Martial Universe: Episodes 13-18 Recap

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This week on Martial Universe we have a moment of bromance, kabedons, more jealous crying and a hint of Lin Dong’s true power.

Let’s begin Week 3!


Series Information:

Chinese Title:武动乾坤
Episodes: 60
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Broadcast Source: Dragon TV (Oriental TV), Youku
Airing Schedule: 2 Episodes a day, Tues – Thurs via Dragon TV (Oriental TV)
Current Progress: 18/40 (Season 1)
(Season 2 will have 20 Episodes for a total of 60)

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Character List
MainLin FamilyLei FamilyYuan GateYan Cheng SectNine Heaven's Tai Qing PalaceDao SectMagic Puppet SectOthersCorrelation Chart
Yang Yang as Lin Dong
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Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
 photo Ying Huanhuan.jpg
Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu
 photo Ling Qingzhu.jpg
Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian
 photo Lin Langtian.jpg

Lin Xiao (Lin Dong’s father)
Lin Qing Tan (Lin Dong’s adopted sister)
Lin Mu (Chief of the Lin Clan)

Lei Li (Second Young Master)
Attendant Lei Fu (Lei Li’s Attendant)
Lei Zhong (Eldest Young Master)

Mu Qian Qian
Ling Zhen

Master Yan
Xuan Su

Shen Qing
Su Rou
Ling Su Su (Ling Qing Zhu’s mother)

Ying Xuan Zi (Sect Leader) 
Wu Dao

Master Teng
Teng Lei

Little Marten (a.k.a Lin Diao)
Fire Python Tiger (a.k.a Xiao Yan)
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Master Yan shows Lin Dong and Qing Zhu the pictographs in his room that depict the battle between Fu Zu, the previous Talisman Ancestor, and the Yimo Emperor. Lin Dong, thinking there is just one Yimo, is confused so they explain that there are a number of Yimo as well as several talismans. Master Yan opens a portal that lets them go into an animated version of the story of Fu Zu and the Talismans. There are eight talismans, one for each of Fu Zu’s disciples: Devour, Ice, Space, Flame, Darkness, Thunder, Prehistoric, Life-Death. Fu Zu and the eight disciples died and the talismans have remained hidden as people try to find them to either fight against or help the Yimo. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

With this information, Lin Dong starts to vow to fight the Yimo only to suddenly turn and run away, too scared to fight, leaving Master Yan and Qing Zhu shocked. But Master Yan is still hopeful while Qing Zhu is certain all is doomed. Outside, Lin Dong discovers a group waiting for him. These are the Talisman Gurus who all went into hiding as commoners in the city, waiting for the Successor to arrive. They are awaiting Lin Dong’s orders now that he’s President of the Guild. Master Yan also reminds him that he needs to find seven other successors as well, one for each talisman. (Hmmm, wonder who they could be…) Lin Dong tries to talk one of the Gurus into taking his place, but none of them will. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Huan Huan wakes up from dreaming about Lin Dong. Wu Dao tries to talk her into going home, but she refuses. When she finds out Lin Dong went to the tower, she runs to find him. She runs into Lang Tian who informs her that Lin Dong has been named the Guild President and she refuses to believe him. At the tower, when it’s confirmed that Lin Dong has been named President, Huan Huan is still determined to take him back to Dao Sect.

On the roof, Master Yan tells Lin Dong that it’s his fate to be the Talisman Successor, but he’s still not convinced, despite his examples. (Why does everyone insist on sitting on the edge of the roof? This is driving my vertigo crazy even though I know it’s green screen.) But when Lin Dong finds out that being the Successor means that his fairy will have to stay by his side at all times, he rethinks the whole thing. He makes Master Yan promise to cure his sister, to ensure that Lin Dong gets proper training and that Master Yan will do as he says.  photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Of course, back with the others, he pretends to reluctantly take the post and goes back to being creepy with Qing Zhu. A frustrated Huan Huan tries to use her father’s tally to command Lin Dong to go to the Dao Sect with her, but he just laughs at her and refuses to go. His eyes still only for his fairy.

Wu Dao tries to talk Huan Huan into returning home now that she’s been turned down, but she continues to refuse.

Master Yan checks out Qing Tan’s ice poison. (It’s so cute how concerned Xiao Yan is about Qing Tan.) He says she was born with it and that it probably comes from the Dark Palace, a legendary place hidden within the Sea of Demons. Master Yan promises to teach her some methods to help control it.

That night, Qing Zhu brings Qing Tan some mud face mask, because it wouldn’t be a C-drama if there wasn’t some skin care product being shared. Qing Tan remarks how great it would be if Qing Zhu married her brother and tries to convince her that Lin Dong, despite being silly, is sincere. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

As Xiao Yan is sleeping and Qing Tan gets a makeover, Lang Tian sneaks into the tower, but the Tiger is awakened. He confronts and fights him until Qing Tan gets him to stop. (At least someone gets that he is bad news.) Qing Tan tells Lang Tian about how the ice poison is from the Dark Palace and he tries to get information from her about the talismans, saying he distrusts Master Yan’s intentions. Qing Tan, though, is ever the optimist and hopeful that he and Lin Dong will be friends again. Lang Tian promises to teach her a way to catalyze the ice poison in her body and then leaves. (Ohh, you just know Qing Tan’s going to get her little heart broken.) photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

The suspicious Xiao Yan watches Lang Tian leave, wondering what he’s up to, as Lin Diao watches him, wondering why he doesn’t follow him instead and commenting on Lin Dong’s lady issues.

Back at the Puppet Sect, the Sect Master is chastising his son for costing them so much money, but his son tells him that he has placed two talismans in the bodies of two people near Lin Dong to give themselves an advantage. (Xuan Su and who is the other one?) But his father still suspects Mu Qian Qian is up to no good.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Xuan Su is frustrated by Master Yan’s glee with handing over the guild to the new president and having more free time. Qing Zhu finds Master Yan and asks him for information about her father, but he instead tells her that if she stays by Lin Dong’s side, eventually she’ll find the information she’s seeking.

Lin Dong sneaks up on Huan Huan in the tower as she’s trying to figure out what to do. She’s mad about him scaring her and then demands to know why he won’t go with her or Lang Tian, immediately accusing him of staying just so he can be near Qing Zhu. When he asks if she’s jealous, she hands him a gift of new clothes and leaves. photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Huan Huan is stomping through the woods, angry about Lin Dong, who it turns out is following her. When she turns and sees him, he pretends to be struggling to put on the robe she gave him. She puts it on over his clothes and then starts walking away again when he stops her, telling her that he’ll visit her soon and she’s welcome to visit him. When he starts to walk away, she stops him, but then a strong gust of wind kicks up and they are attacked by a purple Yimo. (Wonder who that could be…)

They try to fight off the Yimo, but struggle. Lang Tian arrives just in time to help fend it off of Lin Dong. When Lin Dong, sensing his powers, tries to attack, Lang Tian shoves him aside. Qing Zhu also joins in the fight, much to Huan Huan’s annoyance. They are not doing well and Lang Tian ends up taking the full force of an attack meant for Lin Dong. The Yimo disappears and Qing Zhu advises Huan Huan that her Dao Sect people are missing. Distracted by the news, everyone runs off to find them, not noticing the talisman emblem appear on Lang Tian’s forehead, a sign that he is the second person infected with a Puppet talisman. Mu Qian Qian watches him run off, hoping the talisman is used wisely. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Huan Huan and Wu Dao find their men, but they are possessed and begin to attack them. They fight them off, with Lin Dong joining them and using his crossbow to bind them. They take them to the tower to ask Master Yan if they can be saved. Master Yan says that someone has put a talisman seal on them, the same as the people that attacked the tower before. Lin Dong wants to go beat up the Puppet Sect, but Master Yan advises that the seal would be something done by someone who is part of the Talisman Guild and they realise that they have a traitor amongst them. Lin Dong suggests checking the disciples’ spiritual domains to figure out who it is. Master Yan agrees and gives everyone a task to do while he does this. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

In his room, Master Yan starts checking spiritual domains. Lin Dong worries about Qing Zhu’s wound, but then Xuan Su comes to get him, telling him that she found out where the seal came from and to go with her. Qing Zhu stays behind while the two of them go. (Noooo…) Of course, after they go, Master Yan finally identifies Xuan Su as the person behind the talisman seals on their people. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

In the woods, Lin Dong is following after Xuan Su and wants to know where they are going. She stops and suddenly tells him he is not worthy to be the successor just before attacking him, but Lang Tian again comes to the rescue. Master Yan also makes it to the woods in record time. He works to reverse the seal on the Talisman of Hate that has infected her as Lin Dong mimics Lang Tian’s movements, trying to look as cool as him.  photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Xuan Su, now free of the talisman, is angry about being used, but they want to know who else she infected. She confirms that she infected the disciples and it will make them go crazy. Everyone rushes back to the tower where Qing Zhu, Xiao Yan and the rest are fighting off the disciples. They are trying not to kill them, but don’t know how to stop them. With Qing Tan’s okay, Lang Tian uses her ice poison to freeze them. Of course, Lin Dong is angry with him for using his sister anyway. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Huan Huan is worrying over her men, wondering how to wake them up. Wu Dao chastises her for getting involved and offers to go back to get her dad to fix it, but she doesn’t want to get in trouble with him.

Lin Dong is trying to beat up Lang Tian, but Qing Tan and Qing Zhu stop him. Master Yan says that they need to lift the seal to save the disciples, but the only way to do so is by using the Heart of Nirvana.

They go to an ancient tomb outside of the city where the highest ranked master ever was buried. The Heart of Nirvana that he made with his energy is kept in the tomb, but the entrance is sealed with an enchantment, and inside the tomb are other dangers. Huan Huan, lurking in the bushes as usual, watches them decide who should enter. Master Yan is able to help only five people get into the tomb, including Lin Dong. Qing Tan wants to go, but Master Yan doesn’t want her to go, believing she has been infected with the other talisman. Huan Huan runs out from hiding to insist on joining and she joins Lang Tian, Qing Zhu and Xiao Yan in going into the tomb. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Of course, Mu Qian Qian and Teng Lei are also lurking in the bushes to watch this go on. Teng Lei wants to know who has the second talisman, the Talisman of Love, but Elder Mu won’t tell him.

As the group of five go inside, Master Yan’s instructions are given and, of course, no one really pays attention to them. (Have I said before how much I like Xiao Yan? I feel like he is being woefully underutilized in this show.) Despite being told they all need to go together to the next level, Lin Dong runs off with Qing Zhu. Then Lang Tian follows while Huan Huan makes Xiao Yan stay behind just in case of sabotage before she follows the rest of the team. photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

On level two, they find themselves wandering amongst tall stones, being attacked periodically by little dayglo flying things, and everyone wanders off on their own. Lin Diao comes out of the talisman in his marten form and starts eating the creatures until he gets enough Yuan energy to sustain his human form for a while. Huan Huan is lurking again and then jumps out at Qing Zhu. (Seriously, is this all she does? Lurks and then is loud and stupid?) She’s trying to suss out what kind of feelings Qing Zhu may have for Lin Dong in the most awkward way possible which fools no one when she pretends not to care.

Lin Dong wonders why Lang Tian keeps following him around, but Lang Tian claims he has to protect him since he won’t come to Yuan Gate and can’t take care of himself.

Somehow everyone finds the exit out of the second level together and they enter a room with a lot of glowing coffins. Thinking that that artifact is in one of the coffins, Lin Dong uses the talisman to try to figure out which one, but it instead leads him to a wall that suddenly bursts into flames. But the flames are fake and Lin Dong is able to walk right through them along with the rest of his group. photo vlcsnap-00038.jpg

In this hidden room, they find the remains of the Master. Everyone wonders how to find the artifact as there doesn’t seem to be any hiding places. Lin Dong figures out that the guy must have been lonely and decides to offer the corpse some alcohol and kowtows to him. Doing this makes the corpse glow and move back to reveal a hidden treasure, but when Lin Dong attempts to get it, he and Qing Zhu end up falling into a room below and become trapped in a coffin.  photo vlcsnap-00043.jpg

Lin Diao is trying to get Qing Zhu and Lin Dong out of the coffin. Lin Dong, at first, is trying to find a way out, but then decides to take advantage of the situation to force Qing Zhu to cuddle with him, pretending to hold his breath to save her even though there are giant gaps for air to come through. (At this point how does she seriously not just beat the shit out of him or at least “accidentally” elbow him in a sensitive area?) Lin Diao manages to open up the coffin and set them free. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

After they get out, they see the Heart of Nirvana, a yuan pellet that the Nirvana master left behind when he wasn’t able to pass his Nirvana Rank to someone else. It looks like a glowing green heart. Lin Diao somehow knows that it is fragile and needs to be wrapped in powerful Yuan Energy to get it. Qing Zhu gets the heart and, for some reason (apparently the former master practised “dual cultivation”), suddenly starts getting all Mu Qian Qian on Lin Dong, flirting with him and trying to kiss him, which he suddenly doesn’t want to do.   photo QingZhu green stone.gif

Lang Tian and Huan Huan manage to break through into the lower vault just in time to witness Qing Zhu trying to get it on with Lin Dong. Lang Tian is able to turn off whatever was making the fairy all frisky and she starts wailing and kicking Lin Dong, certain he made her do it, while Huan Huan wails that Lin Dong kissed another girl (omg, shut up!!). Lang Tian keeps Qing Zhu from killing Lin Dong, but the talisman starts acting up, making him glow red. When he touches Lin Dong, both of them become possessed and attack the girls.  photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Master Yan is testing Qing Tan for the talisman and realises too late that it’s not on her. Because the talisman couldn’t be put on the beasts, they wonder who could be infected by it. They rush to the ancient tomb to find their men guarding the tomb have been knocked out. Just then Xiao Yan, Huan Huan and Qing Zhu come out of the tomb and tell Master Yan and co. what happened. Master Yan tries to sense where the Devour Talisman is to locate Lin Dong and Lang Tian.

The Yimo buddies, Lang Tian and Lin Dong, walk through the woods until Teng Lei finds them. He’s so excited to have them as puppets and plays around with them, giving them commands and knocking them around. The Talisman suddenly rises from Lin Dong’s body as Lin Diao tries to tell Master Yan where they are, but once it lands in Mu Qian Qian’s hand, their link is lost. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Huan Huan is doing her usual crying and freaked out act, frantic to save Lin Dong while Qing Tan does her quiet, weepy thing. Qing Zhu insists they be rational, though she is not doing well after taking in the Heart of Nirvana and is ill.

Teng Lei asks Elder Mu how he can become the legitimate Talisman Guru. He tries to get the charm from Lin Dong’s body, but is unable to. He wants to kill him, but Elder Mu says to throw him into the Life-Transforming Pond instead as it will scatter the body and spirit. What she doesn’t tell him is that it will also release more energies that she can use. Teng Lei has Lin Dong’s body dropped in the pond. Master Yan, even though he can’t see who has the talisman, does see Lin Dong being dropped in the pond.

Mu Qian Qian checks her protege, Lang Tian. It seems she may have some feelings for him. (Well, he does look good shirtless.)

Qing Tan begs Master Yan to save her brother. Because Master Yan had given Lin Dong his yuan pellet before entering the tomb to keep him safe, he can enter his spiritual domain to find him. Xuan Su doesn’t want him to risk his life to do it. But of course he will to protect his honor. To help him, everyone starts using their energies, including Qing Tan, to help find him. Qing Tan, using an incantation Lang Tian taught her, is able to boost Master Yan’s energy and also make it snow and almost kill everyone. photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Apparently being dropped in this pond has sent Lin Dong to a fantasy world where his father is still alive and life is better than reality. Everyone tries to convince Lin Dong to come back to reality, but he refuses. But when his dream world father insists that he stay and not go out into the world, he realises he is a fake and finally decides to leave.

Master Yan sends Xiao Yan to the pond to get Lin Dong as everyone tries to recuperate from the whole ordeal. (Yay, Ashton!!) As everyone sits in the soap bubble snow storm, Lin Dong returns with Xiao Yan and there are many tears. They go back to the Tower, forgetting all about Lang Tian. photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Teng Lei kicks Lang Tian which angers Mu Qian Qian, who demands he release her disciple from his talisman seal. When he challenges her, she threatens him. He, though, having found her weakness, wants to take advantage of the situation and keep him under his control. He pretends to remove the seal so that he can trap her, get the talisman from her and run away. But she uses her powers to release herself from Lang Tian’s grip and goes after Teng Lei.  photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Teng Lei is surprised to find himself suddenly in Mu Qian Qian’s grasp. He promises to do as she says and she releases him. Terrified, he gives back the talisman, but she lets him keep it to use during the Tower Competition.

Qing Zhu releases the Heart of Nirvana into the tower and uses it to heal the wounded disciples and remove the talisman seal. The guild disciples start questioning their new president and his sister, blaming their arrival for all the bad things happening to them, but Qing Zhu steps in to remind them that they need to focus on healing. Lin Dong knows it’s all his fault, though, and says he will ask Master Yan to punish him once he is awake again. photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

On the roof, Lin Dong talks to Qing Tan and Xiao Yan. He assures his sister that she didn’t do anything wrong and then tells Xiao Yan to take care of her while he thinks. Huan Huan is lurking as usual, spying on Lin Dong, when Wu Dao arrives. She waves him off to go back to their sect with the disciples, insisting that she needs to stay for Lin Dong, which makes him jealous. photo vlcsnap-00036.jpg

Xuan Su is happy to see Master Yan awake. She asks if he still is going to make Lin Dong go through the Tower Competition. Though she and Qing Zhu doubt Lin Dong’s abilities, he is certain that the recent incident will make him focus more on his training. Qing Zhu gives him the Heart of Nirvana and blows off any questions of her injuries, insisting that she has to take care of Lin Dong now that he’s lost the talisman.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Lin Dong is curled up on the roof, feeling sorry for himself, when Huan Huan comes out to try cheering him up, insisting she is there to help him. Of course, he’s feeling so sorry that she has to scold him instead for not realising how good he has it. She gives him a hard time about Qing Zhu, saying he’s too ugly for the fairy to love, so he teases her for obviously having a crush on him. Finally cheered up a bit, Huan Huan gives him a gift. It was the weapon from the tomb that he tried to get when he got trapped in the coffin. She made sure to get it for him, but then gets annoyed and saddend when he talks about impressing the fairy with it.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

That night, Xiao Yan is trying to take care of the tearful Qing Tan. He tries to take her back to the tower, but she feels so guilty about what happened and sure that her brother is too busy to take care of her. She worries she is troublesome and a distracted Tiger is too busy checking out one of her tears to reassure her.

In the woods, Lang Tian wakes up to find Mu Qian Qian removing the talisman seal from him. She blames the Puppet Sect and tells him they took the Talisman. He is grateful for his elder saving him and wonders about Lin Dong, whom he’s informed was already saved by the guild though they forgot about him. She chastises him for taking such good care of Lin Dong at risk of his mission. She directs him to find out the location of the other ancestral talismans while she promises to deal with the Puppet Sect and get back the Devour Talisman. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

In the morning, Lin Dong is happy to see Lang Tian for once and asks how he got away. But then he’s distracted when he sees Master Yan is awake, though Master Yan is not completely trusting of Lang Tian. Lin Dong asks Master Yan to train him so that he won’t be so helpless. When Xuan Su mentions the Tower Competition, Master Yan explains to Lin Dong about the competition and how the sect that wins will become the only talisman guild. Lin Dong feels like he’s being scammed, worried that he doesn’t know enough kung fu to win the competition.

Lin Dong is distracted when he sees Qing Zhu leaving. When she says she is doubtful she’ll survive by his side, he insists that he will train and get better and not be such a liability. He asks Master Yan to train him, though the master is a little annoyed that Lin Dong would only listen to Qing Zhu and not him. Lang Tian offers to help train Lin Dong while Master Yan heals and he accepts as there is only a month left to train. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

On the roof, Lin Dong and Lang Tian are taking a break from training. Lin Dong asks why he stayed with him rather than go back to Yuan Gate, wondering if he’s using him. Remembering the words of his elder, he admits that he came to get information about the other talismans, but after being hit with the Love Talisman, that things changed.

Master Yan still wonders why Lang Tian had the Love Talisman while Xuan Su worries that he is up to something and doesn’t trust him. Master Yan feels that Lin Dong is unusually lucky, given all the people who have come across his path, and is not worried about Lang Tian, even if he does have evil intentions, as he’s sure having him there will spur on Lin Dong.

After the recent events at the tomb, Lin Dong is willing to let bygones be bygones, even as Lang Tian tries to apologize for what happened in the past. Lin Dong is determined to win the competition and be a hero with Lang Tian. They end up getting drunk together and Lang Tian takes Lin Dong back to his room, trying to search his drunk buddy for information.  photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Qing Tan runs into Lang Tian in the hallway and he asks how she’s doing. She confesses she only came back to the Tower because she heard he was there and apologizes for causing his injuries. She’s still upset about being a jinx and tells him that the chant he taught her was too powerful. He tries to convince her that her power is a good thing, it’s just the person who uses it that makes it good or bad. He promises to help her and her brother and then starts getting really up close and personal. (Oh, don’t be that creepy guy!) photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Master Yan is explaining to Lin Dong how the talismans work and how the qi energy in items can convert things into talisman scripts. Each talisman script can have different abilities and powers. He also explains that while qi energy can be taken from other people, to do so is against the rules of the guild as well as immoral. When Lin Dong is told he must memorize the talisman scripts, he thinks it’ll be an easy task until Master Yan shows him how much he has to memorize and then he is overwhelmed.  photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Teng Lei is in the woods, trying to get the talisman to acknowledge him. Lin Diao, annoyed with how the guy is treating the talisman, decides to have some fun. He starts talking to Teng Lei from inside the Talisman, pretending to be the remnant soul of Fu Zu, and declares him to be the successor and then directs him to do a number of silly things to pay his respects.

On the rooftop, Master Yan has had Lin Dong bring his weapon which is called the Ancient Earth Scales Halberd. He explains that it has three levels –  Fish Scales, Angry Python and Transforming Dragon. He demonstrates the highest level, the dragon, by making a dragon fly out of it and overhead.  photo dragon.gif

Lin Dong tries his luck, but because he is a beginner, he is only able to generate a small fish.  photo tadpole.gif

Master Yan warns him to keep the Heart of Nirvana safe as it is the only thing that will give him the power needed to win the Tower Competition. (So of course he’s going to lose it…)

Teng Lei is still doing ridiculous things in the woods, thanks to Lin Diao. (Wait, didn’t Lin Diao jump out of the talisman before and steal it from Lin Dong by himself? Why doesn’t he do that now?) Then he directs Teng Lei to transfer some of his Yuan Energy into the talisman. This allows Lin Diao to escape in human form as Teng Lei continues his latest task, staring directly at the sun. Realising that Lin Dong was a better master than this goofball, Lin Diao goes to look for him. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Huan Huan is lurking again, watching Master Yan train Lin Dong to use his new weapon. She wonders where Qing Zhu is and if she even wants to be the Talisman Envoy. Of course Huan Huan is the one to go to the woods to do more lurking and find her. Qing Zhu is trying to heal herself and Huan Huan wonders why her energy is so unstable and if she got hurt when they were in the tomb. She overhears Qing Zhu talking to Su Rou about the issues with the new successor. Qing Zhu confesses that her yuan pellet has been shattered and she’s lost her rank. Qing Zhu is worried about her mother’s safety and asks that Su Rou not tell anyone. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

But Shen Qing is aware that something is up and confronts Su Rou. She is angry about the incident and decides that a new envoy needs to be chosen.

Huan Huan watches over a passed out Qing Zhu after treating her, wondering to herself why Qing Zhu is prettier, and is startled when she awakens. Huan Huan chastises her about being more concerned with her reputation than Lin Dong’s safety, vowing to take care of Lin Dong herself since Qing Zhu is in no shape to do so. She also reminds Qing Zhu that Lin Dong also won’t allow her to continue once he hears she is so badly injured. Then she tries to be more encouraging, all the time insisting she’s just doing it for Lin Dong. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Lin Dong and Lang Tian spar on the roof as Qing Tan cheers them on. Lin Dong almost falls off the roof, but is saved by Lang Tian, who declares that he has lost yet again. Distracted by the oncoming storm, Lang Tian is surprised when Lin Dong manages to pin him down and he gets angry. When Lin Dong asks why he is so upset, he pretends just to be upset that his clothes got dirty. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Master Yan greets Shen Qing, who is in no mood for joviality. She’s ready to take Qing Zhu back to the palace, chastising her for not taking her responsibility seriously. Huan Huan, ever the nosy one, can’t resist criticizing the Palace Master for not even being worried about Qing Zhu’s injuries or trying to heal her first before replacing her. When Shen Qing asks if she is willing to take responsibility for Lin Dong, Huan Huan readily agrees, but is then sent on her way. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Qing Zhu insists on being given three days to fix her yuan pellet before they make her give up. Lin Dong arrives, unaware of what has gone on, and asks her what is wrong, but she brushes past him. She goes to the roof to cry in the rain as Master Yan lets Shen Qing have it for being such a bitch about the whole issue.  photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Lin Dong goes to the roof to check on Qing Zhu and she’s just in pity-party mode. She tells Lin Dong that she won’t be able to help him anymore and goes inside. Xiao Yan and Qing Tan want to go to Lin Dong, but Lang Tian tells them he needs to be alone for a while so he can have his own pity party. Of course, once they leave, Huan Huan shows up. Lin Dong is upset that she knew earlier and didn’t tell him. When she tells him that he better not give Qing Zhu that Heart of Nirvana (gee, thanks for giving him the idea) he suddenly asks to borrow her mirror as he hopes to use it to convince Qing Zhu they are meant to be together. Huan Huan hands it over, thinking only she and him appear together in the mirror, and then regrets her decision. photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Shen Qing visits Master Yan in his room and is surprised to learn that he is injured, wondering why he didn’t ask for help. But he insists that they focus on how to heal Qing Zhu. As they talk. Xuan Su comes in, a bit jealous seeing them chatting together. To avoid a fight, Master Yan pretends to be sleepy. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Lin Dong is wandering around the tower and thinking. He runs into Lin Diao, who has finally made it back to the tower and needs some more yuan energy. But Lin Dong wants him to stay with the talisman and spy on Teng Lei for him. The little Marten can tell Lin Dong is upset about something and guesses that it has to do with Qing Zhu. He doesn’t see what the big deal is, but Lin Dong is upset as he is reminded of what happened to his father. Lin Diao suggests that, as Guild President, he should now be able to find something that will help her. At that moment Lin Dong sees the Heart of Nirvana and has an idea.

Qing Zhu is back in the woods, still feeling sorry for herself, and trying to train as Shen Qing and Su Rou watch from a distance. Su Rou wants to help her, but Shen Qing tells her that if Qing Zhu is meant to be the Envoy, that something will happen to help her.  photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Lin Dong runs through the woods to find Qing Zhu. Lin Diao tries to keep up, but runs out of energy. Lin Dong finds his fairy and goes back into flirty mode, much to her annoyance, and carries her up to the roof. He offers her the Heart of Nirvana, but she refuses it, knowing he needs it for the competition. But he won’t take no for an answer, so he forces her to take it, confessing that he’s scared she will die. Lin Diao, back in marten form, runs back to the talisman, amused to see Teng Lei still in the same goofy position he was before. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Lin Dong is practising again as Qing Zhu congeals her yuan pellet. (I write that as if I even understand what that really means.) He keeps blasting her with glowing fish, but then finally manages to let out a dragon. photo vlcsnap-00037.jpg

In the morning, Huan Huan awakens, hearing noises from the rooftop. When she gets blasted by something, she goes up to see what is going on. Qing Zhu has restored her rank, but she’s still mad at Lin Dong for what he did and how their guilds will react.

Master Yan arrives, furious to discover that Lin Dong’s used the Heart of Nirvana on her. Huan Huan is also upset with Lin Dong for risking the competition, but he says that if Master Yan isn’t worried, then she shouldn’t be either as Master Yan will have plenty of ideas. But Master Yan quickly yells at him that he is worried and that he doesn’t have any ideas. Shen Qing comes in to join the yelling party, but this time yelling at Qing Zhu for accepting the Heart, with Lin Dong coming to her defense. Master Yan tries to smooth things over with Shen Qing and gets her to return to the Palace, but she advises Qing Zhu that if she loses the competition, she can’t return to the Palace.

Of course once Shen Qing leaves, Master Yan starts yelling at Lin Dong again, while Huan Huan tries to get him to apologize to the master. But Master Yan is not interested in making him feel better, instead chastising him for putting the entire guild at risk and telling him that the Guild doesn’t need him anymore and he should just leave.

Qing Zhu runs after Master Yan, trying to get him to change his mind about kicking out Lin Dong, and insisting on taking the blame. After getting his voice back a bit, he assures her that the Heart of Nirvana was clearly fated to be with her, but makes her agree to drop her prejudices about Lin Dong and take good care of him. She realises that he doesn’t intend to kick Lin Dong out. He agrees that she is the only one who can take care of him and that he just needs the proper training. Lang Tian also listens in on the conversation, realising he now needs to wait for the Tower Competition to get more information on the talismans (because…reasons??). photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Huan Huan tells Lin Dong that her sect will gladly take him in, but he still doesn’t want to go with her as he feels like things aren’t quite over yet with Master Yan, and he goes to accept his punishment.

Master Yan teases Qing Zhu about the kissing incident in the tomb until she agrees to his request, and then has her come with him to put on a show for Lin Dong.

Purple Yimo (I really need to come up with a good nickname for her, but I’m stumped) is following Lang Tian through the woods and then changes to her human form to get the the latest news from Lang Tian. (How has this guy not figured out that she is not being completely above board here?) She suggests that something may happen during the competition, while also giving him an update on the Puppet Sect and warning him to keep an eye on Lin Dong. Lang Tian reminds Mu Qian Qian again of their deal that she not hurt Lin Dong (if you have to ask, clearly you know she is up to no good) and she laughs, insisting she’s not that type and that she just wants him to be the hero.

Teng Lei comes out of hiding after Lang Tian leaves, impressed by how she is using her disciple to help them. Elder Mu reminds him that he needs to get the talisman to acknowledge him, while Teng Lei suggests that it will help their cause if they can cause as much chaos as possible for the Talisman Sect before the competition. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Master Yan, feigning anger, appears not to want to talk to Lin Dong, who tries to admit his mistakes and get him to forgive him, as Qing Zhu watches silently. When Master Yan says they can discuss his mistakes after the competition, Lin Dong doesn’t quite get it at first until Qing Zhu points it out to him that he wants him to be in the competition. Before Lin Dong can get information on how to win the competition, Xiao Yan runs in to announce that Qing Tan is missing. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

As everyone leaves the tower to look for her in town, Teng Lei, who has nabbed her, runs off into the woods with her. (So why couldn’t Xiao Yan smell her?) Lang Tian, in the meantime, takes advantage of the situation to search Master Yan’s room for clues to the location of the talismans.  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

And then everyone is back in the tower after an unsuccessful search. Master Yan tells Lin Dong that he mustn’t let the Puppet Sect distract him from the competition, but Lin Dong only cares about saving his sister. Xuan Su wants to try and block him from going, but Lang Tian appears and promises to find Lang Tian so that Lin Dong can focus on getting ready. As he leaves, Xiao Yan tells Lin Dong that he doesn’t trust him, but Lin Dong is willing to believe him. (This is really going to suck when he gets betrayed.)

Teng Lei stops to take a rest and Mu Qian Qian finds him. She checks Qing Tan, wondering how she is connected to the Darkness Talisman. She warns Teng Lei not to lose her because she’s important. Teng Lei is back to sucking up to Elder Mu, who is more than happy to flirt with her mark. She gives him some bodies to use for training for the Competition, but he is confident he will beat Lin Dong.  photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Master Yan has dragged Lin Dong to the rooftop. Without the Heart of Nirvana, the only way to improve Lin Dong’s rank is for him to get hit by lightning over and over for three days and nights, with the help of Master Yan’s yuan pellet. When Master Yan gives him another chance to give up, he instead is more worried about how he’ll look afterwards, but agrees to go through with it. Master Yan attracts the lightning over to Lin Dong to begin the process before leaving him on his own.

Qing Zhu watches as Lin Dong is hit over and over again in the rainstorm. Huan Huan arrives and, surprise, surprise, is angry at Qing Zhu for not helping him and being so cold about it, even though she knows he’s doing it for her. (I’m over this NZBZ song now. Could we get some Chen Xueran playing? And if you don’t know Chen Xueran, please check out the Guardian soundtrack.) photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Inside, Xuan Su wonders if they should check on him, but Master Yan wants to get ready for the competition the next day. He plans on taking Lin Dong’s place if the cultivation doesn’t work. This upsets Xuan Su, but he will not dishonor the Guild by hiding.

Elder Lei is confident of his sects chances of winning as he leads his people out. Mu Qian Qian talks to the Yimo Emperor, giggling about how easy it has been to manipulate everyone and confident of her own success.

Huan Huan hears the lightning and thunder continuing and worries. She sees Qing Zhu sleeping away and has to yell at her again for not caring about Lin Dong. Worried that something has happened to him, she goes up to the roof since Qing Zhu won’t. While Qing Zhu seems worried, she stays where she is.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Lin Dong passes out on the roof as Huan Huan runs out to check on him. She tries to drag him inside, but he’s too heavy, so she tries to wake him. Qing Zhu comes out to join her and uses her power to give Lin Dong external energy to help him as Huan Huan holds him. He wakes up, rises up from the ground and starts to glow, finally achieving the next rank as the storm moves on. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Master Yan assembles the Guild disciples and leads them out to the Tower for the competition. They and the Puppet Sect arrive in an open area where tower guards, Talisman Elder Gurus, are waiting to assemble the tower. Mu Qian Qian watches from afar, ready to meddle when she can.

Xiao Yan, Lin Diao and Qing Tan arrive on the roof, wondering why Lin Dong hasn’t left. When Lin Dong hears that Master Yan is going to compete in his place, he and the gang run out after them.

The Lei’s are surprised that Lin Dong is not there and that old Master Yan will be competing in his place. Xuan Su tries to take Master Yan’s place, but then Lin Dong arrives with his friends. Lin Dong, as Guild President, pretends to need to punish Master Yan later and they joke about it. When Lin Dong hears that he needs to chant the Divine Movement Record to open the Talisman Guard Tower, he realises that he has not memorized all of it, but Master Yan insists it will be fine. photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Sensing Lin Dong’s hesitation, Teng Lei hassles him for not being able to memorize the full thing, but Lin Dong is too busy remembering the text to pay attention. Confident, he steps up to show Teng Lei that he knows the text. But then he gets stuck and Huan Huan worries loudly, as usual. But then a little voice pops up. Lin Diao in his marten form, feeds him the rest of the lines. We find out in flashback that Master Yan had the beast recite the text, know that Lin Dong would need the help.

Enid Bee: This is only week 3? Why does it seem longer? Huan Huan is just getting on my last nerve. Can someone please smack her? Girl needs to chill out!! On the other hand Qing Zhu is the worst Envoy ever. (Pity party, table of one.) I know each of these women are supposed to get together with Lin Dong at some point, but so far I’m not really caring about either pairing. Much more interested to see what goes on with Qing Tan (who lately is getting rather blubbery herself), Lang Tian and Xiao Yan. I am also liking Mu Qian Qian as a villain. I really despise her so she has me invested, mostly as I’m hoping she gets a truly painful comeuppance in the end. (Kudos to Liu Yan for surprising me and making such a great villain.)

But I’m ready for all the flashbacks to stop. It’s getting to be excessive at this point and 20% of the show is just flashbacks. Yes, I remember that thing that just happened 15 minutes ago. I don’t think the producers give their audience enough credit for being able to figure out the nuances of what’s going on. Qing Zhu’s hurt and Lin Dong wants to save her. No need for five minutes of flashbacks of all their cute moments for us to get that.

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Huan Huan finally drops the whining for a while and becomes a bad ass…for a bit. And the show starts to improve…a bit…

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  1. 7 thoughts on “Martial Universe: Episodes 13-18 Recap

    Whoever edit this drama….is horrible.
    I’ve look forward to this drama for a while and love the casting.
    But I tried watching a couple of episodes and the editing choices shatters my heart to pieces.
    A 3 year old can put this drama together better than whoever did it…or the team who did.
    Thanks for continuing with it.
    I don’t think I can….even for Yang Yang and Zhang Tian Ai….

  2. 7 thoughts on “Martial Universe: Episodes 13-18 Recap

    The ratings for this drama is not as expected. And Yang Yang fans are definitely keeping the rating stable. There is a good reason why this drama is not capturing people heart as expected. I am disappointed with the editing too. Such a shame, I waited so long for this.

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      Thank you for your recap. I enjoy reading the recap then watching the drama. No emotion attached and just reading the storyline. Thank you.

  3. 7 thoughts on “Martial Universe: Episodes 13-18 Recap

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      It definitely turn off a lot of people….me included.
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      This is why sometime i rather a drama gets hold off for the later release date…so they can polish it up and have something good to show….than rushing to meet their original time but show a sloppily put together show.

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    The music is horrible!

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