her. When he starts teasing her though, she gets all jealous, remembering what Qing Zhu said to him, and starts arguing with him. But then Lin Dong admits that he has begun to like Huan Huan, which surprises her, and he promises to tell her more after they get the Ice Talisman. Of course she remembers her father’s words and is worried again. She tries to convince Lin Dong to run away with her, but won’t tell him why. He tries to kiss her in the most awkward kiss scene, but can’t seem to do it so, of course, it’s up to Huan Huan to make it happen, but she fails and it’s the most awkward kiss scene and, honestly, not a feel was felt.
 photo ep34_1.png

Lang Tian is being an asshole, using his powers to knock back Qing Zhu. She is amazed to see how high his martial skills rank has become, but she is not going to give up so they begin to fight.

Huan Huan tries to think of a way to keep Lin Dong from getting the Talisman and tells him that Qing Tan was the one who caught her and that she seems to be trying to stop him from getting the Talisman. Suddenly Qing Tan appears and Lin Dong is surprised as she attacks the pair. She apologizes, but Lin Dong demands to know who put her up to this. Qing Tan insists Lang Tian is trying to protect him, but this makes Lin Dong angry and he is able to blast away the ice formation his sister used against him. She cries, begging him not to go, but he won’t listen. Instead he asks Huan Huan to look after Qing Tan while he goes.

Huangfu reminds the Prince that they need to hurry and get the Ice Talisman. Lin Dong arrives just in time to save Qing Zhu and tell off Lang Tian. He tells her to rest and he’ll go get the Talisman. Of course Lang Tian still gotta be an asshole. Lin Dong thanks him for saving his sister, but tells him there’s no need for him to be polite to him any longer. When Lang Tian drags out that line of “I’m doing this for your own good”, Lin Dong tells him he knows that’s a lie. He breaks out his Halberd and the men start to fight.

Lang Tian says that instead of competing on strength, they should compete with speed as to who can get to the Talisman first, then he runs off with Lin Dong following. Huangfu tries to dissuade the Prince from going, but he’s not interested in playing it safe.

The Sixth Prince Yimo is ill from eating the guards when he runs into Mu Qian Qian who scolds him for going to get the Ice Talisman himself, but he doubts if Lang Tian is reliable.
 photo ep34_2.png

Huan Huan has Qing Tan bound and is walking her through the woods when Xiao Yan finds them and is happy to see Qing Tan is alive and starts hugging her. While Huan Huan’s back is turned, Qing Tan tries to get Xiao Yan to cut her loose, but he refuses because he doesn’t want her going back to the bad guy, but she doesn’t get why they all think Lang Tian is bad. Huan Huan tells her that Lang Tian is using her, but she refuses to believe it.

The Yimos are still arguing. Mu Qian Qian is trying to explain how they will be able to outwit the humans, but the Sixth Prince is confused.

Huan Huan gets lightheaded again. Qing Tan tells Xiao Yan to take care of her and then runs ahead.

Lang Tian enters the cave where the entrance to the Clan Storage is. He is able to open the door easily and enters a room where the Ice Talisman is, but Lin Dong arrives and ties him up with his new weapon before he can get it. Of course, as usual, Lin Dong is a softie and lets Lang Tian go when he seems to be hurt. But Lang Tian insists again that he is doing this to help and then uses his Space Talisman to escape.

Qing Tan is running through the woods when Lang Tian arrives via a portal. She realises that he did get the Space Talisman after all and that it wasn’t lost. She realises he’s been lying to her and he finally is honest with her, sort of. But she gets upset, not sure if the promises he made to her were true. Lin Dong arrives and Lang Tian tells her that she has to choose between them. As the two brothers fight, Qing Tan stop both of them, telling Lang Tian that she likes him, but won’t let him hurt her brother. He tells her that from now on they are enemies. (Such an asshole…)

When Lang Tian tries to kill her brother, she blasts him with her powers until Lin Dong stops her. (Awww, let her finish.) When Lang Tian hears the guards declare that Qing Tan is an Yimo, he confirms it and says that Lin Dong is siding with her, so the guards start to attack, but then the real Yimo appears and he has the Ice Talisman and starts to attack Lin Dong. (Well, why the hell didn’t you get the Talisman when you had the chance, you idiot?!)

Fortunately he’s able to get the Talisman from the Yimo and Huan Huan arrives in time to use it against the Yimo even though her cultivation still is not complete. Lin Dong tries to stop her, but she wants to save Lin Dong. (Aww, how cute is Xiao Yan holding Qing Tan?) As she uses the Talisman, she rises up in the air and ends up sucking the Yimo into it before falling to the ground. Lin Dong is worried about her, especially when he sees that her hand which was holding the Talisman has suddenly aged.

The elder from the Lin Clan accuses Lin Dong of conspiring with the Yimo and endangering the Prince. The guards are ready to arrest them and take the Ice Talisman. Qing Tan calls out the Elders for falsely accusing her brother yet again, but Lang Tian still insists on accusing her of being an Yimo. Lin Dong is pissed at him for slandering his sister, but an asshole’s gotta asshole. So Qing Tan decides to say she is an Yimo and tells them they should kill her. Then she tries to stab herself, but Lin Dong is able to stop her. The guards start shooting arrows, but they suddenly freeze. Everyone is frozen in time except Lin Dong and his friends as a mysterious woman appears. They next thing they know, Lin Dong and his friends wake up in some ruins, including Xiao Diao who also got pulled there.
 photo ep34_3b.png

The Lin Clan Chief is scolding Lang Tian for falsely accusing Qing Tan. Though he keeps sticking to his story, the Chief knows it’s a lie and yells at him for ruining the Lan Clan’s chance at increasing their prestige. Lang Tian is all angry that the Chief won’t let him represent the clan, insisting he is better. When the Chief wonders how it is that Lang Tian has jumped in ranks so quickly and who it is that is controlling him and asks why he won’t give Lin Dong a chance, Lang Tian gets angry and suddenly the ice poison he’s been cultivating starts acting up. The Chief realises he’s been cultivating with Qing Tan and demands he tell the Prince the truth. Instead Lang Tian ends up killing him. (And now we reach the point of no return.)

Mu Qian Qian, of course, arrives just in time. He is freaked out, but she tells him he did the right thing and that he needs to stop yielding and compromising. Yup, Lang Tian, it’s time to be bad guys.

The mystery woman carries Qing Tan to a tree where she wakes up, surprised not to be dead. The woman has been searching for her for a while and Qing Tan finds her familiar.
 photo ep35_1.png

Master Yan arrives at the ruins, informing them that only one clan has been able to control time and that they are nearby. He points Lin Dong in the direction to go and, as he leaves, comments to himself that the Dark Palace has finally answered his letter.

Lin Dong, Xiao Yan and Lin Diao find Qing Tan with the mystery woman in the woods, unsure of her intentions. They approach slowly and call out to her to thank her for saving them. Her name is Bo Xuan and Lin Diao immediately recognizes the name and that she is the Palace Master for the Dark Palace Sect which has not been seen in ages. She reveals that Qing Tan is a descendant of their sect and she has come to take her back, but Lin Dong won’t let her.

Qing Tan hugs her brother, but she is willing to go and thanks Lin Dong for taking care of her. Because she’s heartbroken, she wants to get away to keep herself from doing something bad. When Lin Dong says she is his only family, she reminds him that he has Huan Huan and Qing Zhu as well. He can only watch her go.

Master Yan sees Huan Huan’s hand. She begs him not to let Lin Dong see it. The aging in her hand is because her cultivation wasn’t strong enough to handle the Ice Talisman and it is still attacking her life energy. He tries to talk her into going back to the Dao Sect so her father can help her, but instead she asks how much time she has left. He tells her that with his cultivation he can give her three days. She decides to use those three days to clear her “love debt” before she becomes the Ice Master. (I know this is meant to be sad, but they spent so long getting them together as a couple, that I don’t even care.) Huan Huan runs into the woods to dance for some reason while Master Yan is all sad.

Lin Dong is watching over the sleeping Qing Zhu. He feels guilty for not being able to protect her. He has sent for someone to come get her and wonders if he should escort her. Xuan Su is mad for some reason and doesn’t respond to his queries. As he walks away, she calls out to him that he and Master Yan need to take care of their own health.

Huan Huan, half awake, gets up to get some water which Lin Dong hands to her. He then feeds her some of the candy she gave him while she’s in bed. That wakes her up. He asks if she still has her magic mirror which she hands to him. As he looks in it, he sees the two of them, but then Huan Huan takes it away. Then he surprises her by asking her to marry him, saying that three days married is better than a hundred years of regret. (So he apparently knows she’s not doing well.) Of course she’s still spoiled and insists on a grand wedding so he agrees. (Girl, do you know how much time it takes for a big wedding? Is that really the important thing?)
 photo ep35_2.png

Su Rou arrives to get Qing Zhu and Xuan Su tells her about what happened with Lang Tian.

Huan Huan is trying to look pretty for her wedding while Lin Diao and Xiao Yan set up for the wedding. Huan Huan suddenly gets ill and coughs up blood. Xiao Yan wants to get Lin Dong, but she tells him that Lin Dong can’t see her until the wedding. Of course Lin Dong is nearby and overhears them talking. He’s upset he can’t do anything. She’s upset she doesn’t have long. I’m upset because I’m covered in mystery bug bites and I’m itchy as hell as I sit here trying to recap this. Lin Dong runs into the woods, determined to find a way to keep her around for more than three days.

Su Rou says goodbye to Xuan Su as the Talisman Guild disciples leave. Qing Zhu is surprised to wake up with Su Rou standing over her. Su Rou is worried because of how injured she is, but she insists that it’s her job as the Envoy. When Su Rou asks about what happened between her and Lin Dong, she gets upset, not sure why he suddenly lost interest in her, but she still wants to stay and protect him.

Lang Tian is sitting in the woods. First with the Clan Chief. And then alone. Lin Dong finds him and asks to borrow the Talisman to send Huan Huan back home. He agrees to lend it to him if Huan Huan will remove the seal from the Ice Talisman to release the Yimo and reveals that he plans to let the Yimo Emperor free as well. (Again, how is it he thinks this is a good idea without knowing what the next step.) Lin Dong refuses his request, so he refuses to loan him the Talisman. But Lin Dong really wants to save Huan Huan so he begs. But Lang Tian has to be an asshole about it and berate him for begging just for a woman and disappointing so many people. He starts beating the crap out of Lin Dong for humiliating himself and everyone who has helped him. But then Lin Dong sees Lin Mu’s dead body and asks how Lang Tian is any different from the Yimo. But that just turns up Lang Tian’s rage and he attacks Lin Dong, taking his yuan pellet.
 photo ep35_3.png

Xiao Yan and Lin Diao can’t find Lin Dong and Huan Huan knows something is wrong. Master Yan arrives, also realising where he has probably gone. Knowing that Lin Dong’s life is in danger, she goes to save him, but Master Yan keeps the beasts from going.

Lang Tian has Lin Dong tied up at the base where the Ice Talisman is kept when Huan Huan arrives. The couple has a short, sweet moment and then Huan Huan removes the seal from the Ice Talisman despite Lin Dong pleading with her not to. As the Ice Talisman rises from the pillar, she takes a hold of it and, as she does, there is a growling sound and a column of black smoke rises from the pillar and knocks the Talisman out of her hand.

Weapons at the ready while Lang Tian hides, Huan Huan fights off the Yimo that come out, one of which goes inside Lang Tian. Using the Space Talisman, he escapes. Huan Huan is knocked down and the Yimo escape just as Lin Dong finally gets himself free. They use their Talismans to protect themselves and then run after Lang Tian, but he ends up in a trap set by the Prince and his bodyguards. They know he’s the one whose been conspiring with the Yimo. He insists he wanted to follow the Sixth Prince to find the Yimo Emperor, but they don’t believe him. They use their Talismans against him, not wanting anyone else to die because of him. Eventually he disappears.

Note: Honestly, you could probably fast forward through most of this episode unless you are really into melodrama.

Lin Dong runs to Huan Huan who has aged on the right side of her body from using the Talisman. He’s upset, but Huan Huan is happy to have defeated Lang Tian until she sees Lin Dong’s worried face and realise what has happened to her, and then she gets upset.

Back at the ruins, she is still upset. Master Yan tries to send everyone away, but two of the Dao Sect disciples start to beat up Lin Dong instead. Xuan Su and Lin Diao try to intercede. Then Huan Huan goes hysterical and Master Yan again tells everyone to stop staring. Qing Zhu checks on Lin Dong to try to reassure him, but he feels guilty knowing that if he’d just killed Lang Tian earlier, this wouldn’t have happened. He is determined to take care of her for the rest of his life.

Suddenly they hear Huan Huan demanding to know who people are. She’s forgotten everyone. Huan Huan has made her choice to become the Ice Master. Lin Dong tries to get her to remember him, but to no avail. He refuses to believe that she doesn’t remember. Everyone is confused, but she just wants to go back to the Dao Sect and train. She walks out with the Dao Sect disciples following her as everyone else is left stunned.
 photo ep36_1.png

Lin Dong runs after Huan Huan, still trying to get her to remember, but she will only say that it was a different Huan Huan who said it and walks right past him, mumbling to herself that that Huan Huan is dead and that she is the Ice Master though she can’t keep from tearing up a bit. Xuan Su tries to ask Master Yan what happened, but he is as evasive as always.

Lin Dong wanders in a field of really tall grass being sad. Qing Zhu goes looking for him and finds him under a tree. She tells him he could go looking for her, but finally convinced that she doesn’t recognize him, he’s given up. Qing Zhu makes fun of him, reminding him that he’s good at pestering people and shouldn’t give up. When Lin Dong tries to apologize for hot being as interested in her, she blows it off as if it didn’t matter to her. Lin Dong is feeling guilty about everything even as Qing Zhu tries to reassure him. He finally decides not to give up on Huan Huan and find a way to get her back.

Qing Zhu tells him that the Three Super Sects will be recruiting new disciples and that he has a good chance, but he has to pass some tests and will lose some of his hard fought martial skills levels, but he’s determined to succeed. She promises to help him. When he suddenly remembers that he promised to help her find her father, she tells him it can wait.

The Prince is practicing with his sword, but gets bored. He tells Huangfu that he is a bit jealous of Lin Dong who seems more carefree, but she is certain that Lin Dong is just hiding the pressure he is under. And then the Prince breaks out some mud mask promo for his bodyguard because they gotta pay for those Talisman CGI effects somehow.

Back at the Dao Sect, Huan Huan is in her pretty dress while Lin Dong crosses a desert with Lin Diao and Xiao Yan to get her back. She can see a vision of them traveling and smiles. Wu Dao, the tattle-tale, reports to Huan Huan’s father that she’s gone into the Mysterious Ice Enchantment again, but the Chief stops him. He goes to see Huan Huan and see that she’s cut her hand. She apologizes for not being able to forget Lin Dong, but she doesn’t regret it. She is scared of not remembering him in the future. Her father reminds her that at least they will be fighting on the same side and tells her it’s okay if she wants to cry.
 photo ep36_2.png

Huan Huan continues working on her cultivation as Lin Dong continues to run through the desert to the snow mountains. Suddenly Lin Dong is attacked by a man and demands to know who he is, but the man won’t say. He just wants to know where he got the ancestral talisman. The man is surprised to hear that he is Lin Dong and Lin Dong is amused that it seems he is famous. Then the man tells him to leave and go train more so that he’ll be better prepared to fight the Yimo. But Lin Dong has recognized his skills as being from the Dao Sect. When he tells him that he is headed to the Dao Sect, the man predicts that he will fail and isn’t interested in hearing about it as he doesn’t like the Dao Sect. But Lin Dong insists on asking more questions. The man will only warn him not to trust anyone there. As Lin Dong walks off again, he passes by a familiar purple haze on a tree.

Mu Qian Qian checks on the pouting Lang Tian and apologizes for not realising how ruthless Lin Dong could be. But Lang Tian is upset that he’s become the bad guy and wonders if he’s gone the wrong way. Elder Mu assures him that she believes in him and will stay by his side. (Because she’s using you, you dummy!) Elder Mu starts to tell him that Qing Tan has been taken back to the Dark Palace where the Dark Palace is and he gets upset she is using that tactic on him again. But once again when she reminds him that he can prove himself to everyone, he agrees to go because he still owes Qing Tan an apology.

Mu Qian Qian is back to being jealous again. She pulls a mask out of her robe and leaves it on a side table. Lang Tian picks it up later and tries it on.

Mu Qian Qian and Sixth Prince report to the Emperor about the Dark Talisman and the Ice Talisman. When the Sixth Prince brags that the Ice Master could be easily beaten, the Emperor knocks him down, reminding him that the Ice Master is the most powerful Talisman master and the one who injured him. Mu Qian Qian promises to get all eight talismans but Sixth Prince ridicules her for not even being able to control Lang Tian.

Lin Dong tells the beasts about the man he met and thinking that passing the tests to get into one of the sects may not be so easy. When Lin Diao reminds Lin Dong he missed a chance to get in through the backdoor of the Dao Sect via Huan Huan, Xiao Yan misunderstands what he meant and tries to beat him up. (Aww, love these two.) When Lin Diao doesn’t want to go to the battlefield, Lin Dong and Xiao Yan tease him for a while until Lin Dong advises them that they can’t join him anyway. They share a drink before saying goodbye.
 photo ep36_3.png

At Taiqing Palace, the Palace Mistress and Su Rou are talking about the latest group of candidates. They are hoping to find some strong disciples to help fight the Yimo. Qing Zhu comes in and asks that the sect agree to break with tradition and allow a man, Lin Dong, to join their sect. The Palace Mistress is upset at the suggestion, but Qing Zhu knows that the rules will allow it as long as the starts rotate in the opposite direction and the waters of the Water Curtain of Tianhua flow in reverse. The Palace Mistress agrees that she will allow it if Qing Zhu can make both of those things happen.

Inside the Water Curtain, Qing Zhu starts working on reversing the waterflow and succeeds, but then collapses from the effort. But when Su Rou and the Palace Mistress go in to help her, she locks them inside so that she can get to the battlefield, even though Su Rou insists that Lin Dong will only enter the Dao Sect. But the Palace Mistress is not angry, finally realising that Qing Zhu is the best person to help Lin Dong.

Huan Huan is cultivating when Qing Zhu arrives to see her. Hearing her wonder why Lin Dong is still coming to see her, Qing Zhu realises she still does remember them.

I’m watching their recap of episode 36 and there’s a scene they show that wasn’t in episode 36 about a Mysterious Crystal Stone in the ground that apparently Lin Dong retrieves, but that scene wasn’t in episode 36 so… WTH?! Is Viki getting an edited version of these episodes? (This is one of the few series where I’m not watching the raws first so I’m all confused now.)

So anyway…

Qing Zhu visits Huan Huan who asks her to help Lin Dong get into the Three Super Sects like he wanted, but Qing Zhu knows that what he really wants is Huan Huan. But the next Ice Master goes back to cultivating. Outside, Qing Zhu talks to Sect Leader Ying whom she asks to accept Lin Dong into Dao Sect since she couldn’t get him into Taiqing Palace, but Huan Huan’s father feels he needs to keep his daughter away from Lin Dong.

In the desert, the sects have gathered and are discussing the new disciple candidates. Mu Qian Qian, leading the Yuan Gate sect, of course has to brag that everyone wants to join their club. Sect Leader Ying remarks on how lucky it is for her sects teachers to be able to cultivate in silence with the younger people being in charge. And Elder Mu comments on Qing Zhu’s appearance in place of Shen Qing as the representative for Taiqing Palace, wondering if something bad had happened. Qing Zhu announces that this year Taiqing Palace will make an exception and accept male disciples which makes Elder Mu laugh.
 photo ep37_1.png

Lin Dong appears, stumbling in front of the sects. They don’t really make this clear, but apparently this means he’s made it through the ancient battlefield competition. (Seriously, did I miss an episode? When did the competition start?) He greets Qing Zhu who tells him she has a guaranteed spot for him with Taiqing Palace. But Lin Dong is determined to get into Dao Sect. Sect Leader Ying, though, says he doesn’t want him. Mu Qian Qian then says that if Lin Dong is refusing Taiqing Palace and Dao Sect doesn’t want him, then Yuan Gate doesn’t want him either. And with that she whips out her sword and attacks Lin Dong for injuring Lang Tian and letting the Sixth Prince Yimo escape. But when she tries to strike him, Huan Huan’s weapons appear to protect him from the blow, sent by Huan Huan to protect him as she watches the events from Dao Sect. The weapons then disappear and Huan Huan passes out from expending her energy.

Sect Leader Ying, seeing this, calls a stop to the fighting and decides to give Lin Dong a chance, despite a complaint from one disciple. Lin Dong is told he must go through several trials including breaking the Mysterious Crystal Stone (awww, so I guess that was a preview and not a recap) which requires massive yuan energy. But with the battlefield having used up much of his energy, it’s a risk, but he’s willing to try for it.

Walking out a ways, he starts to summon his energy to break the stone, but fails his first try and Mu Qian Qian gloats and tells Sect Leader Ying to give up on him and let Yuan Gate handle him. But he has one more chance. More determined than ever, he summons that same weapon he used in the Great Wilderness tomb and drives it into the ground. Nothing happens at first and Elder Mu opens her big, stupid mouth again because she can’t wait five seconds to see what will happen. And then the ground rumbles and the Mysterious Crystal Stone comes out of the ground and disintegrates. With this, Lin Dong is accepted into the Dao Sect, much to the frustration of some disciples.

Sect Leader Ying thanks Mu Qian Qian for helping test their new disciple, so she congratulates him on having a disciple who conspires with the Yimo and congratulates the Yuan Gate sect for being able to shun evil influence. (Oh, please let her end being really, really painful!)

Qing Zhu starts leaving with her sect and Lin Dong goes to apologize to her, but she’s not interested in hearing it and has a fit. She then tries to go back to being indifferent, reminding Lin Dong that he has a responsibility to kill the Yimo, but when he reminds her of his promise to go with her to the Demon Domain to find her father, she starts crying again and leaves him alone in the desert.

Back at Dao Sect, Sect Leader Ying finds Huan Huan passed out and wakes her up. She is happy to hear that Lin Dong is now a Dao Sect disciple. Her father promises to protect him, but asks that she never see him and urges her to hurry with her cultivation since the Yimo are near.

Qing Zhu runs into Shen Qing in the woods and is ready for her punishment. Instead the Palace Mistress tells her that she needs to learn from her mother’s experience which confuses Qing Zhu, who is told she will have to do her own research. Qing Zhu is also reminded that she will have to continue to work with Lin Dong to fight the Yimo.

Lang Tian is wearing that super, groovy mask so he can visit the Dark Palace to get the Dark Talisman. Inside the Palace, Qing Tan is being taught by Bo Xuan about the Dark Talisman and how to control the Dark Energy and the ice poison in her body. Qing Tan is relieved to hear that the ice poison doesn’t mean she’s evil. Bo Xuan also reveals that the only reason they were able to find her was because her vital channels were remodeled. (So thanks, Elder Mu? Though why were they wonky in the first place?)
 photo ep37_2.png

Of course just as Qing Tan is being told that she needs to train in peace with no distractions, a disciple runs in and announces that there is a trespasser. Qing Tan is certain who it is and asks Bo Xuan to send him away, but Lang Tian is determined to see her. Qing Tan misses him, but isn’t sure if his intentions are truly for her or just for the Talisman. Bo Xuan, however, wants to see how long he’ll last.

He enters the palace and sees the Dark Talisman and takes a hold of it. Instantly Bo Xuan blasts him, seeing now that he really came for it and not Qing Tan. He shakes his head and the Talisman disappears from his hand and goes back to Bo Xuan. Qing Tan, upon hearing that he tried to steal it, is even more heartbroken. She hears Lang Tian calling to her to go back with him and promising to give up everything for her, but she no longer believes him.

Angered, Lang Tian declares he’ll destroy the Dark Talisman, but Qing Tan informs him that it’s a fake though he doesn’t believe her. She refuses to say she knows him and he gives up and leaves. Of course Qing Tan is crying over her breakup while Lang Tian is alone on the beach. And guess who comes to find him? Yup, Mu Qian Qian is waiting for her bae. He apologizes for failing, but she doesn’t punish him. Instead she just wants to take him home. He agrees that being soft-hearted is harmful and she promises to make him feel all better so he can become a great hero. He hugs her and she is liking it a bit too much. She tells him that Lin Dong is now a disciple of the Dao Sect, but he doesn’t care, declaring that from now on they are all enemies. Mu Qian Qian is, of course, very happy to hear this.

Qing Tan is having a pity party when Bo Xuan suggests she could still go after Lang Tian, but she instead wants to cut out all affection and just train.

The new Dao Sect disciples arrive for training including Lin Dong. They recite the Dao Sect oath and then Wu Dao is put in charge of them. Lin Dong wants to see Huan Huan, but Wu Dao just tells him that he has a low cultivation and needs to train and catch up with the others. He gets sent to Drought Hall, the lowest level of the four halls. He meets the other disciples, some of whom look down on him and think it’s only by luck that he got in and blame him for hurting Huan Huan. But it turns out that one of the disciples is the Prince from the Great Yan Dynasty, Mo Ling, and he tells everyone that Lin Dong once was Yuan Pellet rank, but sacrificed it fighting Yimo. But even with Wu Dao telling them off, most of the disciples are determined to be assholes to him. Of course Lin Dong is thick-skinned from years of being treated like dirt and pays them no mind.

The Prince brings Ling Dong some blankets and Lin Dong is surprised that the Prince was allowed to join the sect, but he wants to train and be able to protect his people. Apparently the King is confident that as long as he trains with Lin Dong, he’ll be safe, though Lin Dong isn’t so sure.
 photo ep37_3.png

The disciples are overjoyed when the Prince gives them yang yuan pellets in return for which he asks that they take care of him and his friend, Lin Dong. Lin Dong, in return, promises to make up for causing Huan Huan to get injured and to be serious about his training.

As Lang Tian wanders outside of Drought Hall, thinking of Huan Huan, Wu Dao finds him and informs him that because Drought Hall is the weakest hall, it will be less pressure on him to train since the stronger fighters are in other halls. Seeing the mountain Lin Dong was looking at, Wu Dao tells him that it is the Mysterious Ice Enchantment where Huan Huan is training, but that as a Drought Hall disciple, he’s not allowed to go there or else he’ll be punished. He tells him to train hard so that he can rise up in rank and then eventually he’ll be able to see her. Lin Dong asks if he will help him see her just once and Wu Dao agrees.

Seeing that he is coming, Huan Huan gets all excited.

A hooded figure tries to enter the Mysterious Ice Enchantment. It’s Lin Dong trying to see Huan Huan, but the disciples stop him. Huan Huan runs out to see him, but stops short suddenly as she remembers what her father told her. Lin Dong demands to be let in, but is knocked down by a disciple each time he tries. He then calls out to her, asking her to come out, but she doesn’t. Her father tells her that it’s better that they don’t see each other. Lin Dong persists, taking one blow after another, eventually trying to crawl his way in. Sect Leader Ying stops him at the door and tells him that there is no Huan Huan, only Zuul… I mean, Ice Master, who doesn’t remember him. Inside Huan Huan tearfully continues her cultivation.
 photo ep38_1.png

Back at Drought Hall, Lin Dong is accused of stealing a badge to enter the hall. Wu Dao attempts to defend him, but Sect Leader Ying berates him for not teaching him the rules properly. The Prince attempts to help convince the sect leader to let him see Huan Huan. But the Sect Leader reminds Lin Dong that he is there to fight Yimo, just as Huan Huan must become the Ice Master to fight Yimo, and that is more important. But Lin Dong is tired of everyone relying on fate to fight the Yimo. Wu Dao agrees that they can’t let Huan Huan sacrifice herself just because of fate. The Sect Leader tells Lin Dong that he needs to survive his training and then he will consider it.

Wu Dao goes to talk to the Sect Leader, apologizing for not training him well, but the Sect Leader is more concerned about the trouble to come now that there are two Talisman’s at Dao Sect. He tells Wu Dao to tell everyone to be on alert as Huan Huan still is not at full power yet.

Mu Qian Qian is pretending to sympathize with the heartbroken Lang Tian. Then she reminds him that Lin Dong is now in Dao Sect and will be looked up to and remembered more than he will be. But he is determined to steal the talisman from him. Mu Qian Qian, of course, has an idea of how he can defeat him.

Lin Dong is training. Huan Huan is training. Enid Bee is awake at 3 am recapping because she can’t sleep. Everyone is working hard. The Prince sees the still injured Lin Dong training and tries to get him to rest, but he is determined to work hard so he can see his Wild Girl.

Wu Dao visits the Sect Leader who asks him to take over as Sect Leader. Wu Dao thanks him for the honor, but then realises that this is a fake Sect Leader as the real one would never turn the sect over to him. Sure enough, a familiar purple cloud appears. But Wu Dao knows this Yimo well as apparently they have been in cahoots for a while. (Nooooooooooo!!!!! Why????!!!!) She tells him that for him to succeed his master, there must be chaos in the sect and he agrees. She asks him for the location of the Third Prince and both Talismans. When Wu Dao warns her not to be too greedy, she changes her appearance to look like Huan Huan and flirts with him, promising him, the same as she did with Tang Lei, anything he wants.

Wu Dao sees Lin Dong trying to convince himself to be patient so that he can make it into Heaven Hall, the highest level hall. He tells him he knows a way for him to get promoted to the next hall sooner and without breaking the rules: kill people.

Wu Dao is showing the disciples the Kill Chart with the names of criminals who have committed heinous crimes. They can earn merits by killing those people and the higher the crime, the more the merit will be. Lin Dong picks Zhou Tong, but the disciples try to dissuade him. When he hears that Zhou Tong was once in line to lead the Dao Sect, he wonders why he is now on the Kill Chart, but the disciples aren’t certain. They only know that he betrayed the Dao Sect and they are forbidden to speak of him. Lin Dong picks him anyway.

Wu Dao shows Lin Dong the way to the desert where Zhou Tong will be, but won’t say what it is that the man did. (I’m guessing he got set up by you, Wu Dao?)

In the woods, Xiao Yan is frustrated with not being able to help Lin Dong and having nothing to do, while Lin Diao wonders why he is taking so long. They somehow already know that Lin Dong has to go fight Zhou Tong and Xiao Yan wants to help or go rescue Huan Huan, but Lin Diao wonders why the Sect Leader would let his daughter become Ice Master instead of being with the one she loves. It turns out Xiao Diao has heard some things about Zhou Tong as Mu Qian Qian listens from behind a tree, pleased with Wu Dao’s plan.
 photo ep38_2.png

In the desert, Lin Dong finds Zhou Tong, the man he met in the desert before, and attacks him before realising who it is. He sees the Kill card and is ready to fight Lin Dong, disappointed that he ended up joining one of the Super Sects, but Lin Dong doesn’t believe that he actually is a criminal and doesn’t want to be his enemy. They end up fighting in hand to hand combat instead. When Zhou Tong manages to get the upper hand, he tries to convince Lin Dong to leave the sect, but he refuses, tell him to kill him instead. Suddenly Huan Huan appears and drags Lin Dong away. (She’s a fake, isn’t she?)

In the woods, Lin Dong hugs Huan Huan, happy to see her again. He asks if she remembers him, certain she does since she protected him from Mu Qian Qian, but she doesn’t respond which agitates him. Despite his pleas, she leaves and Sect Leader Ying appears. Lin Dong agrees to wait and walks away in despair.

Huan Huan is back in Ice Enchantment Hall (oh, I guess she was real) and sees her father. He reminds her that she’s finished the first stage of her training and needs to go through two more. She tries to talk to him, but he won’t listen. Finally she has a fit and says that she doesn’t need to become the Ice Master to learn how to control the Talisman and that she wants to be able to choose, convinced that it’s not necessarily only the Ice Master who can defeat the Yimo. Her father reminds her that during her second stage of training, she is still herself and that she needs to work with the Ice Talisman, but that the rest will all depend on Lin Dong. She is hopeful that Lin Dong will succeed.

Wu Dao checks in on Lin Dong who confesses he was defeated, but Wu Dao assures him that having survived a fight with Zhou Tong is no easy feat. The other disciples are impressed as well. Wu Dao tells Lin Dong that there is a way to defeat Zhou Tong, but Lin Dong is suspicious of his motives. The Prince overhears the disciples who are amused by what Wu Dao is telling Lin Dong, clearly knowing this will not end up well for the new disciple.

Wu Dao tells Lin Dong that Zhou Tong illegally trained in the Great Wilderness Overgrowth Classics martial arts, a key treasure of the Drought Hall which no one has been able to comprehend. If Lin Dong can learn it, then he will be on the same level as Zhou Tong. When Lin Dong asks how to learn it, Wu Dao tells him to go to Martial Arts Hall.

Lin Dong is surprised that there are no disciples in the Martial Arts Hall, but Wu Dao tells him that because of Zhou Tong’s betrayal, the usual disciples are not allowed there. But because Lin Dong is the Talisman Successor and a friend of Huan Huan’s, he can have access.
 photo ep38_3.png

Inside they find an old man sweeping in the rain. Wu Dao introduces Lin Dong to the Elder who warns him that things will end up badly, but Lin Dong is not scared. When the Elder tells him that he is not qualified, Lin Dong then promises to go back and train more.

Lin Dong creeps into the Martial Arts Hall to take a peek at the elder as he sweeps up the rain and ends up getting smacked out of the hall with his broom. Lin Dong starts wondering why Dao Sect won’t let Drought Hall disciples learn their own Hall’s martial arts or why they use seniors to guard it. Wu Dao deflects, telling him that maybe he isn’t ready to learn the Classics.

Back at the ruins, another disciple berates Lin Dong for even aspiring to learn. The Prince asks if he really must, but he is determined to defeat Zhou Tong so Mo Ling vows in front of everyone to support him. But the other disciples are too scared to try. They try to persuade others to join them, but not even the promise of money from Mo Ling can persuade them.

Mo Ling finds Lin Dong in the Martial Arts Hall. He is waiting for the day when he has heard the Elder will not be there so that he can go in, a nervous Mo Ling following him. It’s raining down hard on the large patio that has large rocks chained down to it. The rocks have carvings that glow from all their yuan energy. They wander around reading the engravings, each rock for a different move.
 photo ep39_1.png

They see a giant stone tablet covered with a cloth, wondering what it is. Mo Ling sees that on the back it says that it’s the moves for the Big Wilderness Scripture, but Lin Dong wonders why there is a demon painted on it. He pulls off the cloth and there is a bright glowing light from the stone and they are sucked into it.

Lin Dong and Mo Ling are passed out on the now sunny patio when the Elder arrives and we see that he has no eyeballs, only empty sockets. He starts lecturing them even as they begin to wake up, wondering what happened. He tells them that these martial arts were based on an Yimo called Wild with wind power that ravaged mankind. The Yimo was captured and turned into the four tablets that make up the four types of Great Wilderness martial arts. The tablet they looked at has a Wind Portrait which is the first challenge they must pass.
 photo ep39_2.png

Lin Dong is impressed to hear that Zhou Tong passed three of the types by himself. He asks the Elder to train him in all four types, certain that he can master them, but the Elder is not convinced. Mo Ling then chimes in that it would be a shame if only someone who had betrayed the sect knew their martial arts. The Elder then agrees, as long as Lin Dong promises not to call him Master, as he doesn’t want to be placed at the same level as the Sect Leader.

In the woods, the Elder gives Lin Dong a blindfold for his eyes and tells him not to speak. Chimes are hanging in the trees and making sounds in the wind. The Elder starts tossing blades at him and he dodges them. He calls out moves for Lin Dong to do to dodge the blades and tells him to listen to the wind. He is able to dodge and even catch some of the blades.

Sect Leader Ying, with Wu Dao following, visits the Elder later, already knowing he is training Lin Dong. The Elder does not seem to be a fan of the Sect Leader and tells him that his only skill is picking good disciples. He also warns that if Lin Dong is not cared for, he will end up like Zhou Tong. The Sect Leader asks that he train Lin Dong well.

Lin Dong trains in the second move to try to withstand the Wind Portrait without using his Talisman. He struggles to keep upright, but doesn’t give up. The Elder then gives him a Big Eclipse Sword, the third move, to help him catch up to the speed of the wind. The sword is very heavy and he struggles to pick it up. When the Elder tells him that the sword Zhou Tong used to defeat him was the very same kind of sword, he is even more determined to master it.

Lin Dong asks to be taught the fourth move, but the Elder says nothing. Lin Dong tries to use his Talisman on the Wind Portrait, but ends up taking a blow to the face, hurting his eyes. Sect Leader Ying arrives and berates him for failing and then leaves. When Lin Dong asks again about the fourth move, the Elder still won’t tell him.

As he leaves, Lin Dong tells him that he thought he felt the breath of the Yimo. He then learns that trapped inside the tablet is the Third Yimo Prince. (So that’s why Wu Dao suggested this training…) The Elder warns him that he can not rush to the fourth move or he could lose his eyes as he did. Lin Dong feels badly for his sacrifice, but the Elder thinks it was worth it.

The disciples are commenting on a strange sound they had never heard before in the Dao Sect when they walk into the Sect Leader who tells them the noise was just an echo and not to talk about it again. But the disciples can’t help but mumble to each other as to whether or not Lin Dong has mastered the martial arts.

Wu Dao goes to his room and summons Mu Qian Qian, telling her that he found the target. She is thrilled and ready for the next phase of their plan. (I really liked you Wu Dao. Now, I’m hoping painful, painful death for you.)

Lin Dong is practicing with the Big Eclipse Sword in the woods when Zhou Tong shows up at the deserted ruins, scavenging for food and looking around. Elder is quite impressed with how quickly Lin Dong has learned.

Later at Martial Arts Hall, Zhou Tong tries to attack the large tablet, but is stopped by the Elder. They spar, but are evenly matched, even though the Elder only has a broom. He realises that it’s Zhou Tong he’s fighting and asks if he’s come for the Third Prince, but the man says nothing and, instead, cuts down one of the tablets.

Lin Dong arrives at the ruins and doesn’t see anyone so he goes to the Martial Arts Hall where he finds all the disciples standing and looking. The Elder is standing still, apparently frozen. When Lin Dong reaches out to touch him, he watches the Elder disintegrate into nothing, leaving behind just his headpiece. Wu Dao suggests that Zhou Tong may have been the one to kill the Elder and free the Third Prince, but Lin Dong doesn’t seem convinced. But the rest of the disciples are more easily convinced to believe it is him.

Wu Dao tells all the disciples that the Third Prince being locked up there is a secret not to be shared. He reminds them it is their duty to kill the Yimo and that the other Super Sects will help them hunt him down, as Lin Dong grieves the loss of his master. The Sect Leader asks how he plans to get revenge. When Lin Dong says that he will go find Zhou Tong, the Sect Leader tells him that it’s impossible that it would have been him. Lin Dong is surprised.

The Sect Leader tells him that Zhou Tong was once to be his successor and his story is similar to Lin Dong’s except that Zhou Tong’s sister was killed by an Yimo as it escaped into Yuan Gate. (Gee, wonder who that could have been…) When Yuan Gate wouldn’t let him pursue the Yimo and Dao Sect wouldn’t support him, he ended up leaving the sect to kill the Yimo on his own. Of course now Lin Dong only has more questions about how Zhou Tong became an enemy of the sect and why Yuan Gate stopped him from getting the Yimo. He vows to find the truth after he captures the Third Prince.

Lin Dong finds Zhou Tong sleeping in the desert and talking about killing Yimo.

Mu Qian Qian is sneaking around Dao Sect, looking for Wu Dao. She warns him not to hang around large crowds for a while. He is upset about the trouble the Third Prince caused and wonders what he wants. Of course he wants revenge, but Mu Qian Qian makes sure to paint it out to be a good opportunity for Wu Dao. If the Sect Leader is killed, he’ll be in charge. An eager Wu Dao asks when the Third Prince will make his move, but she won’t tell him and leaves him to rub on his sword.
 photo ep39_4.png

Lin Dong tells Zhou Tong that the Sect Leader and the Elder both believed in him, but he doesn’t care. Lin Dong wonders why the Yimo would stick around after getting out of his prison when the wind begins to blow. Both men realise the Yimo is near. Zhou Tong helps Lin Dong realise that the Yimo will want revenge and that Dao Sect is in danger.

Back at Dao Sect, disciples wonder about the strange wind. Two disciples in the Martial Arts Hall see black smoke come out of a tablet, into the sky, and start attacking the other disciples from a large tornado. They all fight back as best they can, including Mo Ling, as the smoke knocks down one disciple and then another.

The disciples run into Dao Sect. Wu Dao tells the Sect Leader that they’ve lost a lot of disciples so the Sect Leader tells him to follow his orders, no matter what they are. He goes outside in front of all the disciples. At first it looks like Wu Dao is going to take the opportunity to stab him in the back, but he doesn’t. The Sect Leader orders them to push the Yimo to the desert and then tells Wu Dao to close the mountain barrier behind him, keeping the disciples safe inside. The Sect Leader will face the Yimo on his own.
 photo ep40_1.png

The wind wakes up Xiao Yan as he smells something familiar and tries to wake up Lin Diao, certain the Yimo is near. Lin Diao wants to sleep, but when the seal on Xiao Yan’s chest starts to glow, (when did he get that?) they realise something is up, but don’t notice the purple fog. Suddenly they can’t move and pass out as Mu Qian Qian comes out from hiding.

In the desert, Lin Dong and Zhou Tong save the Sect Leader. When Lin Dong asks why he would fight the Yimo himself, he says that it is to keep his promise to Zhou Tong and to prevent more people from being killed. Hearing his words, Zhou Tong calls him Master for the first time in years, having finally forgiven him. Zhou Tong and Lin Dong face the Yimo, but Zhou Tong worries that, since they only know three moves, they are not strong enough, but Lin Dong is optimistic as ever.

Remembering their training, they brave the storm to attack the Yimo. Suddenly they trigger a large beam of light and the tornado is gone. The Sect Leader finds himself alone in the desert, running around, trying to find them.

Lin Diao and Xiao Yan are bound and blindfolded, but Xiao Yan recognizes the Yimo’s smell. (But why doesn’t he recognize it as Mu Qian Qian’s smell?) She laughs at them trying to be fierce. When Lin Diao says that Lin Dong will be there soon, she blasts him, but he tells her to go ahead and kill him. She tells him that Lin Dong will soon be dead and she asks how they want to die. She decides to eat one of them and tells them to choose. Lin Diao realises that she is just trying to delay them and probably can’t take on both of them. Knowing that she likes to turn people against one another, the clever marten has a plan. He calls out to Xiao Yan, telling him that he should die which upsets Xiao Yan. They start arguing, but Mu Qian Qian decides to eat Lin Diao since he seems to be afraid of dying.
 photo ep40_2.png

Zhou Tong and Lin Dong are in the desert, waiting for a sign. Red mist rises from the ground. Because the Yimo is wind, he is not easily shattered. As Zhou Tong reminds him that they never learned the fourth move, Lin Dong thinks back about the Demon Eyes he saw on the tablet and suddenly realises what is needed. Lin Dong knocks down Zhou Tong and then goes on his own to fight the Yimo.

Mu Qian Qian is frustrated to discover that Lin Diao has managed to cultivate his Thunder Talisman to a high level and is having a hard time killing him. Of course he laughs at her which makes her want to kill them both. But suddenly a strong wind stops her.

Lin Dong has realised that the reason why the Elder said no one can cultivate until the Barren Demon Eyes stage or else the Barren Energy will attack one’s eyeballs like it did when Lin Dong had tried earlier with the Talisman. He realised that the only way to cultivate is to destroy your own eyes first so that it has nothing to attack. He is willing to sacrifice to protect Huan Huan and Dao Sect.
 photo ep40_3.png

Alone in the midst of the storm, Lin Dong defeats the Yimo and Mu Qian Qian loses her freaking mind.

Zhou Tong finds Lin Dong passed out in the desert and lays down by him, commending him for being braver and stronger than himself. He tells him that he was wounded during the fight and won’t last long. He leaves his Yuan Pellet for Lin Dong which involves stabbing him in the back to help it bind with his body. Telling Lin Dong to live well with Huan Huan and take good care of her, he leaves to die.

Sect Leader Ying finds them both just in time for Zhou Tong to kneel before him one last time. Sect Leader apologizes for letting him down, but Zhou Tong understands why and needs no apology. And then he dies.

Back in Dao Sect, Lin Dong is feeling his way around, his eyes now bandaged up. He runs into the Sect Leader who tells him that he buried Zhou Tong in the ancient battlefield. Lin Dong tells him he has to do one more thing for Zhou Tong.

The next day, now blind and wearing a cool looking mask, Lin Dong stands in front of the disciples as the Sect Leader commends him for killing the Third Prince and promotes him to Earth Hall. Wu Dao congratulates him for being one step closer to Huan Huan. Everyone celebrates his achievement except a pouting Wu Dao. Lin Dong later tells the other disciples that Zhou Tong mysteriously disappeared and puts his name back on the Kill Chart to make him an undefeated legend.
 photo ep40_4.png

Lin Diao and Xiao Yan are upset that they can’t enter Dao Sect to see Lin Dong. A disciple tells them that he can’t see them, but they don’t believe him. Then they find out that he literally can’t see them. When asked why they didn’t go help him, they tell the disciple about the Yimo that detained them. They send the disciple back with a message that Lin Diao will be his eyes and Xiao Yan, his hands and feet.

Poor beasties are feeling really bad and don’t know what to do to help Lin Dong. But Lin Diao is confident that Lin Dong will be alright and then muses that since Huan Huan is ugly now, that it’s good that Lin Dong is now blind, annoying Xiao Yan.

In Dao Sect, the Sect Leader is walking Lin Dong around, followed by the other disciples, as he wishes that some day the world will not need heroes who sacrifice themselves. He finally asks Lin Dong what gift he wants for his birthday and tells him that Huan Haun has prepared a gift that she will give to him personally. Wu Dao congratulates him on being able to see Huan Huan, but Lin Dong doesn’t seem as thrilled.

Up on the mountain, Mo Ling waits with Lin Dong. He tells him to hurry and go see Huan Huan who is waiting for six hours with her gift, an ice carving of the two of them. But Lin Dong doesn’t want her to see him like this and make her sad.
 photo ep40_5.png

Wu Dao tries to talk Huan Huan out of waiting any longer, but she won’t give up. Of course she gets anxious as she waits longer. Wu Dao finds Lin Dong, but doesn’t summon him and rubs the hilt of his sword instead. Finally Huan Huan gets tired of waiting and Lin Dong sends Mo Ling away so he can be alone for a while.

Huan Huan finds her father and asks if something bad happened to Lin Dong. He tells her about him sacrificing his eyes. He offers to go get Lin Dong, but she tells him not to. She knows he won’t come, but that he is near. She tells her father that she is almost done with her second level of training and that she has decided to wait for Lin Dong. She’s not ready to be Ice Master yet.

And then a voice tells us that the story is far from over as we get a bunch of clips from the next season.

Finally, Season 1 is completed! The final episode actually was really good.

Things I liked in this show: Mu Qian Qian is a great villain and Lang Tian’s own path to the dark side is actually pretty well developed. I also really liked the beasts, Lin Diao and Xiao Yan. And those four characters were pretty much it.

Things I was disappointed with: After seeing the trailers so focused on Lin Dong and Huan Huan’s love story, it got such little time in the actual show and their character development was so bad that I could not even care if they got together or not. But I’m going to blame this on the director and not the writers because I think they could have taken the same script and made the actors act like adults instead of whiny, petulant children and conveyed a lot more of the unspoken feelings better. And that editing…no one needed that many flashbacks.

That said, the trailer for Season 2 actually looks pretty awesome. Especially Xiao Yan. I’m all for our Tiger getting himself some wings and some awesome powers and, hopefully, his own Tigress. Anyone want Season 2 recaps?

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