Martial Universe: Episodes 19-24 Recap

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IMOmusings: I’m always falling behind Enid Bee, so sadly this is last week’s recaps~ Losing interest in the drama combined with impossible internet is not a good combination xD.

Enid has been very thorough with the recaps this week so expect a little delay in loading. I’ve tried to cut down on a lot of images but I think we can all agree that sometimes, with this drama, you need that bit of colour to the stupidity of the story.

More whining, crying, perverse leering and blood sucking this week on Martial Universe!

Let’s begin Week 4!


Series Information:

Chinese Title:武动乾坤
Episodes: 60
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Broadcast Source: Dragon TV (Oriental TV), Youku
Airing Schedule: 2 Episodes a day, Tues – Thurs via Dragon TV (Oriental TV)
Current Progress: 24/40 (Season 1)
(Season 2 will have 20 Episodes for a total of 60)

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Character List
MainLin FamilyLei FamilyYuan GateYan Cheng SectNine Heaven's Tai Qing PalaceDao SectMagic Puppet SectOthersCorrelation Chart
Yang Yang as Lin Dong
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Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
 photo Ying Huanhuan.jpg
Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu
 photo Ling Qingzhu.jpg
Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian
 photo Lin Langtian.jpg

Lin Xiao (Lin Dong’s father)
Lin Qing Tan (Lin Dong’s adopted sister)
Lin Mu (Chief of the Lin Clan)

Lei Li (Second Young Master)
Attendant Lei Fu (Lei Li’s Attendant)
Lei Zhong (Eldest Young Master)

Mu Qian Qian
Ling Zhen

Master Yan
Xuan Su

Shen Qing
Su Rou
Ling Su Su (Ling Qing Zhu’s mother)

Ying Xuan Zi (Sect Leader) 
Wu Dao

Master Teng
Teng Lei

Little Marten (a.k.a Lin Diao)
Xiao Yan (a.k.a Fire Tiger Python)
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Lin Dong is impressed with Master Yan for having Lin Diao memorize the text needed to start the Tower Competition. Of course, Lin Diao wants something good in return for his troubles, so Lin Dong promises to help find a method for him to become permanently human. (Wait, isn’t the seal on the talisman related to breaking this beastie out of talisman jail?)  photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Teng Lei gets suspicious of Lin Dong’s delay so Lin Dong makes a show of paying respects to the tower elder and then finishes reciting the Divine Movement Record. This activates the formation of the Talisman Guru Tower (pretty) which rises up from the ground as Mu Qian Qian, floating on her purple cloud, looks forward to the two guilds killing each other.

Huan Huan (who, in this episode, will be expressing my actual frustrations with those Puppet Sect bastards) sees Teng Lei rush at Lin Dong and starts shouting that he’s trying to cheat. Elder Lei tells her to butt out of their business, but she’s not going to let them play dirty without calling attention to it. But Lin Dong is not worried. Ready to go inside, he directs Xuan Su to join him and leaves Xiao Yan outside to keep the Puppet Sect from playing any tricks.

Master Yan joins the elders in helping to energize the tower. Inside the disciples from both groups form a circle and start checking out the route to the top of the tower, a route across large floating rocks that move and knock into one another. The Puppet Sect immediately start running up and then Lin Dong leads the Talisman Guild disciples. As they climb up, disciples from both teams fight each other and try to knock one another off the tower using their powers or their fists. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

When Lin Dong manages to knock one of the Puppet Sect disciples off the tower, another member tries to enter, only to be knocked down by Xiao Yan. Elder Lei, furious at this, demands Master Yan control his men, to which he responds, “They only listen to Lin Dong.” Puppet Sect members continue to try to enter the tower, but Xiao Yan defeats each of them as Huan Huan applauds.

Teng Lei is still in the lead, but as Lin Dong and Xuan Su catch up, he starts to use his new skills with using people as puppets (and with the help of Mu Qian Qian’s Yimo powers) to take over control of his disciples to fight Lin Dong and the rest of the Talisman Guild members.

The fighting is fierce and Lin Dong is attacked by several people at once. He tries to save one of the disciples who helped him, but ends up with just a scrap of fabric as the man falls to the bottom. Huan Huan, worried about Lin Dong, tries to join to help him but is blocked by the tower guard. When she yells at Qing Zhu for not going in to help save him, she replies that “He can not lose.” But Huan Huan won’t accept that and demands that Master Yan save him and promises to tear the tower down if he loses.

Lin Dong ends up falling off a rock but is saved, thanks to Xuan Su’s powers. When he thanks her, she reminds him that he needs to work on his talisman scripts. Lin Dong is determined not to let Teng Lei get the stone, but he and his remaining disciples end up getting trapped. Fortunately, he’s able to use his crossbow to pull him and Xuan Su up another level. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Hysterical Huan Huan can’t help but provide loud, frantic commentary on what is happening while Qing Zhu tries to get her to calm the hell down. Mu Qian Qian, though, is getting an energy boost as more of the disciples die from falling off the tower.

Xuan Su and Lin Dong warn Teng Lei that by taking so many lives, he will eventually pay with his life, but Teng Lei scoffs at the idea. He doesn’t mind playing dirty as long as he wins.

And now Huan Huan is pointing her weapons at Elder Lei, accusing him of breaking the rules by making so many puppets, while he accuses her of breaking the rules by interfering. When she tries to go inside, he warns her that doing so will cause Lin Dong to lose.

In the tower, Teng Lei uses one of his puppets to help him further up as the rest attack Lin Dong and Xuan Su. Xuan Su ends up getting knocked off the tower and then it’s only Lin Dong left. When the others hear that Teng Lei is using live human puppets, they get angrier at the Puppet Sect. Qing Zhu is now ready to go inside, but Elder Lei again warns that to do so means Lin Dong loses because they are breaking the rules. Master Yan reminds him that Teng Lei has already broken the rules by hurting Xuan Su and that, as the Talisman Envoy, Qing Zhu is able to help Lin Dong. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Huan Huan is still being all shrieky so Master Yan pulls her aside to get her to calm down to which she shrieks that she’s already tried to calm down and how come Qing Zhu can be impatient when she wants, but she can’t.

Wielding his Halberd, Lin Dong uses it to move higher up the tower. As he and Teng Lei fight, Qing Zhu manages to quickly join Lin Dong just as he loses his Halberd from one of Teng Lei’s blows. But he is not deterred and takes Teng Lei on. He manages to knock the guy down which causes the Talisman to fall out and Lin Dong retrieves it, happy to be reunited with it. But Teng Lei is not going to give up and starts fighting with him for it. Qing Zhu is able to knock him off the rock to save Lin Dong and from there it should be easy going, but, of course, Lin Dong has to stop and be all flirty and stupid and give Teng Lei plenty of time to catch up. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Elder Lei, seeing his son falling, tries to go inside, but Xiao Yan stops him. Before the elder can use his powers against the Tiger, Huan Huan frantically yells out that Teng Lei has managed to go back up into the tower.

Nearing the top of the tower, Lin Dong and Qing Zhu fight the wind to get to the stone. Of course, Lin Dong decides to stop and do a victory hug. (I have never hated you more than I do in this moment, Lin Dong.) Just before he can jump across to the stone, Teng Lei rises up, kicking Lin Dong off the tower while propelling himself and the Talisman towards the stone. Teng Lei is the first sect member ever to reach the top and laughs hysterically at his victory. He’s gotten the Talisman back and is about to get the Ancestral Stone.

Lin Dong and Qing Zhu, who also fell off, are angry at the results as Elder Lei gloats over their win. Everyone waits for Teng Lei to return with the stone, but Lin Dong is determined to go back. He runs towards the tower but is repelled by the tower guard. It’s too late.

As Elder Lei continues to gloat, Xuan Su tells him off. And then Teng Lei appears, his face badly cut up. He failed to get the stone and the astral wind ended up knocking him off. Now Huan Huan decides to gloat right back at them, laughing at them for celebrating too soon. With that, both sects call it a tie and agree to wait until next year. Master Yan hugs Lin Dong, blaming himself for being too hasty and telling him that he did fine. He then leads the others away to give Lin Dong some time to himself.

Back at the guild tower, Master Yan tries to put a cheerful face on the situation, but Xuan Su is back on the “do you really trust Lin Dong” train and worries about the chaos that the Puppet Sect is causing. Master Yan, though, sees it as the cycle of life and that it will lead to great order. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Teng Lei is upset that they are returning home and wants to go back to the tower, despite the rules forbidding it. He tries to talk his father into trying, so that they can find the other talismans, as Lin Diao listens in. Reminded that the tower will stand for another day before disappearing, Elder Lei thinks about it.

Lin Dong is back at pity party central and Xiao Yan tries to help, to no avail. He is worried and tells Qing Zhu, but she tells him and the still frantic Huan Huan that Lin Dong just needs time. Still holding the piece of cloth from the disciple he failed to save, Lin Dong looks over the tower edge and cries. Qing Zhu tells him that losing is not all his fault as no one has ever before reached the top of the tower, but also reminds him that the Yimo are now present and that someone needs to get the Ancestral Stone. photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Mu Qian Qian attempts to get into the tower, but is blocked. Her attacks on the guard get the attention of Qing Zhu and the Talisman Guild rushes over to check on it. They discover the tower guards have all been killed. Just then the Puppet Sect arrives, accusing them of killing the guards and trying to cheat. Master Yan tells them that the guards were killed by the Yimo, but Elder Lei refuses to believe him. Xuan Su points out that they are here so quickly and in full battle gear, and she questions their motives. Teng Lei attempts to attack her only for Master Yan to repel the sect off and advising that both sects need to listen up.  photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Lin Dong, Qing Zhu and Xiao Yan arrive at the tower to see both sects fighting. Xiao Yan, as usual, is taking down everyone who gets in his path. He and Teng Lei face off as well. Master Yan is happy to see Lin Dong, and helps him and Qing Zhu re-enter the tower to get the Stone.

Teng Lei is no match for Xiao Yan and isn’t able to get in the tower. Elder Lei accuses Master Yan of being a rascal, to which he retorts that he can only be a rascal against shameless people. Teng Lei, however, is certain that since he failed, so will Lin Dong, and everyone watches and waits.

Huan Huan arrives late and starts yelling at the Puppet Sect and then up at Lin Dong as if he could even hear her. (And what exactly is yelling at him going to accomplish?)

Near the top of the tower, Lin Dong and Qing Zhu fight the astral wind to stay up. Though they are near the goal, Lin Dong decides the best thing for Qing Zhu is to knock her off the tower, much to her shock. photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Qing Zhu is surprised when Lin Dong pushes her off the rock, but he is determined to keep her out of harm’s way and lets her drop, certain he can manage on his own. Outside Teng Lei is gleeful to see her fall, certain it means Lin Dong is doomed. But Huan Huan is frantic as always, wanting to know what happened. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

On his own, Lin Dong battles the astral winds, preparing to jump. Suddenly the top of the tower starts glowing brightly and the winds kick up enough to buffet everyone waiting down below. Teng Lei laughs manically, certain that his rival is doomed. Confident in his defeat, the Puppet Sect leaves without waiting to confirm.

The tower is starting to fall apart and Mu Qian Qian uses her own powers to speed up it’s collapse. Frantic Huan Huan insists that Master Yan help, but without the tower guards to help protect it, there is little they can do and Lin Dong will die if he doesn’t get out before it falls. Xiao Yan, Qing Zhu and Huan Huan all battle the wind to try and enter the tower as Lin Dong reaches for the stone.

Huan Huan, seeing Qing Zhu is in no state to go back, promises to get Lin Dong for her and then pushes her away from the tower, using her ice shields to force her own way inside. Finally, Huan Huan has decided to put up and shut up while Qing Zhu becomes the frantic one, insisting Master Yan think of something. He directs his disciples to use their enchantments to help keep the tower up. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Once inside the collapsing tower, Huan Huan starts looking for Lin Dong. Having grabbed a hold of the Ancestral Stone, Lin Dong is now in the Devour Realm, another spiritual domain. Here he meets the remnant memory of the original master of the Devour Talisman, a sight only the successor can see. He finds out that even if someone else has it, unless they are able to be where Lin Dong is, they won’t be able to be the master of it. He set up a seal in the Talisman and the only way it can only be broken is to release the Talisman’s spirit, but to do that, he has to escape this realm. But if he doesn’t escape before the Tower collapses, he will be trapped there forever. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Huan Huan climbs the tower while the Talisman Guild struggles to keep the tower from collapsing too fast and Qing Zhu and Xiao Yan try to keep the disciples from being blown back. Still struggling and running out of energy, Master Yan commands Xuan Su to call all their talismans from Qiwu Tower to help in their efforts. And suddenly a rainbow of lights is flying over the city to the Tower. Recognizing that someone is working against them to bring the tower down, Master Yan does another awesome, dramatic pose (because you get the strongest energy when you pose like a badass) and gives it everything he’s got.

Huan Huan discovers Lin Dong is buried under rubble and struggles to dig him out, calling to him and reminding him of past promises. Master Yan, realising that Lin Dong is in the Devour Realm, yells out instructions to help him. It’s not really clear exactly what it is he has to do to escape. We just suddenly see a glowing light which turns out to be the spiritual map. He’s passed the test and now has the map needed.

Everyone is calling out to Lin Dong as Huan Huan finishes pulling him out from under all the rocks, insisting that his life is hers and trying to wake him up, threatening to beat him up if he doesn’t. But when she tries to slap him, he blocks her hand, having finally woken up. He teases her for being annoying and worries they will die if they don’t get out, but Huan Huan is willing to die with him if that’s the case. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

The tower collapses and a cloud of dust and rubble cover the exhausted Talisman Guild as they sadly watch it crumble. Mu Qian Qian leaves, certain it’s too late for Lin Dong now. But as we all know, if you leave before the end of a game, surprises can happen.

As the dust settles, everyone sees Lin Dong and Huan Huan climb out of the rubble (cue another dramatic pose). Huan Huan quickly gets back to her usual bratty self, which amuses everyone. Even more so when she freaks out as she realises that her face is cut up and she’s not looking pretty.

Lin Dong asks Master Yan if it’s too late to pull out of being Guild President, to which he responds that he can if he wants. Lin Dong looks sadly at his empty hand, but then pulls the Stone out with his other hand, surprising his elder.

In the woods, Teng Lei is gleeful that they killed Lin Dong, which his father reminds him was not their goal. But then the son is upset when he sees his men in their camp all knocked out and his hostage, Qing Tan, is gone. One of the guards who revives tells him that it was Lang Tian who rescued her. Angry, he goes running off to find them while Elder Lei once again yells at him to not trust Mu Qian Qian.

Wu Dao is trying to help Huan Huan with her shoulder injury, but she only wants Lin Dong to help her and throws another temper tantrum which Lin Dong overhears. When Huan Huan finds out Wu Dao told her dad what happened and that he’s on his way, she freaks out even more. But when she sees Lin Dong, she tries to be all flirty to try to get his attention, but he just passes her back to Wu Dao and leaves.

Going back to his room, he is surprised to see Qing Zhu call him to get his dressings changed. He’s even more surprised when Xiao Yan informs him that Qing Zhu was the one that changed his clothing as he slept. Thrilled with the attention from his fairy, he gleefully enjoys having her treat him. Huan Huan, lurking in the hallway, witnesses their closeness and is crushed. Stomping back to her room, she runs into her father and instantly turns in to a spoiled little girl. Of course, her father totally plays into it. (No wonder she turned out the way she did.)  photo ecstatic.gif

Lin Dong thanks Qing Zhu for taking care of him, but she reminds him that he needs to thank Huan Huan for saving his life. Lin Dong isn’t used to all this attention from people, but when he mentions that only Qing Tan cared for him, Xiao Yan reminds him that his sister is still missing and that Lang Tian has not returned either. Of course, he goes into big brother mode, ready to go out for them, but Qing Zhu reminds him that the guild has already been looking for them and, so far, had no luck.

In the woods, Lang Tian is carrying Qing Tan when he runs into Mu Qian Qian, who claims to be there to help. She asks if Qing Tan is the woman he loves. He insists that he saved her just to keep Lin Dong from skipping out on the competition, but Mu Qian Qian can tell he’s not being honest. She criticizes him for losing his head over a girl, and reminds him that Qing Tan’s ice poison would benefit him more to use himself than to train Qing Tan to use it.

She tells Lang Tian that Lin Dong has survived the tower and has the Guild support, so if he returns his sister, then Lin Dong will become the hero instead of him. And now we see Lang Tian’s driving goal: he wants to be the big hero that everyone else looks up to and, unlike Lin Dong, doesn’t want to share that role. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Master Yan is checking out the spiritual map when Ying Xuan Zi arrives and startles him. The sect leader congratulates him on their win and apologizes for his daughter causing trouble, but Xuan Su insists that she helped a lot, while Master Yan apologizes for her being wounded while with the Guild.

Master Yan tells Sect Leader Ying about the deaths of the tower guards by an Yimo. It’s now important for Lin Dong to gather all the talismans. Sect Leader Ying worries if Lin Dong is up for it, but Master Yan reminds him that Lin Dong was chosen the same way he chose Miss Ying and how they both have great responsibilities. (Up to this point in the series, there have been really subtle hints that Huan Huan is also due to be the successor of some important role herself which, so far, has been kept from her. But as we get closer to her finding out, they are ramping up the references.) Master Yan advises Sect Leader Ying that it’s time Huan Huan went home and that the Guild also will need to leave the Tower for a while. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Teng Lei is furious with Mu Qian Qian for letting her disciple run off with his hostage. He is even angrier when he hears that Lin Dong now has the Ancestral Stone. But Elder Mu has no patience for his fits and he storms off. He tells his father to go back to Dakui City while he deals with Lin Dong. Lin Diao, who apparently for some unknown reason, now can’t get out of the Talisman, hears their plan and is unable to get out and warn Lin Dong.

Qing Tan wakes up in the woods, feeling cold and scared. When she sees Lang Tian, she hugs him and cries. She asks about her brother and Lang Tian tells her that her brother has been hurt and that, to help him, the two of them should go on his behalf to retrieve the ancestral talismans. He insists that he can only do it if she helps him. Of course she’s a sucker for the guy, so she agrees as long as it will help her brother. And then he explains to her that it will involve getting rather…um…intimate. (Hey, sorry, but you’re going to have to spend all your time with that hot guy you like and being a little touchy-feely. Is that okay?) So she says no…ha! Of course, she says yes. And thus Lang Tian continues his path to become the biggest douche.  photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Lang Douche… I mean Lang Tian, gives Qing Tan a lock of his hair as a promise that her life is his. (So are they engaged now?) She finally confesses to him, willing to believe him and help him.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Lin Dong and Xiao Yan are desperately searching for Qing Tan and find the Puppet Sect camp, but no one is there. Nope, because she and a semi-shirtless Lang Tian are holding hands and doing stuff. Hearing Lin Dong yelling out for her, they both get distracted from their cultivation for a bit and then go back to it. (I swear that I’m not even trying to write double entendres here.) Qing Zhu finds Lin Dong and insists that the Puppet Sect need Qing Tan and that Lang Tian is too important for them to harm either one. She reminds Lin Dong they can’t do anything rash.

Once Lin Dong and Xiao Yan have returned home, Qing Zhu feels a wind kick up and seems to recognize something about it. She draws her sword to look around. The wind is from Qing Tan and Lang Tian cultivating away in the woods until it becomes too intense and they are knocked apart and pass out. (I’m pretty sure they intentionally made this scene to be as euphemistic as possible.)

Back in town, Lin Dong asks Master Fourteen if he knows where his sister is, but the man will only speak in riddles. “Some people have left, some have stayed. Yin and yang world, grudges between brothers. A debt has its creditor. A grievance has someone accountable.” Of course, Lin Dong hasn’t a clue what it means.(But those of us still watching the show do…mostly…)

At the tower, Huan Huan is waiting for Lin Dong. When Lin Dong starts to feel guilty for letting Lang Tian go get his sister, she and Xiao Yan both express their doubts about Lang Tian. (Awww, I just love how cute Xiao Yan is. “He’s a bad guy. I used my brain to figure it out.”)  Despite the doubts they bring up, Lin Dong doesn’t want to hear it. Desperate to keep the rekindled friendship with Lang Tian, he tells Huan Huan to back off, so she storms off in anger. Qing Zhu arrives, asking for an update and checks on Lin Dong. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Sect Leader Ying is spoiling his daughter, who is more than happy to sajiao it up. When she complains that the medicine is too bitter, he gives her candy, which she decides to share with Lin Dong before remembering that he was being a jerk to her, while Wu Dao pouts. She tells her father about the nickname Lin Dong gave her, wanting him to be upset by it, but he is just amused. When her father suggests they leave, she tries to talk him into staying a few more days, but he advises her that dragging it out will only make it harder to leave. She goes off to pout, mad at herself when it’s obvious to her that Lin Dong only has eyes for Qing Zhu and deciding, finally, to teach him a lesson by leaving without saying goodbye. (At this point I feel as sorry for her as I did for Su Jin in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. So a boy you like doesn’t like you. Boo frickin’ hoo. Sucks, but get over it.) photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

The next morning, Lin Dong is surprised to find that Huan Huan is gone. He is perplexed that she left without a word, but then Xuan Su gives him a note that she left for him along with the candy. In the note, she tells him that she doesn’t forgive him and they shouldn’t see each other again. He is amused.

But then he finds out that the Puppet Sect sent a puppet. It has a message saying that if he wants to get Qing Tan and Lang Tian back, that he has to bring the Ancestral Stone to a certain location. Qing Zhu doubts the veracity of the message, certain that there’s no way the Puppet Sect could have overpowered Lang Tian and insisting that they wouldn’t hurt them even if they did. As Lin Dong runs off to think and everyone else argues if it’s true or not, Xiao Yan decapitates the puppet.

In the woods again, Lang Tian is amazed at his new energies. Qing Zhu is also back in the woods, searching for him. Always a step behind, she discovers the spot where they had been cultivating before and finds black ice that had to have been created by Qing Tan. She realises that it only could occur if she were cultivating with someone with a yuan pellet. There are only three people it could be and two of them are her and Master Yan.

Lin Dong again is upset by his bad luck, despite finding the Stone, to which Master Yan advises him that the Stone isn’t used to retain luck. To Lin Dong, though, all these talismans are just stupid rocks and that only the people he cares about are important. He doesn’t know what to do. Master Yan advises him that, “If there’s no concern, how can there be true affection? When concern becomes too much, it becomes a belief.” (I’m guessing the theme of this show.) Lin Dong decides to go to meet the Puppet Sect to get his sister back. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Lin Dong, Xiao Yan and Xuan Su lead the Guild disciples to meet with a petulant Teng Lei who plans to kill them all. Using his puppet powers to control his men, he attacks the group and the fighting begins. Qing Zhu then appears behind Teng Lei, throwing him off guard. Surprised, he first refuses her demand to pull back his men, but then concedes. When Lin Dong demands to know where Qing Tan and Lang Tian are, Teng Lei gleeful advises that Lang Tian is the one who took his sister, then he knocks Qing Zhu back and runs off with his men. Suddenly Xuan Su realises something is wrong. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Of course, while they were gone, Mu Qian Qian decided to infiltrate the Tower, disguised as Xuan Su. But Master Yan is no fool and realises she’s a fake and blasts her. But when everyone returns to the Tower, they find him dead and the spiritual map missing. Xuan Su makes everyone leave so she can be alone with his body. She talks to him, alternating between sweet and angry. Lin Dong also goes to be alone on the roof.  photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Later on the roof, Xuan Su brings Master Yan’s staff which has become just a droopy rope with a dull stone tied to one end. She cries for Master Yan as she hugs it close to her. photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

At Taiqing Palace, Shen Qing is taking her frustration out on her disciples. Su Rou brings Ling Su Su to talk to her, informing her that she’s been acting this way since the news of Master Yan’s death. Su Su tries to get her to calm down, but she insists that she’s not upset and just wants to make sure her disciples are well trained to defend themselves.

The Talisman Guild gather at the circle that had previously been the base of the Talisman Guru Tower. They have laid Master Yan on a pyre. According to the rules, he has to be cremated with the first rays of the morning sun and his ashes are to become part of the Talisman Guru Tower. Lin Dong asks to be alone with Master Yan’s body for a while and everyone leaves.  photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

Qing Zhu stays to try and comfort him, but also to remind him that no one lives forever. But he feels lost without his guidance. After telling Lin Dong that he’ll know what to do next after sending off his master, she leaves him to be alone.

Qing Tan wakes up and Lang Tian tells her that she has the beginnings of her own Yuan Energy. When she asks about Mu Qian Qian, Lang Tian realises that she heard them talking, but she only heard a little. He worries she blames him, but she is trusting as always and still wants to stick to the deal they made.  photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Mu Qian Qian arrives with the spiritual map, insisting that Lin Dong gave it to her to give to them. Lang Tian is suspicious, but Qing Tan believes she is telling the truth and Lang Tian decides to agree with her. Of course, Elder Mu doesn’t seem to be too happy that her disciple is so fond of this girl and Qing Tan doesn’t appreciate her being all flirty with her guy.

As soon as Lang Tian and Qing Tan leave, Teng Lei comes out of hiding, pissing off Elder Mu. He doesn’t see why the Ancestral Stone was so important as he knows she really just wanted him to get everyone out of the Tower.

In a flashback we see that Master Yan blasted her, knowing that there is an Yimo who can change their appearance. But then she managed to blast him and ran off with the spiritual map, gloating once again at how easy it was to manipulate him.

Teng Lei is bitter that Elder Mu seems to be taking better care of Lang Tian than him, but she reminds him that the map could be a fake and it would be better to have someone else take the risk. Then she advises him to take his men back to Dakui City and guard it well.

Lin Dong sits with Master Yan’s body for a long time, then finally realises it’s time to cremate him. However, when he tries to light the pyre, the flames keep going out. Confused at first, he keeps trying to no avail. Then he wonders if Master Yan still has something to tell him. When Master Yan opens his eyes to yell at him for disturbing his sleep, Lin Dong, certain he is a ghost, runs away in fear. photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

As Xuan Su sits on the roof, she doesn’t see the stone in Master Yan’s staff start to glow again. But as the rope turns back into a staff, she sees it and realises what it means.  photo vlcsnap-00037.jpg

Realising that Master Yan isn’t dead, Lin Dong hugs him. Master Yan tells him that he had just gone into hibernation to protect himself from the attack and hadn’t been able to advise them. Then he teases him for having his funeral so soon and for being afraid of ghosts.

Master Yan tries to get Lin Dong to go back to the tower with him, but now he’s pouty. Master Yan asks for the Ancestral Stone, which he hands over. Asking Lin Dong if he was prepared to take on his responsibilities, Lin Dong hesitates, so the master chides him for being so reliant on him. Taking the stone, he starts triggering lights around the circle which shoot up into the suddenly cloudy sky. He announces that today is Lin Dong’s succession day. He officially hands over the fate of the Talisman Guild to Lin Dong who recites the promise he was taught. Master Yan responds with his own promise to follow him and then beams of light join up in the sky. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Seeing the lights from the top of the tower, Qing Zhu also recites her promise as the Talisman Envoy to follow the successor. The talismans used to protect the Guru Tower appear from the clouds and head back to Qiwu Tower.

At Dao Sect there is an earthquake and the disciples worry that it’s because of the Yimo, and their leader informs them that it means it’s time for the other successors to take their place. The talismans fly past Dao Sect and over the Taiqing Palace because they’d rather take the scenic route back to the tower. Mu Qian Qian runs crying to the Yimo Emperor that the humans are too smart and he retorts that she is not ruthless enough. Xuan Su is happy to see her beloved talismans returned as Xiao Yan wonders what it means. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Lin Dong and Xiao Yan try to carry Master Yan to bed, but he hates being treated like an invalid. When Lin Dong decides to go find the spiritual map, he has to stop and turn back to Master Yan, who chides him for trying to run off without knowing where to go. He then reveals that he still has the spiritual map and that the one the Yimo stole was a fake he’d quickly made up. He informs Lin Dong that he needs to go to Dakui City to find the person who can decipher the map. In the meantime, the Guild will continue to pretend Master Yan is dead and other disciples will be sent out to pretend to be looking for the map.

Lin Dong is disappointed to find out that Master Yan doesn’t know what the map expert looks like, his name or his address. Having only communicated via talisman scripts, he can’t give Lin Dong any leads. Instead, he gives him a talisman seal that he warns him must never leave his side. (So of course we know he’s going to end up losing it at some point, right?) Knowing that the person he seeks will also have one, Lin Dong jokes that he’ll just frisk everyone he meets. Then he wonders if Qing Zhu will join him. As Xuan Su kicks them out so that she can take care of Master Yan, he yells after Lin Dong that he needs the Envoy to go with him.

Lin Dong has one more question, but when he sees Master Yan and Xuan Su having what is obviously a discussion between lovers, he decides not to interrupt. Xiao Yan wonders what they are doing and Lin Dong tells him it’s a heart-to-heart talk which he also means to have with Qing Zhu. When the tiger is still confused by it, Lin Dong tells him that when he finds his own fairy, then he’ll understand. (Awww, I want the Tiger to find his tigress!) When Xiao Yan reminds him about Qing Tan, he stops for a moment and then says they’ll have to find Lang Tian first. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Xuan Su is emotional about what happened and concerned for Master Yan’s well-being, but he would rather tease her while secretly dumping out some of the medicine when she isn’t looking. Xuan Su finally has changed her opinion of Lin Dong, but worries that Master Yan will desert her. He finally tells her that after the Yimo are taken care of, then they can discuss what is next. Happy to hear it, Xuan Su goes back to taking care of him.

Qing Zhu is trying to figure out what is up with Lang Tian when Lin Dong arrives with wine. She wonders why he is drinking while his sister is still missing, as if he had no cares, but he insists that he understands his responsibilities and just doesn’t want to walk around frowning all day. When she asks what he thinks about his sister’s disappearance, he says that he thinks she is safe and that Lang Tian is helping her get well. Xiao Yan sees them drinking wine and joins in, thinking this is what a heart-to-heart talk is, and then falls over drunk. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

When Lin Dong asks Qing Zhu to join him in Dakui City, she tells him that she has to go back to Taiqing Palace first, but promises to meet him later. When he kisses her on the cheek, she gets all shy while he pretends to be drunk to explain his actions away.

Xuan Su walks with Lin Dong and Xiao Yan to lead them out of the city. She gives him a bag Master Yan made, that is full of the Talisman Guild’s magical items, and warns him to use it wisely. Xiao Yan, hearing something following them, is on his guard. As they part ways with Xuan Su, a glowing ball appears. It’s a message from Qing Tan confirming that she is with Lang Tian and promising to return later. Xiao Yan is worried about her being with the bad guy, but Lin Dong promises that they will go get her later.

After they go, Qing Zhu, the person that was following them, comes out to talk to Xuan Su. Though she pretended to leave for the Palace, she actually plans to go to the place on the fake map to find Lang Tian. Xuan Su is surprised that she didn’t express her doubts to Lin Dong, but she doesn’t want to say anything until her suspicions are confirmed. When Xuan Su wonders if Qing Zhu is starting to like Lin Dong, she claims to only want to find the Yimo. Xuan Su, not convinced, hands her a small green object to use as protection on her journey.

Huan Huan has been locked in her room, with Wu Dao guarding her, and she is pissed! She doesn’t understand why they are keeping her locked up and tries everything to get Wu Dao and her dad to let her out. Her father finally arrives, commenting on Wu Dao hanging around his daughter all day and not improving himself. Wu Dao doesn’t know what to say and just does his usual thing of digging his thumb into the hilt of his sword, something he’s been doing frequently judging by the depth of the groove worn into it.

Huan Huan looks in the magic mirror to see Lin Dong, but is angry, certain that the mirror is lying. She goes to the door once again and discovers that the magical barrier now lets her through. As she walks around Dao Sect, she sees the shape of a woman who gifts her with a dress and tells her that she soon will inherit her life’s mission. Her father appears, asking if Huan Huan saw “her”. When she asks who “she” is, he will not tell her yet. When she asks what the life mission was about, he informs her that she is the successor to the previous master of the Ice Talisman. At first, she is excited, thinking she’ll be like Lin Dong, but then finds out that part of becoming the Ice Master means giving up all desires and emotional attachments. He tells her it would be good to sever her ties with Lin Dong now before she gets even more attached and tells her she’s no longer grounded to her room. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Back in her room, she is thinking of Lin Dong and her fate. Upset, she sends a message to Master Yan asking for his advice and help to find Lin Dong. Master Yan is amused by the message. When he asks Xuan Su if Qing Zhu or Huan Huan is a better match, she can not choose. So Master Yan decides to stir things up and help Huan Huan, to help ensure Lin Dong has the support of both Taiqing Palace and Dao Sect.

At night, Lin Dong and Xiao Yan are camped out in the woods. Xiao Yan is missing Qing Tan’s cooking, but Lin Dong feels she is safer with Lang Tian. Xiao Yan is also frustrated not to have Lin Diao around to argue with. Eating some of the candy from Huan Huan, Xiao Yan says that he heard that she likes Lin Dong, but he insists he only likes Qing Zhu and that no one could possibly like that crazy girl. Xiao Yan, though, thinks he likes them both. But as Lin Dong falls asleep, he is thinking of Huan Huan. photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Mu Qian Qian is complaining to the Yimo Emperor about how Lang Tian is not doing what she had been hoping he would do. The Emperor tells her that she needs to use more ruthless methods, but she realises that she underestimated the human heart. It turns out she knew the map she gave Lang Tian was a fake, but gave it to him anyway to make him suffer some hardship. When the Emperor comments that she has become jealous like humans, she insists she is just following his orders and has a plan.

Master Yan sends a Beidou Bird to Huan Huan with a message. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Lin Dong and Xiao Yan have arrived in Dakui City and are trying to avoid the puppet guards.

Elder Lei is trying to force cultivate the Devour Talisman and Lin Diao is still trapped inside. Elder Lei, thinking he’s had success, grabs a hold of the glowing Talisman when it suddenly starts to suck away his Yuan energy and he’s not able to let go of it. Teng Lei runs in and tries to help his father while Lin Diao, being shaken around inside, wishes Lin Dong would hurry up and get the Talisman back. When Elder Lei finally drops the Talisman, Lin Diao is able to escape, unseen, from the Talisman, thanks to that energy. Teng Lei is worried about his father, but he has realised that they can’t do anything with the Talisman and that’s why the Talisman Guild haven’t tried to get it from him. Teng Lei, though, is certain Lin Dong will be coming to Dakui City and is determined to catch him.

When Elder Lei suggests they use an enchantment to refine the talisman, his son refuses. Instead, he goes out to order increased security in the city. Lin Diao, who has been hiding and listening to them talk, knocks into some armour, alerting Teng Lei that he’s not alone.

Teng Lei sees Lin Diao in his marten form and yells at his guards to catch it. When Lin Diao switches to his human form, Teng Lei catches up with him, but then he switches back to beast mode, dodging the guards who finally dogpile on him. When Teng Lei beats them back to retrieve his conquest, he only finds a puddle of marten pee as Lin Diao escapes. Elder Mu, in the meantime, is realising that Lin Dong is not someone to be messed with. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

In Dakui City, Lin Dong finds Master Fourteen’s relative. She is excited to have another customer. He needs to get his Halberd fixed and she tells him to go to the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, but of course, she wants money for the info. He hands her some Yang Yuan stones and then snags some food on his way out, much to her annoyance.

Lin Dong and Xiao Yan find the Chamber of Commerce where a man, Xia Wanjin, is auctioning off a young woman. Xiao Yan wants to save the girl and Lin Dong, thinking that the man may be the person he seeks, decides to help him. Pretending to be bidding on the girl, Lin Dong distracts the auctioneer, as Xiao Yan runs off with the girl. Lin Dong tries to use his powers against Xia Wanjin, who turns out to be a lot more powerful than he imagined. Xiao Yan, in the meantime, is alarmed when he accidentally pulls off the girl’s arm. It turns out she is a puppet and the auctioneer is angry that they broke her. Of course Xia Wanjin wants money to repair her, so Lin Dong and Xiao Yan run off, only to find the man blocking their path as they turn the corner.  photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

When they inform him that they have brought a spiritual treasure to be fixed, suddenly Wanjin’s mood changes. Lin Dong tests him, asking if he’s been to Yan City, but he doesn’t respond, so Lin Dong hands him the Halberd. Impressed with the item, Xia Wanjin says that because it is so unique, it will cost a lot and quotes them the same amount he was trying to get for the puppet. Xiao Yan starts to argue, but each time he does, the man raises the price more. Finally, Lin Dong shuts him up and agrees to the price. Of course, the man wants the money up front so Lin Dong gives him all the money they have and Xia Wanjin tells him to come back in three days.

Though they are out of money, Lin Dong is convinced Xia Wanjin is the man they are looking for. It’s revealed that as they walked away from Xia Wanjin, Lin Dong “accidentally” dropped the Ancestral Stone in front of him. He’s certain now that the man will come looking for him. Of course, it turns out he’s correct about the man’s identity as the man is thrilled that the time he’s been waiting for has finally come.

Just then Xiao Yan sees the Tigress. Huan Huan has arrived in Dakui City, though her gestures and mannerisms are a little different than usual… She is going around the city looking for an idiotic guy followed by another idiotic guy. Lin Dong overhears this and decides to have some fun with her. They follow Huan Huan around as she tries to get information from people. Suddenly the guards appear, chasing after Lin Diao. Huan Huan picks him up as Xiao Yan rushes forward to fight the guards and Lin Dong grabs her hand to run off.

They end up crashing into Xia Wanjin. They ask for his help to get away from the guard, but the man wants more money. Fortunately, Huan Huan has got money and pays Xia Wanjin, who takes them into his house/business. Inside, Lin Diao and Xiao Yan are back to bickering as usual. Huan Huan tries to be all flirty with Lin Dong and join in his conversation about their next steps, but he tells her it’s men’s business.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Xia Wanjin teases Lin Dong for being scared of the Puppet Sect. It turns out that the sect buys magical items from him to use for training. Lin Dong, wanting to confirm if this man has the Talisman Seal or not, starts commenting on his clothes, thinking they are made of fake gold. The beasts suddenly become very attentive when Lin Dong decides to test out the clothes with his powers. As Xia Wanjin holds him off, on Lin Dong’s command, the beasts run around behind him and start taking off his clothes until they find the seal on the butt of his pants. It’s Lin Dong’s turn to tease Xia Wanjin.

Lin Dong yells at him for not recognizing him, but Xia Wanjin advises that there are ears all around. When Lin Dong wants to know why the man is charging him so much, he tells him that business is business and starts calculating more costs he’s owed. Huan Huan tries to help with the negotiating, but Lin Dong is still all about “men’s business”. But since she’s the one with the money, she overrules him.

Xia Wanjin shows them around his place, which is hidden by a talisman spell. Lin Diao and Huan Huan are impressed by the place while Lin Dong is cautious, certain the man is up to something, and Xiao Yan is still worried about Qing Tan. Xia Wanjin brings out two bone-melting pellets for the beasts to use to get rid of their claws so they can more easily hide in the city. Xiao Yan likes the idea of being human, but Lin Diao worries about the side effects. Lin Dong tries to talk him out of taking it, but Xiao Yan hurriedly gobbles up the pellet. Sadly the pellet has no effect and Xia Wanjin wonders if perhaps it is too old.  photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Later Huan Huan goes to her room to look at her magic mirror, but the familiar purple cloud around it indicates that this isn’t the real Huan Huan and her reflection in the mirror shows it is Mu Qian Qian in disguise. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Back at the Dao Sect, Huan Huan wakes up, still thinking of what her father told her. She hears the bird call and goes out to find it. Once she does, it turns into a glowing bird with the message from Master Yan that the bird will lead her to Lin Dong and that she should follow her heart and have no regrets. As she runs down the mountain (without even packing a bag?), her father watches her go, muttering how can she have any regrets when she eventually will have no feelings at all. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Wu Dao wonders why his master has made him watch over Huan Huan so closely, only to just let her go and doesn’t know what to do now. Sect Leader Ying instead asks him about Lin Dong and advises that as long as she’s distracted, she won’t be able to focus on her training anyway and that it’s better to let her experience some hardship first. But Wu Dao is still worried about her and the leader is amused, knowing Wu Dao likes Huan Huan.

Huan Huan follows the Beidou Bird to Lin Dong as Qing Tan and Lang Tian follow the map to the Space Talisman and end up in a foggy wood, watched by a jealous Mu Qian Qian. Qing Zhu is also not too far behind.

Lin Dong is watching Xia Wanjin work and trying to bond with him. He shows him items he’s collected and is disappointed when the old man tells him they are junk. Lin Dong tries to help him, but annoys the man instead. Xia Wanjin leaves him to calcinate a crocodile skull while he works on repairing Lin Dong’s Halberd. But once again Lin Dong is hovering around the man, watching him repair the Halberd. When Lin Dong tries again to get a discount from the guy, he again refuses, but then ends up giving him a discount to decipher the spiritual map. Angry that he isn’t going to do it for free, Lin Dong threatens to yell out embarrassing stuff about Xia Wanjin out in the street, so he finally relents. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Unrolling the map, Xia Wanjin starts working on it as Lin Dong, as well as the fake Huan Huan, watch. But the map requires more than just his powers. He mentions a Spiritual Revolving Mirror that was retrieved from the ancient tomb by someone who later disappeared. No one knows what happened to the man, but Xia Wanjin does tell Lin Dong that around the time it happened, the Puppet Sect suddenly gained power and split off from the Talisman Guild. He promises to help Lin Dong find it. photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Outside, Lin Dong finds Huan Huan lurking. She offers to help him find the mirror, but he realises there is something different about her. It turns out it was just her overuse of makeup he was noticing. He sees a frustrated Xiao Yan, who is still determined to find Qing Tan. Lin Dong tries to get him to calm down, while Huan Huan says that after the Halberd is fixed, she will help him find her, but Xiao Yan runs off anyway. Worried about his friend, Lin Dong has Huan Huan stay there to keep an eye on things as he goes after Xiao Yan. Of course, fake Huan Huan is amused by how impetuous and rash he is.

Lang Tian decides he and Qing Tan should rest a bit. As he starts a fire, Qing Tan asks about his training at Yuan Gate, commenting on his callused hands and how hard he trains, as compared to her brother who has always slacked off. As Lang Tian goes to get firewood, a blue mist appears and freezes him in his tracks. Qing Tan tries to help, but he warns her off. The blue is cold qi entering his body. Qing Tan tries to use her ice poison to help ward it off, but he just loses feeling in his legs and collapses. He tells her to go back and find her brother, but she just sits and cries. Then she runs to get a rock from the fire and has him hold it to help warm him up. She then remembers how her brother had her drink his blood (crap, not this again!) so she smashes her finger and makes him drink the blood. (Kids, don’t watch this show while eating if you are squeamish like me.) photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Qing Zhu is using the little green object Xuan Su gave her and it leads her to Lang Tian and Qing Tan who are both passed out by the fire. She warns them that the place they are at has Cold Qi from the Underworld which isn’t safe, even for those with the most powerful energy. Then she lectures Lang Tian about how he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Lin Dong giving him that Yellow Armour. She tells him the map is a fake and Lang Tian wonders why Lin Dong would give him a fake map. Qing Zhu informs him that the map was stolen by an Yimo and didn’t come from Lin Dong. Of course, she is certain he is already aware of this. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Then Mu Qian Qian pops up, annoyed that someone from Taiqing Palace would be lecturing her disciple. Lang Tian wants to know what is going on and Qing Zhu says she suspects him of colluding with the Yimo. Mu Qian Qian instead tells her that she took the map from the Yin Puppet Sect and suggests it is they who are colluding with the Yimo. She also lets Lang Tian and Qing Tan know that she heard Master Yan was dead. Lang Tian defends his elder, suggesting Qing Zhu just kill him now if she really thinks he’s a bad guy, but it’s clear he knows Elder Mu is not being completely honest. Qing Zhu instead tries to take Qing Tan back to Lin Dong, but she doesn’t want to go and be a third wheel. As they fight, Qing Tan uses her ice poison to repel her, knocking her out. Elder Mu checks on her and advises that there’s no internal damage, but Qing Tan is upset. Lang Tian tells her to stay with Qing Zhu so he can talk to Mu Qian Qian. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Alone, he demands an explanation about why she lied to him, but she gets angry at him for doubting her and makes him face the fact that he didn’t really care where the map came from as long as he could get the talisman first. Assuring him that she will find the real map and that she is on his side, she leaves Lang Tian to think about it. He returns to Qing Tan, who is upset that Elder Mu can protect him, but she can’t and she’s not sure what to do about Qing Zhu. He decides together they will take her back to Lin Dong.  photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Xiao Yan is running through the woods as Lin Dong follows. Mu Qian Qian, in smoke form, finds Lin Dong and turns back into fake Huan Huan. Again, she tries to be flirty with him, but he immediately suspects her, certain the real Huan Huan would not be such a scaredy cat. Thinking she’s faking it, he tries to push her off him. Mu Qian Qian is surprised that he’s not taken in by her and is determined to get him to give her the map.

At the Yin Puppet Sect, Teng Lei is demanding of his guard news on the marten he sent them to get, but they can’t tell him anything. Angry, he kills one of them. However, the guards inform him that they have seen Lin Dong’s friend, Xiao Yan. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Back in the city, Lin Dong finds Xiao Yan. He’s run out of energy and needs food, but is still determined to find Qing Tan. Lin Dong tells him that they will get her, but that they need to take care of something else first. They head back to check on the Halberd and get some food as Teng Lei, watching from around the corner, watches them go. When one of his guards reminds him that the Chamber of Commerce has great power and that they can’t use force, Teng Lei knows that he can just use one of his talisman spells on the Halberd, though he is annoyed that anyone would suggest that there was a group more powerful than the Yin Puppet Sect.

Xia Wanjin is still fixing the Halberd as Xiao Yan and Lin Dong watch. Taking a break, Lin Dong goes outside and sees Lin Diao. He teases Lin Dong about his time alone with Huan Huan, but Lin Dong is more concerned that there seems to be something odd about her. When Lin Dong gives him a hard time about eating so much, Lin Diao reminds him that he has to until he gets the Talisman back.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Finished with fixing the Halberd, Xia Wanjin gives it to Lin Dong to check out. He tests it, but then it suddenly flies out of his hands, drawn by Teng Lei’s magic. Xia Wanjin warns him to watch out for traps as he and Lin Diao run after it. In the woods, it slows down but remains out of his reach. They suddenly realise that they don’t know where they are. Suddenly one of the Sect’s Blood Spirit Puppets appears to attack them and they have to run for their lives. The Halberd flies past Lin Dong to attack Lin Diao, but Lin Dong manages to catch it and tosses it back at the puppet. The puppet is able to knock it back towards them and Lin Dong is saved by Lin Diao. With the Halberd back in hand, Lin Dong tries to fight the puppet, but is overpowered. Encouraged by Lin Diao, he keeps going. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

In the woods, a guard reports on the fight and that Lin Dong has little hope. Teng Lei is gleeful at the news.

Lin Dong continues to fight, but when he falls back, ends up landing on a sharp rock. The rock glows strangely. He picks it up, throws it at the puppet which knocks it out. Picking up the rock, he and Lin Diao look at it, wondering what it is. Suddenly Lin Dong wonders where Huan Huan is and why she isn’t with them. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

In the woods, Huan Huan is looking for Lin Dong when Teng Lei knocks her out from behind, excited to get one of the Lin Dong’s women. But then is disappointed when Huan Huan slaps him. He’s even more surprised when she turns into Mu Qian Qian. She yells at him for acting rashly and almost ruining her plan to get the talisman from Lin Dong. She asks him about the Spiritual Revolving Mirror, but he hasn’t heard of it so she asks how his sect was established. He only knows a story about his great, great, great, great…super great grandfather finding a location with special materials. Mu Qian Qian warns him that Lin Dong will come later looking for Huan Huan and to not mess things up.

The real Huan Huan is still following the bird and ends up in the woods, not sure what the bird is trying to tell her. It flies away and suddenly Teng Lei appears. Realising that this time he has the real Huan Huan, he offers to take her to Lin Dong. Realising it’s a trap, Huan Huan fights off his guards and puppets and gets away. Mu Qian Qian watches, surprised she is there. When Teng Lei fails, Elder Mu yells at him before removing the spell Huan Huan put on him and yells at him to get her.

Huan Huan is alone in the woods and quickly hides. But then she sees Lin Dong with Lin Diao and yells for him. Happy to see him, she leaps up into his arms. He’s relieved she is okay, but then makes her off of him. She decides not to tell him about the Ice Talisman successor bit. Teng Lei tries to go after Huan Huan, but Mu Qian Qian makes him stop, realising that once they talk, they will realise what is going on.

Back in Dakui City, they find Qing Zhu passed out and a crowd around her. Lin Dong picks her up as Huan Huan frets that once again his eyes are only for his fairy. Qing Tan tries to follow after them to see her brother, but Lang Tian holds her back. She’s upset that her brother seems to have forgotten her, but Lang Tian tells her that it’s just that he trusts him to take care of her. Qing Tan asks if they are actually competing with Lin Dong, but he tells her that they all want to fight the Yimo. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Xia Wanjin is checking Qing Zhu, but Lin Dong sends Xiao Yan away before he can say that her injuries were caused by ice poison. As Xia Wanjin starts to heal her, Huan Huan storms off, upset that no one cares about her. Mu Qian Qian watches her in amusement, determined to use her jealousy to her advantage.

Lin Dong wonders how Qing Zhu would have his sister’s ice poison. When she wakes up, she is surprised to see Lin Dong and he tells her where they are. He asks about Qing Tan, but then wonders how she got hurt on the way to Taiqing Palace. Since she still doesn’t know exactly what is going on with Lang Tian, Qing Zhu decides to hide the truth and tells him that she got attacked by the Puppet Sect and that the ice poison was from Cold Qi in the woods. Lin Dong is angry about the Yin Puppet Sect attacking her and Huan Huan. She is surprised to hear Huan Huan is there and a little jealous when Lin Dong leaves to go check on her. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Enid Bee: So many deceptions going on, but this week they’ve done a good job of making them all work together and there aren’t any distractions from the main story. I’m hoping next week for the whinging to start going away as the characters start doing more than just feeling sorry for themselves, but we’ll see. But going after the Space Talisman is taking a while and, besides the Ice Talisman, there are still four others to get so the Talisman hunt needs to pick up soon, as does Lin Dong’s training.

But isn’t Xiao Yan the best? Awww, he never forgets about Qing Tan. And even if he’s a brat, I still want good things for Lin Diao as well. I am worried though that Qing Tan is going to start going dark side just for Lang Tian’s sake.

Overall, the story is starting to get better though the editing sometimes can be annoying. Still not shipping either of the lead OTPs and could care less about who Lin Dong ends up with. But I’m not sure if that’s the fault of the writers or the director and actors because a lot of the time it feels like if the performance had just been a little different, even with the same words, it could have been much more nuanced and effective. The last episode where Huan Huan skipped the stomping and yelling for a more quiet “what about me” dialogue with herself was the first time I actually felt sorry for her. Basically, if they could stop making female characters act like petulant children and more like grown women who have their own insecurities and troubles, I think the audience would like it more.

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