Martial Universe: Episodes 25-30 Recap

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This week on “Enid watches it so you don’t have to…”

Wild beasts, bloody murder and weird purple smoke everywhere this week on Martial Universe…

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Series Information:

Chinese Title:武动乾坤
Episodes: 60
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Broadcast Source: Dragon TV (Oriental TV), Youku
Airing Schedule: 2 Episodes a day, Tues – Thurs via Dragon TV (Oriental TV)
Current Progress: 30/40 (Season 1)
(Season 2 will have 20 Episodes for a total of 60)

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Character List
MainLin FamilyLei FamilyYuan GateYan Cheng SectNine Heaven's Tai Qing PalaceDao SectMagic Puppet SectOthersCorrelation Chart
Yang Yang as Lin Dong
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Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
 photo Ying Huanhuan.jpg
Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu
 photo Ling Qingzhu.jpg
Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian
 photo Lin Langtian.jpg

Lin Xiao (Lin Dong’s father)
Lin Qing Tan (Lin Dong’s adopted sister)
Lin Mu (Chief of the Lin Clan)

Lei Li (Second Young Master)
Attendant Lei Fu (Lei Li’s Attendant)
Lei Zhong (Eldest Young Master)

Mu Qian Qian
Yuan Cang

Ling Zhen

Master Yan
Xuan Su

Shen Qing
Su Rou
Ling Su Su (Ling Qing Zhu’s mother)

Ying Xuan Zi (Sect Leader) 
Wu Dao

Master Teng/Teng Sha
Teng Lei

Little Marten (a.k.a Lin Diao)
Xiao Yan (a.k.a Fire Python Tiger)
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Episode 25Episode 26Episode 27Episode 28Episode 29Episode 30Overall Thoughts
Huan Huan is looking in her magic mirror and thinking about what her father told her and about Lin Dong. When Lin Dong knocks on her door, she gets excited. He claims to have come to check on her injuries and then invites her out for an evening stroll where he gets suddenly very flirty. When he says that he wants to be with her, but first he needs to collect all the talismans and tries to get information from her, we know that this isn’t the real Lin Dong. When Huan Huan notices the callus he had on his hand before is missing, fake Lin Dong knocks her out and takes her out into the desert. Back in her Mu Qian Qian form, the Yimo is annoyed that she’s unable to kill Huan Huan, so she binds her instead and leaves her to die.  photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Back at Dakui City, Mu Qian Qian is disguised as Huan Huan again. Lin Dong notices right away she smells different, but still doesn’t realise it’s because she’s a fake. Xia Wanjin is thrilled by Lin Dong’s recent discovery. The odd rock he found while fighting the Blood Puppet is the Spiritual Revolving Mirror they need to decipher the map. But first, they need someone to protect them as they use it. Huan Huan immediately volunteers, but Lin Dong wants Qing Zhu to do it instead. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Qing Zhu, looking at the mirror, wonders why Lin Dong doesn’t ask Huan Huan and seems happy to hear that he trusts her more than Huan Huan. (Why is she suddenly so jealous of Huan Huan? I’m not buying this change.) She agrees to help and joins the gang. Xia Wanjin warns her to stop using the mirror as soon as he and Lin Dong go into the spiritual domain and then to wait exactly an hour to wake them – not too early, not too late. She agrees and they begin. The men enter the spiritual domain to decipher the map. Once they are in, Qing Zhu, who sucks at her job, immediately leaves them alone, instead of protecting them as she promised to do. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Instead, Qing Zhu finds Huan Huan. She wants to talk about her suspicions about Lang Tian and is surprised to discover Huan Huan has no doubts and instead criticizes her for making accusations with no proof. Of course, fake Huan Huan knows just how to hurt Qing Zhu and Qing Zhu misses some obvious clues that this Huan Huan knows things she shouldn’t possibly know. Instead, she ends up doubting herself and, when fake Huan Huan makes her think that Lin Dong is interested in her rival, ultimately hands the mirror over to her and storms off in a jealous huff, abandoning her job. (Bad move!)

In the spiritual domain, Xia Wanjin and Lin Dong see a large rocky tower. It is the Ancient Tomb in the Great Wilderness, the home of the Space Talisman. They speculate that the talisman there is set up similar to the one Lin Dong got from the Talisman Guru Tower.

With Qing Zhu out of the way, fake Huan Huan uses the mirror as Lin Diao naps and Xiao Yan, none the wiser, watches his master. In the spiritual domain, both men start to struggle. They realise someone is using the mirror and Lin Dong worries that his fairy is in trouble.

Huan Huan wakes up in the desert, wondering what happened. As she rolls around in the sand, she is able to free the Beidou Bird and sends it to get Lin Dong to come to her rescue.  photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Qing Zhu is channelling her inner pouty Huan Huan, but as she thinks back on the things Huan Huan said before, she begins to realise that something is not right. Remembering Master Yan’s words about the Yimo disguised as a human, she realises they are in trouble and runs back, but the damage has already been done. Fake Huan Huan has left and Xia Wanjin has collapsed. Lin Dong wakes up to tell her what happened and that Xia Wanjin sacrificed his energies to help save him. The Beidou Bird arrives and Lin Dong recognizes it as Huan Huan’s. Without thinking (of course) he has Qing Zhu and Lin Diao go with him to find Huan Huan, leaving just Xiao Yan to protect Xia Wanjin as fake Huan Huan spies on them.

In the desert, they find Huan Huan collapsed in the sand, but no longer bound. As she revives, they ask her what happened. At first, she insists that Lin Dong tried to kiss her and then hit her, then he claims she was the one coming on to him while looking for Xiao Yan, but she has no recollection of that event. Qing Zhu advises them both that it was an Yimo disguised as them and they realise Xia Wanjin and Xiao Yan are in danger.

Xiao Yan looks up and sees Qing Tan, but immediately she attacks him and becomes Mu Qian Qian who tries to ward off the beast. He’s able to fight her powers, but she manages to stab him, causing him to pass out. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Xia Wanjin, still recuperating, opens his eyes and realises the being he is looking at is an Yimo. She is determined to get the secret from him and tries to enter his spiritual domain to get it, but he ends up destroying it instead, basically sacrificing himself in the process. Thwarted in her efforts, she decides to take Xiao Yan instead to use as a bargaining chip.  photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Lin Dong and the crew arrive just after the Yimo has left to find Xia Wanjin badly injured. He tells them that the Yimo was there and that now only Lin Dong knows the location of the next Talisman. After revealing the location of his money and leaving it all to Lin Dong, lamenting that he spent his whole life more focused on wealth than his true purpose, he dies and everyone is devastated.

Huan Huan visits Qing Zhu later and asks her to go persuade Lin Dong to…something…it’s not quite clear. (Thanks, writers.) But whatever it is, Huan Huan knows that he won’t listen to her. Qing Zhu agrees to try. She finds Lin Dong still mourning, but when she tries to console him, he has already figured out the next step. Qing Zhu then finally decides to confess about Qing Tan hurting her and about seeing Lang Tian with the stolen map. But not wanting to share her suspicions, she only tells him that Lang Tian’s elder stole the map from the Puppet Sect. When he asks why she didn’t tell him sooner, she confesses she didn’t want to worry him without getting some evidence first. But because she is still alive, Qing Zhu assumes Lang Tian is not colluding with the Yimo.  photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Relieved that his sister is alive and wanting to deal with the matter of Lang Tian later, Lin Dong has decided to focus on the task at hand. Flattered by Qing Zhu’s compliments that he has matured, he shares his plan. Having already memorized the map to the Space Talisman, he plans on auctioning it off to get the attention of the Yimo.

Xiao Yan, back in his Fire Python Tiger form, is in a cage in the Yin Puppet Sect’s domain and Teng Lei is enjoying teasing the poor beast until he gets bitten. He wants to kill the animal, but Mu Qian Qian wants him to keep the beast alive, but allows him to wound it a little. Having already figured out what Lin Dong’s next step would be, they are going to use Xiao Yan as leverage. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

People eagerly arrive for the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce auction. Lin Diao plays auctioneer, Diao Qianjin, and tells everyone that he is taking over for Xia Wanjin, who is ill. He starts auctioning off items with starting prices that are rather cheap, as Huan Huan praises his skills to their group. After auctioning off a few items, he finally calls Lin Dong up to offer the map. At first, no one is buying, not certain if the item is real. So Huan Huan makes an offer and then Qing Zhu. Seeing people from two different great sects bidding on the item starts a bidding war, with no sign of the Yimo, until Teng Lei arrives to make a bid that outdoes everyone else.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Lin Dong refuses to sell it to him, but then Teng Lei reveals that he has Xiao Yan and offers a trade. Lin Diao advises that selling beasts is against the rules, but Teng Lei threatens to reveal his true identity and then offers to sell the beast himself. As the bids get higher and higher, Qing Zhu and Huan Huan worry as the Yimo haven’t arrive and they have no way of getting the mirror. When Teng Lei, liking all of the bids, offers to cut up the tiger and give everyone a piece, Huan Huan then offers herself in exchange. Teng Lei likes the idea of having her as a bride, but she is not so thrilled. But then Lin Dong comes to her rescue, tossing the map at a joyful Teng Lei, but promising to pay him back.  photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Teng Lei is thrilled to have the map back and brags to his father about his find. But his father is still suspicious about why Mu Qian Qian is being so helpful as well as how coincidental it is that the Yimo attacked both the Talisman Guru Tower and Dakui City. Teng Lei still is feeling clever, but then Elder Mu advises him that Lin Dong has given out copies of the map to everyone free of charge.

Teng Lei rushes back to the city, frustrated to see Lin Dong and friends giving out the map to the Space Talisman to everyone. Lin Dong decides to make it up to him by leaving the task of opening the tower to him. Teng Lei is furious, insisting that the secret of the Ancient Tomb belongs to the Yin Puppet Sect, but Lin Dong reminds him that even if he lets him monopolize it, the other warriors won’t. About to leave, Mu Qian Qian arrives and Lin Dong is immediately enchanted, but promises that Qing Zhu is still his favourite. She feigns surprise at seeing people from the Great Sects all in one place and starts flirting with Lin Dong as Teng Lei and the girls pout. Elder Mu gives a speech encouraging everyone to work together to find the talisman. Lin Dong supports her and also suggests that the Yin Puppet Sect should treat everyone to dinner and drinks since they are the host sect. All the warriors like the idea except cranky Teng Lei. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Outside of town, Teng Lei takes out his frustration on a tree, but Mu Qian Qian is calm and advises him to think of a plan. She reminds him to take care of the Devour Talisman, but now Teng Lei is having doubts, wondering why she wants the Puppet Sect to have both talismans. Elder Mu claims that it’s not that she wants them to have it, but that they are too strong…for now. She finally manages to get him to leave by suggesting that Lin Dong may try to surprise attack him and he finally leaves as she criticizes him for being so gullible.

The crew is watching over the wounded Xiao Yan. Huan Huan frets about the Teng Lei being a bully to him as Qing Zhu points out that the Puppet Sect has to be working with the Yimo. Lin Diao whines about losing the mirror and the map in exchange for a damaged cat until Huan Huan tells him off. Lin Dong is not worried about the map and promises to make Teng Lei suffer.

The Yimo Emperor is glad to hear about what Lin Dong did, as is Mu Qian Qian. With more warriors to die, they will be able to gather more energy. When he asks about Lang Tian, she insists that the more strong opponents he faces, the stronger he gets. The Emperor is also curious about Qing Tan and she advises that she is having her train with Lang Tian. Their goal is to put her in a desperate enough situation that she lets out all her energy and attracts the Dark People.

A Beidou Bird flies to the Puppet Sect with a message warning that the Yimo have arrived and that everyone must fight together. Of course, Lin Dong and Lin Diao have also snuck into the Puppet Sect domain to find the Devour Talisman. Lin Diao is complaining of a lack of energy and won’t help, but Lin Dong just says that he can then follow him back to the Talisman in his marten form. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Teng Lei is having a hissy fit about what has happened, but his father assures him that this will help them get more allies and that they are no match for them in the tomb. When Elder Teng mentions Qiwu Tower being attacked by Yimo, Teng Lei blows him off as not their concern. When the sect leader reminds his son that their goal is to get the ancestral talisman and not be distracted by others, his response is that Elder Mu has never lied to him and that, thanks to her, he got the Devour Talisman, the map and the Spiritual Revolving Mirror. He is certain he’ll get the Space Talisman and plans on killing Lin Dong.

As Lin Dong and Lin Diao continue creeping down the hall, they see Qing Tan appear ahead of them, also searching for something. Distracted, Lin Dong goes running after her and is seen by Teng Lei who follows at a casual walking speed, with guards in tow. Qing Tan attempts to hide from Lin Dong, but he finds her, asking why she is there. Lang Tian arrives and takes her away while warning Lin Dong to run. Teng Lei decides to stop chasing them, knowing that he’ll have to face them down at the tomb anyway and vowing to take care of Lin Dong then.

In the woods, the four finally stop running. Lin Dong demands to know what they are doing. Ling Tian claims to be looking for the Devour Talisman and that he messed up their plan. Qing Tan insists she is being treated well, but Lin Dong is angry and the siblings fight. She doesn’t want Lin Dong to be taking care of her anymore, but he’s worried that she’s too weak. When she tells him that she wants to be with Lang Tian and help him find the talismans and fight the Yimo, he is shocked. Angry with Lang Tian, Lin Dong demands to know what he’s done, but he insists he’s only helping her do what she wants to do. Lin Dong asks if he came to Qiwu Tower for him or the talisman and he insists it was for him, though Lin Dong doubts him. When Lin Dong asks about the promise to do all those things together, Lang Tian advises him that apart they have a better chance of succeeding. Lang Tian leaves as does Qing Tan and Lin Dong is frustrated. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Back at Dakui City, Huan Huan is surprised that Qing Tan has changed and wonders what Lang Tian’s true intentions are.

In the woods, Qing Tan and Lang Tian are comforting each other when Mu Qian Qian interrupts them. She is angry that Lang Tian would lie to her now that he has Qing Tan, but he insists that he was just using the opportunity to get the Devour Talisman back. When Qing Tan talks back to her, Elder Mu tries to attack her. When Ling Tian stops her, she then accuses him of working with Lin Dong. He then accuses her of being on the side of the Yin Puppet Sect and wonders how they got the map after she promised to find it. Of course, she easily gets him to doubt his own suspicions. Elder Mu asks if they are both ready for the challenge at the tomb and they insist they are well prepared. But after she leaves, Qing Tan worries that they’ve hurt Lin Dong, but Lang Tian assures her that he will understand once it’s all over.  photo cat fight.gif

Qing Zhu warns that Yuan Gate has always had wild ambitions and that Mu Qian Qian is not a kind woman. But Huan Huan is more worried about Lin Dong having to compete against Qing Tan and Lang Tian in the tomb. He is not worried though. He feels certain that his sister and Lang Tian deserted him because they were disappointed in him and he plans to do well and show them that he is not as weak and helpless as before.

In the Great Wilderness, warriors have gathered at the Ancient Tomb. When Lin Dong sees Qing Tan and Lang Tian holding hands, he breaks them apart, chastising his sister for holding hands with a random guy, but when he sees Qing Tan choose Lang Tian, he is disappointed. photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Elder Teng gives everyone a history of the Ancient Tomb. Anyone who acquires the martial arts secrets in the tomb will receive great awards including some very high-level martial arts. Teng Lei opens the tomb using the mirror and it lights up as all watch in wonder and Mu Qian Qian watches and waits for people to die. Only fighters with at least eight levels of martial arts skills are able to enter the tomb and there are only ten spaces. Everyone starts to enter the space to check out the tomb.

Inside it’s like they are walking in space with various objects flying around which turn out to be various levels of martial arts from different parts of the world. Lin Dong, Qing Zhu and Huan Huan try to catch some. When Lin Dong catches one, it’s a level 6 skill so they continue to search. But Qing Zhu has a thought as she watches them move and figures out how to attract higher level skills by using her Yuan Energy. She is able to catch a level 8 skill and disappears, leaving Huan Huan and Lin Dong behind. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Qing Zhu is able to get a Level 8 skill while Huan Huan and Lin Dong are left behind. Teng Lei keeps getting low-level skills so Elder Teng goes into the space to help his inept son. Huan Huan sees two orbs that seem promising and they attract them over. She gets a level eight and Lin Dong gets a level nine. But then Teng Lei appears and steals his away. Qing Tan and Lang Tian end up getting the last two spots and Teng Lei is overjoyed. But then the tomb starts to glow and throb and everyone is amazed, suspecting that someone managed to obtain the creation Yuan Energy, the highest level.  photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Inside the Tomb, Lin Dong appears over Teng Lei who has a hissy fit that Lin Dong managed to gain a higher level. He immediately tries to use his powers, but Lin Dong, now with a god voice, tells him that his level doesn’t matter as he will fail for sure. He crashes into the earth with a giant fireball from the heavens and suddenly Elder Teng finds himself alone under the Tomb. He finds his son, ejected from the tomb by Lin Dong, laying on the ground and coughing up blood. Mu Qian Qian comes up and offers to help the angry father get revenge by helping him enter the Ancient Tomb. Elder Teng realises that her magic is not of the Yuan Gate Sect and demands again to know why she is helping them, but his need for revenge overrides all other thoughts and he goes to the Tomb.  photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Lin Dong is laying in the dirt as Lin Diao, back in marten form, tries to wake him up and then to find the bag of yang yuan pellets. Lin Dong wakes up and gives him one piece and then another, yelling at the beast when he bites him. Back in human form, thanks to the pellets, Lin Diao has found the pouch and is happily eating. Lin Dong is confused at first, thinking this doesn’t look like an ancestral talisman place until he walks into a hidden barrier, a wall of Yuan Energy.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Qing Tan and Lang Tian are in another spot, a desert in the middle of a sandstorm. Lang Tian tells her that the Talisman has broken the space into several different realms and they need to find the exit. They, too, end up walking into a barrier. Lang Tian tries to use his sword to help them get out, but it’s of no use. When he tells Qing Tan that the only way to find the exit is to use her ice poison, but it’s dangerous, she still agrees. (Sure, he says he doesn’t want to, but why even mention it in the first place if he really didn’t want to?) Qing Tan starts using her powers and gradually the ice poison reveals the opening just before Qing Tan collapses. He helps her up and carries her through the space vortex to get to the Space Talisman. photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Lin Diao informs him they have to look for a space vortex to escape and advises that it could be underground or in the sky. Just then Huan Huan falls out of the sky and lands on Lin Dao’s face…of course. Huan Huan is pleased and can’t resist making faces at him, but Lin Diao is freaked out because it’s his first kiss. But they are interrupted by the arrival of the angry Elder Teng. He attacks Lin Dong, who is able to dodge most of his attacks, but when he tries his own, is thwarted.

Lang Tian helps Qing Tan through a cave that is a maze of paths. Just before passing out, she is only worried about getting the Talisman. Lang Tian tries to wake her up, but then a glowing distracts him and he goes to check it out. He comes to a room and in the middle is a container holding the Space Talisman. He figures out how to get past the magical barrier and access the Talisman. Once he has it in hand, he starts laughing a little too “evil guy”-ish at having obtained it. But as the caves start to collapse, he tells the unconscious Qing Tan that he’ll go find her brother and then leaves her alone. (Uh oh…) photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Lin Dong continues to fight Elder Teng. Running towards him, he manages to cut off one of the man’s arm. Huan Huan grabs him so they can run away. As Lin Diao watches, Lang Tian arrives in time to attack Elder Teng and he is much more of a match for the elder, but he still manages to get away, so Lang Tian and Lin Diao go to find Lin Dong. Of course, Elder Teng finds Qing Tan, deciding to take her to compensate for his lost arm.

Suddenly Lin Dong is by himself and can’t find Huan Huan. Lang Tian is also wandering around lost. They appear to have found themselves in yet another space. Lin Dong finds Lin Diao but worries Huan Huan may have ended up in another space. They find Lang Tian and Lin Diao tells Lin Dong how he chased away Elder Teng. He checks on Lang Tian and helps him up, asking where Qing Tan is. Lang Tian tells him that he left her where the Space Talisman was. To find her, he cuts his hand and then flings the blood out. It creates a space vortex and through it, they see Huan Huan. Lin Dong is thrilled to have found his “Wild Girl”. Cue the sappy violins as they run towards each other. (One stupid girl falls on your face and suddenly you’re in love?) photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

In the caves, Qing Zhu runs into Teng Sha as he is leaving with Qing Tan. She demands he let her go, but he threatens to turn the unconscious girl into a talisman puppet if Qing Zhu comes closer. He attempts to escape and Qing Zhu tosses one of her lotus flowers at him.

The rest of the gang show up at the caves. Lin Diao finds where the talisman was, thinking it’s still there, and tries to get it as Lin Dong and Lang Tian look for Qing Tan. Lin Dong notices how much Lang Tian seems to care for Qing Tan and is surprised. He tells Huan Huan to keep an eye on Lin Diao and not to let him get touch the Talisman. When Lin Diao tells her that the talisman is gone, she just makes cross-eyes at him, not believing him, but then she checks for herself. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Lin Dong and Lang Tian are still searching for Qing Tan to no avail. Lin Dong then begins to suspect Lang Tian, asking him how he’s been taking care of his sister. Just then Lin Diao announces that the talisman is gone and Lin Dong demands an explanation. Lang Tian lies and says he never had time to look for it as he had gone to save Lin Dong per his sister’s request. Huan Huan rightly suspects he is lying. Instead of answering, Lang Tian starts coughing up blood and kindhearted Lin Dong becomes worried about his old friend. Lin Diao calls for Lin Dong to follow and shows him Qing Zhu’s lotus stuck in the wall near where the Talisman was. Lin Dong is certain that she fought with Teng Sha. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Teng Sha pulls his son out of the Tomb and commands his troops help him. They already have Qing Tan. Qing Zhu hides and watches them to try and figure out what they are doing. She hears him order his men to take Qing Tan back so that they can use her ice poison to refine the Devour Talisman. The Yin Puppet Sect leave and, as they do, the tomb starts to crumble.

Inside the Tomb, certain that it’s because the Talisman has been taken out, the group try to dodge falling rock and find their way out. But instead, they wake up in another space, buried in sand. Outside, the entrance to the Tomb has been covered by rubble. Qing Zhu tries to pull out the rocks to no avail and calls out to Lin Dong

Lin Dong, waking up in the sand, is worrying about his Fairy again. He digs himself out and starts helping the others out. Xiao Yan, now without claws (I guess that pellet finally kicked in?), arrives at the Tomb and Qing Zhu updates him on what has happened. They try to figure out how to get their friends out, using their energies on the blocked entry.

Lin Dong is digging Huan Huan out of the sand as a sandstorm starts to blow. Lin Diao is awake and tells them to run, but Lang Tian is still asleep in the sand. Huan Huan warns that they have to escape soon or be stuck forever while Qing Zhu and Xiao Yan try to get to them. Some how Lin Dong knows they are there and calls out to her to combine all their energy at once. With Lang Tian still passed out, it’s up to Huan Huan, Lin Diao and Lin Dong to use their energy in combination with Qing Zhu and Xiao Yan. They try their best and manage to open a gap before their energy gives out. Remembering the power he used earlier against Teng Lei, the Great Wilderness Heaven Imprisonment Hand, he wants to try again, but Lin Diao warns he’ll use up all his energy. Huan Huan offers all her energy as does Xiao Yan and Qing Zhu. Lin Diao claims he has no more energy to give, but as the four combine their energies, he ends up contributing what he has left as well, just as Lang Tian wakes up to see what happens.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

There is a glowing bright light from the Tomb entrance and then Lin Dong emerges with Lang Tian while Lin Diao carries Huan Huan. Qing Zhu is thrilled to see Lin Dong and runs to him to check on him and he gives her a hug to celebrate. Of course, jealous Huan Huan suggests a group hug and everyone starts to join in except Lang Tian who is passed out on the ground again. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

As everyone recuperates, Qing Zhu tells Lin Dong that Teng Sha took his sister. Assuming that he has the Space Talisman, Lin Dong is angry. But Lin Diao doubts he has it and Huan Huan is certain the Puppet Sect is working with the Yimo, so Lin Dong decides they should return to Dakui City.

Huan Huan reminds them that Lang Tian is still passed out, but then Mu Qian Qian arrives to take care of him. Huan Huan is suspicious of her right away, but Elder Mu claims to have seen Teng Sha leaving with Qing Tan and that she followed them and confirms that she saw Yimo. Asking her to take care of Lang Tian, Lin Dong vows to go get his sister and she, of course, promises that they will join up with them once Lang Tian is awake. As he starts to leave, Lin Dong suddenly has a thought. He tells Huan Huan that it’s because he recognized Elder Mu’s scent, but he can’t remember from where. (The stupid, it burns.) Qing Zhu mentions that Elder Mu likes to get all dolled up so it must be that smell. As the rest leave, Qing Zhu looks back, but Lang Tian and Elder Mu are gone.

In the woods, Mu Qian Qian reaches out to touch Lang Tian, but he suddenly wakes up, calling Qing Tan’s name. She confirms for him that Teng Sha took her and he wonders why she didn’t stop him. She claims that they are working with the Yimo and she was unable to fight them. He gets up, ready to go find Qing Tan, but she stops him, telling him that he can’t control the Space Talisman in his current state. He’s surprised that she knows he has it. When she asks for it, claiming to be taking it back to Yuan Gate, he refuses, worried about Qing Tan which makes her angry. He realises that she only wanted him to use Qing Tan to get the Talisman and he gets angry, refusing to turn it over and leaving to find Qing Tan via a portal from the Talisman. Mu Qian Qian is left to scream in the woods that he won’t be able to save her and that now he is nothing. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Back at the Puppet Sect’s lair, they carry Teng Lei in and Teng Sha tries to heal him. His son realises his father’s arm is gone and criticizes his father for not being able to be as ruthless as Lin Dong. Claiming to be disabled now, Teng Lei starts to go crazy. His father tells him that Lin Dong has been sealed in the Tomb and won’t survive, but then Lin Dong arrives to prove him wrong. He demands his sister back, but Elder Teng has his disciples attack him as Teng Lei tries to hide, still remembering Lin Dong’s attack on him at the Tomb. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

A whole troop of talisman puppets arrive to face Lin Dong, but then the Talisman Guild, led by Xuan Su, arrives to help him and they easily set them to flames, much to Teng Sha’s surprise. Lin Dong then snags Teng Lei, keeping him as a hostage until his sister is returned.  photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Back at Dakui City, Huan Huan is taunting the talisman puppets standing outside their lodgings, daring them to move. Of course, she can be brave as Xuan Su is there to protect her. Huan Huan is certain Qing Tan will be returned, but Xuan Su worries that it may be a trap. Inside Lin Dong interrogates Teng Lei about his sister, but he will only say that she is dead. Lin Dong is ready to use his powers to kill him, but Qing Zhu stops him as Teng Lei calls him a hypocrite to be made at him since he wants the Talisman Guild to be in the only Talisman sect just as Teng Lei wants it to be the Puppet Sect. But Lin Dong would give up being Guild President to him just to save his sister. He hates everyone putting all their hopes on him and giving him so much responsibility and pressure. Teng Lei is a bit taken aback by his reaction, but still thinks he’s stupid to complain. When Qing Zhu warns Teng Lei that their strife has most likely been instigated by the Yimo, he still refuses to join forces. Lin Dong tries to knock sense into him, though Teng Lei still doesn’t believe in the Yimo. But as he thinks about Elder Mu, he realises who the Yimo may be. Of course, Mu Qian Qian has other plans and a familiar purple cloud appears, enters Teng Lei, killing him before he can say. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Qing Tan has been tied up and a now sick Elder Teng, certain that his son is already dead, decides to proceed with refining the Talisman. He sets up the Nine Yin Demon Mythical Enchantment as Qing Tan wishes for her brother to arrive.

Qing Zhu informs everyone of what happened and Lin Diao reminds them all that Teng Sha will probably kill Qing Tan. When Xuan Su suggests Lin Dong make a plan, he isn’t sure what to do since he feels his sister is too weak to survive. Qing Zhu is certain the Yimo are on the way to tell the Puppet Sect the news and Huan Huan suggest they just attack now, with the Guild willing to join him.  

With the Devour Talisman floating in the air, the Puppet Sect releases their energy on Qing Tan as lightning strikes her. She screams and Teng Sha releases dark smoke that flies around the Sect. Lin Dong wants to go on with the attack, but Qing Zhu warns that the enchantment is dark and evil, and it will be difficult to fight. Xuan Su also advises that the enchantment is known only to the Puppet Sect and they are using Qing Tan for it. When Lin Dong wants to go to exchange places with his sister, Xuan Su tells him that doing so risks his mission. Of course Lin Dong doesn’t care about the world if it means losing his sister. Because the enchantment will take five days, she insists they take their time and that Master Yan will likely know what to do. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Lin Dong rushes to the spiritual domain to find Master Yan to ask for his help. Master Yan, though, is still healing and doesn’t have the energy to help. He chides Lin Dong for being the Guild President, yet being unable to help. But then he advises that Xia Wanjin can help. When Lin Dong tells him that he is dead, Master Yan informs him that even the dead will have solutions and that surely there is a treasure of his that could help. Master Yan then prays to Lord Fu Zu to help him. photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Back in Dakui City, everyone is searching for something to help save Qing Tan. Of course Lin Diao is just sitting and eating pellets and, of course, is the one to find the solution as apparently everyone forgot the man’s final words were about how he only focused on money. Sure enough, Lin Diao has found the secrets of the Yin Puppet Sect written in Talisman Script in a bag of pellets. Xiao Yan then finds another piece with information on the exact blood enchantment being used and how to make a talisman. But it requires the blood of three virgin men… Lin Diao, of course, does not want to participate in this plan and runs into the woods with the others chasing him until Qing Zhu finds the little marten. photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

Back in Dakui City, Lin Diao is reluctant as everyone shames him. When Lin Dong asks him to help, promising to owe him, he admits that he can’t help as he’s not a virgin. (What’s with the stupid animated marten?)

As Lin Diao confesses that he’s not a virgin, Xiao Yan then offers to donate twice the amount of blood, but Xuan Su advises it has to be three different people. (So are all the Talisman Guild disciples not virgins then?)  Fortunately for them, Lang Tian arrives and offers to be the third. Lin Diao giggles that Lang Tian never slept with Qing Tan which gets him a smack from Huan Huan. Lin Dong, however, doesn’t want Lang Tian to have any part in the situation and Xiao Yan is still suspicious of him. Lang Tian insists that he wants to make up for his mistake and Xuan Su reminds them that Lang Tian’s cultivation will be needed. Once Qing Zhu chimes in support of the idea, Lin Dong finally agrees.  photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Their blood is added into bowls of liquid. (Oh, please don’t tell me they are going to drink it.) As they wait for Xuan Su to make the talisman needed, Lin Dong asks Lang Tian what his intentions are towards his sister. He insists that he wants to help save her to make up for leaving her alone. He shares that he had hoped to make a name for himself by joining the Yuan Gate Sect, but that he found that there were so many notable people there already, so his status still was too low and that, because of it, he had been lonely until he met Qing Tan. He vows to not disappoint her, though Lin Dong is not so certain.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Huan Huan brings down a pitcher of wine and runs into Qing Zhu, also with a pitcher of wine that they each intend to share with Lin Dong. They hear an explosion and run to see if the talisman has been made, with both running into Lin Dong and spilling their wine. They find Lang Tian helping Xuan Su, insisting that they must hurry, but Lin Dong has other plans first.  photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Warriors gather in the auction area for an announcement. Lin Dong tells them that with the cooperation of the Talisman Guild, Yuan Gate and Taiqing Palace (with Huan Huan a bit put out that he disregards her Dao Sect), they have discovered that the Yin Puppet Sect is working with the Yimo and have probably stolen the Space Talisman. They tell everyone about the enchantment the Puppet Sect released and that they will fight them and ask the other warriors to join them. But everyone is indignant that Lin Dong would presume to lead them, given his limited experience. Lin Dong acknowledges that he is not that experienced, but then appeals to their greedy side by offering them wealth in the form of the Puppet Sect’s assets when they defeat them, and also warning they could lose all they have if the Puppet Sect wins.

Qing Tan’s energy is low as Teng Sha taunts her for expecting her brother to come to save her. He grabs hold of the Talisman as energy glows from the ground. Outside Lin Dong and friends are fighting the Puppet Sect to get to her. (Aww, Xiao Yan has a new weapon.) Using the Talisman, Lin Dong attempts to deactivate the enchantment with Lang Tian and Xiao Yan’s help. The seal up in the sky, the sign of the enchantment, is destroyed by three smoke dragons. They’ve won…maybe… photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Mu Qian Qian waits for them to fight, certain that the more they do, the quicker Qing Tan will die. Lang Tian, though, is suspicious of how easily they broke the enchantment, certain there is a trap, but Lin Dong, as always, is headstrong and willful, determined to save his sister and screw everything else.

Lin Dong, Xiao Yan and Lang Tian find Qing Tan, but she is surrounded by a magical barrier and they can’t break through. As they attack it, it encompasses them. Teng Sha’s voice calls out to warn him that their enchantment is ever changing and that their arrogance and ignorance will only make it stronger and kill Qing Tan faster unless Lin Dong hands over the Talisman Script to unseal the Devour Talisman. The three men decide to use physical force instead of their energies to hit at the barrier to no avail.  photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Teng Sha appears and starts using his energy on them to knock them to the ground. Qing Tan yells at him to release them, which he does, but as he starts to approach her to take her energy, she finally releases all of her energy and knocks Teng Sha back while releasing a beam of light that destroys the enchantment. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

In the courtyard, the fighters are dead and Mu Qian Qian is gathering all their energies, pleased with the result. Lin Dong and Lang Tian are checking on Qing Tan when Teng Sha revives himself. He knocks back Xiao Yan and calls out Lin Dong who is ready for revenge. As Teng Sha asks for the Talisman Script, Lin Dong says he will give it to him in exchange for his life. Suddenly the Devour Talisman starts to glow and leaves Teng Sha, floating up into the air. It sheds what was left of the coating that covered it to reveal it’s now pristine shape as a voice calls out, “The path to devour. Devour all creatures.” Teng Sha collapses as Lin Dong flies up into the air to reclaim the talisman, absorbing it into his body and then using it to absorb the energy from the seal over the Dao Sect first, and then destroying it. When Teng Sha tries to attack him again, Lin Dong uses his powers and knocks him into a wall where he disappears in a puff of smoke. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

A beaten Teng Sha is running through the woods when he runs into Mu Qian Qian. He again demands to know who she really is. He finally realises that she is an Yimo and runs for his life. But of course, she easily catches up to him. She blasts him, but before she can stab him, Lang Tian, Qing Zhu and Xiao Yan arrive. Elder Mu insists he deserves to die, but the others want to get information from him about the Yimo. Once again Mu Qian Qian is angry and lashes out at Lang Tian so Qing Zhu tells him to check on Lin Dong. After Elder Mu leaves after him, Qing Zhu searches the body, frustrated to not find any clues and then she has an angry fit. photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Huan Huan finds Lin Dong holding his sister, who is not doing well. Qing Tan is proud to have finally helped her brother and he praises her for being better than him. But then she starts to cry, knowing she still became a burden anyway. She says Lang Tian’s name just as he arrives. She apologizes to him that she can’t keep her promise to him and then she dies. Xiao Yan immediately begins to beat the crap out of Lang Tian while everyone else cries. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Mu Qian Qian arrives to stop the fight and remind everyone that Lang Tian has been saving their asses over and over again. But Xiao Yan still blames him for Qing Tan’s death. (Hugs for our Tiger.) Lang Tian tells Lin Dong that he had been hoping that after the Yimo were eliminated, that he’d be able to take care of her. Lin Dong laments that as both of them fought over protecting her, that she ended up sacrificing herself for them and that they are not real men. Lang Tian asks Lin Dong to let him take her body with him, certain she would choose him. Lin Dong never really answers, lost in thought, and doesn’t notice him taking her until he is going out the door. As he runs to get his sister back, Huan Huan and Qing Zhu stop him as he yells out after her. Elder Mu tells them the Yimo in the Puppet Sect has been eliminated and leaves as well. photo vlcsnap-00034.jpg

As Lin Dong thinks about his sister, he decides to try to cut out the Talisman that is now in his body, but Huan Huan stops him. As he cries about his sister, Huan Huan reminds him of all the good he has done. But he is realising that Master Yan was right and that being a hero is a lonely path and he regrets agreeing to this journey. He hugs Huan Huan as Qing Zhu looks on, and he cries that his family is dead because he became the talisman successor.  photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

Master Yan is telling Qing Zhu about her father who was once a Talisman Guru and her mother was his Envoy. They had gone searching for the ancestral talismans, but then her father, Qing Zhi, went missing. After the Guild searched for him, they discovered that he’d joined the Yimo, following the Fifth Prince in the Demon Domain. No one knows what happened to cause him to join them. Qing Zhu wants to find him and ask him. Master Yan can tell she is trying to atone for her father’s sins, but tells her that it will take time for the truth to be revealed and that she will meet him sooner or later. photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Mu Qian Qian delivers the energy of the Puppet Sect to the Yimo Emperor, but he chides her for visiting him while wearing her human face. She’s still angry while also confused about why she’s so upset. He tells her that she needs to go save Qing Tan, but she’s jealous and doesn’t want to save her because Lang Tian likes her. When she refuses, wanting to go to the Dark Palace herself, the Emperor damages her face for disobeying. He warns her that being human is making her blind to her purpose and reminds her that no matter the person, if they have a weakness, then they are easy to manipulate.

Lang Tian is talking to Qing Tan’s body, scolding her for not realising that he was using her. But now he’s heartbroken and can only cry as the jealous Elder Mu watches. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

The Talisman Guild disciples report to Xuan Su that no one has found the Space Talisman. Certain that the Yimo is still around, she sets up guards around Dao Sect as well as Qiwu Tower. Xuan Su is frustrated that Lin Dong is hiding away so Qing Zhu goes to talk to him.

Lin Dong is remembering moments with his sister when Qing Zhu arrives. She gives him an item from Master Yan to help him unite the two guilds, but he’s not interested. She tries to hand him the new Talisman Seal, but he ignores it. She finally gets him to take a walk in the woods as Xiao Yan and Lin Diao secretly spy on them, amused, and Huan Huan watches them, back in jealous mode.  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Qing Zhu confesses that she suspects that something is wrong at Yuan Gate Sect and is going to investigate. Lin Dong asks if she thinks it’s Mu Qian Qian, but she won’t say without evidence. He wants to go with her, but she reminds him that with the seal broken on the Talisman, that he now must refine it and keep it safe. When she tries to hand him the new Talisman Seal to symbolize his rise in rank, he doesn’t want it, feeling that he is not worthy. When she insists, he ends up taking it. As she leaves for Yuan Gate, the pair start to get all shy and awkward around each other, but, of course, no one tells anyone what they really feel about each other. As she walks away, he starts asking if she will go with him when she returns though she doesn’t respond.

 photo awkward.gif

Huan Huan arrives, breaking the mood. As she and Lin Dong go back to their usual bickering, Lin Diao suggests that he and Xiao Yan bet on which woman Lin Dong will choose, though naive Xiao Yan doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Xiao Yan asks Lin Diao if he ever had a wife, making the Marten choke on his wine. When Xiao Yan wants to bet on why Lin Diao doesn’t have a wife yet, he runs off.

Qing Zhu has a new outfit for visiting Yuan Gate. As she waits for Mu Qian Qian, she looks around, noticing a familiar wind. Meanwhile, Mu Qian Qian is trying to heal Qing Tan as instructed. Lang Tian comes in and tries to stop her, but is frozen in place. When she finally lets him go, she tells him that she is recreating Qing Tan’s blood. He realises that Qing Tan’s predicament had all been part of her plan and gets angry again. But Elder Mu tells him off and has him put Qing Tan in a secret room to circulate her blood every day for the next two weeks until she wakes up. photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Suddenly Qing Zhu is now in some woods? (Seriously, what is with people suddenly appearing in new spots?) She is looking around when she hears a noise and runs towards it. Mu Qian Qian appears, accusing her of trespassing and starts attacking her before she can explain. But then other members of the Sect appear, Yuan Cang and Ling Zhen, and stop them. When Mu Qian Qian tells them she trespassed, Qing Zhu advises them that a disciple had announced her arrival, but that Elder Mu had never arrived. She said she had been investigating a suspicious chill, but when asked to produce it, she advises that it disappeared. The other Sect members want to let bygones be bygones, though Elder Mu is still angry. When she hears that the Three Teachers have returned and are looking for her, she tells Qing Zhu to leave.  photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Lang Tian and Mu Qian Qian greet the Three Teachers and Mu Qian Qian advises them that she’s been helping the Talisman Guild and killed the leader of the Puppet Sect for being used by the Yimo. She shares that Lang Tian got the Space Talisman and asks that he be rewarded. But Ling Zhen is offended that such a lowly disciple would expect recognition and tells him to turn over the Talisman. Mu Qian Qian says it’s better if Lang Tian keeps it and cultivates it and Yuan Cang tells Ling Zhen not to fight in front of the Teachers as they are preparing to go into seclusion for training.  photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Outside, Lang Tian thanks Elder Mu for having his deed recognized and she asks about Qing Tan, warning him not to let anyone know about her as the other disciples look down on him. When he leaves to check on her, Mu Qian Qian hopes for him to develop some wild ambitions as then he will more easily be on her side.

In the secret room with glowing walls, Lang Tian talks to Qing Tan about his fear of being alone again. He remembers how the Lin family were the first people to care for him, but that he ruined that and how he thought joining Yuan Gate would make things different, but he was still alone until he and Qing Tan were reunited. A little tear rolls down Qing Tan’s face as he tells her his feelings and frustrations. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Clumsy Huan Huan appears in Lin Dong’s room with a bag of books from the Chamber of Commerce and advises Lin Dong he should memorize them all to learn the Puppet Sect skills so he can unite the two guilds. He’s a little reluctant to start, but with Huan Huan to prod him along, starts to read until suddenly he’s immersed in them.

Hours later, Huan Huan is asleep and Lin Dong comes across one parchment that is important, the Spiritual Map. Huan Huan wakes up and they look at it and realise that Xia Wanjin had already found one of the other ancestral talismans. But where did he hide it? photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

They use their powers to decipher the map, but doing so is taxing on Huan Huan. Lin Dong realises it’s a map to the Thunder Talisman, but when Huan Huan passes out, he focuses on her instead. Xuan Su advises that she was injured by the Puppet Sect’s formation, but had been concealing it until now and needs rest. Lin Dong feels guilty for having her help him with the map with Xuan Su amused that he is as blind to Huan Huan’s feelings about him as Master Yan is to her own.  photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Lin Dong falls asleep watching over Huan Huan, but Lin Diao emerges from the Talisman to go on a hunt for the Thunder Talisman.

Qing Zhu is resting back at Taiqing Palace when her mother brings her food and asks about her visit to Yuan Gate. She is worried about her daughter, but Qing Zhu reassures her that she’s fine. Her mother advises her that if there is hardship, then there will be happiness. photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

Enid Bee: I can tell even the subtitlers aren’t as into this show now because the subs take a while to complete. On the bright side, the story is finally starting to pick up though I’m still not buying Qing Zhu’s sudden affections for Lin Dong nor his for Huan Huan. As sad as Qing Tan’s death was, it feels like we’ve finally come to a turning point where Lang Tian is going to start moving to the dark side because of this, instead of trying to make excuses for the asshole things he does. But at least there’s been a little less of Lin Dong’s mugging and goofiness. As for Xiao Yan and Lin Diao, I love those two guys the most in this show. I really want happy endings for them both. (Strangely for most of the shows I’ve been watching this year, I’ve found the supporting characters more interesting and appealing than the leads, even when it’s been lead actors whom I usually like.)

I haven’t watched the week 6 episodes yet. Guess I know what I’ll be doing this week. 🙂

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Back to the usual jealous Huan Huan watching Qing Zhu and Lin Dong hanging out together.

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