Martial Universe: Episodes 07-12 Recap

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Misunderstood Lang Tian, more demon transformations and vampire moments this week on Martial Universe.

Join the team at AVV as, once again, we embark on this recap journey. This time a 40 episode long journey of Season 1 with a purported 20 episodes to be broadcast in Season 2.

Let’s begin Week 2!


Series Information:

Chinese Title:武动乾坤
Episodes: 60
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Broadcast Source: Dragon TV (Oriental TV), Youku
Airing Schedule: 2 Episodes a day, Tues – Thurs via Dragon TV (Oriental TV)
Current Progress: 12/40 (Season 1)
(Season 2 will have 20 Episodes for a total of 60)

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Character List
MainLin FamilyLei FamilyYuan GateYan Cheng SectNine Heaven's Tai Qing PalaceDao SectMagic Puppet SectOthersCorrelation Chart
Yang Yang as Lin Dong
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Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
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Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu
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Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian
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Lin Xiao (Lin Dong’s father)
Lin Qing Tan (Lin Dong’s adopted sister)
Lin Mu (Chief of the Lin Clan)

Lei Li (Second Young Master)
Attendant Lei Fu (Lei Li’s Attendant)
Lei Zhong (Eldest Young Master)

Mu Qian Qian

New this week:
Ling Zhen
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Master Yan
Xuan Su

Shen Qing
Su Rou

New this week:
Ling Su Su (Ling Qing Zhu’s mother)
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Ying Xuan Zi (Sect Leader) 
Wu Dao

Master Teng
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Teng Lei
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Little Marten (a.k.a Lin Diao)

New this week:
Xiao Yan
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My heart is only this big. I can only fit my small home. I can’t fit the whole world in it.

Carrying on from the last episode, Lin Dong is speaking with Master Yan about being an Emblem Master. While Lin Dong displays his disbelief and regards Emblem Masters as ‘nonsense’, Xuan Su rebukes him and retells the history of how the Yimo were sealed away by Lord Fu Zu, an Emblem Master. Master Yan invites Lin Dong to join the Emblem Masters Guild and reveals, while Lin Dong laughs mockingly, that he knows that Lin Dong carries the Emblem and that he has mastered the Tongbei Nine Punches. Lin Dong wonders if Master Yan was in the cave that day. Their conversation turns to the mysterious space Lin Dong entered before Master Yan states that he has natural talent and a name is finally given to the ‘rock’ known as the Devour Emblem. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

“This is a responsibility but also an opportunity.” Master Yan attempts to entice him into becoming an Emblem Master by dangling the freedom that such a position gives. He questions whether Lin Dong wants to stay in Qingyang for the rest of his life or to go out and see the world but Lin Dong isn’t interested, “My heart is only this big. I can only fit my small home. I can’t fit the whole world in it.” As Lin Dong leaves, Xuan Su comments that he is the first person to refuse Master Yan’s offer whilst Master Yan comments that if it is a person’s destiny, there is no way to outrun it.

As he arrives home, Lin Dong watches Qing Tan’s father and daughter moment from afar whilst remembering his conversation with Master Yan before walking outside to contemplate what it all means.

Meanwhile, Lang Tian is sitting beside a fire in the woods before he is visited by a messenger apparition of Mu Qian Qian. They discuss his failure and injuries before talking about a solution to capturing the Yimo, that is, forcibly sealing the Yimo in the natural yuan pellet found inside Lang Tian’s body. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Huan Huan looks over Steel Wood Manor, still annoyed with Miss Fairy, and planning to have her senior brother, Wu Dao come running to the rescue. A plan that would have worked had her father not stepped in. Xuan Zhi comments that she has her own destiny, of which no one, not even he, can help her.

After complaining about her stupid brother not running in like he usually does, Huan Huan goes off to interrogate Lei Li about the Yimo but overhears him speaking with Lei Zhong about plans to get rid of the Lin Clan. She witnesses Lei Zhong killing Lei Li as he has been taken over by the Yimo. She tries to run away (…again with the slow-mo directors?) while the Yimo chases after her in a cloud of black smoke. (This shot actually gave me the creeps.) She manages to circle back to where Lei Li is before the creaking of an opening door nearly gives her a heart attack. She sees the Yimo in Lei Zhong’s body run past and just manages to stifle her scream. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Lin Dong and Qing Tan are on the roof stargazing while he thinks about Huan Huan. Qing Tan teases him about both ladies before his father tells him that he will gain neither. Qing Tan sees a ‘shooting star’ and makes a wish while her brother makes fun of her.

Lang Tian is practicing martial arts in the woods when he is attacked by Qing Zhu. She asks him about his plans to use Lin Dong as bait again to lure out the Yimo at the mine opening the next day. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Lin Dong and his father, along with a group of their clansmen, are heading to the mine when they are surrounded by Lei clan’s soldiers. Lei Zhong (in all his Yimo glory) appears and states that he wants the Emblem. Lin Dong recognises that Lei Zhong isn’t himself and warns everyone to be careful. The Yimo take over the soldiers and attack the father and son pair. The two are able to put up a strong fight before Lang Tian and Qing Zhu appear. As it seems like the pair has been able to turn the situation around when Lei Zhong signals his soldiers to bring out Huan Huan (who I’m guessing, in her bull-headedness, managed to get captured the night before).

No one dares to make a move, fearing that Huan Huan will be hurt as she finally realises she’s become a burden to everyone. The Yimo stands up and pushes Lang Tian back, while still held at swordpoint, and demands Lin Dong to give him the Emblem or else Huan Huan dies.

Meanwhile, back home, the Fire Python Tiger has come to visit and Qing Tan goes out to say hello. The tiger manages to signal to Qing Tan that something is wrong. photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Lin Dong agrees to exchange the Emblem while everyone else disagrees. They aren’t given much option when Lei Zhong attacks Lang Tian and summons the Emblem from his hands. The tiger, sensing this, takes off at a run. Lin Xiao manages to take Lei Zhong by surprise and grabs the Emblem from his hand before running to the mountains. A fight ensues as Lin Dong and Lang Tian manage to chase after them. Lin Xiao picks up the Emblem, grabs on to the Yimo and gathers the energy of the surrounding yuan lode to prepare to destroy his yuan pellet, thereby taking the Yimo with him. The youngsters try to dissuade him, but he’s determined to go down fighting. His parting thoughts are of his children, “You only need to remember that Qing’er, Dong’er and you (referring to his conversation with Lang Tian) are all my children.” photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

The others feel the explosion and come running as the Emblem settles in the ashes of Lin Xiao and the Yimo on the surface of a yuan lode. Qing Tan arrives and asks what happened to her father while Lang Tian manages to seal the Yimo in his yuan pellet. Huan Huan and Qing Zhu aid Lang Tian (and we all know what happens to the guy who seals evil spirits riiiiggghhhttt?) photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

As Qing Tan and Lin Dong cry over their father’s death, the other three watch on not knowing how to comfort them.

Lin Dong buries wine containers, while Huan Huan watches from behind a tree, with him commenting to his father’s memorial on how satisfied he must have been while fighting. Qing Tan doesn’t know how to act, so she goes to hug a tree. Lin Dong continues speaking with his father, promising to look after Qing Tan and how he’ll buy her delicious food now that they can save money from not needing to buy medicine (insert more montages). Qing Zhu appears and pays tribute to Lin Xiao. Huan Huan is saddened to see the two together and walks away. photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Lin Dong confronts Qing Zhu about Lang Tian’s knowledge of the Yimo being amongst the Lei Clan. Not feeling right by either confirming or denying, her silence is enough proof for Lin Dong. He states that he will start recovering debts from Lang Tian.

Lang Tian has returned home but is being affected by the sealed Yimo. Lin Dong arrives and begins to fight with Lang Tian, while Qing Tan attempts to stop him. Lin Dong reveals the hand that Lang Tian has had in all their family’s misfortunes over the years. In return, Lang Tian rebukes him for offending the Lei Clan and bringing harm to Qing Tan and for his disregard of his own cultivation being the reason he is unable to protect his family, “Lin Dong, stop reasoning with me. The Yimo must die!” photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

Are…are you possessed by the Yimo?

As Lin Dong is confronted by the truth of his own failings, he is angered that Lang Tian fails to admit to the fact that he and his father were merely chess pieces in his plan, “How come in eliminating some demon, my father must die?” Lang Tian refuses to answer him and only states that he will understand when he leaves Qingyang Town. Lin Dong tells Lang Tian to just wait and leaves with Qing Tan before Lang Tian falls down again, suffering the effects of the demon sealed in his yuan pellet. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

At the mountain villa, Lin Mu remarks that Lin Dong will not just leave things be now that his father has given up his life for his prestige.

As Lin Dong returns home, the Qingyang villagers have gathered to destroy the residence as retribution for the destruction he brought to the town. He tries to protect not only his home and sister but the Fire Python Tiger too. However, he is outnumbered. Lin Mu arrives and repays the goodness and sacrifice of Lin Xiao by declaring Lin Dong an enemy of the clan and hands him over to the Lei Clan soldiers as he declares that, “the Lin and Lei clans have been friends for so many years.”

Qing Zhu visits Lang Tian demanding that he release the Yimo to her. He replies that he will not risk letting it out again and that since it is sealed by him, he regretfully cannot agree to her request. They both stand their grounds leading to a fight as she releases floating flowers, but he is able to deflect them, while still struggling with the Yimo. “We agreed to subdue the demon together. I was wrong to trust you!” She leaves before he collapses….again… photo floating flowers.gif

As Lin Dong lays in prison, he is visited by Lin Mu, “Lin Dong, don’t blame me.” He claims putting the blame on Lin Dong as the only way to prevent the anger of the Nation Leader and strife within the village, and leaves. Qing Tan comes to visit and kneels, crying quietly, outside his cell.

Back at the Lin Clan, Lang Tian is being subjected to immense torture by the sealed demon. He contemplates suicide before Qing Tan arrives and manages to stop him. She realises something is wrong, “Are…are you possessed by the Yimo?” just as he grabs her arm to bite her and drink her blood (vampire moment number 3 and counting~). As Huan Huan witnesses all this while hiding behind a pillar, Qing Tan passes out when her cold illness kicks in and Lang Tian becomes more clear-headed, only to realise what he has just done. He regrets his actions immediately, but no sooner has he apologised to Qing Tan than she begs him to go save Lin Dong. Seeing his unpreparedness to go, Huan Huan steps out and declares, “If you don’t go, I’ll go!” photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

In prison, Lin Dong thinks over the words that Lang Tian spoke to him and realises that he was right. Lin Dong thinks he’s going crazy when he starts hearing Lin Diao (“Little Marten”) calling from inside the Emblem. Lin Diao invites him to enter the Emblem (this cannot be good…) by reciting the words from the script. As Lin Dong enters, Lin Diao comes out, only to mock his situation. Lin Dong laments on all the trouble he’s brought to the people around him. Lin Diao says all the things one would want to hear in Lin Dong’s situation, only to have Lin Dong ask, “Aren’t you just trying to trick me into getting you out of this place?” The two argue about who is master before Lin Dong pulls out a dagger from his boot (uh…do they allow weapons in this prison?).

Outside, the Fire Python Tiger is surrounded by soldiers pointing weapons at it as Lin Mu demands it to be killed. As it roars, Lin Mu is informed that Lin Dong has committed suicide. When Lin Mu goes to check, Lin Dong, who was playing dead, takes Lin Mu hostage to escape the cell. As they stand off, Lin Dong tells the tiger not to worry because, as a beast, he will definitely not lose. The Assistant Chief has had enough standing around and orders the archers to shoot Lin Dong just as Huan Huan arrives. She puts up an ice shield to protect Lin Dong as he realises the chief. “Wild Girl is here!” photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Before the situation gets further out of hand, Lang Tian arrives and orders Huan Huan to take Lin Dong away. Lin Mu can do nothing but watch. As the two runaway hand in hand, Lang Tian becomes their final shield. As Lin Mu orders his men to capture them, Lang Tian states that although he is a member of Lin Clan, he is also a member of Yuan Gate. His actions mean that the Nation’s Ruler will not seek Lin Mu out and that Lin Dong will no longer be trouble to him.

As night falls, the two stop for a rest in the woods when Lin Dong asks Huan Huan if she knows where Qing Tan is. Instead of giving a straightforward answer, she tells him she saw Qing Tan with Lang Tian, angering him in the process. Lin Dong turns around to return to Lin Clan, determined to find Lang Tian, when they run into each other in the woods. Lang Tian is obviously weakened, but that doesn’t matter to either Lin Dong or Huan Huan (or maybe they are too blind and stupid to notice…I don’t think anyone has noticed how bad off Lang Tian is…I feel for the guy~).

Lin Dong reunites with the nearby Qing Tan as Lang Tian tells him that he can no longer stay in Qingyang Town. An invitation is offered to follow him to Yuan Gate where his Senior Sister will gladly accept them. Lin Dong ignores him and declares, as he’s walking away, that no matter how much time passes, one day he will defeat him. As the only one left, Huan Huan mocks Lang Tian about returning to his Senior Sister for a reward (how can no one see that the guy is injured…).

At Nine Heaven’s Tai Qing Palace, Shen Qing, whose title we found out is Palace Master, asks Su Rou where Qing Zhu is. Su Rou attempts to speak up for her but her master is having none of it. She’s angered by Qing Zhu’s recklessness and the repercussions for Tai Qing Palace should something go wrong (this lady cares more about the reputation of the sect than the lives of her own disciples…). photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

In the forest, Xuan Su and Master Yan are taking a stroll while they talk about the Emblem being taken away. (These two are pure comedic relief I swear…) Master Yan states, “When the little fish is in desperate times, he will come to seek food,” indicating that Lin Dong will return on his own when he can no longer deal with the situation. As the wind picks up, Master Yan foretells of more trouble, “As one trouble leaves, another takes its place,” before rushing off, as Xuan Su complains, “So urgent…It’s not like the Yimo is a pretty girl!”

As the brother-sister pair look over Qingyang Town, Lin Dong exclaims that they no longer have a home and she answers, “Wherever you are is my home.” Lin Dong remembers Master Yan’s words and decides to head to find him. 

Back in the mountains, a mysterious person appears to steal the life force of the soldiers injured from fighting the Yimo (three guesses who she is and the first two don’t count). Master Yan and Xuan Su attempt to attack her, only to have her run off in demon smoke. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Lang Tian manages to return to Yuan Gate only to be greeted by Senior Ling Zhen who mocks him. This senior obviously wants to take credit when he tells Lang Tian that he is obviously injured and suggests allowing him to take the Yimo to their teacher instead. Mu Qian Qian shows up just in time to save Lang Tian from further injury. She uses her womanly wiles to deal with Ling Zhen, before being summoned by Lang Tian who states that he can no longer deal with the demon, requiring her help. photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

At Tai Qing Palace, Qing Zhu has returned and is helpfully informed by Su Rou to be careful of their master who is awaiting her in the main hall. Shen Qing disciplines her while she attempts to speak in defence of herself. The master is insistent on maintaining the balance of the bigger picture by not overstepping one’s position, while the student is determined to do what is right and not just being cautious and restricted for self-preservation. The master is angered! photo vlcsnap-00037.jpg

At Tai Qing Palace, Shen Qing and Qing Zhu are arguing while Su Rou tries to calm both of them. Shen Qing decides to kick Qing Zhu out of their sect for being disobedient. Angry Qing Zhu at first is angry and ready to leave. Then outside, her mother, Ling Su Su, appears and kneels in the rain in front of the palace. Qing Zhu tries to get her to get up, but her mother insists on pleading on behalf of her daughter by saying she was wrong and to ask to be punished in her place, but Qing Zhu doesn’t feel she was wrong. Finally convinced by her mother, however, she joins her in kneeling, admitting her guilt and asking to be punished. The Palace Master decides she must isolate herself in the Water Reverence Flower Formation and if she shows true repentance later, then she can ask for forgiveness. Her mother feels the punishment is too harsh, but Qing Zhu agrees to it and tells her mother to leave so people will stop staring at her. As Qing Zhu walks around the palace after, she hears people gossiping about her and has a freakout. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Later she is in the Water Reverence Flower Formation – a big rain shower. Her mother gives her advice, but Qing Zhu just wants to know more about what happened with her father and what her mother may be keeping from her. Her mother tells her to just pretend that he’s dead and forget about him as the more she brings it up, the more drama she’ll cause, but Qing Zhu wants to clear her mother’s name and know the truth. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Ling Su Su later talks to the Palace Master about Qing Zhu’s stubbornness, thanking her for punishing her daughter and herself. It’s revealed that Ling Su Su would have become the Palace Master if her husband had not betrayed their sect. Ling Su Su knows that the punishment she was given was to protect her and her daughter. As Ling Su Su walks away, the Palace Master tells her that the Yimo has returned and she may get answers soon.

Shirtless Lang Tian is fighting the Yimo. (Apparently, the Yimo he caught was the Seventh Prince. And kudos to whomever it was that covered up Wu Chun’s tattoos on his right arm. Not sure if it was makeup or CGI.) Mu Qian Qian is able to draw it from his body, noting to herself that there is a deadly Yin energy inside him (due to Qing Tan’s blood he drank, I’m guessing). She is able to extract the Yimo from him and place it in a rock talisman. As she helps Lang Tian get dressed, she promises to ensure he gets credit for what he did and being all creepy flirty with her junior as usual. She asks about the Yuan Power in his body and asks if he had any strange encounters with any women and he mentions Qing Zhu and Huan Huan, but not Qing Tan though he’s certain that’s really what she wants to know about. She asks him if she knows anything about the Devour Talisman and he confirms that Lin Dong found a stone talisman that has increased his power. Mu Qian Qian tells him that he’ll need to get that talisman to destroy the Yimo completely. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

She has him sit next to her which he does, though giving off an uncomfortable “my master has been molesting me” vibe. She keeps touching him, telling him how, in a few years, he’ll be able to overpower Ling Zhen. It’s clear he would rather be able to pummel the guy now. (Guess Ling Zhen is to him as he is to Lin Dong.)

Later Mu Qian Qian, dressed in new sexy armour, walks through a magic mirror and suddenly is all covered up in a cloak and standing on a small ice island surrounded by green water. The newly caught Seventh Prince Yimo is put into the water and yells to be released, but Qian Qian tells him that he’s already lost. The Seventh Prince asks her how she plans to deal with the boy with the Devour Talisman. She makes a ball of white light appear that sends something out into the water and the Yimo Emperor appears. Qian Qian tells him that with the Lei Family powers, they can see more of some map they have to his physical body, but he’s not happy about still being stuck there. It turns out Qian Qian is also a Yimo who has converted to a human body and laughs about how easy it is to manipulate them. The Emperor though feels she is becoming too human so she pulls back her hood to reveal her now deformed head as she has difficulty maintaining her human form. Seventh Prince also tells her that Lang Tian kept something from her and reveals what he knows of Qing Tan and her icy poison, saying Lang Tian is not to be trusted. Qian Qian retorts that the ice poison is dark power and that she will be able to manipulate Lang Tian to help them get other Emblems that will help them reopen the seal. The Emperor asks who has the Devour Talisman and she tells him, “Lin Dong”. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Lin Dong and Qing Tan arrive at Yan City where the Qiwu Tower is located. They used to go there as kids and comment on how it seems to have changed, suspecting it is due to the arrival of the Yimo. Qing Tan wonders about Lang Tian, but Lin Dong doesn’t want to hear his name again. They run into Little Fourteen, Madam 48’s brother, who tells them someone has already reserved them a place to stay. When they ask who, he charges them for the information. But Lin Dong would rather know where the Tower is which turns out to be straight ahead. Lin Dong then gives Master Fourteen their things to take care of and goes off to the tower with his sister.

Huan Huan appears as it is she who paid for his rooms. She is determined to take Lin Dong with her to Dao Sect if Master Yan turns out to be a liar. She asks Master Fourteen for some information and, when he asks for payment, she takes away the stone Lin Dong gave him, chastising him for charging her after all the money she’s already given him.

The siblings run around the tower, in awe of all the pretty carved stones for sale. Lin Dong asks about Master Yan, but is told no such person is there, but when he shows a large, carved toothpick, he is then taken to another part of the tower where many glowing, glittery items float in the air. Lin Dong is confused as to why Master Yan told him he was part of a guild when he appears to be just a shopkeeper. As they try to touch the objects, Xuan Su appears to tell them not to touch unless they are going to buy. It turns out these floating items are very expensive weapons and potions. When Lin Dong asks for Master Yan, she tells him that he isn’t there and she doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Lin Dong things she’s lying. Feeling betrayed, Lin Dong leaves in frustration. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

But Master Yan is gone. He’s headed off to the mountains to visit the Ghost Puppet Sect, another talisman guild. The head of the guild, Sect Master Teng, is in his quarters manipulating a man-size puppet, making it move around when a servant announces Master Yan’s arrival. He asks for the disciples to take formation so that he can make his guild look as impressive as possible. As he leaves, the puppet he was controlling suddenly starts moving around the room, destroying things.

In the courtyard, Master Yan surveys the disciples and puppets that have been lined up and praises their chief.  Sect Master Teng thinks his sect should be heralded as the true emblem guild, but Master Yan says they are equal in stature. He warns that the Yimo has returned and wants to discuss how to fight them. Sect Master Teng is surprised to learn that the Yimo that was recently caught is not the only one and suggests that the Ancestral Stone be retrieved and the Emblem Masters called to fight the Yimo, but Master Yan reminds him that the Emblem Ancestor has already decreed that only his successor can retrieve the stone, annoying the chief who thinks the rules should be broken. Master Yan mentions there is news of a successor but doesn’t give him details. Master Teng doubts him, pointing out that all his guild members have left and he has no candidates for the Emblem Master Tower Battle. He is certain his sect will be victorious and get the Stone. photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Suddenly we are on some street and people are running from a purple cloud. Master Yan is frozen still. Then he suddenly turns to fight the cloud with his talisman staff, yelling at the Yimo for trying to attack him. The cloud goes around a corner and turns into Mu Qian Qian who walks away. Suddenly he gets a message from Xuan Su that Lin Dong has arrived and he is excited. Mu Qian Qian also hears this news and has a plan of her own. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Sect Master Teng, angry about Master Yan’s visit, goes back to his quarters to find his son, Teng Lei, manipulating a puppet and doing really well. He commends him on his skill to which his son declares that a Yuan Gate export helped him. The Sect Master is confused, but then his real son appears to announce a Yimo appeared in the city, he finds out it’s just Mu Qian Qian disguised as him. She gets all flirty with a dazzled Teng Lei, but Elder Teng is not impressed and suspicious of her. When she reveals that the Devour Talisman and its master have been found, they realise Master Yan was keeping info from them. Qian Qian offers to help their guild gain power by giving them Yuan Gate’s help. Teng Lei likes the idea as he’s very ambitious, but the Elder is cautious. He asks her why Yuan Gate wants to help and Qian Qian claims they want peace and want a strong ally. She also gifts them a method to increase their powers. When asked to demonstrate, she first makes a puppet move, but then suddenly makes the son attack his father before demolishing a puppet as she giggles away. The power she wants to give them is the power to control people rather than puppets.

Lin Dong is sitting at the steps of the tower with his sister, wondering if he should keep waiting for Master Yan or if he’s been duped. The Talisman calls to him. It’s Lin Diao calling him. photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Lin Diao has called Lin Dong into the Talisman for a chat as he has some good news. The demon knows that in the Tower there is Yin Dragon Saliva which can cure his sister. (Suuuuurrrre it is…) Lin Dong is suspicious and refuses to listen to him. Master Fourteen shows up to let them know that food and water have been set out for them and they decide to go. Huan Huan watches them secretly. photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

That night she is looking at items from a salesman, declaring them all fakes. He then shows her the Mirror of Fate. If she uses her power, her fated love will appear in the mirror with her. Huan Huan doubts the mirror is genuine and decides to try it out. Lin Dong, who apparently is hungry despite the promise of food, has been wandering about. Master Fourteen sees him and starts speaking in riddles, but Lin Dong just wants food and to know who has been taking care of him but doesn’t get an answer.

Huan Huan tries out the mirror and at first, only sees herself, but when Lin Dong suddenly appears behind her, she sees his reflection and is startled. He thinks she is crazy and makes fun of her, not knowing what the mirror does, but she checks again, confirming she can see him, certain the mirror must be a fake. Lin Dong asks her if she is his mysterious benefactor, but she claims she only did it for his sister. Lin Dong is depressed that they are now in such a state as to need to rely on others, but when Huan Huan suggest they go with her to Dao Sect since Master Yan is not around, Lin Dong does not want her pity or charity. She suggests maybe Master Yan isn’t a swindler and offers to help look for him which makes Lin Dong wonder why she’s being so nice to him and wonders if she likes him, but she pushes him away while blushing.  photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

In the morning, Lin Dong and Huan Huan arrive at Qiwu Tower. Huan Huan is ready to knock heads together, but Lin Dong instead kneels and starts calling out for Master Yan, much to her annoyance. Xuan Su hears him calling out, but says nothing. Huan Huan gives Lin Dong a bunch of money, telling him she will go back to her sect to get help, but Lin Dong wonders why she always goes to her dad looking for help and continues to call out for Master Yan.

Back at Dao Sect, Huan Huan goes to find her father’s token so that she can command some of the Dao Sect disciples to go with her. Wu Dao sees her and runs to her father to report she is taking it. Her father knows already and that she is helping the new Emblem Master which will be good for her, but Wu Dao worries because she doesn’t know her true fate. Her father, though, wants Wu Dao to keep an eye on her and let her do as she will for now until she finds out. Wu Dao is clearly not happy about this. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

Huan Huan runs into Wu Dao outside the palace. When he tries to stop her, she bites him. He asks about the token, she tells him she is trying to help a guy who saved her and lost his father because of her so she wants to pay him back and help his sick sister as her father taught her. Wu Dao wants her to stay put, but instead, she gets him to go with her as her father watches from afar.

That night, people in Yan City are complaining of the cold. Lin Dong realises it’s his sister succumbing to the icy poison. He pulls out the Devour Talisman to use it to warm her up. As it gets cold inside, freezing Lin Diao, the siblings pass out. In his dreams, Lin Dong and Lin Diao talk about stealing the Yin Dragon Saliva to save Qing Tan. Lin Dong finally decides to believe him. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

After gathering Yin Energy from a sleeping Qing Tan, Lin Diao and Lin Dong go at night to the Tower. It is surrounded by a force field, but Lin Diao has a fire convoy that will allow them to teleport into the tower. They use it to travel into the tower as balls of light and then, once inside, turn back to human form. They look around for the elixir (never mind that Lin Dong doesn’t know what it looks like or even asks, he just looks at random things). Lin Diao pockets various items as Lin Dong finds a handy wrist crossbow. Suddenly, they trigger a trap and gates close on them and the walls to the room start to close in on them. Master Yan, now in the tower, is excited by the events and wants to faux chase them while Xuan Su is upset that Lin Dong is stealing her things. Lin Dong uses the little crossbow to get himself and Lin Diao out of the room. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Lin Dong and Lin Diao run around the halls, trying to find a way out, not realising that Master Yan and Xuan Su are invisible and following them around. When Lin Diao trips and drops his stolen goods, Lin Dong gets angry, realising he was being used and kicks them all out of the beasts reach. Lin Dong pulls out the Talisman to find a way out and Master Yan manipulates it to direct them where he wants them to go, pulling Xuan Su with him to follow.

Qing Tan wakes up, not feeling well. The Fire Python Tiger arrives and licks her hand. She tells it to go save Lin Dong and he heads for the Tower. She gets up, heading towards the tower, but is too ill. Just then, Lang Tian arrives in time to use his powers to help her. She asks him to go help Lin Dong.  photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Lin Dong and Lin Diao continue running around the tower as Master Yan and Xuan Su secretly follow. Xuan Su is concerned that he is letting Lin Dong play with the Talisman, but he knows it’s protected and is not worried. The thieves find their way into a room full of goodies, but Lin Dong tells Lin Diao that he can only take the elixir they came for and nothing else. As Master Yan and Xuan Su sneak up on them, she asks about the Ghost Puppet Sect. Master Yan says that they can’t count on them and must get Lin Dong ready to face them on his own. Lin Dong finds a shell that, when waved, shows glittering letters and he reads more words that he remembers from the Spiritual Movement Manual. Just then Lin Diao finds the elixir, but Xuan Su arrives with guards to arrest them. Lin Dong tries to talk his way out of it. (And then we get some black and white flashbacks? I think maybe these are commercial bumps that they didn’t edit out as they are very odd.) When Xuan Su tries to get the elixir from him, he uses the Talisman and takes her captive but she gets away and knocks the elixir from his hand. Suddenly, a hole is blown in the Tower wall and the Fire Python Tiger appears and picks up the elixir in his mouth. Lin Dong, Lin Diao and the Tiger escape the tower.  photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

Master Yan finds Lang Tian wandering around Qiwu Tower. He asks if he was the one who made the hole in the tower. Claiming he wants to protect Lin Dong, Lang Tian says he wants to take him to Yuan Gate to train him, but Master Yan is suspicious. Both men realise that they each want Lin Dong because he has the Talisman, but Master Yan realises that only Lin Dong can decide and that they just have to wait for him to choose. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Qing Tan and Lin Dong run through the woods with the Tiger and Lin Diao. They finally stop, certain they aren’t being chased. As the siblings catch their breath, Lin Diao tries desperately to get the elixir from the Tiger, but then realises the beast has swallowed it. Qing Tan doesn’t mind, though, since the Tiger helped save her brother. But Lin Diao wants to kill the beast to get the elixir from his blood and chases after it.

Huan Huan, having returned with people from her sect, looks for Lin Dong. Master Fourteen tells her about their break-in and Wu Dao wonders how they could have gotten out without getting trapped. Huan Huan runs over to the Tower and sees Xuan Su surveying the damage. At first, Huan Huan demands to know what they’ve done with Lin Dong, but when she finds out he got away, she offers to reimburse for the losses, but then insists on finding Lin Dong first to find out which items he really did break and leaves to find him.

Huan Huan finds Qing Tan and Lin Dong trying to keep Lin Diao from killing the Tiger who has run into a cave. Suddenly, there is a glowing red light and the Tiger emerges, now in human form. The siblings enjoy their friend’s new form, but Lin Diao is still angry at him for drinking the elixir and attacks him. The Tiger though, hearing that the elixir could have saved Qing Tan, scratches himself and insists that Qing Tan drink his blood. (Not again…) But Lin Diao knows Qing Tan would need all of his blood and there is no way she’d want to cause the Tiger’s death. Insistent on saving his Master’s sister, the Tiger is about to take his own life when Huan Huan comes out of hiding and freezes him. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Lin Dong asks if she can retrieve the elixir from his blood which she can’t, but when she hears that it was Yin Dragon Saliva, she tells them that elixir doesn’t have the power to transform beasts and that he must have swallowed a Transformation Pill. Lin Diao realises he’s been busted. Lin Dong immediately goes after the brat. Running out of Yuan Energy, Lin Diao turns back into marten form and, when caught, finally confesses to his scheme in an attempt to retain his human form. Lin Dong decides to punish him. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Lin Dong sells the marten to a shopkeeper but reveals to Huan Huan that he knows that the beast will come back because he’s linked to the talisman and he doesn’t mind scamming the shopkeeper as he knows the guy scams others. But Lin Dong realises Lin Diao is only doing his schemes out of desperation and that, like himself, he’s not a bad guy, just annoying. He then gives the money he made to Huan Huan to repay her for all she’s done for him.

Master Fourteen is teasing the Tiger human by waving birds at him. Wu Diao attempts to kill him, but Qing Tan steps him. When Master Fourteen tries to explain to Wu Dao, the Tiger jumps him to get the birds. Huan Huan and Lin Dong step in and explain about the beast’s recent transformation and that he was just trying to get the birds, not eat a human. Wu Dao tries to get Huan Huan to go back to Dao Sect with him, but she just sends him away, determined to stay with Lin Dong.  photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

When Huan Huan reveals that the Tiger didn’t have enough cultivation to have saved Lin Dong the night before, the Tiger remembers smelling the same person at his house before. Lang Tian then reveals himself and confesses it was him. Lin Dong tries to get him to leave, but he refuses. Instead, he tries to convince Lin Dong that Master Yan purposely set up the incident so he would owe him and tries to get him to go back to Yuan Gate with him. But Lin Dong doesn’t want his help.

Huan Huan also tries to talk Lin Dong in to going with her to Dao Sect, but he’s not interested in going with her either and storms off. Master Fourteen says something else cryptic about fate to Huan Huan that confuses her.

Qing Tan is trying to teach Tiger how to do things the human way so that he’s not a burden to her brother. She tells Lin Dong that she was the one who sent Lang Tian to save him, but her brother isn’t mad and certain he can work everything out. When Tiger keeps calling him Master, Lin Dong decides to name him Xiao Yan and insists that Lin Yan call him Brother instead of Master.

Huan Huan is frustrated that Lin Dong doesn’t want to go with her and Wu Dao tries to talk her into going home with him again, but she just sends him away.

Lang Tian tells Elder Mu that he couldn’t talk Lin Dong into coming so he’s going to help him get into the Emblem Master Guild and use the opportunity to learn the Guild’s secrets and find other Talismans. Mu Qian Qian feels he has another motive and offers to help as well as revealing that she knows about Qing Tan, but he insists that she not get involved as he has a plan.

She visits the Yimo Emperor and he can tell she’s angry. It turns out she thought that Lang Tian didn’t care about Lin Dong at all, but has realised that he’s protecting him. But the Emperor reminds her that the humans are easy to manipulate to get what they want. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Master Yan is admiring Xuan Su’s cleaning as well as the new window Lin Dong and friends made. Xuan Su is certain the boy won’t be back, but Master Yan is sure he will. Later, Master Yan talks to his ancestors, revealing that he knows choosing Lin Dong is a huge risk, but certain that he’s the right one. He asks the ancestors to protect them. Then he sends a message to Tai Qing Palace asking that they send an Emblem Protector to help train and guard Lin Dong. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Shen Qing gets the message and informs Su Rou that she wants her to be the Emblem Protector as they are second only to the Palace Master. To be chosen though, she has to compete with others to get the Destiny Soul Emblem. When Su Rou asks if Qing Zhu will be informed, the Palace Master says not to tell her.

Qing Zhu is still going through her punishment – standing in a waterfall. She’s having flashbacks to all the recent events including information that there are four more Yimo Princes to defeat as well s the Emperor. As she goes through her punishment, she increases her cultivation and condenses her Yuan Pill. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Out of the waterfall, another disciple finds her and commends her for increasing her cultivation so quickly in just a month. When she finds out that today is the competition to find the Emblem Protector, she goes to join though she is still injured and not yet healed. Her mother tries to stop her, but Qing Zhu is certain she just wants to keep her from finding out the truth about her father.

Su Rou appears to be close to getting the Emblem when Qing Zhu arrives. They both open the lotus that has the Emblem, but the Emblem goes to Qing Zhu, much to Shen Qing’s anger but there’s nothing she can do about it as Qing Zhu hasn’t broken the rules. She has Su Rou help Qing Zhu get ready for her journey and, as she walks away, doesn’t seem entirely displeased by what has happened. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Teng Lei is using his powers to turn a human into a puppet as his father watches. Apparently, this involves smearing his blood on the guy (seriously, is this blood stuff in the book?) and then transforming him. His father feels that his methods are too brutal and going too overboard for the competition, but the son wants to use the Yuan Power in the living to help increase their sects overall Yuan Power so they can win over the new successor and get the Ancestral Stone. photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

In the woods, Teng Lei runs into Elder Mu and tries to get all flirty with her. She asks for an update on their plans. He feels his father is too old and too much of a stickler to the old ways, but the son enjoys chaos. Mu Qian Qian tells him that Qing Zhu is the new Emblem Protector and that he has no chance of beating her and worries as he knows once the Protector and the Successor join hands, they can’t be stopped. But Mu Qian Qian has a plan to help. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Qing Zhu feels guilty about beating Su Rou in the competition, but Su Rou is happy to not have to leave the palace. Plus she knows Qing Zhu wants to find her father. She warns her that she still needs to heal from recently condensing her Yuan pill and not to act rashly while also vowing to take care of her mother.

The siblings are gathering all their money to take to the Emblem Master Guild to pay them for the damage. Lin Yan finds a newly returned Lin Diao eavesdropping and drags him over to Lin Dong. The two beasts start to argue, but Lin Dong intercedes, instructing Lin Diao to be nice to the new Lin Yan or get sold off again. Lin Dong still feels Lin Diao is up to something, but he insists he isn’t and has even brought more Yang Yuan stones. Lin Dong makes him go back in the talisman. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Standing on top of the tower, Master Yan and Xuan Su see Qing Zhu arrive. Xuan Su is surprised to hear that the Palace Master has spoken over her while Master Yan is happy to see a pretty girl has arrived.

Mu Qian Qian and Teng Lei meet in the woods again. He’s sent some people ahead to break into Qiwu Tower. When she asks if he made the two talismen she asked for, he jokes first that he didn’t and then confesses he did. When she asks him what his plan is, he tells her that he knows that Qing Zhu doesn’t like Lin Dong so he feels like he can easily get her to like him. (Have you seen that gaping scar on your face?) Mu Qian Qian laughs at his plan and tells him to think of something better. She reminds him that if Dao Sect, Taiqing Palace and the Emblem Master Guild all join together, he has no chance. She tells him to instead follow her plan and use the new talismans instead.

Lin Dong, Qing Tan and Lin Yan head for the tower as Lang Tian secretly follows them.  Master Yan is gushing over Qing Zhu, but she just wants to know who the successor is, but he tells her that after the test she will know. Once her Emblem confirms his identity, he will have to embark on a quest to get seven other talismans. Noticing an item on her belt, Master Yan asks about it and she wonders how he knows it. He reveals that he knew her mother, but doesn’t tell her anything more. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Suddenly there is a crash and men invade the tower. Xuan Su and the disciples fight them as a disguised Teng Lei controls them. Master Yan and Qing Zhu join in the fight. They realise that the men are being controlled and Master Yan instructs his disciples to attack their core veins to awaken them. Lin Dong, hearing the noise, tells Lin Yan to protect his sister as he goes in. Lang Tian also arrives.

In the tower, Lin Dong is excited to see his fairy, but then pulls out his mini crossbow and saves her. Teng Lei sees Lin Dong and tries to go for the Talisman, but Master Yan warns him and Qing Zhu helps. When Teng Lei tries to attack Qing Zhu, Lin Dong saves her and they run up the stairs, leaving the rest of the guild to fight. Master Yan gets annoyed when Xuan Su is taking out everyone before he can get a chance and blasts the remaining intruders. photo saving maiden.gif

Teng Lei loses sight of his targets in the maze of corridors. Qing Zhu, exhausted, insists Lin Dong go on without her, but he just picks her up and carries her. Master Yan is worried about Xuan Su’s wound from the fight, but she is more concerned about the person who went after Lin Dong. Master Yan is sure he remembers all the traps and how to get around, but Xuan Su worries about her treasures.

Teng Lei thinks he’s trapped both the Protector and the Successor. With Qing Zhu exhausted and unable to protect Lin Dong, he is certain he can take them. Lin Dong pretends to be scared and frightened, clinging to Qing Zhu in fear. But then Teng Lei falls through a trapdoor and into a cage. Of course, Lin Dong doesn’t want to let go of his fairy. As she fights with him, they clasp hands and suddenly find that they can’t separate from one another. Their hands start to glow from the Destiny Soul Emblem. Master Yan arrives and tells Lin Dong to close his eyes and focus his energy which he does, following Master Yan’s instructions. In the talisman, the cold is gone and the tree has leaves, but Lin Diao is angry that his Celestial Yuan tree has changed. photo vlcsnap-00048.jpg

Xuan Su is questioning Teng Lei about his attack and doesn’t realise that he has put some of his powers into the wound on her neck. He insists that he just came to see who the Emblem Protector is, but when he tries to get out of the cage, finds out they are energized. He tries to get Xuan Su to let him out, but she refuses as it’s Lin Dong he’s offended and Master Yan.

Master Yan is helping Qing Zhu heal when Lin Dong comes in. He asks about Teng Lei and Master Yan gives him all the background. Lin Dong still isn’t interested in being the Emblem Successor. Qing Zhu also doesn’t understand how such a scoundrel could be the successor and gets annoyed all over again when he gets all flirty.

Lin Dong, confused by Master Yan’s talk of how Lin Dong is fated to be the successor, wants to know what is going on. Master Yan explains that because he found the Talisman and the Destiny Soul Emblem acknowledged him, that means he is fated to be the successor. He’s still confused, but when he founds out that the fairy has to stay by his side and protect him, he decides he’s willing to be the successor. He pretends to be reluctant about it all when he goes to visit Qing Zhu, but he can’t resist being a perv, much to her annoyance. photo scoundrel.gif

Master Teng is angry about Master Yan kidnapped his son and is making him pay a ransom. He also blames Mu Qian Qian for his son’s predicament. He’d rather fight than pay the exhorbitant ransom, but when Mu Qian Qian suggest he go ahead, he pays instead.

Lin Dong and Qing Tian celebrate the loot while Teng Lei asks for forgiveness and to be let go. Lin Dong wants to make him kowtow to his fairy, but Qing Zhu tells him to just let him go so Lin Dong starts walking him out the door. Master Yan, though, wants to know when the puppet guild started controlling people instead of puppets. Teng Lei insists they were just disciples.

Once Teng Lei has gone, Master Yan tells him to take the rest of the money after the tower repairs are gone. At first he doesn’t want to take the money, but Lin Diao insist that he not be rash and that Master Yan is using the money to test him. He tells him to distribute the extra money among the Guild disciples which he does. Upon seeing this, Master Yan declares him the new Guild Master which surprises everyone. Lin Dong is overwhelmed.  photo overwhelmed.gif

Enid Bee: The show started to get better this week, I thought. The one thing I appreciate about this show versus Fu Yao is that everything that is going on all serves the main storyline. I’m glad we aren’t having to deal with a lot of diversions, though the transitions from one scene to the next feel a bit abrupt at times. (i.e. That bit with Master Yan in Puppet City first talking to the Sect leader and then suddenly that random bit of him fighting the Yimo in the city.) I have a feeling though that some of the sudden black and white flashbacks that suddenly seem to cut in for no reason may have been commercial bumpers that didn’t get edited out so that may be the reason for those awkward transitions. But right now Lin Dong is such a Mary Sue character and Huan Huan seems to have no other purpose than to protect him when Lang Tian and Qing Zhu’s storylines take them from his side.

Of course, Huan Huan is still whiny and bumbling, something that appears is going to carry over into next week. Lin Dong and Master Yan will still continue to be creepy around women as well. But in the moments where these three aren’t annoying as hell, I get glimpses of what this show could be and am hoping that the writers are just using these annoying character bits to make it more obvious when the leads finally succumb to their fates, though I wish they had chosen another way as it sounds like this wasn’t something in the source material at all. But I do like the demon beasts, Lin Diao and Lin Yan. And I’m interested to see what happens with Qing Tan and Lang Tian as they seem to be slowly building up something with them.

IMOmusings: As Enid said, this opening so far differs completely from the source material in every way imaginable. Dad wasn’t meant to die and Lin Dong wasn’t meant to be such a  pervert. Lang Tian is also being portrayed more emotionally damaged and fragile than the conniving villain he’s meant to be. I’ve given up hopes that the drama will in anyway be similar to the novel other than character names and loose situational circumstances. To call it an adaptation would not be giving the author enough credit in the depth and originality of their writing. I have no idea what the production was trying to pull other than using pretty idol faces as the drawcard to the story and the large fanbase the novel has.

Credit where credit is due though, as a standalone, the drama does get better this week. We see a small improvement in Lin Dong’s character and a leap in Qing Zhu’s with the revelation of part of her parental history. I’m not looking forward to the split they’re going to have to cause in order for Zhang Tian’ai’s character to become female lead, I’m more immersed in Wang Li Kun’s depth of character.

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